Top 14 Best Popover Pans – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2022

You don’t have to be a foodie to crave these bite-sized delights. Pop these into your mouth, and you will be struck by Top 14 Best Popover Pans - Complete Buyer's Guide 2020 the buttery and crunchy coating of the small baked goods. Popovers do not require mastering baking or spending the entire day in front of the oven to get them right. Just mix in eggs, flour, milk, butter, and salt in a blender, pour the batter in the pan, bake these for 40 minutes and bring them to the table in time for dinner or treating your guests!

Popovers are the American equivalent of England Yorkshire puddings that are airy light and hollow from the inside and are crunchy and buttery from the outside. The delectable puffy popovers can be made right only if you have the right equipment. The correct texture calls for the best popover pans that can help you make the yummiest popovers in no time at all.

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Advantages of Popover Pans

Popover pans have deep, steep-sided walls where the batter rises into a golden dome with crispy sides. The pan hs cups welded onto a wire rack. The pan is designed this way to promote even circulation of both heat and air.

Using a popover pan affects the texture and taste of the end product as well—the better the pan, the perfect the rising of the batter and taste. Majority of the popover pans are made out of cast aluminum or heavy steel with a non-stick surface on the inside that makes the best popovers! Top 14 Best Popover Pans - Complete Buyer's Guide 2020

Types of Popover Pans

You will encounter many different popover pans that each boast of being crafted out of superior material. You must know about each pan and the materials used in construction so that you can purchase one that you feel will be perfect for you.

Stainless steel pan

Stainless steel is a popular choice due to the strength it offers. It is resistant to warping and easy to clean. It will thus save up your time and effort. Some of them come with a non-stick coating as well. The slow conduction might affect the consistency of the popovers and take more time to bake as well.

Aluminum Pan

It is the most common material which is preferred for its excellent conduction. The even distribution of heat helps in thorough baking and thus perfectly popping popovers! A slight hitch is its propensity to warp and easy denting.

Non-stick Pan

The non-stick pans are primarily made of different materials such as aluminum, steel, etc. with a thick layer of non-stick coating that prevents the batter from sticking to the surface.

Carbon Steel Pan

It is an alloy of carbon and steel, which makes it more durable yet light. It’s naturally non-stick, seasoned, and easy to clean.

Steel Pan Top 14 Best Popover Pans - Complete Buyer's Guide 2020

It is the sturdiest pan you will find in the market. Some of them have a non-stick coating so that you can slide out the product without battling it out.

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What To Look For In The Popover Pans

You need to be sharp-eyed to pick an ideal popover pan from among the many options that you will come across in the market. The popover pan you buy must have the following features to produce the perfect buttery delights with the right consistency with a proudly protruding dome at the top.


Like any other pans, the popover pans too are manufactured out of a variety of materials. Some are made of heavy steel, while others are non-stick pans with cast aluminum coating. Popular among all are the cast iron pans that are known to produce scrumptious popovers.


The shape of the pan is related to how you want your popovers to look. If you want tall popovers with a uniform base, you should go with a pan that has deeper cups. Decide on how you want your piping hot popovers to look like when choosing the shape of the container.


There is little difference between popover pans and muffin pans. However, the former comes with an open design. The cups in the pan are attached, but the ones that have more distance between them are better for making popovers. You will also find a few pans where the cups are arranged on a wire rack. These welded cups have steep Top 14 Best Popover Pans - Complete Buyer's Guide 2020 walls and help in evenly distributing the heat, making the most crispy and delicious popovers you will ever have.

Type of non-stick coating

It is essential to know about the non-stick coating not only for baking purposes but also for health concerns. Do check the manual to know the materials used for the non-stick lining. Nowadays, natural silicone-coated pans are preferred as they are known to be safer.


The size of the pan depends on how large a family you have or how frequently you have guests around your place. You have the option to choose from pans where there are 4, 6, 8, or even 10 cups. So, you can choose considering how often and how many popovers you will have to make.

Ease of Use

How easy it is to clean the pan is another important factor. Any leftover batter attracts bacteria that cause bacteria. So make sure your popover pan is easy to clean or has a guide to help you through the cleaning process.


It might seem odd, but color too affects how your popovers will turn out. For the batter to rise perfectly and pop out at the surface, the pan needs to be heated adequately. Dark-colored pans absorb heat more efficiently and thus give you a beautiful brown colored dome.

Size of the Oven

The popover pans come in a variety of sizes. Ideally, you should purchase a pan that fits into the smallest of ovens easily. However, it depends on the size of your oven. The incorrect size of the pan ruins the texture of the popovers. Top 14 Best Popover Pans - Complete Buyer's Guide 2020

These are a few of the things that you should go through while you purchase the best popover pan for yourself.


Which one is better, a linked popover pan or tray?

A linked popover pan that has side wells that detach are more apt for making popovers since they have a proper aeration structure. It is due to the poor aeration that people land with flappy popovers instead.

Can I use a traditional muffin tray?

A muffin tray doesn’t have the features to make perfect popovers. A popover pan needs to have deeper walls and taller cups. They also need unrestricted airflow to puff up the popovers. A muffin pan has inefficient heat conduction and airflow that will ruin the texture and the real taste of these small baked bites.

How should I clean my popover pan?

You will come across a variety of pans that each has its mode of cleaning. Even if a pan is dishwasher friendly, it will require some form of manual cleaning. Nevertheless, you can choose between scrubbing a pan or going for the dishwasher-friendly pan.

Once you are done baking, use a paper towel to remove any solid particles that have stuck to the surface. Once the pan has cooled down, use mild soap with a soft sponge to clean the pan. Check the instructions in case there is a guide or manual to help you through the process.

Does a non-stick pan require butter or oil coating? Top 14 Best Popover Pans - Complete Buyer's Guide 2020

You should follow the recipe. If the recipe requires you to oil the insides of the container, you should do it. Also, with time the coating starts to peel off or becomes unreliable, so it is better to use butter or oil before baking.

Can a popover pan be used in a preheated oven?

The manual of the product is more precise when it comes to such details. It will help if you read the instructions regarding the use of the pan to know the tolerable temperatures for the product and whether you can then place it in a preheated oven.

The guide brings to you a few of the best popovers pan that you will find in the market. You can use them for baking popovers as well as professionals do, who knows you might end up being one. The below best popover pans are not only worth a look but purchase too!

Top 14 Best Popover Pans in 2022

What can it press?
1. Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan
High-quality build 4.8
2. Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan
Impressive conduction 4.8
3. Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan
Non-stick surface 4.7
4. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick Petite Muffin Pan
Aluminum pan with steel rim 4.6
5. Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan
Measures 2-inches 4.6
6. Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan, 12 Count
Superb non-stick coating 4.5
7. USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan
Natural silicone coating 4.5
8. Rachael Ray
Oven safe to 500 degrees F 4.5
9. Kitchen Craft Popover pan
Easy to clean 4.4
Sturdy muffin pan by Bake Boss 10. Sturdy muffin pan by Bake Boss
Steel rims, Superior non-stick silicone coating 4.3
11. Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Popover Pan
Made of aluminized steel, Larger cups 4.2
12. 6 Pcs Nonstick Individual Molds
Four layers of highly anodized aluminum used 4.1
IEBIYO 9 Cup Carbon Stell Popover Pan 13. IEBIYO 9 Cup Carbon Stell Popover Pan
Beautiful design, Perfect for all occasions 4.0
14. Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan
5-year warranty 4.0

1. Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan

Chicago metallic brings bakery paraphernalia for you to ace baking. If you are a professional, your eyes won’t fail to Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan notice the superior quality of its bakeware. It uses a state-of-the-art process to design its pans that bond the non-stick coating onto its surface. The ease of use is what makes these pans ideal for both the professionals and those taking a start at baking.

Design and Material

Even heating plays an important part when it comes to baking. The popovers, as discussed above, come out better when the pan is adequately and uniformly heated. It is for this reason that the pan is made out of heavy-weight aluminized steel that promotes greater heat conduction.

You wouldn’t want your popovers to refuse to come out of the cups or separate the dome from its body. The Chicago Metallic professional has silicone based non-stick coating that allows easy detachment and easy cleaning of the pan.

Baking Performance

You will like the multifunctional pan as it fulfills all your baking needs. You can use it to make popovers or even try out making puddings, muffins, and other things. The pan works well to prepare all the delicacies perfectly.

The pan has 12 cups that enable proper aeration for the popovers to rise with precision. It is a 16 inches tray that has cups measuring 2.25 x 2 inches. Cleaning the tray is as easy as pouring the batter into the cups. It is even dishwasher safe, so you are relieved of any extra effort.


  • Non-stick surface makes it easy to release the popover
  • It is multifunctional and can be used to make other baked goods
  • 12 cups to prepare large numbers of popovers
  • High-quality build

2. Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan

Years of experience at manufacturing the best kitchenware is how Nordic Ware landed with some of the handy Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan baking equipment. These are designed to help you with your cooking and baking skills and to make your journey more fulfilling and manageable. The Nordic Ware Grand Popover pan comes with some of the best features that help in making the yummiest popovers with as little effort as possible.

Design and Material

The cast aluminum popover pan guarantees you high-quality baking performance. It is a combination of durability and convenience for users. The top-end pan pops out oversized one bite goodies that have the perfect texture and taste.

The pan is light and easy to carry with excellent conduction that allows even heating and unhindered air circulation. It has a corrosion-resistant coating that ensures longevity and easy cleaning. Even regular washing will fail to cause a speck of rust.

Baking Performance

The Nordic Ware comes in two sizes with the one under discussion capable of preparing a batch of 6 popovers or muffins in one go. There are handles at each end of the pan that helps in comfortably placing the pan on the oven.

Your hours of hard work get all ruined if your cake, biscuit, muffin, or popover is half stuck on the pan’s surface. Nordic Ware pan has a safe non-stick coating that for unscathed removal of the popovers. You will also save up your oil and butter as the non-stick pan reduces dependence on the two.


  • Impressive conduction
  • Unhindered airflow
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Requires handwashing and not fit for dishwashers

3. Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan

When you have to entertain guests that visit uninformed or come at short notice, you are thrown into a frenzy. Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan Several options run in your mind, but all demand time and some experience. Popovers fall among those snack options that are not only delicious and served with any item, but also less time-consuming. The Fox Run 4756 pan further makes things easy by comprising of 12 cups that get you large batches of popovers in one go! There is a lot more that this mini pan has to offer.

Design and material

You get 12 airy popovers with the pan with each cup measuring 2.3 x 3 inches. The pan easily fits into your oven and measures 10.75 x 14.5 x 2 inches. You can enjoy similar puffy and moist popovers in Fox Run pan that comes in various sizes.

The pan is crafted out of heavy gauge carbon steel which is much more sturdy and durable than the silicone pan. It has deep cups that are separated, allowing even distribution of heat. The carbon steel construction is your go-to choice for baking mini popovers. You can use it at high temperature without fearing burning or running the actual texture of the popovers.

Baking Performance

It has multiple baking options. If you are short of containers that bake other delicacies such as muffins or pudding, you can always use this pan. The 12 cups are perfect for baking the traditional popovers as well as other bakery items. It is a reliable option and one that is perfect for catering to large gatherings.

The Fox Run mini popover pan has a non-stick coating that enables you to scour out precisely shaped popovers. You can easily pick them out as they do not stubbornly attach to the walls of the cup. It also helps in easy cleaning of the pan. The versatile pan demands a bit of care while handling as it has sharp edges that can result in cuts or bruises.


  • 12 popovers in one batch
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Even air circulation and heating
  • Prepare bakery delights with the multifunctional pan

4. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick Petite Muffin Pan

It is another Nordic Ware pan that has a superior built to make sure your baking journey is one of fun and learning. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick Petite Muffin Pan Perhaps the best thing about Nordic Ware is their multi-functionality that enables us to use these tools for all your baked dishes. You get evenly baked popovers, muffins, puddings, and whatnot. If you are a beginner at baking, this pan can help you in gaining the confidence and expertise that professionals possess. The features below further shed light on the utility of the pan.

Design and Material

The petite muffin pan measures 10.75 x 16.5 x 0.81 inches. It has 24 cups that produce 2-inch tall popovers with bright and crispy domes that cover the top. You can bake bite-sized treats using the tray that is made out of aluminum and has a steel rim.

Knowing the material used in the construction of the pan is important. It helps you choose a better pan that is suited to not only preparing the goodies but also fits in easily in the oven. You can make a larger batch of popovers, tarts, or muffins in one go with the pan.

Nobody would want a pan that lands them with sub-optimal popovers that neither capture the true essence nor the flavor. If it is your first time, a perfect pan is what will keep you motivated. Fortunately, the Nordic muffin pan has aluminum construction that is counted among the best materials for crafting baking equipment.

Baking Performance

How well a pan bakes depends on the material used in making the pan. The aluminum pan evenly heats the pan. It supports perfect heat conduction that maintains a similar temperature throughout the container. A similar temperature enables consistency and equally scrumptious popovers in each of the 24 cups.

The disappointment of seeing your hard work slumped in a stubborn pan that refuses to let go of your popovers is heartwrenching. It is, therefore, essential to buy a pan that has a non-stick coating that performs well. Nordic Ware petite popover pan has an impressive non-stick coating that easily releases the popovers without breaking them.

The non-stick surfaces also make it easy for you to clean the pan without any particles sticking on to the surface, inviting bacteria.


  • 24 popovers prepared in one batch
  • Aluminum pan with steel rim has excellent heat conduction
  • Non-stick coating helps in cleaning and easy release of the goodies
  • An excellent option for beginners

5. Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan

Bellemain nonstick popover pan is among the most recommended pan that prepares mouth-watering popovers with Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan precision. It is a budget-friendly pan that is made to give bakers a quality learning and practicing experience. Bullemain provides a fierce competition of many of its rivals with its exceptional performance and quality. It is an ideal investment and a wise purchase to meet all your baking needs. It has a lot to offer with the below features.

Design and Material

Bellemain sports a durable design fit to bake puffy soft popovers you will enjoy every bit. Not only the materials employed are of top quality, but it is also an affordable option. Those who are venturing into the realm of baking will find it useful as they start with a practical and economical option that will boost their confidence.

It is an ideal investment. The cups measure 2 inches in depth, larger than most conventional baking equipment. The design is to ensure that the cups have proper aeration to allow even heating and airflow. You will get popovers that are puffed up to precision so that you get to relish the original taste of these goodies.

Baking Performance

The tall and airy pan allows the batter to be evenly heated from all sides with a consistent temperature. It helps in preparing deliciously soft and crispy popovers that have a size larger than the traditional muffins and pudding. The 6 cups pan is fit for a family or a small get together of friends.

The durable welded metal is a reliable option as the pan will last longer. The multifunctional pan can be your last-minute savior, as you can use it for baking other items as well. The dark color of the pan helps in the conduction and absorption of heat.

It has a non-stick surface so you can easily pour the batter and take out popovers that do not stick to the side of the walls. Releasing the goods is not much of a resistance, and you won’t need that extra coat or layer of butter and oil.


  • Durable construction
  • It is multi-functional
  • It allows even heating
  • Measures 2-inches
  • Affordable option

6. Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan, 12 Count

Sometimes a baking video or a magazine suddenly brings out the hidden chef inside us. Even the presence of mere Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan, 12 Count equipment raises the desire to try them out and master a skill. Norpro 3971 mini popover pan is among those baking equipment that pushes you to do more and learn more. One eye on it, and you will feel like trying it out to see how a recipe or a dish turns out. It is a great pan that appeals to both professionals and beginners with the convenience it offers. See the features for yourself to know more about it.

Design and Material

The 12 cups pan measures 14.5 x 10.5 x 2 inches. The cup has a 2.25 inches top, a 1.5 inches bottom, and a depth of 2-inches. It is perfect for baking confectionery for your family or even calling over all your friends for a small gathering. If you are a beginner, you will love how these popovers will come out, tall, puffy, airy, and the perfect golden you would want all your delicacies to be.

The pan has handles at both ends. They will help you in easily carrying the tray into and out of the oven. While pouring the batter and taking it to the oven, there won’t be any fear of spilling it as the handles allow enough space to carry the tray.

Baking Performance

Baking is made easier with the manual and recipes that come with the pan. You will be able to try out new dishes that can be easily made in the pan without destroying their actual taste and appearance. Someone new at baking will be relieved to have all the recipes and surprise others with their secret recipes of delicious baked goods.

The non-stick coating on the pan easily releases the popovers or other baked items. You won’t have to apply oil or butter for smooth detachment as they will pop out on their own. It will also help you to clean the tray without much effort as the surface doesn’t hold on to particles that make cleaning hard. It is recommended to wash the pan with hands as it is not dishwasher friendly.


  • Superb non-stick coating
  • Handles at both the end
  • The batter doesn’t spill with the grip provided by the handles
  • Dishwasher not recommended

7. USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan

The marvelous USA 6-well popover pan is a must buy. You will be astonished by its top-notch performance and USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan reliability. You enjoy baking with such exceptional tools at your disposal and have a more fulfilling time. Who knows this sudden fun activity can turn into a full-time profession with people drooling all over your baked goodies. Made by one of the high-ranking companies, you will surely find the pan to be up to its name.

Design and Material

The USA well popover pan has a life-time guarantee so that you can enjoy years of baking without any malfunctioning on the pan’s part. The professional bakeware is user-friendly and affordable so that more people can benefit from the pan.

It is made out of recycled material that keeps the emission level lower than most of the metallic pans do. It is a perfect kitchen companion that rock your every snack party. Using 65% aluminum steel, it is durable and withstands rough use without any damage.

Baking performance

With a fluted design, the wells of the pan are evenly spaced. The even placement helps in the flow of heat that is consistent from all sides and thus prepare properly baked popovers. The even spacing also makes pouring of the batter easy without spreading the mixture all over the pan’s surfaces.

The intricate flutes on the pan’s body support adequate and proper heat conduction throughout the container. It is a must for baking finger-licking popovers. The popovers are thoroughly made in no time at all.

The popover tray has a bilayer of natural silicone covering. It does not adhere to the batter or the baked product, and so it is safe from health’s perspective. The pan can withstand temperatures as high as 400 degrees. It is a safe material that is devoid of PTFE or PFOA.


  • Made of recycled aluminum steel
  • Durable
  • Natural silicone coating
  • It withstands temperatures as high as 400
  • No use of PTFE or PFOA in the coating

8. Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray brings you a huge range of bakeware that makes life in the kitchen easier. It has so many tools using Rachael Ray which will make any dish or meal look simple and tastier. The Rachael Ray muffin pan will prepare delicious baked items, from cupcakes, muffins, to popovers effortlessly, preserving all their taste and texture. You can be assured of both quality and perfection so that your snack times are more incredible than ever.

Design and Material

You need a pan that has a solid built so that it can go on for long and work optimally. The Rachael Ray muffin pan is made out of heavy gauge steel. It gives the pan more life and the ability to prepare mouth-watering popovers that will win over your guests.

It has wide handles with silicone grips that make it easy for you to place the tray in and out of the oven. The handles help in carefully placing the tray without fearing any spills and splashes. It is light in weight yet feels solid and robust.

Baking Performance

The carbon steel construction enables the pan to handle temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The high conduction ability airs up perfect popovers that retain their natural flavor and look. The evenly heated pan produces consistent and thoroughly made popovers.

The overgrown edges pop-out popovers easily without any struggling. You won’t have to spray or brush over a layer of oil or butter as the construction, and the non-stick coating is sufficient for it. The space at the edges also helps in lifting out the popovers or other baked good without burning your hand or spilling the batter.


  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Overgrown edges easily release the baked items
  • It can handle high temperatures
  • Silicone handles help in handling

9. Kitchen Craft Popover pan

Bake all that you want to your heart’s content without getting disappointed. The Kitchen Craft popover pan brings Kitchen Craft Popover pan you one of its most sturdy and handy pans that makes baking a smooth sail. It is multifunctional, and you get to enjoy delicious Yorkshire, pudding, cakes, or any other delicacy you crave without destroying them. Here is every reason that you should at least try them out.

Design and Material

The durable construction of the Kitchen Craft popover pan permits you to enjoy the perfect American style popovers. It measures 40 x 25 cm. There are 6 cups that each measure 7 x 6 cm. The unhindered flow of air in the welded tray makes evenly baked popovers.

It is designed to be your everyday baking pan. It has years of warranty that adds to its reliability. The design of the pan is made as such to support baking so that your baking experience is flawless. It is, therefore, a multifunctional pan that aces in every role!

Baking Performance

You get an exceptionally incredible experience with the pan. It allows both learners and the pros to harness their baking skills with these pans that make baking fun and easy. The individual cups help in keeping the pan heated from all sides with consistency and prevent batter spreading.

It has a premium non-stick coating that helps in easy release of the popovers so that you don’t have to fight them out. The coating also makes cleaning simple and easy, as there are no stubborn particles attached to their surface.


  • 6 cups that are welded to the tray
  • Designed to allow proper aeration and heat conduction
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reliable
  • Easy to clean

10. Sturdy muffin pan by Bake Boss

The sturdy muffin pan by Bake Boss is all you need for incredible baking that is fun and delicious. Bake Boss uses Sturdy muffin pan by Bake Boss high-end materials that are safe to use and environment friendly. It makes sure there are no emissions that can be harmful to your health. The pan comes with a warranty and even a refund in case you are not satisfied. Below are the fascinating features of the 6 cup pan that will win you over with the first use only.

Design and Materials

The silicone muffin pan is entirely different from other low-equality pans that neither bake properly and are even harmful to your health. The patented cupcake pan guarantees even cooking with safety and taste preservation its top priority.

The standard size pan is made of toxic-free materials without a trace of chemicals. The premium quality silicone pan doesn’t turn white on pinching as they are made of high standard material that doesn’t wear out easily.

Baking Performance

You can pour the batter in the cups without fearing slumped or floppy popovers or any baked goods. The silicone pan has an optimal thickness that ensures even heating and will not burn out your dish. There is no baking sheet beneath the container that allows even heat flow throughout the pan.

The baked good comes out of the cup effortlessly with just a little push at the bottom of the cup. It is the best and safest alternative to all other silicone bakeware that thin out and do not bake well. It is very easy to wash these trays, and handwashing is recommended.


  • No need for baking sheet
  • Easily pops out the goodies with one push at the bottom
  • Even heat spreading
  • Steel rims help in holding the tray

11. Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Popover Pan

Your search for a versatile pan ends on Chicago Metallic 6 cup popover pan. It is preferred by many professionals Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Popover Pan and used in several bakeries. Its popularity is due to the optimal performance that the tray is capable of giving. The durable and diverse cups are capable of producing delicious baked goods flawlessly. The convenient pan has been designed to cater to all your baking needs. They preserve the taste, shape, and true essence of the baked item. You can try different recipes using the pan, and you won’t be disappointed.

Design and Material

The cups measure 2 x 2.25 inches that allow for baking a variety of items. The size of the cups is larger than traditional cups which makes them an ideal purchase for your baking needs. The user-friendly tray is made to be convenient and makes baking and cleaning both an easy affair.

The pan comes in different sizes to facilitate you. You have an option to choose from either 6 or 12 cups, according to your family requirement or how frequently you hold parties. It is a durable purchase that is made to last longer than most pans you will find in the market.

Baking performance

The pan is made out of aluminized steel. It makes the pan light and easy to handle. The superior conduction of the pan allows sufficient heating and airflow to produce evenly baked goods that not only smell good but taste good too.

The non-stick silicone coating on the pan remains intact throughout the use. The baked items are easily released without any struggle. You will lay your hands on the most durable and safe pan by purchasing it. It is resistant to scratches that destroy the pan.


  • Made of aluminized steel
  • Superior non-stick silicone coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Light
  • Larger cups

12. 6 Pcs Nonstick Individual Molds

The individual non-stick molds by Good News are perfect for baking different items. You get larger popovers or 6 Pcs Nonstick Individual Molds muffins that are baked individually that are well baked. If you wish to try out different recipes, you can even use the cups for baking different items at once. The non-stick cups make it convenient for you to bake and make cleaning easier as you don’t have an entire pan or dish to wash. Those who are alone will love these cups as they can easily bake whatever they want for a single person.

Design and Material

These cups are designed from hard-anodized aluminium with four layers that make them super robust and durable. The use of high-end aluminum aids in baking added to the optimum performance that the enduring cups are capable of performing.

Each cup measures 3.34 x 3.25 x 2.16 inches. You can bake a variety of things with these large cups that are perfect at absorbing heat. The perfect conduction of the cups evenly bakes so that the product retains the texture throughout and is thoroughly baked.

Baking Performance

The multifunctional pan can prepare in no time delicacies such as Yorkshire, pudding, popovers, Tartlets, Mini cups, and pudding. You can make individual desserts in no time at all. The premium heating and consistent heat from all sides ensure thorough baking.

The non-stick surface of the cups easily releases the product without any batter or piece getting stuck to the walls of the cup. However, apply a little oil on the inner surface. The non-stick coating of the cups helps in easy cleaning.


  • Allows individual baking
  • Larger cups
  • Non-stick coating easily releases products
  • Four layers of highly anodized aluminum used

13. IEBIYO 9 Cup Carbon Stell Popover Pan

Here is a pan that will make you fall in love with baking. The children especially would want you to bake more for IEBIYO 9 Cup Carbon Stell Popover Pan them. The different shapes of the cups on the welded tray is a treat for small children and a source of motivation for you. From excellent built, performance, to the ergonomic design, the pan is all about making you a professional baker!

Design and Material

Make all your occasions more delightful with this top-notch pan. It is made of top quality carbon steel material that gives it strength and durability. It remains intact and doesn’t bend or lose its shape. The excellent conduction and heating save your time as well as aids thorough baking.

The multifunctional pan has high-resistance to temperatures and can be kept in high temperatures without fearing deformation of the shape. It has a corrosion-resistant coating that keeps it safe from rusting or losing its utility.

Baking Performance

These beautiful cups are the perfect choice to make your occasions tastier and yummy. The pan has a highly conductive material that perfectly absorbs heat to bake evenly that you plan. The versatility of the cups makes them the most favored option of bakers.

It is a non-stick pan that has a Whitford layer that keeps you from making a mess. Using soapy water will effortlessly clean the pan. You do not require a dishwasher to wash these pans. Gently clean the pan using a sponge and do not use any abrasive material.


  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • The non-stick coating that makes baking and cleaning easy
  • Made of premium material

14. Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan

If you are someone who enjoys larger bites than smaller ones for the taste to last longer, this pan is for you. These Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan satisfying large cups bake large popovers to perfection. The user-friendly pan is easy to use and performs optimally and fits in perfectly in your oven. The pan is an ideal investment as the features below will show.

Design and Materials

The pan has a design that supports high temperature. It makes it easy to bake different delicacies that require varying temperatures. It absorbs heat and spreads throughout. The effective and efficient conduction makes the pan stand out among all.

You can store it in the freezer or expose it to heat. The pan will never deform or lose its shape. It is non-porous and non-reactive so that there are no emissions that can ruin your health. It only makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Baking Performance

The ideal design of the pan and top-notch aluminized steel built enables thorough baking so that your baked good tastes better. The proper aeration in the pan puffs up the popover to the perfect level so that you get the crispy sides and dome that make popovers tantalizing.

Your popovers do not lose shape or half of the body by sticking onto to the surface. The pan has a non-adherent surface that requires minimum to no butter or oil while pouring the batter and releases the product without a fight.


  • Supports high temperatures
  • Alumizined steel body
  • Non-reactive and non-porous
  • No emissions
  • Non-stick surface

You have got a few of the best pans here that will help you to enjoy puffy, soft, and crispy popovers and assist you in baking overall.

Now that you have ample pans to choose from here is how you can keep them maintained so that they last long and light up your snack times!

Maintaining Your Popover Pans

If you want your pans to remain as new as ever here are a few tips to help you. You must make sure you follow these routines to save your money and your favorite pan.

Lubricate pan: You will find lubricants for baking pans in the market. Use them once you are done with the baking. The new pans require less lubricating compared to the older pans.

De-panning products immediately: It is better to de-pan the product while the pan is warm. If you allow it to cool down, steam from the product penetrates the glaze causing lifting and damage to the pan’s surface.

Never scrape out the product: Never use a metal utensil for scratching out a product as the scratches cause corrosion.

Thorough cleaning: wipe out any residue on the pan using a towel or a tissue while it is still warm. Gently clean the pan with a sponge and soapy water. Do not leave them soaked in water. Once you have washed it dry it out.

Follow the steps above, and you will add more life to your popover pans!