Top 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks – Guide & Reviews 2022

Nothing tastes better than homemade pasta, especially if you know what you’re doing. The reason? Well, for one, you To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020 have total control over the condiments added to the pasta. And there are no toxic preservatives to worry about.

By making your pasta in the comfort of your home, you are not only saving money but also meeting the nutritional needs of your family while delighting their taste buds as well. Beyond the nutritional benefits, homemade pasta has better texture, flavor, and consistency compared to the packaged pasta that’s sold in stores.

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What’s a Pasta Drying Rack?

This is a rig that allows you to hang your pasta so it dries evenly. Pasta drying racks differ in height and shape. Also, they are made using different materials like plastic, wood, and others. Beyond the stability of the pasta drying rack, you’ll need to ensure its design makes the hanger easy to store and clean.

Advantages of Using a Pasta Drying Rack

There are several gains associated with the use of pasta drying racks. Don’t believe us? Below are some of the advantages of using a pasta drying rack: To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020

  • Ensures your pasta dries evenly
  • Removes the need to frequently adjust the pasta
  • You don’t have to depend on the sun to dry your pasta
  • It’s perfect for drying different pasta shapes
  • Minimizes flour wastage
  • It’s a time-saving appliance

Benefits of Drying Homemade Pasta

As tempting as it might be to just cook your freshly-prepared dough, drying your homemade pasta comes with a lot of benefits. Below are some of these benefits:

  • Your pasta is firm and tends to retain its shape for much longer.
  • The pasta is less sticky, so it doesn’t clump together during cooking.
  • Improves the storage condition of your pasta.

Types of Pasta Drying Racks

Anyone looking to pick a pasta drying rack has to consider the different types available. Pasta drying racks can be categorized based on some criteria:

Based on Material

There are different materials used in the manufacture of pasta drying racks. Wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic are some of the popular options that dominate the pasta drying rack manufacturing scene.

These materials have distinct attributes that influence their performance as pasta drying racks. Stainless steel, for instance, is impregnable to moisture, and it’s easy to maintain. Plastic pasta drying racks don’t have a lot of maintenance issues, but they are not as strong as stainless steel. To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020

Based on Drying Rods

Pasta drying racks differ based on the number of drying rods they have and the spacing between the rods. If you’re looking to prepare a lot of pasta, the number of drying rods on the rack is something you shouldn’t take lightly. More drying rods means more pasta can be dried at the same time.

You will also need to confirm there’s enough spacing between the rods to improve airflow and limit the chances of the hung pasta sticking together. Pasta drying racks are handicapped without the drying rods that provide some much-needed anchor for your pasta. They are usually made of the same material as the rack, but there are hangers where this isn’t the case.

Features of Premium Pasta Drying Racks

Features of a pasta drying rack are known to hint at the quality of the appliance. This explains the importance of observing the features on premium units before you opt for a pasta drying rack. Here is our breakdown of how certain features can affect the performance of your pasta drying rack:


With pasta drying racks, size does matter, especially if you’re working with a lot of dough. It’s not just about hanging your pasta to dry – you have to space them as well. And the size of the pasta drying rack can pose a problem in this regard.

To prevent issues related to size from springing up, you’ll need to consider the pasta shape. For instance, spaghetti strands, when hung on a small pasta drying rack, could touch the surface of your countertop, and that’s not very hygienic. So beyond the spacing, the height of the rack shouldn’t be ignored.

Material To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020

The material content of a pasta drying rack can affect its functionality in ways you can’t imagine. When you consider the simple maintenance requirements of stainless steel and how durable the material is, it’s no wonder that the alloy is a popular choice in many pasta drying racks.

While stainless steel is commonly used in pasta hangers, other materials like wood, plastic, and aluminum are also deployed. But they tend to have some pitfalls. For instance, wood is quite susceptible to moisture, and plastic isn’t as durable as stainless steel. You should opt for pasta drying racks that are made of strong materials with no reaction to food. Also, never settle for racks that are easily damaged by moisture.


If you’re looking to make a lot of pasta in a single attempt, then you can’t ignore the capacity of the pasta drying rack. And you can tell how much pasta a rack can hold by the number of drying rods on the unit. While a pasta drying rack with large capacity might look like overkill, you can space your pasta better on such a unit.

Aesthetic Design

Functionality supersedes aesthetics, but good looking utensils are still desirable. No one wants a pasta drying rack that looks like what their cat dragged in. The aesthetic capability of pasta drying racks differs from the material used.

Wooden racks are one of the more aesthetically pleasing due to how easy it’s to create designs on the surface. Stainless steel does add some shine to your kitchen, but it falls short of the aesthetic design ability available with wood.

Drying Rods

These items might be considered the cornerstone of pasta drying racks. You can’t hang your pasta on racks without the drying rods. When choosing a pasta drying rack, ensure the drying rods on the unit are well spaced. This To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020 improves the aeration that reaches the pasta, so they dry in a shorter time.

It’s not just the construction of the hanging rods that’s important; you have to confirm that the material used doesn’t react with pasta, and it’s not likely to deteriorate on exposure to moisture.

Stable Base

Pasta drying racks have a base that helps the hangar remain firm despite the introduction of wet pasta. But the stability of the rack depends on the nature of the base. An unstable base can ruin your hung pasta since the rack could fall over.

Your choice of a pasta drying rack should have a weighty base or sturdy legs that guarantee the stability of the hangar when it’s laden with pasta.

Pasta Wand

Many pasta hangars come with a pasta wand to make the transition from pasta machine to rack and then to the pot, more convenient. It’s also more hygienic as you don’t have to use your hands directly on the pasta. Some pasta wands can be used to cut pasta as well. Accessories like this are worth looking out for in a pasta drying rack.


The sturdy nature of a pasta drying rack is largely dependent on the material it’s made of. Stainless steel and wood are often the preferred materials for a pasta hanger as they don’t react with dough and don’t deteriorate easily though the latter isn’t as impregnable to moisture.


When opting for a pasta drying rack, you should consider your budget. The cost of a pasta drying rack depends on the material used, the brand, the accessories included, and the build quality.


Just like there are brands notorious for cutting corners, there are those that have become synonymous with quality. To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020 And this applies to all sorts of products including pasta drying racks. You should prioritize hangers from reputable brands when picking a pasta drying rack.

Easy to Clean

Not all pasta hangers are easy to clean. Some pasta drying racks are fragile, so they break down during an in-depth cleaning session. There are also the wooden hangers that tend to deteriorate with continuous exposure to moisture.

This explains why stainless steel pasta drying hangers are often preferred as the alloy is impervious to moisture and easy to clean. You should always opt for pasta drying racks that wouldn’t be difficult to wash and clean.

Easy to Store

Your preferred pasta drying rack should be easy to store. Decluttering your kitchen isn’t complete if that pasta hanger is left standing on the kitchen counter after a pasta-making session.

Fortunately, many pasta drying racks are easy to disassemble as they have a collapsible or foldable setup. This makes it easy to put the hanger away when its job is done.


Is fresh pasta healthier than dried?

The nutritional content of fresh pasta differs from that of its dried counterpart. Dried pasta has higher calorie and fiber content compared to fresh pasta.

Why is my pasta chewy? To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2020

If your pasta is chewy and sticky as well, it’s not adequately cooked. You should heat it for a few minutes. You must shun overcooking your pasta as it ruins its texture and taste.

Can you dry homemade pasta in a dehydrator?

You can dry pasta using a food dehydrator. Just arrange the cut pasta in the drying trays and turn on the dehydrator for a few hours at 135°F. Afterward, transfer the dried pasta into poorly aerated containers.

How long should you dry fresh pasta before cooking?

You should hang your fresh pasta to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes before you proceed to cook the dried pasta. Drying should be done after the pasta has been cut to your preferred shape.

To 15 Best Pasta Drying Racks in 2022

1. KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack
1-year limited warranty 4.8
2. Fox Run Pasta Drying Rack
16 drying rods 4.8
3. Navaris Spaghetti Noodle Dryer Stand
Height of 18.5” 4.7
4. Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Pasta Drying Rack
10 square feet of pasta space 4.6
5. Norpro Pasta Drying Rack
Easy to use 4.6
6. Ovente Pasta Drying Rack
Efficient drying arms 4.5
7. Gourmia Pasta Drying Rack
8 detachable arms 4.5
8. iPstyle Spaghetti Drying Rack
Collapsible and Foldable 4.5
9. Hin Plus Pasta Drying Rack
Convenient anti-skidding design 4.4
10. Hin Plus Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack
Dishwasher safe 4.3
11. Ourokhome Pasta Drying Rack
7.8 inches in height 4.2
12. Weston Bamboo Pasta Drying Rack
100% Non-stick, Bamboo 4.1
13. Fante’s Pasta and Noodle Drying Rack
Sturdy and durable 4.0
14. Yookay Plastic Pasta Drying Rack
6 Individual Drying Arms 4.0
15. Marcato Design Atlas Pasta Drying Rack
10-year manufacturer’s warranty 3.9

1. KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack

You can’t talk about kitchen tools without mentioning KitchenAid. A subsidiary of the popular Whirlpool KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack Corporation, KitchenAid produces a collection of quality kitchen tools and appliances that ensures your inner foodie comes alive in the kitchen.

Size and Capacity

The KitchenAid pasta drying rack features 16 drying rods supported by a steel column. The dowels measure 8” in length, which is more than enough to hold multiple strands of pasta.

The fancy pasta drying hanger has a height of 18.8”, which puts some gap between your pasta and the kitchen countertop. Despite the polycarbonate nature of the arms, the pasta drying rack is capable of supporting as much as 4 lbs of fresh pasta.

Each polycarbonate rod is at an angle to the others, so there’s no chance of the pasta sticking together. The column connects to a base that is suspended in the air by three steel legs, ensuring the rack remains steady, regardless of the pasta on the drying rods.


The pasta drying rack has a central column that’s made of steel. To ensure you can clean the rack completely without moisture damaging the steel column, it is plated with chromium. The extra layer ensures the column is exceedingly durable despite how often the pasta drying rack is used.

The drying rods are made of polycarbonate, a thermoplastic material that’s transparent, strong, and durable. It’s also easy to clean, so you won’t have to spend long hours wiping pasta off the rod after a pasta-making session.

The tripod at the base of the pasta drying rack consists of chrome-coated steel legs that are strong and durable.

Warranty and User-friendliness

KitchenAid offers a 1-year limited warranty on this pasta drying rack, so you can request a replacement or a similar arrangement if the pasta hanger fails to meet your expectation.

Considering the space taken by the average pasta drying rack, it’s a good thing this unit from KitchenAid folds easily. You can simply fold the drying rods and the steel legs, then store it in a kitchen compartment.

The drying rack is equipped with a pasta wand, which you can utilize in transferring your noodles from the pasta machine to the rack.

Product Highlights

  • Consists of 16 polycarbonate rods for drying your pasta
  • The rack has a central chromium coated steel column that holds the drying rods.
  • Its steel column is supported on a tripod complex consisting of three steel legs.
  • The arms are easily adjustable, and you can fold them together for a stress-free storage process.
  • The KitchenAid rack is capable of holding about 4 lbs of fresh pasta.
  • Comes with a pasta wand for cutting and transferring your pasta from the machine to the rack.

2. Fox Run Pasta Drying Rack

Fox Run is no newcomer in the kitchen equipment market. With decades of experience in the business, the brand Fox Run Pasta Drying Rack promises to deliver quality kitchen tools that allow your creative juice to thrive.

Size and Capacity

With 16 dowels, the Fox Run pasta drying rack can hold 4.4 pounds of fresh pasta. The 8” length of the drying rod ensures the pasta is well-spaced so it gets dried sooner.  Measuring 18” in height, the pasta drying rack allows you to hang different shapes of pasta on its drying rods without any touching your kitchen countertop.

Once the pasta drying rack has been assembled, the position of the arms eliminates the possibility of the hung pasta sticking together. The drying rods are held high by the combination of column and tripod base.


There’s more to the alluring pink-colored drying rods. The polycarbonate build of the arms makes them quite sturdy. The rods owe their translucent nature to the thermoplastic.

At the center of the pasta drying rack is the stainless steel column. It holds the drying rod in position so that your pasta is properly aerated. Due to the stainless steel nature of the column, exposure to moisture doesn’t result in its deterioration.

The stainless steel legs with rubber feet are perfect for supporting the pasta drying rack in a kitchen environment.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Storing the hanger after making some pasta is easy – just fold the drying rods together on the stainless steel column, and you’re good to go. The pasta drying rack wouldn’t be taking up a lot of space in your kitchen when it’s not in use.

Keeping the rack clean shouldn’t pose a problem as the stainless steel column and polycarbonate drying rods are moisture-friendly. The issue of the hanger deteriorating on cleaning the appliance with water doesn’t arise.

To ensure the transfer of pasta from the pasta machine to the drying rack is convenient and hygienic, this appliance comes with a pasta wand, which also doubles as a cutter.

Product Highlights

  • The combination of stainless steel columns and polycarbonate rods delivers a perfect fit for drying pasta.
  • Comes with 16 drying rods, and each measures 8” in length
  • Foldable rods help in easy storage of the pasta drying rack
  • There’s a pasta wand that allows you to transfer cut pasta from the machine to the drying rack.
  • Three stainless steel legs keep the pasta drying rack above the surface of your countertop.
  • The hanger is capable of holding 4.4 lbs of pasta.

3. Navaris Spaghetti Noodle Dryer Stand

Navaris is a global brand that strives to improve the daily activities of their customers through quality products. Navaris Spaghetti Noodle Dryer Stand Their penetration of the kitchen equipment market is an indication of the value-packed products they offer.

Size and Capacity

This pasta drying rack can support as much as 4.5 lbs of fresh pasta. And this can be hung on the 16 arms of the pasta stand. With each drying rod measuring 7.87” in length, the 4.5 lbs capacity of the stand is no exaggeration.

The pasta hanger has a height of 18.5”, which should provide the required gap to keep pasta of different shapes from touching your kitchen worktop. Ensuring the stand remains upright is a tripod arrangement consisting of three stainless steel legs that terminate in rubber feet.


The column in the pasta drying rack is made of stainless steel, which explains its durability. Add the tough polycarbonate arms, and you are dealing with a pasta drying stand that’s rugged enough to survive long-term use. The tripod – the three stainless steel legs – ensures the pasta drying rack remains standing when loaded with pasta.

Warranty and User-friendliness

The combination of polycarbonate arms and the stainless steel column makes it easier to clean the pasta drying rack. Just a rub down of the parts using a clean damp cloth and the stand is ready for the next pasta drying session.

Aside from how easy it is to clean, this pasta drying rack is also storage-friendly. The collapsible nature of the arms means the stand won’t require a lot of space to store.

Product Highlights

  • The pasta drying rack consists of 16 polycarbonate dowels.
  • Collapsible arms ease your storage struggle.
  • The stand is supported by a tripod of steel legs.
  • The pasta drying rack has a height of 18.5”.
  • It has a load capacity of 4.5 lbs, which is made possible by its stainless steel column.

4. Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Pasta Drying Rack

Eppicotispai is an Italian company situated in Lago Maggiore. As a company, it does everything to make the best Eppicotispai Natural Beechwood Pasta Drying Rack products. It also allows you to take the product back to them in case of anything.

Size and Capacity

Measuring 14.25 x 12 x 1 inches and providing up to 10 square feet for pasta space, Eppicotispai is the perfect rack for your pasta drying needs. With its space, you can hang homemade pasta of up to 8 servings at once. Since it’s fitted with a collapsible frame you can comfortably store it inside your kitchen drawer. This makes it easy to pack and stress-free to assemble.

Fitted with a generous 10 square feet drying space, it’s perfect for all your hanging needs. This rack comes with 8 rods evenly spaced across the top to allow all your pasta to fit. For storage purposes, you just need to collapse it flat. As compared to others, it’s rectangular in shape. This means your pasta cannot get entangled.


Made of beechwood, this rack is meant for serious homemade pasta makers. Based on the material it’s made of, you can expect it to last as long as you want. If you can take good care of it, you don’t have to worry.  Since it can’t fall down because of the design, you don’t need to worry. Apart from resting on two sturdy wooden feet, all its rods stick straight out.

Warranty and User-friendliness

This rack gives you up to 14 inches to hang your pasta. To add more weight you can hang your pasta over its countertop. However, you should use a counterweight to make it stable. More so with this rack, you don’t have to put together or take anything apart.  Because the rods are not fixed, you can dismantle everything to clean. However, you should not use harsh soaps to clean it.

Product Highlights

  • It’s easy to build and easy to store
  • Made of natural Beechwood
  • More than 10 square feet of pasta space
  • 100 percent made in Italy

5. Norpro Pasta Drying Rack

Having been in the market since 1973, Norpro is one of the most popular suppliers of the best kitchenware in the Norpro Pasta Drying Rack area around the Pacific Northwest. Its vision was to design, manufacture, and supply high-quality kitchenware that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Size and Capacity

If you are looking for homemade pasta then this is definitely a must-have. Measuring 16.5″ x 18″ x 18″ / 42cm x 45.5cm x 45.5cm, this traditional wooden rack is suitable for drying fresh homemade pasta. As a unique wooden rack, it’s 16 ½ inches tall and is fitted with a stable 7/8 inch thick base.

It is also equipped with 4-18 inch dowels that go through the holes in the post thus creating a perfect angle so they do not come across each other while drying the pasta. It also has a ¾ inch center post that screws into the base and eight arms. Since it’s constructed of unfinished wood your pasta strands won’t slide off.


This pasta drying rack is made of environmentally friendly Rubberwood to make it both eco friendly and durable. Produced with superior materials and workmanship this product is not only innovative but also of high quality.

More so it has a beautifully silky and springy texture thus making it much better than anything that you can buy. However, given that this product is made of wood you must maintain it well for it to last long.

Warranty and User-friendliness

To clean this pasta rack, you just need to put it under a running faucet. Because it’s easy to clean, you just need a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Besides, all its parts are quite easy to assemble. Once you’ve disassembled it you can store it inside your kitchen drawer. The best part is that it disassembles within seconds.

Product Highlights

  • It’s perfect for drying fresh homemade pasta
  • It comes with 4-18 inches dowels
  • Its 8 arms are perfectly angled
  • Made of environmentally friendly rubberwood
  • Dissembles in seconds for easy storage

6. Ovente Pasta Drying Rack

As the fastest growing home solution brand in the US, Ovente’s aim is to fulfill its customers’ kitchenware and home Ovente Pasta Drying Rack needs with high-quality products. Started in 2010, this company has quickly grown to be the industry leader. This can be attributed to its commitment. If you have any inquiries you can always contact the company.

Size and Capacity

As a homeowner, you’ll realize that finding a place to hang your pasta can be difficult. This is especially true if you don’t have a big room. Luckily, with this pasta rack, you can comfortably dry up to 4 lbs pasta at a time. Fitted with 16 7.9 inches drying arms that fan out evenly, this rack will ensure the pasta doesn’t get stuck. You can also dry up to 8 servings of pasta at once.

As an easy to use drying rack, if you want it to stand upright you just need to extend its 3 legged base. Next, you should rotate the black knob on top to extend the rod. Plus, this rack is fitted with a pasta wand stored in the center that you can use to safely transport your pasta for storage or boiling pots.


The Ovente pasta drying rack is the right choice for drying all types of noodles and pasta such as ramen noodles, spaghetti, linguine, and fettuccine. Its drying rods are manufactured from BPA free acrylic so your pasta does not get in touch with any harmful product.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Once you are done, you should conveniently store the pasta wand back inside the tube so you can save the space without any hassles. To clean the entire rack, just wipe it with a clean dry cloth.

After cleaning, fold its three legs and then keep all the rods inside. Given that this takes little space, it allows you to have easy storage. It also comes with a 1-year warranty so In case of anything, you can return it to the manufacturer.

Product Highlights

  • It’s designed in such a way that it saves space
  • It comes with efficient drying arms
  • It’s quite easy to use.
  • It’s easy to clean, you just need to wipe with a clean damp cloth.

7. Gourmia Pasta Drying Rack

Famous for making cooking tools for a healthy lifestyle, Gourmia is one of the best companies in the industry. Their Gourmia Pasta Drying Rack products are designed for those who want to make healthy, easy, and delicious meals every week. One thing that sets the company apart is its high standard of innovation, value, and performance.

Size and Capacity

When it comes to making pasta without a hassle, Gourmia Pasta Drying Rack is the right rack for you. Coming with 8 detachable arms, it will ensure that you get enough arms to hang all your pasta and noodles. As compared to others, its arms swings and swivels to any direction. As a spectacular drying rack, it will ensure that your pasta does not clump and gets perfectly dry.

Since it’s conveniently foldable, you can collapse the legs and the wand and put them back into the storage tube. To ensure that it remains in place, the storage tube is fitted with an anti-rolling feature. For quick and easy set-up, its eight arms can all be put in one place.


Featuring a compact and elegant design, this pasta rack is both strong and durable. Whether you are a qualified chef or you are just starting out it will become a valuable tool anytime you want to prepare pasta. As an important addition to the kitchen, it’s the ideal gift for holidays, anniversaries, or any festive season.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Whether you want to use it to get your pasta done or move it safely from one place to the next, this rack will never disappoint you. It comes with a transporting wand that will prevent you from using any utensils that may damage the pasta.

It’s also quite easy to disassemble and clean. You just need to remove the arms for easy cleaning and storage. More so, it’s backed with a limited one year warranty so you can prepare all your food with peace of mind.

Product Highlights

  • You can make fresh pasta without any hassle
  • Comes with 8 detachable arms
  • Includes clear wand for easy transport of pasta
  • You can conveniently fold it
  • It’s the best addition to any kitchen

8. iPstyle Spaghetti Drying Rack

Since it’s among the most popular companies out there, iPstyle is committed to providing its customers with the iPstyle Spaghetti Drying Rack highest standard customer service. Besides the pasta drying rack, they also make several household goods.

Size and Capacity

Featuring a size of 11*6.6 inches for each Arm, Kitchen Pasta Drying Rack Folding is a pasta rack that will not let you down. Weighing 0.21 kg it’s easy to assemble hence you don’t even need a user manual. Since it’s foldable and collapsible, you’ll save a lot of space when you store it.

It also has 10 pieces of folding arms that can hold up to 500 grams of pasta. This means you’ll get enough space to hang all your pasta. As compared to others, it’s small-sized and easy to install.


This pasta dryer is made of ABS material that’s good for your health. This means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your food. Practical and convenient, this pasta dryer is made of non-toxic, high quality, healthy, safe, friendly, and durably material. Fitted with a stable and sturdy base, if you are looking for the best pasta dryer, this is the right one.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Easy to assemble and clean, you don’t need any screw or tool to assemble and disable this rack. Once you adjust it you are good to go. To clean it you need to wipe it with a clean neither dry nor damp cloth.

This rack is suitable for a variety of pasta including spaghetti, vermicelli tagliatelle, fettuccine, linguine, and lasagne. However, while using it avoid placing noodles more than it can handle.

Product Highlights

  • Made of food-grade safe ABS material
  • It’s foldable and collapsible
  • It’s great fresh noodles maker
  • It’s easy to clean and assemble
  • It does not come with a user manual

9. Hin Plus Pasta Drying Rack

If there is one company that makes the best household goods then it’s Hin Plus. Boasting many years of experience, Hin Plus Pasta Drying Rack it’s committed to providing its customers with the highest standard goods and the best customer services.

Size and Capacity

White in color and featuring an anti-skid design, Pasta Drying Rack with 10 bar handles with 10 handles is one of the best dryers in the market. Featuring 11 inches height and arm length of 16.8 cm, this pasta rack will serve you just well. More so, it measures 8.5 x 3.58 x 3.5 inches and weighs 8.2 ounces.

If you are fond of making pasta, it will come in handy. Because of its size, you can use it to make large batches of pasta and dry them the following day. Given that it comes with plenty of drying arms you have all the space that you need for pasta. If you are using it for the first you’ll also love the way it folds like an umbrella.


This unique pasta dryer is made of environmental ABS plastic and Safe-Food grade materials that are both safe and healthy. Aside from that, the material is also so strong that you can expect it to last long. If you are looking for the right rack for your pasta, it’s the best. If you intend to make a large batch of pasta it’s the right tool for you. It’s fine and does the job quite well.

Warranty and User-friendliness

This pasta drying rack is fitted with a skid-resistant base that helps to keep it in place and a foldable design that gives you an easy time when it comes to storage. Further, it has a vertical hanging space that saves you space in the kitchen. This means you can continue doing other things without affecting your counter space that much. For warranty information, contact the manufacturer.

Product Highlights

  • Convenient anti-skidding design
  • Safe food-grade material
  • It’s quite easy to use it fitted with a collapsible design
  • It’s suitable for drying a range of pasta

10. Hin Plus Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack

Hin Plus is a unique company that makes the best household goods. Boasting many years of experience, it’s Hin Plus Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack committed to providing its customers with the highest standard goods and the best customer services. Apart from pasta drying racks, it makes other household products.

Size and Capacity

Having package dimensions of 8.4 x 3.7 x 3.5 inches and weight of 9.6 ounces, Hin Plus Pasta Drying Rack Collapsible is another drying rack worth trying out. Coming with a collapsible design, this rack is suitable for those who would like to make their pasta at home but don’t have enough space.

Whether you have a traditional kitchen or modern contemporary design, this is the right rack for you. When it comes to functionality, it delivers a lot. It has four rubber-coated legs that not only save space but also provide enough stability. It also has ten drying rods with each providing up to 6 inches of drying space.


Just like most racks, this drying rack is made of restaurant quality FDA approved BPA free and environmental ABS plastic. Since this is something we’ve seen before in other tracks it’s not a surprise. This makes it one of the most durable and safe pasta drying racks. If you are fond of making a lot of pasta it’s the right rack for your needs.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Installing this pasta rack is very easy. Its collapsible design also makes it the right pasta dryer for small kitchens. Since it has everything that you need in a pasta drying rack it will give you value for your money. More so, you can use to uniformly dry different types of pasta such as tagliatelle, fettuccine, spaghetti, vermicelli, lasagna, and linguine. To maintain it you just need to wipe it with a soft cloth.

Product Highlights

  • It’s safe and sturdy
  • It’s foldable and space-saving
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s suitable for drying a variety of pasta
  • It’s dishwasher safe hence easy to clean
  • It gives value for money

11. Ourokhome Pasta Drying Rack

Ourokhome is a company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of fashion kitchen products that symbolizes Ourokhome Pasta Drying Rack safety, quality, and fashion. They not only sell the product but also the quality of the product. Apart from the pasta drying rack, they manufacture other kitchen stuff.

Size and Capacity

If you are looking for a great tool for all your pasta drying needs Ourokhome Collapsible Pasta Drying Rack is the right choice. As compared to other racks it’s designed to make sure that your pasta dries well to prevent any clamping. Featuring perfect design, it has 4 rubber feet to make it stable.

It also has 10 lengthened arms to allow you to hang more noodles. The best part is that it has a collapsible design thus making it easy to fold and store. When folded, its size is 7.8 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width. Since it works awesome, if you buy it you’ll get value for your money.


One thing that you’ll love about this rack is how it’s compact. It’s so stable that it holds more than one pasta recipe. Although the stand is not quite tall it will still accommodate all the pasta that you need. Whether you are making smaller or larger batches of pasta, this is the right pasta drying rack for you. To accommodate all your noodles you need to cut them.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Unlike other racks, this rack is quite easy to use. You don’t need any tools or screws to assemble or disassemble it. You just need to adjust everything using your hand. Since it’s easy to store it’s quite suitable for a small kitchen. When not using it you just need to keep it away. It’s also easy to clean.

Product Highlights

  • It’s a great tool for drying noodles
  • It has the perfect design
  • It’s a collapsible pasta hanger
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s quite easy to store as well
  • It’s suitable for small kitchens

12. Weston Bamboo Pasta Drying Rack

Weston is a company that has been in the industry for several years. It aims to make some of the strongest and safest Weston Bamboo Pasta Drying Rack products in the market. It also provides the best customer service hence you don’t have to worry.

Size and Capacity

Featuring product dimensions of 1 x 6 x 16.3 inches and weight of 6.4 ounces, Weston Bamboo Pasta Drying Rack has everything that you need in a drying rack. Measuring 16″ Tall, 14″ wide it has enough capacity to dry all your pasta. You just need to install it and you are good to go.

As a traditional wooden pasta drying rack, it’s the right rack for drying all your fresh homemade pasta and noodles. If you are fun of making pasta then this product will come in handy. Good size and very easy to use, you can always use one rod to carry a batch of noodles to one side. It’s, therefore, a must-have tool if you are planning to make a large batch of pasta.


If you are looking for a high-quality pasta dryer this is the right one. Made of nicely finished bamboo-this pasta dryer is not only sturdy but strong as well. Even if you are planning to make pasta for 3 people, this dryer will accommodate everything. It also looks nice when empty thus making it a great addition to your kitchen.

Warranty and User-friendliness

If you are looking for a pasta drying rack that’s easy to put together then this is the best. For easy storage, it’s quite easy to dissemble. What sets it apart is that it’s quite easy to clean. If you want perfectly straight pasta you should lightly oil the rods. With the main support fitted with many holes, you just need to slide in the remaining pieces of bamboo. Also, during storage, you just need to slide them back. It has a 1-year limited warranty.

Product Highlights

  • It comes with 10 hanging arms
  • Disassembles for easy storage
  • Made of high-quality beechwood
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stores flat
  • Comes with a limited one year manufacturer’s warranty

13. Fante’s Pasta and Noodle Drying Rack

Fante’s is family owned and run business that has been in the market since 1906. Internationally popular, it’s one of Fante’s Pasta and Noodle Drying Rack the best in the housewares industry. Over the years it has continued to receive recognition as the best company. They specialize in selling high-quality kitchen utensils for both cooks and chefs.

Size and Capacity

Manufactured from all-natural wood, Fante’s Collapsible Pasta and Noodle Drying Rack measure 14.5 x 16 x 15-inches. Unlike other drying racks, it offers 12 linear feet of space for drying all types of homemade pasta and noodles. By drying fresh pasta, you can make them ahead of time and even store them for future use.

To easily transport pasta from the rack to the storage place, it features removable dowels. When racked these dowels are perfectly spaced so pasta strands do not stick. It not only assembles quickly but also folds down to only 2 inches tall to allow for easy storage. Overall it comes with enough space and capacity from drying all your pasta.


Made from all-natural wood if you are looking for a sturdy and strong pasta drying rack it’s the right one to use. Since it’s stable and large it will accommodate all your pasta. It’s very spacious hence you can rest assured that you’ll get value for your money. It’s therefore much better than the ones that feature one stand.

Warranty and User-friendliness

Since it’s very easy to use you just need to hang freshly cut strands evenly on a dowel and place it back on the pasta drying rack. Once you are done allow it to dry and then freeze it in a closed container. It comes with complete instructions and Fante’s family recipes hence it is simple and easy to use. It also wipes clean with a brush or dry cloth.

Product Highlights

  • It provides 12 linear feet of space for drying
  • Made of all-natural wood
  • Comes with removable dowels to easily transport pasta
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to clean

14. Yookay Plastic Pasta Drying Rack

If you are looking for a company that’s committed to providing high-quality products then Yookay is the right one. Yookay Plastic Pasta Drying RackFeaturing several years of experience, this company is known for making safe, strong, and durable products. Apart from pasta drying racks, it deals in other kitchenware.

Size and Capacity

Whether you are looking for a great product or you want to save space in the kitchen Yookay Plastic Pasta Drying Rack will not disappoint you. Featuring 6 individual drying arms for drying fresh pasta and with each arm measuring 4 inches and top arm rack arms measuring 11.5 inches above the counter, this rack has enough space for all your drying needs.

Although most pasta racks are difficult to store, this one is just perfect. It’s collapsible hence easy to store and even prepare for use. If you are struggling to make pasta, this is the right solution. It has plenty of room to lay all your noodles. If you are using it for the first time you’ll realize that it’s a high-quality product.


Manufactured from safe-Food grade plastic material this pasta drying rack is both healthy and safe. Since it has an anti-skidding design it’s suitable for drying, vermicelli, tagliatelle, spaghetti fettuccine, vermicelli, linguine, and lasagne. Overall it can be described as a brilliant, well made, and sturdy item that suits all your pasta drying needs. And you can also give it out as a present!

Warranty and User-friendliness

Whether you want to enjoy a wonderful life or make your kitchen fun this is the right dryer for you. Since it’s simple and easy to install you don’t need any screw to start using it. Once you are done, you can give your family the best experience.

The best part is that it’s very easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth. Apart from its 100% satisfaction guarantee, it also has a 12 months long warranty so in case of anything, you can get in touch with the company.

Product Highlights

  • Made of safe food-grade plastic material
  • Anti-skidding design
  • Save space for kitchen
  • Has 6 individual drying arms
  • They provide great service

15. Marcato Design Atlas Pasta Drying Rack

Marcato is the world leader when it comes to the production of accessories and machines for bread, fresh pasta, Marcato Design Atlas Pasta Drying Rack biscuits, and pizza. Known for producing well-made goods, this company has been in the business since 1930. All their products are designed for those who love things done perfectly and those who enjoy the pleasure of eating well.

Size and Capacity

Marcato’s Atlas pasta drying Rack comes with enough space to dry up to 4.4 pounds of pasta. Fitted with 16 rods 8 inches each that fan out for quick access, this is the right tool for all your drying needs. Given that it measures 18.5 x 2.75-Inches it has all the space that you need.

Coming with enough room to dry pasta for 8 servings, this pasta drying rack does more than you can think of. It also comes in a nice small box to store it away when not in use. Overall, it’s a top-quality product with a unique design.


Sturdy, beautiful, and practical, this pasta dryer is made in Italy from polycarbonate and steel. It’s not only sturdy but durable as well. Authentically Italian, its original design fits any décor. If you are looking for a well-made pasta drying rack that will last longer then this is the right product. If well cared for and looked after properly, it will last long.

Warranty and User-friendliness

It features a multi-purpose wand that you can use to pick up freshly cut pasta and transport the same to the cooking pot or drying rack. Unlike other drying racks, it has a user manual that includes recipes. To start using it you just need to turn the knob so the 16 knobs can separate to give you space. It also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty hence in case of anything you can contact the manufacturer.

Product Highlights

  • It provides ample space for drying all your pasta
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Multi-purpose want for picking freshly cut pasta
  • You can easily dry all your noodles
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty