Top 15 Best Portable Ovens – Complete Guide 2022

Camping is fun, but living on canned foods or campfire-roasted hot dogs is not. Living outdoor does not mean you Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020 have to skimp on food. Portable ovens could be a solution as you can carry them easily (some even fit into a backpack) and they run on power sources other than electricity. You will get a versatile cooking option for any kind of outdoor activities—camping, tailgating, or day outings.

Portable camping stoves come with various features. Some are quite basic and others are more equipped than the stoves in an average American apartment. The options and varieties are overwhelming, but this guide will help you pick up the right one, whether you want to enjoy a basic meal like bacon or eggs or cook steak and stew for a group of hungry campers.

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Types of Portable Camp Ovens

Portable camp ovens can be placed into various categories. There are a couple of types of them in terms of a few variables:

Design-wise: Freestanding or Tabletop?

Considering the design, portable camping ovens are two types—compact tabletop and freestanding units with legs.

A comparison between them shows that tabletop ovens are lighter and have a smaller footprint, making it easier to Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020 pack up and store into your car. They are good for cooking basic foods for one or two people. You will need a base such as a camping table to set them on.

Freestanding ovens are larger, heavier, but capable of preparing complicated dishes. Their big cooking space has room for preparing several dishes at the same time. The oven legs are removable, which helps with packing neatly.

Size-wise: Camping or Backpacking Oven?

Camping ovens could be compact or huge, but like a backpacking oven, you can’t carry them in a backpack. They are suitable for cooking near your car but if you want to camp in a remote place, inaccessible to a motor vehicle, a backpacking oven is the only option.

Camping ovens are similar to stove burners we use at home. They are compatible with standard kitchen cookware and you can use them for cooking a full course meal.

On the other hand, most backpacking ovens are mostly for dehydrating soup. Some are capable of cooking a small meal.

Material-wise: Cast Iron or Stainless Steel?

Cast iron and stainless steel are the two materials that portable ovens are commonly made of. Ovens made of cast iron are almost as twice as heavier than their stainless steel counterparts. They are robust, heat up slowly, and hold heat for a long time.

Stainless steel ovens transfer heat quickly, making it a little difficult for novice cooks to maintain the ideal heat. Cast-iron ovens are great for cooking stews, roasts, and other meals that you can slow cook. They crack easily upon being dropped on hard surfaces, but steel ovens are more durable and may get a dent or two at worst.

What are the Benefits of a Portable Camping Oven?

Unless you are camping in an established campsite, you must have an oven or a stove to cook food. Some drydocking campsites don’t provide a cooking arrangement. So, a portable camping oven is an essential surviving tool that lets you cook or heat up food whenever you want.

A portable oven is an upgrade from camping stoves and is designed for campers who want the luxury of home Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020 cooking at a campsite or need to cook for several people. The completely mobile unit is equally efficient on a camper’s countertop and an outdoor table.

In fact, a portable oven could be your companion for any day-long or week-long outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and backpacking. Outdoor enthusiasts and people who live in an RV can also make use of this oven.

To tell the truth, an oven is better than a wood or rocket stove because it can cook various types of dishes. You can make lasagnas, bake bread, and even cook frozen pizzas. It does not have a broil option but some ovens come with one or two stoves, which means you can prepare almost everything. Its cooking capacity is higher than a portable stove, suitable for feeding a small group or family.

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Characteristics of a High-Quality Portable Oven

Given the availability of portable oven variations in the market, it becomes difficult for new users to find a suitable product. Here are a few features that should define a high-quality portable camp oven. Jump to the review sections if you are looking for product suggestions.


The design of a portable camp oven demands to focus on several aspects: weight, size, and heat source.

Are you going to carry the oven in your vehicle or backpack? Weight is important to consider because as a backpacker, you’ll need something light and compact to carry on the trails. But it can be larger and bigger if you have an RV or a car. Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020

The weight factor is a combination of both the oven and fuel. So, if you head out for a week-long hiking trip and plan to use your backpacking oven frequently, you need to carry more fuel than usual. In that case, the total weight increases despite carrying a compact oven. A solar oven could be a solution if you don’t mind surviving on heated-up pre-cooked foods.

Bigger units should come with handles on both sides for making transport easier. Some models have a case or bag for protecting the finish and space-saving storage.

A unit that easily folds down is good for stashing in a backpack, supply bin, or other tight spaces. But a smaller footprint is likely to be paired with limited cooking performance. Arranging big cookouts needs a powerful oven that may not have a folding option.

The heat source is another important factor to consider when buying a portable camp oven. Propane is the most common as it’s inexpensive, non-toxic, and a byproduct of natural gas processing. However, it needs to be handled carefully due to its volatile nature. White gas is another option that burns cleaner than propane but costs more.

A solar-powered oven is another option but the cooking range is limited and that is also possible only if there is plenty of sunlight. Fire is another option but not compatible with any type except for the cast iron dutch ovens. These hefty cooking units are quicker than a solar oven and retain heat for a long time.

Performance & Features

Your choice of portable camp ovens should depend on the types of food you are going to cook. After all, food is essential to the outdoor camping experience. Different camp ovens have different features, so their performance regarding food preparation will be different. Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020

Remember that there is no pre-heat option, like a regular household oven, in a portable oven to save as much fuel as possible. However, this cooking unit heats up quickly for being small, so you can put the food immediately after turning the heat on.

A high-quality portable oven should have insulated lining to retain the maximum amount of heat inside by burning as little fuel as possible. A 350°F to 400°F maximum heat is ideal to handle almost all types of baking needs. Ventilation is equally necessary, especially on the rear bottom, to release a little heat when the interior temperature rises to the point of being dangerous. The oven has to remain cool on the outside, so you can touch it and place it on all types of surfaces when cooking.

For solar-powered ovens, most of them can achieve 212°F—the water boiling temperature—upon being placed under direct sunlight. This temperature is enough to cook dehydrated foods, make instant noodles, or boil water for tea or coffee.

Depending on the design and price, a portable oven may have some extra accessories and features. Unless it’s a dutch oven or a simple pot-style oven, this cooking unit is likely to have one or two racks, which are helpful in heating or baking multiple items at once.

Thermometers and temperature setting options are two more features that come handy while cooking some specific dishes. Some foods need to be prepared at specific temperatures to be cooked properly or avoid food poisoning. These two accessories help with achieving a safe temperature for food items. A fuel gauge is another important add-on that shows the amount of fuel left on the tank, so you will know when to refill it.

Camping does not mean eating baked foods only. You may want to cook something like pasta or stew, and some ovens provide that cooking option by featuring range-style one or two burners. Ovens combined with stovetop burners are great for cooking multiple dishes at once. Some oven may come with a coffee maker too (which is rare) to Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020 offer you a complete breakfast and dinner.

FAQs about Portable Ovens

Q1. What meals a portable oven cooks best?

Some ovens can cook practically everything. You can easily make stew and casseroles and the crowd-pleaser pizza is another popular item. For a portable oven, one-pot meals are the best choices. Don’t forget to cut everything into small pieces to lessen the cooking time.

Q2. What’s the ideal temperature for cooking in a portable oven?

Many portable models don’t have a thermometer so you need to use a food thermometer. A lot to medium flame is ideal for most foods, but meats items should be cooked at between 140 and 165 Fahrenheit. If you are uncertain about the right cooking temperature of a meat type, cook at 165ºF to avoid food poisoning.

Q3. Can a solar portable oven cook faster than other types?

No. Provided that there is abundant sunshine, a solar oven will still take almost double or triple times longer to cook than a traditional oven. As it completely depends on weather conditions, it should only be your second choice, assuming the other oven runs out of gas or propane.

Q4. Which one is cheaper? Refilling or exchanging propane?

Obviously, refilling is less expensive. Refilling ensures a full tank while many exchange vendors give only 15 pounds in a 20-pound tank.

Q5. How to refill a propane gas canister?

Propane gas canisters are handy for powering up every outdoor equipment runs on propane. Most people throw Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2020 them out after being emptied, but it’s possible to refill them through a 20-pound propane tank. You will need a special fitting to transfer the propane from the tank to the canister.

Q6. What’s the average price range of a portable oven?

Some budget-friendly models run by propane or another heat source are available at around $50. These products include thin cast iron and basic folding ovens. The next tier ranges between $50 and $150. These slightly higher-quality units can cook some basic meals and draw heat from propane, campfire, or solar energy. Some of them may have some extra features like stoves but they are not large enough to accommodate a 9 x 13 inches pan. Models that cost more than $150 can hold larger pans and some of them have a burner or two. They draw power from either propane or gas.

No more camping with unsatisfying meals. We’ve curated a list of 15 portable ovens that will make it easier to prepare tastier meals. There’s something for every use and budget on this list.

Top 15 Best Portable Ovens in 2022

1. Camp Chef COVEN Outdoor Camp Oven
Stainless steel construction $$$ 4.8
2. Camp Chef COVEND Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven
UP TO 400° F – Oven Power: 3,000 BTU $$ 4.8
3. Camp Chef PZOVEN Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
Built-in valve ignition $$$ 4.7
4. Camp Chef PZ90 Artisan Pizza Oven 90
Product Weight: 30 lbs $$$ 4.6
5. Lodge 17L12CO3 Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven
Wire bail handle $$ 4.6
6. Winnerwell Fastfold Oven
Great for baking $$ 4.5
7. Omnia 1301 Oven
Lightweight and ergonomic design $$ 4.5
8. Stansport 221 Propane Outdoor Camp Oven
Double crystal door $$$ 4.5
9. Coleman Gas Camping Stove
3-year limited warranty $$ 4.4
10. Lodge L8DOL3 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Best for slow cooking $$ 4.3
11. AmazonBasics ZS111 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Compatible with all heat sources $$ 4.2
12. Camp Chef D010 6 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven
10″ diameter $$ 4.1
13. RoadPro RPSC197 12-Volt Portable Stove
Warms food to 300 degrees $$ 4.0
14. Camp Chef DO5 Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven
Thermometer channel $$ 4.0
15. Crucible Cookware Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven
Silicone handle holders $$ 3.9

1. Camp Chef COVEN Outdoor Camp Oven

The Camp Chef’s COVEN outdoor cooking unit presents a combination of oven and stove. It offers a wide range of Camp Chef COVEN Outdoor Camp Oven cooking options when you are camping somewhere away from your home. Priced at slightly more than $200, this high-quality camp cooking unit can prepare food for a small group at any given time.


COVEN is definitely not the lightest entry with 37 lbs of weight, but it’s not the heaviest either. Two people can easily move it from home to the car and car to the campsite. You can call it a well-designed camp oven that cooks food evenly, uses less fuel, and has some useful features for hassle-free cooking.

The oven hooks up to a 1 lb propane tube, which is enough to run for 7 hours at 350°F. It means you can cook plenty of items with just one bottle of propane. You can also buy an adapter to hook it up with a 20 lbs tank.

However, using propane means you have to be careful about not blocking the rear bottom vents. They need to remain open for proper heat diffusion.

The windscreen is a useful feature for cooking during windy days. It helps with keeping the flames burning. This screen also protects the stoves at the time of transportation and storing.

Performance & Features

Matchless ignition keeps igniting the stoves less messy. Just rotate the knob and the flames will come on. This two-burner stovetop has a heating range of 7,000 BTU for each burner. It has a generous size, big enough to accommodate two 10-inch pots at the same time.

The oven can reach a maximum of 400°F by producing heat at 3,000 BTU. There are two oven racks and each one can accommodate a 9 x 13 inches pot or pan.

It takes some time to heat up and maintaining the proper temperature could be difficult during cold days.

The combination of oven and stoves allows you to cook anything in this cooking unit. When you are making lasagnas, cookies, or frozen pizzas in the oven, the stoves can be used for boiling water or frying something. An oven thermometer makes it easier to regulate the cooking temperature. The only feature lacks is the broil option.


  • Nice and sturdy design
  • Includes an oven thermometer
  • Has both oven and stoves
  • Offers a range of cooking options


  • No broil option
  • Slightly heavy
  • Takes time to heat up

2. Camp Chef COVEND Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven

S’mores over a campfire or frying sausages on a skillet should not be the only food options when you are at a Camp Chef COVEND Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven campsite. Good and tasty foods can increase the camping fun manifold and you can have that kind of fun with this Camp Chef COVEND oven. With a combination of oven and stoves, it offers endless cooking possibilities.


COVEND is a versatile camp oven that unlocks the range and capabilities of a home oven with its solid construction and ability to cook at a high temperature. The oven fits a 9 x 13 inches pan and reaches up to 400º F at a 3,000 BTU of power while the double brass range burners can ignite flames at 9,000 BTU.

Drawing power from a 1 lb propane bottle, the oven can keep cooking for 7 hours at 350º F. Camp Chef supplies the connection to hook up to a 1 lb bottle. However, you can purchase an adapter to use a large propane tank.

Despite being stainless steel, the insulated oven box does not let the heat to transmit outside. Instead, be careful around the stoves and don’t touch them immediately after finishing cooking. Cleaning is quite easy because of the nonstick enamel cooking surface. There is a windshield that protects the flame when you cook outdoors.

The unit is heavy at 41.5 pounds, but it has a compact profile to carry in your car or trailer.

Performance & Features

Designed to be versatile, the cooking unit can make everything from cinnamon rolls to fried eggs and bacon strips. Matchless ignition and heat control dials keep things safe around a propane tank.

To tell the truth, this oven has an incredible cooking range. It can handle your Thanksgiving turkey like a champ and prepare delectable roasted chicken. Being easy to use and clean, you take it to tailgating, camping, and any type of outdoor activities that demand cooking foods.

No temperature gauge comes with the oven. Buying a portable temperature gauge will make baking much easier.


  • Stove and oven combo
  • Non-stick stove surface
  • Insulated oven body
  • Windshield
  • Incredible cooking range


  • No temperature gauge
  • Heavy

3. Camp Chef PZOVEN Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

No pizza lover can ignore the temptation of buying this Camp Chef pizza oven. This oven does not only make simple Camp Chef PZOVEN Italia Artisan Pizza Oven pizzas that you prepare in your home oven or heat up the frozen pizzas, but also the authentic Italian artisan-style pizzas. How cool is that? And you have to spend less than $250 to enjoy that delicacy. This is a more portable and inexpensive alternative to bespoke wood-burning ovens.


Having a portable artisan-style pizza maker in your backyard or trailer is cool. This PZOVEN cooking unit promises long-lasting service with a stainless steel body in a double-wall framework. Steel surfaces are also easy to clean.

The ventilated oven door saves pizzas from burning by letting the moisture and some heat out. It has a handle for easy pulling out. A Cordierite ceramic pizza stone base works just like a wood-fired brick oven.

The oven gets heat from a 17,000 BTU burner that draws power from a bulk propane tank. It comes with a 5-foot hose to connect to a bulk propane tank and there is a regulator for lowering the gas pressure and controlling the gas flow. You can also connect it to a 1 lb disposable propane bottle.

At 47 lbs weight, the oven is bulky, but there should be no problem setting it up in your backyard or at a campsite.

Performance & Features

This oven can reach a maximum of 700°F for baking a perfect artisan-style pizza, bread, fish fillets, or roasting meats. Heating dynamics dramatically increase due to the double-layered domed ceiling. It heats up really quickly and bakes like a brick oven. With precise heat control, thanks to the micro-adjust valve ignition, you can cook perfect artisan pizzas with topping blended together with the crisp crust.

The only problem is the small cooking chamber that accommodates only two small pizzas at a time and it’s simply not big enough to bake a pizza bigger than 12 inches. Also, never touch the edges of the ceiling when cooking because they become hot.


  • Makes artisan-style pizzas
  • Reaches to 700-degree Fahrenheit
  • Heats up quickly
  • Hose for connecting to a large propane tank
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Small pizza stone base
  • Edges of the ceiling can be very hot
  • Heavy

4. Camp Chef PZ90 Artisan Pizza Oven 90

This Camp Chef PZ90 is an inexpensive alternative to the PZOVEN. If you want to make pizzas better than your Camp Chef PZ90 Artisan Pizza Oven 90 home oven, this one is a good choice at slightly north of $100. It cooks perfect pizzas to make your camping life and outdoor picnics more enjoyable.


There is no doubt that PZ90 will give better pizza-making results than an ordinary oven. It has some features that help with making pizzas tastier and crisper.

The oven’s stainless steel body is easy to clean and heats up quickly. With specially designed heat diffusion plates, the cordierite ceramic pizza stone base is suitable for making artisan, frozen, and pre-made pizzas.

This oven does not have a heating source and is not compatible with propane or gas systems. You have to use a burner. It fits most 16-inch cooking system stoves from Camp Chef. If you use one, never set the stove on high.

It has a 15 x 20 inches cooking diameter so it will be best for preparing pizzas smaller than 15 inches. With 30 lbs of weight, the unit is suitable for tailgating, backyard party, and campsites.

However, it’s kind of difficult to keep the temperature even in windy conditions. As it does not have a door to close the heating chamber, a decent wind can drop the temperature by 200°F.

Performance & Features

Designed to take the homemade pizzas to the next level, this oven mimics the cooking techniques of a wood fire pizza oven. Cooking in a windless day will ensure an even heat distribution, resulting in piping hot flavorful pizzas with a delectable crust. However, the pizza will remain moist and fluffy inside, thanks to the ceramic stone base that extracts the outside moisture.

Temperatures in the oven can reach up to 700°F and there is a built-in temperature gauge, which means you can make different types of baked goods such as pies, bread, and biscuits other than just pizzas. Looking for more items to bake? Camp Chef delivers the oven with a cooking guide with recipes.


  • Makes delicious pizzas
  • Good for baking items
  • Temperature reaches a maximum of 700°F
  • Reasonable price


  • Needs a burner as the heat source
  • No door
  • Wind drops the temperature

5. Lodge 17L12CO3 Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven

Lodge is a well-known brand and a cast iron Dutch oven from this brand at just north of $50 seems to be a bargain. Lodge 17L12CO3 Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven This is a high-quality oven for outdoor cooking and camping. And it’s assuring to know that Lodge products are made in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty.


Just like any other cast iron Dutch oven, this particular cook pot is versatile to prepare different types of foods. It’s particularly good for slow cooking since the lid creates a sealed environment and the pot retains heat for a long time. The flanged lid has enough depth for accommodating hot coals and you can just flip it over to use as a griddle. So, when you are cooking chili in the pot, the lid can serve as a skillet to fry eggs or make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Three short legs at the bottom of the pot keep the oven at an ideal distance from hot coals. But a plain bottom would be better for placing it on a stovetop. The lid has a loop handle, and the pot has a wire bail handle, which is handy for hanging it on a campfire.

At 19 pounds, the dutch oven is hefty for a solo camper but is suitable for being carried in a car.

Performance & Features

You can use this Lodge cook pot for camping or any outdoor event. Watching a football game in your outdoor patio? Place the oven on the fireplace and the food will be ready when the game is over.

Six quarts means the pot can hold 24 cups of food. So, if you are cooking one-dish items like chili, soup, or chowder, it’s possible to serve 12 to 15 people. It can keep a family or small group well-fed whether you choose to prepare beans and rice or beef stew in it.

For the best cooking results, glaze the interior with vegetable oil before each use and always cook at medium heat. For a longer life, avoid using metal utensils and never use soap or detergents for cleaning. Wash with water and towel dry immediately.


  • Suitable for a small group
  • Lid works as a skillet
  • Wire bail handle
  • Reasonable price


  • No lid lifter
  • Legged bottom may tilt on some surfaces

6. Winnerwell Fastfold Oven

This Winnerwell Fastfold oven provides great baking service when you don’t want to miss home-baked goods while Winnerwell Fastfold Oven camping. This small oven is well made, and you can enjoy some good baking time after a learning curve.


A 304 stainless steel framework makes this oven highly durable and practically rust- and corrosion-proof. The food-grade metal handles the heat well and transfers nothing harmful to the prepared foods.

Choosing the right heat source for this oven is a bit tricky because it cannot take a direct flame. Any Winnerwell wood-burning stove or any other stable heat source is compatible. You can use a gas grill, but the fire should not touch the bottom directly.

One unique feature of this oven is it folds flat for compact storing and unfolds into a functional unit. An ingenious hinge and clasp system has made the assembly really quick. Everything just clips together so there is no need to fiddle with loose parts. Carrying it in your car or picnic holdall does not burden with extra weight as its weight is 6.5 pounds only.

Performance & Features

This is the kind of cooking gadget that you need to impress fellow campers. It’ll transform the basic camping meals into next-level special meals. However, you should run a few trial and errors to find the best baking technique before going on the camping trip. Spending time with the oven will help you get the hang of it and bake foods with perfection.

You can check the food’s temperature with the integrated thermometer (which gives a maximum reading of 600°F) and keep an eye on the cooking progress through the glass window.

There is a temperature gauge, but there is no temperature control option. If you are using the oven with Winnerwell wood-burning stove, you can adjust the temperature by controlling the air intake and firewood in the stove. It means controlling the heat source’s temperature is the only way to adjust the oven’s temperature.


  • Great for baking
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Folds and unfolds easily
  • Stainless steel does not rust


  • No option for temperature control
  • Don’t put on an open fire

7. Omnia 1301 Oven

This Omnia 1301 oven is different from any other oven on this list. It’s not like a Dutch oven or something that runs Omnia 1301 Oven on propane or gas, but it’s still one of the most efficient camping ovens that you can buy at less than $100.


The oven has three parts—a steel base, an aluminum food holder, and an aluminum lid. Just put these three pieces on top of one another and the assembly is done. It sits on top of a burner without any tilt because the design is ergonomic.

The oven can hold 2.1 quarts or as much as an 8-inch baking pan, so you can serve 2 to 4 people. The good news is it works with any type of burner, be it electric, gas, or a grill.

Weighing only 1.8 lbs, this oven is suitable for carrying on a backpack. If you already have a stove, this could be your go-to cooker in your RV, boat, or during a hiking trip.

Performance & Features

The Omnia oven can cook almost anything you can normally bake in an oven. Foods turn out excellent due to the clever heat locking design. It makes the most use of the heat by creating an airlock between the base plate and the food holder. But the steam comes out through the top of the oven, preventing the baking goods from being soggy.

Even heat distribution gives baked foods even texture all around, just like a household oven. This cooking unit is good for making bread, casseroles, pizza, cookies, cakes, and more. You can even prepare delicious baked fish dishes. However, baking brownies, biscuits, and cakes is the forte of this oven. If you need more cooking ideas, Omnia offers a free cookbook on its website.

One downside of this oven is the absence of a thermometer, which is essential for baking. You need to purchase a food thermometer for making perfect cakes and cookies. Another problem is the food holder has a cone shape in the middle, so whenever you make a cake, it’ll be an angel cake.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Highly efficient
  • Excellent for baking
  • Great for beginners
  • Requires no assembly


  • No built-in thermometer
  • All cakes will have an angle cake shape

8. Stansport 221 Propane Outdoor Camp Oven

The Stansport 221 oven gives you the freedom of cooking all kinds of food when you are camping. The combination Stansport 221 Propane Outdoor Camp Oven of oven and stove greatly increases its food preparation ranges. Never miss the taste of home cooking next time when you are tailgating or on a campsite. Just plug it into a propane tank and you’re ready to go!


Get the freedom of cooking anything on the campsite with this oven! Do you want to make scrambled eggs, bake a cake, and boil some water for coffee? This cooking unit allows preparing everything at the same time by providing a combination of an oven and two stove cooktops.

With a stainless steel construction, the unit has a double crystal door for the oven portion. Porcelain-enameled burners, grill, and top cover are spill-proof. An attached windshield keeps the flames alive when you are cooking in a windy condition. But the door strip that seals the oven door is not strong and may break off easily. The unit comes with a 4-inch hose for connecting to a 20 lbs propane tank.

At 30.2 lbs weight, the unit is quite bulky. However, you can easily transport it in your car’s boot. Stansport provides a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Performance & Features

If you have a car or live in a trailer, you can easily carry this cooking unit from campsite to campsite. It’ll also be a great choice for any backyard event. Never use it inside the house because a propane hookup is dangerous in any closed environment.

The oven is great for making pizza and cakes. It has two racks but you should not occupy both at the same time as it does not work well in cooking stacked foods. With 3,500 BTUs and a maximum temperature of 480°F, it can bake almost everything. The double crystal door prevents heat from leaking outside and provides better security for the cook. You can prepare pizza, lasagna, or brownies, and everything will come out great. Be careful about rotating the pan because the backside is hotter than the front. Also, keep an eye on the temp because there is no thermostat. Although, there is a temperature gauge to make the job a little easier.

The burners have a Piezo electronic ignition and both of them can reach a max of 5,300 BTUs. They are not very powerful but work if you are not aiming for something ambitious.


  • A combination of oven and burners
  • Good for baking foods
  • Windshield protection
  • Spill-proof top cover, burners, and grill
  • One-year warranty


  • Weak door strips
  • Burners are not powerful

9. Coleman Gas Camping Stove

Coleman’s camp stove was a revolutionary camping utensil 70 years ago. It has been a campground keystone since Coleman Gas Camping Stove your grandparents were kids. So, this stove has to be a quality product to be a part of stable camping equipment for so many years. You can get this legendary piece of cookware at less than $50.


The strongest point of a Coleman gas camping stove is that it works. Without being the most powerful stove in the market and having modern frills such as a push-button ignition, this stove manages to fry eggs and simmer soups in a steady fashion. It holds a low flame and provides stable performance for years.

This is not the sturdiest of stoves and it teeters between two legs unless you stabilize it by putting a heavy pot on it. The stove feels flimsy and the metal clasps that hold it closed are thin and fragile. As it’s not a backpacking stove, Coleman could have added a few more pounds to make it more stable.

Setting up the stove is complicated and hard to complete without reading the manual. You should practice the assembly before actually setting up for cooking. Make sure to do it somewhere well-lighted and far from anything flammable.

The gas stove promises long-term service if you take care of it properly. Wipe up the spills after every cooking session and check the line to the gas tank on a regular basis.

This stove runs on propane and you have to purchase the cylinder separately. On one 16.4 oz. tank, the burners will run for one hour on the ‘high’ setting.

Coleman offers a 3-year limited warranty for this product.

Performance & Features

This gas stove could be a lifesaver if you are living in an RV or spend most of your days camping. It has a small cooking surface that barely accommodates two medium-sized pots.

However, the stove packs a punch with 10,000 BTU on each burner, so it can boil water really quickly. With precise temperature control for each burner and a pressure regulator, you can cook most of the dishes without burning.

The windscreen works efficiently, helping the burners to keep going amid high winds.


  • Powerful burners
  • Efficient wind protection
  • Temperature control options
  • Pressure regulator
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Flimsy framework
  • Hard to set up

10. Lodge L8DOL3 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Lodge L8DOL3 is a small 5-quart Dutch oven that can prepare food for a small gathering. Available at less than Lodge L8DOL3 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven $50, this cast iron cook pot promises years of durability. So, it can be your companion for many camping adventures to come.


Lodge delivers this oven pre-seasoned with a vegetable oil formula. This means that you can use it for cooking just after washing with water once. However, it’s still better to season it once again. And, don’t forget to coat with oil after cleaning every time.

This oven holds 5-quart or 20 cups of foods like soup and chili. But you can also cook large meat cuts with sides like potatoes and vegetables. Open fire or hot coals work as the best heat source for these cast iron pots. The stovetop is also fine and so is the oven, but don’t place it in a microwave.

For easy carrying, the pot has two looped handles on the sides and the lid also has one. You have to purchase lid lifting utensils because Lodge does not supply anything with this oven.

With 13 pounds of weight, the oven is quite heavy for carrying in a backpack.

Performance & Features

Cast-iron pot and self-basting lid, which reserves moisture, create a perfect cooking environment for preparing juicy, mouth-watering dishes. Whether you choose to roast, broil, or slow-cook, it can prepare all dishes with perfection.

This oven is especially good for slow cooking meat items. The domed lid traps all moisture inside, making foods like pork and ribs juicy, which normally dry out during slow cooking.

To keep the Dutch oven in its best condition, wash it with lukewarm water and dry with a paper towel. Rub a thin vegetable oil layer on it, preferably when the pot is still warm.


  • Holds 5-quart of food
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Domed lid traps moisture
  • Good for preparing juicy foods
  • Best for slow cooking


  • No lid lifting utensils
  • Heavy

11. AmazonBasics ZS111 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The AmazonBasics ZS111 is a high-quality Dutch oven that makes cooking for a large group a breeze. Once seasoned AmazonBasics ZS111 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven properly, even novice cooks will enjoy cooking in it. Just like all cast iron cookware, cleaning and maintaining the oven is never a hassle. At north of $50, the sticker price is quite reasonable.


Like cast iron cookware from top-tier brands, this Dutch oven is delivered pre-seasoned and ready to use. The cook pot has a beautiful black patina because it has been pre-baked after coating with penetrating vegetable oil. However, you can increase the durability and non-stick property.

At nearly 17 lbs, this is a heavy pot with a well-fitting lid. Both the pot and the lid have handles for easy lifting and transport. Three tiny feet are firmly affixed at the bottom of the pot for slightly elevated placement on firewood or hot coals. Be careful when placing it on the cooking grate because it can tip over if not set properly.

The 6-quart oven can serve 12 to 15 people on a single serving. You can use it on all types of cooking surfaces such as on a campfire, a BBQ, stovetop, or under a broiler. It’s also oven-safe up to 500°F. Want to use it on a glass- or ceramic-topped stove? Go ahead, but careful not to drag this heavy pot on those cooking surfaces.

Caring for the oven is pretty easy as you just need to hand wash it. Never use soap or any harsh cleaning agent. If food sticks to the surfaces, boil with water for 15 to 30 minutes. After washing, dry with a towel and apply a coat of vegetable oil before storing it.

AmazonBasics offers a limited 1-year warranty for this product.

Performance & Features

The pot with a lid creates a tight-sealed cooking environment, suitable for preparing food when having a bonfire or camping. It works for any type of slow cooking besides boiling, braising, roasting, and baking because cast iron is good for even heat distribution and heat retention for hours.

The lid has tall edges to keep the coals in place and turning it over transforms it into a skillet for cooking some extra items like eggs, pancakes, and bacon strips. You have to use hot pads or potholders to grab and move the pot and the lid by their handles.

Using hot water and a soft brush is the best way to clean the oven. You can boil water in the pot for a few minutes to remove stuck-on food.


  • Made of durable cast iron
  • Good for preparing all types of food
  • Lid works as a skillet
  • Suitable to serve a small group
  • Compatible with all heat sources


  • May tip over on certain surfaces
  • No silicone handle grip

12. Camp Chef D010 6 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This Camp Chef D010 is here to make your camp cooking a happy experience. Whether you need perfect potatoes or Camp Chef D010 6 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven cobbler, this oven can pull the dish off and feed a hungry group of campers in time. You even get a free booklet with simple recipes and seasoning tips.


Cast iron cookware makes some of the most delicious meals. They will serve whatever you want to cook or bake—from peach cobbler to slow-roasted beef. As these cook pots heat up slowly and retain heat for a long period, you can put all the ingredients inside and get busy with other chores after placing it on a bed of coal. The dish will be perfectly cooked when you come back after a while.

This 6-quart Dutch oven is perfect for entertaining a small group of people. You can place it on a fireplace, coal, or stove and it withstands everything because of its extremely durable construction.

It comes with a lid that doubles as a full-size skillet or griddle due to having three short legs. Just turn it over and fry or cook bacon and eggs. You can also make pancakes for breakfast. There is a convenient loop handle and Camp Chef supplies a lid lifter for easy handling.

At nearly 17 lbs, this oven has a substantial weight, so not quite suitable for carrying in a backpack. Preparing one dish is enough to serve 12 to 14 people.

Performance & Features

This is a pre-seasoned oven that is ready to cook right out of the box. But the coating smells, so re-seasoning it would be a good idea. Camp Chef supplies a booklet with seasoning tips. Also, sanding the interior and exterior will smoothen the course finishes.

The deep-dish lid creates a tight seal for creating an evenly hot environment inside. A thermometer channel on one side allows checking the food’s temperature without removing the lid.

A cast iron cook pot distributes heat better due to its fine porous surface. Anything cooked in it such as potato casserole, cherry pie, baked apple, or bread turns out delicious. You will just look for more things to cook in it.

Camp Chef promises a long life of its cast iron Dutch oven. This pot is also easy to maintain and care for. You can use the brand’s Cast Iron Conditioner to keep it in a tip-top condition.


  • Creates a tight sealed cooking condition
  • Lid doubles as a skillet
  • Thermometer channel
  • Serve up to 15 people
  • Reasonable price for the size


  • Seasoning coating smells
  • Coarse finish

13. RoadPro RPSC197 12-Volt Portable Stove

The RoadPro RPSC 197 portable stove is a versatile cooking unit. Whether you are tailgating or spending a day on the RoadPro RPSC197 12-Volt Portable Stove beach, this oven can cook meals and keep pre-cooked foods warm. It comes handy during long journeys or when you need to stay a couple of days on the road. Take it anywhere and enjoy warm food all the time.


This 12V portable stove could be your ultimate lunch box during camping and long road trips. Whenever you need to cook or heat up something, plug it into a 12V auxiliary power outlet or car cigarette lighter socket. The plug is not highly durable so it can be easily damaged and started acting up. Due to an insulated construction, the exterior stays cool during food preparation.

For cooking purposes, you have to use tin foil or a disposable 8 x 3.75 x 2.5 aluminum pan. Doing so keeps the interior spotless and makes cleaning easier. Considering the size, it’s quite clear that you cannot cook loads of food. However, it still has enough cooking space to prepare snacks for a small group when tailgating at a football game or out on the road. You can even use it at home during power outages.

You can take it practically anywhere since it weighs only one pound.

Performance & Features

RPSC 197 stove cooks at 300°F, so it can prepare almost all kinds of dishes, from flavorful quiche to feel-good casseroles. Your food will be ready at less than 45 minutes. You can prepare rice in 30 minutes, hot dogs in 5 minutes, and canned soup in 20 minutes.

To have hassle-free cooking experience, place it on a plain surface. Fill up 1/4th of the interior with water for quicker heating and preventing burning.

Always place this portable stove on a smooth level surface. When cooking, make sure food is making contact with the bottom surface to ensure even heating. Don’t forget to make a small hole in the top of the can when heating up canned food. It will create an exit route for the steam. If you want to keep the food warm for a long time, cook properly and then unplug the stove without opening the lid. The sealed environment will like a hot pot and keep the food warm without burning.

Never touch the inside of the stove just after finishing the cooking because the temperature there reaches to 300°F. One problem is there is no temperature indicator, so you won’t know how hot it is.

The stove does not turn off automatically when the cooking is done. So, keep it running will drain your car’s battery, or the oven may blow out.


  • Great for cooking and heating food
  • Highly portable
  • Reaches 300-degree Fahrenheit
  • Can prepare most dishes
  • Insulated exterior surface


  • No temperature indicator
  • Does not auto turn off

14. Camp Chef DO5 Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven

The Camp Chef DO5 mini Dutch oven is a perfect campfire cook pot for one or two persons. Priced at less than $20, Camp Chef DO5 Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven this oven has a surprisingly higher quality. With a seasoned finish, it’s ready to use right out of the box and demands low maintenance.


Weighing at 3.5 lbs, this small pot can cook food or one or two people at each serving. The pot comes with a handle and short legs. There is a lid that has a small handle too but you should use a silicone grip for proper grabbing because there is no hole to insert a lid lifter.

The oven is ready for all types of cooking—frying bacon, baking cookies, and making cobbler. But it looks so good that you can use it as a decorative element. It could be a little cauldron for your Wiccan spells or a part of your Halloween decoration. You will always get compliments whether you keep it on the gas stove, campfire or make it as a part of your home adornment.

You may need to sand it because the surfaces are rough and have few pits. Also, re-seasoning it might be a good idea for cooking without food sticking.

Performance & Features

This little Dutch oven could be your go-to camp cooking pot for preparing single-serving dishes such as pot pie or molten brownies. It also works great as a salsa dish, baking muffins, or as a chocolate bowl when you host a gathering.

This oven cooks evenly, thanks to the deep dish lid. There is a thermometer channel on the side for checking the cooking temperature with a thermometer and offering a passage for airflow.

As the cast iron surface is somewhat bumpy, lining it with wax paper or tin foil will make cleaning much easier.


  • Little cute oven
  • Cooks single-serving dishes
  • Pre-seasoned and ready to cook
  • Thermometer channel
  • Highly durable
  • Inexpensive


  • May need sanding
  • Lid handle is too small
  • A little difficult to clean

15. Crucible Cookware Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven

At less than $50, this is a nice Dutch oven from Crucible Cookware. Novice cooks can rejoice because it comes with Crucible Cookware Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven easy-to-follow proper care and re-seasoning instructions. It will provide years of service if you can follow them properly. Due to the reasonable sticker price, it could be an excellent gift item for your outdoor enthusiast friend.


With 4.1 quarts or 3.9 liters of capacity, this small Dutch oven is slightly bigger than the Camp Chef DO5. The bottom of the pan to the top of the lid is 6.29 inches, but the actual cooking space is smaller. At 12.13 pounds, the oven is heavy, but you can still carry it into your backpack.

The portable design gives you the freedom to carry it everywhere, for a hiking, boating, or remote camping trip. As a one-pot pan, the size is ideal for preparing one dish for two to four people. The flat-bottom design is a nice touch, making it workable with oven, grill, and stovetop. You may want to sandpaper the interior though because of the inconsistently rough texture.

This little oven could be a nice addition to your camping kitchen cookware, especially when it comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.

Performance & Features

A Dutch oven is versatile because you can both cook and bake in it. Just like a regular oven, it’ll serve whether you want to cook casseroles on winter days and bake cookies in summer. A new cook? Crucible Cookware will send you a free cast iron cookbook via e-mail.

You can put hot coals on the flanged lid and flip it over for griddling. Food won’t slide off as it has a flange around it. The lid has a lifter, and there is a large round handle for carrying the oven. There is no need to carry mittens because the company provides 2-pack silicone handle holders. Also, there is a T-bar lid lifter for lifting the hot lid when it has coals on top. You can also use it for moving and rotating the lid.

The oven is pre-seasoned but you still need to make it ready to cook on. Rinse it with plain water, heat up, and then coat with oil. Then, heat it up at 450°F in an oven for an hour. Turn off the heat and let it cool inside the oven. Now, it’s ready for camp cooking.


  • Perfect for a small group
  • The lid doubles as a griddle
  • Silicone handle holders
  • Inexpensive


  • No legs
  • Inconsistent rough texture