Top 6 Kamikoto Knives Reviews – Guide & Reviews 2022

Are you a professional chef who would like to have a set of high-quality knives to work with, in your kitchen? Are you Top 7 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2020 someone who is a kitchen enthusiast and would love to own a set of premium knives to complement your kitchen? Are you an amateur chef who would want to start their cooking journey on the right note? If you find yourself answering in affirmative to any of these questions or if you simply want to get a good set of knives for yourself then Kamikoto knives would be a good choice.

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About Kamikoto

Kamikoto knives have a long tradition behind them and it has its origin in the country of Japan. It started with the simple practice of gifting the classical bevel knife to friends and family. And the culture gave rise to the skilled practice of knife-making. The Kamikoto knives from Japan are not just knives made of premium quality metal, they also carry with themselves a lot of heritage, craftsmanship, skill, and refinement.

Kamikoto is a company headquartered in Tokyo, the capital of Japan and it was founded way back in 1908. For more than a century, this brand has been consistently manufacturing the Kamikoto knives which are made of the choicest steel procured from the well-known steel mills of the Honshu island. At Kamikoto, everyone is dedicated to keep the ancient tradition alive and they are extremely passionate about preserving the details.

Every knife or set of knives that you choose from Kamikoto goes through a 19-step process to ensure perfection in Top 7 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2020 the end results. Inspired by the early knife smiths of Japan, they have improved the process of knife-making and converted it into a systematic method. A knife can take several years of time to turn from raw steel to the final product. The expert bladesmiths forge and shape raw steel into hardy and strong steel blades. Then the blades are polished and sharpened to give them an excruciatingly fine edge. Each blade goes through levels of inspection and quality check to ensure that the knife stays true to the Japanese legacy of manufacturing steel knives of exceptional quality.

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Advantages of Kamikoto knives

Across the world, Kamikoto knives are highly popular and people select them for usage in home kitchens and restaurant kitchens. Also, they are a good item to gift to loved ones due to their aesthetic properties and long-standing, time-honored tradition. Some of the advantages and benefits of Kamikoto knives are described below.

Aesthetic value

The Kamikoto knives are also equipped with deep-rooted tradition and aesthetic value. It is a set of knives that you can happily display in your kitchen. These knives are built with a lot of planning, precision, and craftsmanship and hence the end result is a fine and showy masterpiece that you will be proud to flaunt in front of your guests. The superior luster and shine on the steel blades look appealing to the eye and the detailed design of the entire knife is quite impressive.

Made of premium quality steel

The choicest quality steel from Honshu island of Japan are used to manufacture the Kamikoto knives. The superior quality of the steel used in these knives ensure superior strength and reliability to the set. The Honshu steel is corrosion-resistant, efficient, and heavy-duty.

High precision finish

These knives are satin coated to give a perfect shine and a beautiful finish to the set. They look good for display purpose and are highly efficient for cutting. The knives are balanced and weighted according to Kamikoto standards, giving them a perfect finish. The brand is very particular about the details and the high-precision finish looks trendy and beautiful. Top 7 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2020


These knives are extremely durable and come with excellent longevity too. If you take proper care and maintain your knives well, they will give you quality service without any kind glitch or issue.

Types of Kamikoto knives

There are various types of Kamikoto knives available in the market and you can buy the one you like or you can go for an assorted set of knives as per your requirement.

The following are the some of the types of kitchen knives that you can select for your kitchen.

Chef’s Knife

It is a versatile and multipurpose knife which is an excellent tool for all kitchens. It has a broad and super-sharp blade which can be used to cut meat, slice vegetables, chop nuts, and herbs. The knife usually varies in length between 6 inches to 14 inches.

Santoku Knife

This type of knife is somewhat similar to the chef’s knife but has origin in Japan. It has a wide and broad blade with no proper tip. This type of knife is ideal for cutting vegetables, slicing cheese, cutting meat, etc. The knife length is usually between 5 inches to 9 inches.

Utility Knife

The utility knife is often called the kitchen all-rounder for the wide array of tasks that can be performed with it. It can be used to slice meat, bagels, burgers, cutting veggies, sandwiches, and other kitchen activities in the absence of other knives. The utility knife can come with a straight edge or a serrated edge and varies between 4-inches and 7-inches in length.

Slicing Knife Top 7 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2020

A slicing knife comes with a long and thin blade with a rounded or pointy tip. It has some flexibility and is used to slice chicken, pork, fish into thin cuts, to slice fruits for salads, or to prepare vegetables. The length varies from 8 inches to 14 inches.

Paring Knife

This is a high-precision knife with a small and sharp blade. It is used to peel, mince, dice, cut, deseed fruits, and vegetables. Usually, this knife helps you to do the detailed and intricate work. It is 3.5-inches to 4-inches in length.

Vegetable Knife

A vegetable knife has a long and straight edge and is almost exclusively used to cut and chop vegetables. The Japanese Nakiri Bocho is a vegetable knife too and it is 5-inches to 7-inches in length.


The cleaver is called the butcher’s knife too as it is primarily used to cut meat. It is a thick and heavy-set knife with a sharply beveled edge. It is used to separate meat from bone and to cut larger vegetables like squash and pumpkins. The length of the knife varies from 6-inches to 12-inches.

The knives can also be categorized based on their length. Assess your needs in the kitchen and then choose the set of knives suited for you.

Features of Kamikoto knives

The Kamikoto knives have some wonderful features. Take a look at the wonderful features that you can expect from a Top 7 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2020 set of Kamikoto knives.

Classy design

The appealing design of the Kamikoto knives is sure to catch your attention. It is sure to fetch you some compliments from your guests when you display them in the kitchen. The tradition of Japanese Kamikoto knives is well-known and the set would add a touch of finesse and class to any kitchen or table.

Convenient to use

The knives come with comfortable grip and being lightweight in construction, they are extremely convenient to use on a regular basis. You will feel a distinct improvement during your kitchen time and the tasks of cutting and dicing the veggies and meat will become so much easier for you. The knives do not strain out your hands and feel convenient to use.

Precision-balanced and weighted

The knives are precision-balanced and weighted for your advantage. These knives are compliant to the high standards of the brand Kamikoto and you can expect perfection from every product you select.

Easy to clean and maintain

These knives come in a beautiful wooden case and the knives are very easy to clean and maintain. If you take proper steps, you can be assured of good longevity of the knives.

Maintenance and Care Tips

The Kamikoto knives are to be cleaned immediately after use. Use a mild dishwashing soap and a damp sponge pad to clean the knives and rinse with plain water. You can use warm water to loosen up the food residue before you clean the knives. Do not use abrasive scrubbers or apply too much pressure while cleaning the knives. It is better to not load your dishwasher with these knives as collision with other cutlery can damage the sharp edges of the knives. Always dry the knives completely with a kitchen towel before storing them away.

Buy a good quality wooden board to complement your knives set. This will help to preserve Top 7 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2020 the quality of the knives. Do not cut hard things like frozen food with your knife. Try not to put heavy pots, pans, or utensils on top of the Kamikoto knives. Also, use a Japanese whetstone to sharpen the edges of the knives and follow the instructions fully.


Are the Kamikoto knives made of stainless steel?

The Kamikoto knives are made of premium quality stainless steel. They are heavy-duty and highly durable. You can expect these to last you for a long time.

Is a Kamikoto knife balanced?

The brand takes a lot of care to ensure that the Kamikoto knives are weight-balanced and they lay perfectly in your hands. The knives are easy to use and you can expect to cut and chop without applying any extra pressure.

Can Kamikoto knives attend to all my kitchen needs?

There is a wide variety of Kamikoto knives available in the market so you can use them well to attend to all your kitchen needs. No matter what kind of cut you want, there will be a specific Kamikoto knife suited to do it well.

Do Kamikoto knives require high maintenance?

No. Kamikoto knives require basic maintenance and care. You only need to be careful in order to not take any wrong step.

Top 6 Kamikoto Knives Reviews in 2022

1. Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set (Top-pick product)
Precision-balanced and weighted $$$ 4.7
2. Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand
High-quality steel $$$ 4.6
3. Kamikoto Santoku Chef Knife
Single bevel, blade sharpened $$$ 4.6
4. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set
6.5-inch Boning knife $$$ 4.5
5. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver
5-inch blade $$$ 4.4
6. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba
Strong and sharp blade $$ 4.3

1. Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set (Top-pick product)

This 3-piece knife set from Kamikoto is an excellent product from the famous Japanese brand. If you are a kitchen Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set (Top-pick product) enthusiast then you can select this knife set for yourself.


The knife set is made of premium quality steel procured from the steel mills of Honshu island of Japan. The material is corrosion-resistant and stainless. Its heavy-duty construction ensures a long life for the knives. The handles are strong yet lightweight and they come in an ergonomic design to help you with a comfortable and steady grip. The blades, as well as the handles, are satin-finished to give the set a stunning, durable, and long-lasting luster. This set is packed in an ash wood box that comes in a beautiful natural tone. The container looks good and is sturdy enough for safe storage of the knives.

Design and Appearance

The excellent design and trusted precision of the Kamikoto knives give them a wonderful appearance. This knife set can be a good display piece for your kitchen. This set contains a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife, and a 5-inch utility knife. Each knife is tapered on one side and hollow ground on the other side. Designed in a way that gives you comfort and convenience these knives will cater to all your kitchen needs.

Ease of use

The knives are precision-balanced and weighted for long-lasting performance. The optimal shape and structure of the knives ensure that they fit well into your hands and while you chop and slice your vegetables and meat, the knives do not strain out your hands or fingers. Even after cutting for long durations, you can expect your hands to feel free and supple. The time spent in cutting and preparing the food ingredients will come down drastically with this set of professional knives.

Durability and Maintenance

The knives from Kamikoto go through multiple levels of quality check and only the most durable material is used to manufacture the knives. They are equipped with amazing craftsmanship and finery so you can be sure about their durability and usefulness.

Always, clean the knives carefully with a soft pad and use a mild dish cleaning solution to remove the food residue. Do not scrub with pads that have metal in them. Also, do not use a dishwasher to clean the knives as it can destroy the sharpness of the knives.


  • Premium quality Honshu steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to cut and dice
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and attractive appearance

2. Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand

This dual knife set from Senshi comes with a wooden display stand and can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. Kamikoto Senshi Dual Knife Set with Wooden Display Stand


These handmade knives are made of premium quality steel from the Honshu island of Japan. The knives come in a beautiful ash wooden box and a wooden stand is also supplied in which you can store the two knives. The box is neutral in color tone and sturdy in quality. You can store the knives easily inside this box and also you can choose to display them on the given stand.

Design and Appearance

The set contains a 10-inch Chef’s knife and a 5.5-inch utility knife. Made of premium quality durable steel these knives have a beautiful luster. The handles are black in color and very comfortable to grip due to the ergonomic design. The knives come with substantial yet lightweight, sharp, and fluid feeling. They are weight balanced for a lifetime of service and come with sharp and smooth edges.

Ease of use

The knives fit easily into your hands and you can expect to cut, chop, slice, etc. smoothly without creating any strain on your hands. With this convenient knife set at home, preparing food and snacks will be a hassle-free experience. You will note a distinct reduction in the time spent in the kitchen chopping and cutting meat, vegetables, herbs, etc.

Durability and Maintenance

The highly durable composition of knives is a trademark of the brand Kamikoto. They choose the best of the materials and then different departments with skilled expertise oversee each step as the knives are manufactured. The final product has the combination of tradition, quality, and innovation, making it a durable and reliable product.

You have to make sure that you are not cleaning the knife set using abrasive scrubbers. The knife set is made of the choicest quality steel so it is corrosion resistant and rust-resistant. Use a soft sponge pad and a mild dishwashing soap to clean the knives.


  • Elegant and sophisticated look
  • Wooden storage box and stand
  • Excellent for kitchen use
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Sharp and precise

3. Kamikoto Santoku Chef Knife

This single Santoku Chef’s knife is a useful and collectible item and you can select it for your kitchen or as a gift for a Kamikoto Santoku Chef Knife friend.


This Santoku knife is made with high-quality steel from the Honshu island of Japan. The steel is strong, hard, and extra-durable in texture. Also, it is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant so the knife brings great service along with longevity to you. The handle of the knife is sheathed in a cover that is soft to touch and good to grip. The knife is strong and equipped with Japanese skills of knife-making. It comes in a beautiful box made of ash wood which is extremely robust and comes in a natural color. You can store the knife in this box safely.

Design and Appearance

The knife comes with a shiny luster and the handle is designed in an ergonomic fashion to give you a good grip. This Santoku knife is steeped in Japanese tradition and is 7-inches long. It is a single bevel knife, specially designed to suit a right-handed person. Both the blade and the handle are satin-finished to give it an even and stunning luster. A qualified team of craftsmen and specialists are involved in the various steps of making a single knife. Right from the forging of raw steel into shape, to polishing, grinding, shaping of the steel blade, special care is taken to bring perfection to the end product that is delivered to you.

Ease of use

It is easy to grip the lightweight and robust knife and the cutting process becomes smooth and fast. Though the handle shape is neutral, due to the blade design, it is suitable for right-handed people. You can cut and chop meat, vegetables, and nuts easily with this knife.

Durability and Maintenance

The knife is made of super durable steel and it is equipped with corrosion-resistance so it will remain in good condition for a long time. If you have to sharpen the cutting edge over time, you can use a whetstone at an angle of 12°-15°. It can get extremely sharp and is up to 3 times sharper than other similar knives.

You can clean it with a soft scrubber and dishwashing solution. Do not use any abrasive scrubber as it can damage the metallic blade. Do not put into the dishwasher as the blade can go blunt due to collision. Wipe dry with a clean kitchen towel once you have rinsed off the soap. Store in completely dry condition in the box provided with the knife. With good care from your end, the knife will last for long.


  • 7-inches long Santoku knife
  • Sharp and strong blade
  • Single bevel, suited for right-handed people
  • Easy to clean and use

4. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

This 2-piece Kensei knife set from Japan is flexible and multipurpose. So you can select this set to serve an wide Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set array of kitchen jobs for you.


The blades of these two knives are made of premium quality steel from the Honshu island of Japan and the material is long-lasting, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The handles are rounded and made of robust and sturdy material. Due to the ergonomic design, the knife is lightweight and strong so it would be easy for you to grip the knives by their handles without stressing out your fingers or joints. It comes in a good quality ash wood box of neutral color where you can easily store the knives.

Design and Appearance

The set contains a 9.5-inch Kiritsuke knife and a 6.5-inch Honesuki boning knife. Due to the intelligent design, it is easy to grip the knives and to carry on with your kitchen duties. The Kiritsuke knife comes with single bevel and is ideal for slicing fish, meat, or to chop vegetables deftly. The boning knife is thin, light, and nimble so it is well-suited for high-precision jobs like deboning poultry or for fillet-making of fish. It is equipped with a reverse tanto tip which allows convenient piercing and precise cutting. These knives are forged and sharpened to perfection, complying to the high standards of the Kamikoto brand.

Ease of use

You do not have to apply too much pressure and your fingers will not get tired due to continuous use of the knife. The cutting is a smooth and precise process and your work in the kitchen will become faster and much easier. The knives are precision-balanced and weighted for a long-lasting perfect performance. You can expect to bring down your kitchen time and attend to a wide range of cutting and slicing operations with the help of this set.

Durability and Maintenance

The high-quality materials used in the manufacture of this set of knives ensure a long-standing durability and glitch-free operation for you. The set comes with manufacturer’s warranty for lifetime so you can expect the knives to give you ideal service.

To maintain the knives, just make sure that you clean the blade immediately after use and do not use an abrasive scrubber. It is always better to clean the knives by hand and not by dishwasher.


  • Sharp and robust knives
  • High-precision deboning and cutting
  • Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty

5. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver

This single cleaver from Kamikoto is a super-strong knife which you can select for yourself. Kamikoto Chuka Bocho Cleaver


This cleaver is made from superior steel of the Honshu island of Japan. It is called the Kamikoto Chuka Bocho cleaver which is a blend of power and precision. Since the high-grade material is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, it is likely to serve you for long years without a problem. The knife comes with a secure and comfortable non-slip handle. Due to heavy-duty construction, this cleaver is highly popular. It comes in an ash wood box of neutral color which looks sophisticated and can be used for storage of the cleaver.

Design and Appearance

This cleaver comes in a solid grip, shiny blade appearance that is appealing to the eye. It is equipped with a handmade steel blade which has a 7.5-inch super-strong and fine cutting edge. It brings to you the legendary Japanese craftsmanship and is manufactured with painstaking care and attention. After passing through stages of forging, polishing, grinding, and shaping, the knife is finally done. Then it passes through rigorous steps of quality check before it reaches you in the traditional box. The cleaver is precision-balanced and weighted for longterm usage.

Ease of use

This is a strong and sharp knife which can be used to cleave meat from bones. You can expect to use the cleaver comfortably due to the ergonomic grip and the lightweight construction. Cutting and carving becomes very easy due to the sharp and powerful blade of the cleaver. It is a strong knife with a broad and sharp blade. It is highly versatile and can be used for cutting, slicing, crushing, mincing, etc. in the kitchen. You will love the way it brings down the time taken to prepare vegetables, meat, or fish. Use it in combination with a wooden cutting board for best results.

Durability and Maintenance

Made of premium grade steel and superior materials, this cleaver is highly durable and reliable. It comes encased in a wooden box which you can use for safekeeping of the cleaver. Do not put the cleaver into the dishwasher as collision with other cutlery might damage the sharp edge of the knife. Also, take care to wash it by hand using a soft and non-abrasive sponge pad. A mild dishwashing liquid and warm water will be ideal to clean the cleaver.


  • Versatile and powerful knife-blade
  • Durable and high-quality
  • 5-inch blade
  • Non-slip, comfortable to grip handle

6. Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba

This 13-inch Yanagiba knife from Kamikoto is a wonderful item to add to any kitchen. It is a limited-edition knife Kamikoto 13-inch Yanagiba which you can select for yourself or your friends.


This knife is made from Honshu steel of Japan, molten at a very high temperature of 3092°F. It is forged from raw steel, polished, ground, and sharpened to perfection by multiple knife smiths who are skilled in the Japanese art of knife-making. The handle is comfortable to grip and feels good to touch. It comes encased in a strong box made of ash wood which has a natural color tone.

Design and Appearance

It is designed in an excellent manner so that the blade is sharp and perfect in appearance. This is a limited-edition knife which comes in a box with a certificate of authenticity. Not only is it highly useful, it is also ideal as a display piece in the kitchen. The knife is precision-balanced and weighted for long-lasting performance. The blade of the knife is very sharp and powerful so it allows you to make long, deft and high-precision cuts. This knife is thus ideal for work like skinning a fish or chicken.

Ease of use

Due to the strong grip and the sharpness of the knife, it is easy for you to use it to make special and high-precision cuts. The ergonomic design makes sure that your hands are not strained even after prolonged work in the kitchen. You can cut and skin the fish and meat to prepare before cooking.

Durability and Maintenance

It is highly durable and reliable due to the excellent composition of the knife. The blade will not be damaged easily and will serve you for a long time.

Always clean the knife immediately after use but do not use a dishwasher. Clean with a soft pad and use a mild dishwashing soap to remove the stains. Rinse with plain water and towel-dry before storing.


  • Long, powerful and deft cuts
  • Strong and sharp blade
  • Clean by hand
  • Highly durable