Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers – Guide & Reviews 2022

Whether we are youngsters or elders, milkshakes are considered a delightful treat for almost everybody. There is Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020 something about these delicate and creamy beverages, which makes them an ideal drink at any time and more so in the sweltering summer season. With their unique flavors and aromas, they can turn even the simplest events into memorable, refreshing, and revitalizing occasions, and there’s always someone with their own combinations that the others would love to try.

Yes, there’s nothing like a cool, freshly made milkshake. We all have our favorite version of one and unique ways of preparing it. Some people still prepare them manually, but you can’t get the frothy delight that you could get from a mechanized milkshake maker. So, today we’re going to help you decide on the one that you’ve been meaning to get for some time but have still not been sure about.

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Benefits of Milkshake Makers

There sometimes is a difference of opinion about the merits of a blender over those of a milkshake maker. Well, this machine hasn’t been given this moniker lightly and there are several reasons why the milkshake makers win over the blenders.  Do you want to know more about them? Then, make sure to keep reading.

Safety Factors: Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020

In essence, milkshake makers are generally a lot safer than blenders. Firstly, they do not feature any blades at all, so the risk of receiving unwanted injuries is pretty low. With a blender, you will have to push the ice cream to the bottom for the blades to do their job well and you could get nicked. Should you choose not to push the ice-cream down to avoid this, your shake could have an unevenly blended taste. You don’t have to worry about that when working with a milkshake maker.

Less Time Wastage, Cooler Shakes:

Milkshake makers come with a prolonged shaft section. That makes it far easier to mix the ingredients. And that’s not all; it assists the machine with its blending quickly yet efficiently. But how can it be beneficial for you? Well, when you are making something with ice cream, you would want it to be as cold as possible. Milkshake makers take less time to blend everything thus ensuring that the ice cream doesn’t melt too quickly, and the temperature stays chilly for a longer period.

More Authority:

While working with a blender, you will have to throw the ingredients in and wait for the job to be done. But that doesn’t happen in the case of a milkshake maker. These products tend to have a large clear bowl through which you can see what is going on inside. Because of this, you can always change or adjust the speed in accordance with your need and requirements. If you wish, you can also move the cup around to blend a particular section a little more. It can prove to be special if you have included a very hard or substantial amount of ice cream in the milkshake maker. More control makes for a richer, evenly distributed taste.

Versatility: Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020

There are many milkshake makers available in the market that can help you to make smoothies as well. Moreover, with them, you can make several other exotic drinks, such as malts. However, to prepare all that we have mentioned here, you would require a robust and proficient machine. The Milkshake makers come in several styles and capacities, to meet many different requirements. One can look for a light-duty milkshake maker for blending ice cream and syrups with milk whereas another person, will want a robust one that can crush ice cubes, candies, and nuts. Milkshake makers also have multiple spindles for making differently flavored shakes at the same time.

Ease of Cleaning:

One of the best things about the milkshake makers is that they are easy to clean. You can literally remove the various parts one by one and then wash them accordingly. Once you are done with your cleaning you can then re-attach the parts and keep it by or start working on it again if you so wish. Be sure to clean the frequently used sections, such as the shafts and cups, with lukewarm water. Using detergent on them might affect their overall quality.

Fewer Complications:

Generally, milkshake makers tend to feature only one or two buttons. Furthermore, the manufacturers provide detailed instructions to help would be milkshake users operate the machine without any mishaps. Thus, even if you are a newbie to kitchen tech, you will still be able to create lip-smacking milkshakes very easily.

Re-attaching Cups:

Yes, you have read that correctly. You can definitely take out and re-attach the cups whenever desired if you ever end up putting in more ingredients than usual you can always keep the leftovers in a cup and store it in your refrigerator. If you wish to make milkshakes again sometime soon, you can use the stored material and avoid wastage.

Perfectly Suitable: Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020

As the name suggests, milkshake makers have been designed for creating luscious milkshakes. With their specialized constructions and features, the beverage can be made frothier yet lighter without wasting much time. So, if your sole purpose is to create delicious milkshakes, then we would suggest you go for a proper milkshake maker!

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Types of Milkshake Makers

Milkshake Makers: In essence, the milkshake makers are, indeed, a type of blender. However, they do feature a long shaft, which makes it easier for them to blend the ice cream and other ingredients. Moreover, these are also quick in their working procedure, which makes them even more perfect for the job.

Blenders: Unlike the previous options, the blenders generally feature a set of sharp blades. Thus, these appliances can work efficiently in cutting or thrashing procedures. But they are unable to show their prowess in the aspect of making milkshakes, as they cannot blend everything in a proper manner.

Features of the Best Milkshake Makers

As with everything else, you should check every part of a milkshake maker before buying it. The following are a few pointers that you should consider before you spend any money on choosing a seemingly

Construction: Do you wish to use your milkshake maker for many years to come? Then, the first thing that you need to consider about the product is its construction and durability. If possible, we would suggest you go for a stainless steel-made appliance. They are durable, eye-catching, scratch-free, and being sturdy, are not high maintenance either. When deciding on which one to buy be sure to choose a product with a heavy base. This is to Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020 ensure that the machine will be quite stable while you are working with it.

Power consumption: The required wattage for a milkshake maker tends to vary from one product to another. This will always be made known along with the product, so be sure of it first. For example, if you wish to use the product solely for home-use, then the products working on 100W to 200W should be ideal for you. But, if you are thinking about using the product in your store, you would require more power than that. This means you will probably have to go in for a more powerful machine.

Speed Variations: As mentioned before, milkshake makers generally provide quite a bit of authoritativeness about the result through speed variations. If you are thinking about using the appliance for your home, going in for a two-speed model should be enough for you. However, if you want more power and efficiency, you may have to opt for a product that has anywhere from 3 to around 5 different speed deviations.

Number and Capacity of Cups: Most milkshake appliances, these days, feature several removable cups to offer the users greater convenience. Should you wish to make the most of this feature, make sure to do a count of the members of your family first, or the expected number of customers being catered to at a certain time. It will help you understand exactly how many cups you will need for your purpose.

When estimating the required capacity at a certain time, it would also do well to measure the capacity of the cups. According to some user’s reviews, the detachable cups, which can hold around 28-ounces of beverage at a time, should be ideal for home-use.

FAQs around the Best Milkshake Makers

  • Q. How does a milkshake appliance work? Top 15 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020

A: In essence, milkshake makers work almost like a traditional blender. They usually come with a strong motor, which rotates swiftly to amalgamate the ice cream, fruits, and other ingredients appropriately. Nevertheless, if you want to control its working procedure, you can use the speed variation features to do so. That can help you to make the concoction either thicker or thinner.

  • Q. Do milkshake makers make a lot of noise?

A: Not necessarily. If you are using a product that has a power level of around 100W, it will not make any noise at all. However, powerful products (over 300W) can be pretty noisy. Nonetheless, if you are very worried about the sound, you can always opt for the models that come with the feature.

  • Q. Should I use detergents for cleaning my milkshake maker?

A: Many people tend to use detergents for cleaning their milkshake-making appliances. But it might affect the overall quality of their product. Therefore, instead of doing that, you can use a light piece of cloth and lukewarm water for the clean-up. You could add a small amount of dishwasher to quicken the procedure.

  • Q. Which is the best milkshake maker brand? Top 15 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020

A: There are a plethora of branded high-end milkshake makers available in the market. Hence, choosing one from among them can be a little confusing for some. In the sections to come, we have also listed some of the best milkshake makers available in the market. So, make sure you keep reading.

  • Q. How long do milkshake makers generally last? What is the normal shelf life of a milkshake maker?

A: Well, that would really depend on the frequency of usage and overall functionality of the product. Nonetheless, if you do maintain the appliance in an appropriate manner, it could last for quite some years.

Now that we have helped you with great details on what to expect and how to choose a milkshake maker, let’s move on to the reviews of some of the better-known brands. They will help you to further comprehend the salient features of the following models and hopefully guide you in making the right purchasing decision.

Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2022

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender 1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender
1100-watt motor 4.8
Hamilton Beach 730C Drink Mixer 2. Hamilton Beach 730C Drink Mixer
Durable and attractive design 4.8
3. OYeet Personal Blender
Features an 18oz cup 4.7
Nice Choose Electric Milkshake Maker 4. Nice Choose Electric Milkshake Maker
Double-headed design 4.6
KUNHEWUHUA Milkshake Maker 5. KUNHEWUHUA Milkshake Maker
Two different speed variations 4.6
Oster Chocomilera Heavy Duty Mixer 6. Oster Chocomilera Heavy Duty Mixer
110W motor 4.5
Ninja Personal Blender 7. Ninja Personal Blender
Sharp blades 4.5
Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker 8. Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker
Features a classic design 4.5
Nostalgia Electric Milkshake Maker 9. Nostalgia Electric Milkshake Maker
Lightweight and is portable 4.4
Nostalgia Electric Coca-Cola Limited Edition Milkshake Maker 10. Nostalgia Electric Coca-Cola Limited Edition Milkshake Maker
Weighs only around 2.4lbs 4.3
Hamilton Beach Personal Blender 11. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender
Entirely BPA-free 4.2
Cincred Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshakes 12. Cincred Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshakes
400ml mixer cum container 4.1
13. Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker
Two 600ml BPA-free bottles 4.0
LHYPYS Electric Milk Shaker 14. LHYPYS Electric Milk Shaker
Top speed of 23,000 rpm 4.0

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

When talking about modish yet affordable milkshake makers, the first name that comes to the mind is the Ninja Ninja Professional Countertop Blender Professional Blender. The model features several unique components, an authentic design, and unparalleled functionality. Hence, it’s no wonder that the product will be the apple of most consumers’ eyes. Anyway, let’s check out more about the appliance to evaluate whether it is one-of-a-kind or not!

Design and Capacity:

In essence, the Ninja Professional Blender has a compact design, hence it will fit in almost any corner of your kitchen space. The pitcher of the model has a capacity of around 72-ounces, which should be ideal for larger families.

The base of the appliance contains an 1100-watt motor, which is pretty heavy. This should enable the milkshake maker to stand quite stably, even while you are working with it. Even though the whole model is made entirely out of plastic, it can still endure powerful blows efficiently.

Other parts of the product are removable as well. However, removing the lid can be a little difficult, as also with the base.


Regarding functionality, the milkshake maker can be run at 3 different speeds. You can toggle between them to determine the thickness of the beverage you desire. There is also a single-serve option available, which can be operated through the pulse button. Make sure to hold it until your milkshake is ready to serve, otherwise, the machine will stop working.

As mentioned before, the Ninja Professional Blender comes with a powerful 1100W motor. It helps the appliance to crush fruits and nuts. Thus, if you wish to, you can use it for creating food dressings, dips, and such, besides milkshakes. However, because of being so powerful, it can sometimes create a lot of noise.


  • Highly versatile
  • The two-in-one design makes everything even more convenient
  • It comes with ready-to-go containers for carrying milkshakes.
  • Dominant 1100-watt motor.
  • Features two extra single-serve cups for greater functionality.

2. Hamilton Beach 730C Drink Mixer

Are you looking for a less-powerful yet excellent milkshake maker? In that case, a Hamilton Beach 730C should be Hamilton Beach 730C Drink Mixer ideal for you. It comes with a retro design, which is pretty easy to use. Moreover, its powerful motor should be enough for one to make milkshakes for the whole family. Let’s explore the product a little further to see if it does meet your needs and requirements or not.

Design and Capacity:

As mentioned before, the Hamilton Beach 730C features a classic yet compact design and outlook. An owner will be able to place it almost anywhere in your kitchen or on any table. The soda fountain stylized appearance makes it easier for a user to pour the ingredients and mix them satisfactorily.

The model also has a tilt-back head, which enables one to access and use it pretty easily. This milkshake maker from Hamilton comes with a 28-oz mixing container and therefore should hold enough milkshake for at least two people. The spindle of the milkshake maker is entirely detachable. This will make your task of cleaning the appliance easier.


Unlike the previous model on the list, the Hamilton Beach 730C comes with only two-speed options. Thus, it will be pretty easy for a beginner to control it and create a perfect milkshake in the first try.

The model has a 200W motor, which works quite efficiently. With it, you can make regular milkshakes, fresh smoothies, protein shakes, and much more. Moreover, due to its low power production, it also does not make much noise at all.

Please note that the product cannot crush large chunks of ice too well and really should not be used for this.  So, to get the best out of it, you will have to pour small pieces of fruits and ice creams into it. Make sure to use a lot of milk in it as well.


  • Comes with a decent 200W motor
  • It is versatile and, thus, can be used for different purposes
  • Lightweight with a compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and attractive design

3. OYeet Personal Blender

You must be aware by now that there are several efficient personal blenders available in the market. However, in OYeet Personal Blender terms of efficiency, none of the others are even close to the OYeet Personal Blender. Why so? Well, for starters, the model comes with an exquisite design, which can make your kitchen look pretty fashionable and glamorous. Moreover, even though it is a personal blender, it can still cater to several milkshake tasks without any issue.

Design and Capacity:

As mentioned earlier, the OYeet Personal Blender is quite eye-catching due to its unique appearance and glossy color composition. It also weighs only 4.84 lbs. Hence, if you wish to, you can easily take it from one location to another.

According to several reviews, the interior section of the blender is capable of holding around 15oz of milkshake, so, with it, you can definitely cater to at least two people at one go. There is also an 18-ounce cup available with the model.

This appliance is highly durable, leak-proof, dust-proof, and odor-proof. For this reason, its maintenance will be very easy. The product also has a secure locking system available so you can literally take it anywhere safely!


The product comes with a 1000W motor which supplies explosive power to the product. With such a beast in its armory, the blades of the blender can move at a speed of up to 30,000Rpm. As a result, you can cut, crush, or blend almost anything with the appliance.

The OYeet Personal Blender comes with the Vortex Blending System, which improves the product’s efficiency by a mile. With it, the product can comfortably pulverize the frozen fruits and ice and turn them into a thick smoothie in an instant.

Besides this, you can also make nut butter, cocktails, mix batters, juices, sauces and soups, with it. The only issue with it is that it does not come with any speed options.


  • Comes with a powerful 1000-watt motor
  • Has two different color options
  • Features an 18oz cup
  • Can be used for a variety of tasks
  • Has a whopping 2-year warranty period

4. Nice Choose Electric Milkshake Maker

Another electric milkshake maker we would like to draw your attention to is this particular model from Nice Choose. Nice Choose Electric Milkshake Maker It is a perfectly-balanced product, which comes with decent power, has enough mobility, and can be used to make a variety of milkshakes. Do you want to know more about the product? If so, make sure to check out the following sections thoroughly.

Design and Capacity:

The electric milkshake maker from Nice Choose comes with a dual-head design. Yes, you’ve guessed right. It can hold two different cups at once and operate them both. However, it does not come with the containers. You’ll have to buy them separately. Anyway, moving on, the model has been manufactured from stainless steel and is long-lasting. Moreover, it is also scratch-free and easy-to-clean.

Due to its dual-headed design, the product does weigh a little more than other models (around 12 pounds). However, you will still be able to easily relocate it from one section of your room to another.


The motors on either side of the Nice Choose Electric Milkshake Maker can work at around 180W of power. The blades rotate at a speed of almost 18,000rpm, so you can create milkshakes, smoothies and juices in it.

There are two-speed variations available in the model and you can employ either of them for making the concoctions either thicker or a little thinner. However, there is an issue with this model, which might be a little bit problematic for you.

It is recommended to not use it continuously for over five minutes. Make sure to pause the machine for 2 minutes between two five-minute sessions else it might get heated and perhaps stop functioning.


  • The model is pretty lightweight and thus can be easily relocated from one place to another
  • Can achieve a maximum speed of 18,000rpm
  • Has a double-headed design for more productivity
  • Comes with two-speed variations for more efficiency
  • Can make perfect ice creams and milkshakes

5. KUNHEWUHUA Milkshake Maker

KUNHEWUHUA has always been considered one of the most prominent leaders in the field of milkshake makers. KUNHEWUHUA Milkshake Maker Their products are pretty long-lasting, affordable, and efficient to say the least. So, if you are considering buying a branded product from here, you can go for its LY-987 model. It comes with all the features that we have mentioned above. Additionally, it is pretty easy to use.  You are definitely going to have plenty of memorable experiences with this appliance.

Design and Capacity:

The LY-987 from KUNHEWUHUA has been manufactured from high-end stainless steel and therefore will not break or get damaged very easily. Moreover, as it is somewhat dust-proof, you would also not have to spend much of your time cleaning it.

It comes with a separate cup, which has an overall and maximum mixing capacity of around 800ml and 650ml, respectably, so, with it, you can comfortably prepare milkshakes for about three to four people at a time. The model, all-in-all, is pretty lightweight (7.68lbs) as well as space-saving. You can use it for your home, bar, tea shop, or anywhere else. You can also easily relocate it from one place to another.


The LY-987 model generally uses around 180W of power while working at its full capacity, so you can use it for various other projects, such as making nut butter and smoothies. When a cup is placed between the stopper and the micro switch, the machine will do the stirring for you. Take the cup away and the stirring will automatically stop. That’s service and protection for you.

The speed of the model can be managed in two steps. You will thus have greater control over your creations. Last, yet not least, the lotus leaf-corrugated head of the model stirs the beverages evenly and offers you an optimum drinking experience.


  • Comes with a massive 800ml cup, which can be ideal for a small family
  • Its stainless-steel construction makes it highly durable, glossy, and chic
  • Features two different speed variations
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support

6. Oster Chocomilera Heavy Duty Mixer

Since its inception, Oster has always been providing top-notch products at a reasonable price, and this model here is Oster Chocomilera Heavy Duty Mixer an ideal example of it. For starters, it is elaborately designed and generates enough power to facilitate making different types of drinks. Moreover, it is pretty lightweight so you can always move it from one site to another without any issue. Below, we have examined the product a little closer and have discussed its integral features. So, if you are interested, make sure to check it out.

Design and Capacity:

In essence, the Chocomilera from Oster comes with a traditional heavy-duty design. Being made from high-end material, it lasts for quite some time and does not weigh much. Moreover, it is considerably easy to clean and maintain.

Oster has used durable aluminum material to manufacture the base of the product hence the machine will stand pretty stably, even when you are working with it. In addition, it comes with a metal cup, which has the capacity to hold enough for about three people to drink.


To begin with, the milkshake maker comes with a 110W motor, which, at first look, does not seem to be as powerful as those of the other appliances. In actuality, it is quite efficient and can help you create different types of drinks very satisfactorily.

The model runs at two different speeds which ensures a better brewing consistency. The on/off system of the model is also pretty quirky. You can activate or disable the machine by either placing the cup under the product or by removing it from there.

The Chocomilera from Oster also features an arrow support vessel, which enables you to operate it without using your hands through its auto-shutting capabilities.


  • Has a durable chrome metal-based mixing head
  • The 110W motor seems to be pretty proficient
  • The integrated agitators offer perfect consistency
  • Its metal cup has measurements marked

7. Ninja Personal Blender

Do you wish to buy an efficient milkshake maker, which comes with an affordable price tag as well? Then, the Ninja Ninja Personal Blender Personal Blender can be a decent choice for you. Besides being pretty durable, it also comes with two different cups for storage purposes. If you wish, you can make your milkshake in one and drink from the other. Moreover, the product is also dishwasher safe which, in turn, makes your cleaning job fairly easy.

Design and Capacity:

Unlike most other products here, Ninja has used plastic to manufacture its personal blender. However, if you do maintain it carefully, it should last for quite a prolonged period. The overall design of the model is pretty compact so you can set it up almost anywhere.

Along with the milkshake maker itself, Ninja has provided two storage cups. Each of them has a capacity of around 16-ounces. This should be enough for a family of three or four. Interestingly, they feature seal-lids. You, therefore, you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink at all.

The appliance’s cord is 36 inches long, allowing for a greater choice of where you would like to make your drink and also where you would then like to set it down. The only issue with this product is that the cups are too tall, so that might be a challenge to carry in a bag.


The Ninja Personal Blender comes with a 700W power-pod along with one-speed pulse technology. You will have to keep the button pressed until the drink has acquired the desired consistency and thickness.

The motor is powerful enough to crush ices, fruit, and almost anything else that you put inside it. This one follows the same single-serve blending procedure. With it, you can make nutritious smoothies and milkshakes when on-the-go using the Nutri Ninja cups provided.


  • The plastic cups are very durable and can last for many years
  • Its motor is pretty powerful
  • Every part of the model is dishwasher safe
  • Its sharp blades cut through anything and everything
  • Easy and safe to use

8. Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker

With top-notch proficiency, notable durability, and a classic eye-catching design, the Brentwood Milkshake Maker is Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker a perfect pick for milkshake enthusiasts. Due to its efficient motor, it can operate at a decent speed, which, in turn, helps it provide a top performance each time. You can make smoothies, sauces, and a host of other favorites without any hassles.

Design and Capacity:

As stated previously, the Brentwood Milkshake Maker is of an archetypal design that will make your kitchen look almost like a 70s diner. Despite its appearance, it is pretty easy to use. All you have to do is to pour the ingredients of your choice into the metal cup and activate the spindle. After that, the product will take care of everything. The spindle has been manufactured from stainless steel, and is food safe and durable as well.

The mixing cup, which comes with the model, has a capacity of around 15 oz so, if you are a 2-people family, it should be just right for you.


Even though the Brentwood Milkshake Maker features a classic design, it does come with a lot of modern features. For starters, it comes with two different speed options. You can always toggle between them and make the perfectly-thickened milkshake exactly as you like it.

Secondly, the model also houses a 100W motor to take care of its working procedures. We do admit that it looks somewhat less-efficient at first look, but a user will soon discover that it does a decent job for a product that has been solely made for home-use.

The appliance has a tumbler safety lock which can help avert spills at the moments when you are less attentive. In addition, the base of the contraption is pretty stable.


  • Provides a satisfactory performance
  • Comes with a tumbler lock for safety purposes
  • Offers two-speed variations
  • It is rather lightweight and is portable
  • Features a classic design and can fit almost anywhere

9. Nostalgia Electric Milkshake Maker

When discussing the best two-speed milkshake makers in the market, it becomes almost difficult to ignore and not Nostalgia Electric Milkshake Maker mention the MLKS100BL from Nostalgia. The model is pretty powerful and versatile and you can use it for several purposes. Moreover, due to its compact design, you can place it almost anywhere you want. Sounds ideal, right? We bet it is!

Design and Capacity:

The overall design of Nostalgia MLKS100BL seems to be quite similar to that of the Brentwood Milkshake Maker. Nostalgia, too, has created this model with plastic material so we would request you to use it a little more carefully than usual.

Besides the mixer, the package includes a durable mixing cup made from stainless steel. Hence, it may be more durable than the mixer. It also has an overall capacity of 16-ounces, which seems to be pretty capacious as well.

This milkshake maker comes with a tilt-back head design and a detachable spindle and that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Last, yet not least, because of it having only a limited number of features, the Nostalgia MLKS100BL weighs only around 2.4lbs. Its portability is therefore not going to present a challenge to you.


Unlike the previous model on this list, this comes with a 65W motor. It performs well and helps to create thick yet nutritious milkshakes. However, we would ask you not to top up the container with too many toppings as it could cause the product to work a little slower than usual.

Moving on, we note that there are two different speed variations available in the Nostalgia MLKS100BL as well. Moreover, it also has a seemingly heavyweight base, which successfully enhances the stability of the product. Finally, if you wish to get the best out of the model, we would ask you to use a 110V power module. It does not work that well with 220V ones.


  • Perfect for a single person
  • Its motor performs decently
  • It does not weigh much
  • It is quite affordable
  • It has a capacious cup

10. Nostalgia Electric Coca-Cola Limited Edition Milkshake Maker

Yes, that’s right. We are, indeed, going to talk about yet another milkshake maker from Nostalgia. But why have we Nostalgia Electric Coca-Cola Limited Edition Milkshake Maker selected a second model from Nostalgia for you? Well, for starters, unlike the previous model, this one comes with a more efficient motor and performs ideally for a larger family. Nonetheless, it is pretty affordable, as well. So, if you are looking for an alternative to any of the pricey options you’ve seen, going for this model can be an excellent choice for you.

Design and Capacity:

Regarding design, Nostalgia has followed the same pattern that it has been using for the last few years. The product is a somewhat small, compact milkshake maker that is a smart red and white, and looks pretty charming at that.

Like its earlier model, Nostalgia has provided a weighted base to this model as well to avoid any malfunctioning or vibrating while being used. Unlike the mixer’s body, its spindle, which is of stainless steel, is both food-friendly and durable.

A limited-edition, this model from Nostalgia also features a tilt-back head design, making it easier for you to install the mixing cup in it. This also permits you to clean the product a lot more quickly and precisely. A 16-ounce cup which can cater to at least two people quite comfortably is available with the product.


This milkshake maker comes with a powerful 100W motor and is ideal for performing light to mildly heavy tasks, such as making milkshakes, butterscotch, cocktails, and a few other favorites. However, you will not be able to break large chunks of ice in it. The model also features a dual-speed system, which should be ideal for you to use should you desire a thicker concoction.


  • The product is remarkably easy to access, use and clean
  • Its plastic-based interior is pretty durable
  • It is quite versatile and, can be used for different processes
  • It is reasonably priced

11. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Moving on from the previous model, the next one on our list is the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. Displaying a Hamilton Beach Personal Blender chic and compact design, the product can fit perfectly almost anywhere in your kitchen. It also has an efficient and reliable motor, which makes it an ideal option for both home as well as store-use. Finally, there are five differently colored models to choose from. So, let’s delve a little bit deeper into its specifications and discover its other secrets too.

Design and Capacity:

In terms of design, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender does have a few similarities to the other products of the same brand. It has a slim and compact look, and is a lot easier to carry and set where one chooses to. Another factor, which enhances its portability, is its weight of only 2 pounds.

As you can probably guess, going by its predecessors, the model comes with an integrated jar, which has an overall capacity of 14 ounces. But you are advised not to cram it to full capacity, which is what milkshake makers are sometimes wont to do.  In fact, we’d say that this milkshake maker would be ideal for one person. Finally, to tip the scale in its favor, consider that the product can be washed in a dishwasher, thus reducing the ever-looming nuisance of maintenance to some extent.


Unlike a few other blenders that refuse to function properly when required to, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is quite efficient at its job. It comes with a 175W and stainless steel-made blades, which can crush through almost anything and everything.

The product generally follows the one-touch blending procedure. That means that you will have to press down the pulse button until the job is done. There is no speed option available on it. Nevertheless, as the jar is transparent, you will be able to see everything that is going on inside and that will make it easier for you to manage the speed.


  • Although plastic, it is entirely BPA-free
  • It comes with the simple yet beginner-friendly one-touch operation
  • It has a 14oz jar, which serves as a portable travel cup as well
  • It can be used for different drink-making purposes

12. Cincred Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshakes

In essence, Cincred is one of the newest members in the cosmos of milkshake making equipment. However, due to Cincred Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshakes its excellent product quality and efficiency, it did not take much time to become a star in the market. So, here we are going to review one of the best milkshake makers available. Are you ready? Then, let’s get started with it.

Design and Capacity:

Unlike a few other products appearing on these sorts of listicles, this one’s overall design is definitely one of its most notable aspects. Firstly, it has a small and diminutive structure, which reduces the annoyance of storage issues pretty effectively.

Secondly, you can attach the blending container to the top of the product as well, so it will take even less space during storage and transfer.  With reference to the mixing cup, the product seems to be quite sizeable and, therefore, can hold around 400ml of a juice or milkshake.

As it has been made with non-harmful polymer, you can also store the drink in it for a few hours. The cup is suitable for use when traveling as well, as it comes with a secure lock system. Due to its simple design, the model is pretty easy to maintain and clean as well.


In essence, the blender from Cincred is pretty easy to use. You can either simply switch it on or place the bin properly on its head to begin its operation. Considering its size, the motor is quite powerful and can crush almost anything, extracting the maximum nourishment from them.

Like almost any other milkshake maker on the list, this model, too, gets tired and hot pretty quickly. Nonetheless, due to its suspended power base, it can cool-off a lot more swiftly than usual. If you wish, you can also conveniently store the wires in the tiny space available.


  • The product comes with a 400ml mixer cum container
  • The suspended power base makes the whole cooling procedure of the model a lot easier
  • It is pretty easy to use and to clean
  • The combo of the motor and stainless steel-made blades can cut through fruits and nuts easily and efficiently

13. Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker

A simple yet advanced milkshake maker can be easily used for myriad beverage-related processes. The personal mini Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker blender from Homgeek is an ideal example of that. The product is blessed with a powerful motor, which can prompt its blades to crush everything in its path. Moreover, due to its small and petite outlook, you can place it almost anywhere in your room. Sounds convenient, right? Well, we bet it is.

Design and Capacity:

Regarding appearance, the product from Homgeek exhibits a distinctive blade-based design. It enhances the model’s overall outlook and makes it a pleasant addition to model kitchens.

The appliance comes with two different bottles, each of which has a capacity for 600ml of liquid. Homgeek has manufactured them from BPA-free co-polyester and polymer. They are strong enough to withstand high impacts. There is a safety measure available in the design, which prevents the machine from turning on if you haven’t locked the bottle properly.


This personal mini blender from Homgeek features a dexterous motor with the power of 300W. It enables the blades to run at a maximum speed of around 23,000RPM, hence, no matter what you put into it, the blender will extract the nutrients from it.

The product comes with a single button, which is used to operate it. For this reason, it is easy for beginners to use. It does not come with any speed variations, so initially it might be a little difficult for one to determine the consistency of the beverage.

The safety features of the product are pretty unique, as well. If at all, you do ever overload it, the product will automatically stop working. It can sequentially help you to avoid life-threatening accidents.


  • Comes with a lot of safety features.
  • Has a deadly combination of a potent motor and a sharp blade.
  • Offers an easy one-hand operation system.
  • It features two 600ml BPA-free bottles.

14. LHYPYS Electric Milk Shaker

An exquisite-looking milkshake maker that does not only make your job of creating beverages easier but also LHYPYS Electric Milk Shaker enhances the overall look of your kitchen. Yes, the titular product from LHYPYS is, indeed, a perfect example of beauty with a purpose. Besides having a gorgeous appearance, the product is also quite powerful and, therefore, can be used for a wide array of processes.  Available in two sizes, either model can definitely be the ideal one for you.

Design and Capacity:

As mentioned before, the LHYPYS Electric Milk Shaker comes with a simple yet eye-catching design. It features a single-color scheme but looks pretty excellent in almost any room setting. As the appliance is somewhat small, you can easily keep it with you or take it anywhere you wish to.

Like most of the other milkshake makers on the list, this one, too, comes with a mixer cup. But how does it differ from the others? Well, for starters, it is made from genuine stainless steel, which guarantees its long life. Then, it has a holding capacity of 17oz of beverage, which is also pretty remarkable.


The overall functionality of the LHYPYS Electric Milk Shaker is pretty top-notch, to say the least. And why do we say so? Well, to begin with, the model comes with a potent motor of 100W, which can achieve a top speed of almost 23,000rpm.

Because of this, it can make your milkshake within just a few seconds. Moreover, it has a two-level speed variation, which suggests a convenience of choice. You can determine the density of the concoction to suit your liking. You can have a milkshake as creamy as you wish for or a cold coffee exactly the way you like it.

The only issue with the product is that the appliance tends to get too hot if it runs for more than a minute, so be sure you are alert and follow instructions carefully.


  • It can work up to a top speed of 23,000 rpm
  • If taken proper care of, it will last for quite some time
  • It can be used for a wide range of processes
  • It comes with a 500ml mixing cup


By now, you probably know everything that concerns the choice of the best milkshake maker in today’s market. It requires quite an amount of patience, a greater amount of persistence, and a good eye for finding the gem in the Top 14 Best Milkshake Makers in 2020 crowd.

We know that finding the time to research and make a definite decision can be overwhelming. It is for this reason, we have taken our time and tried to narrow down the never-ending list by selecting 14 of the best milkshake makers in the market.

However, before you immerse yourself in our list, we would like to suggest that you pause and mindfully make your own list of needs and requirements in this respect. This will save you time, help avoid second-guessing and avoid disappointment at the end. We have chalked out a buying guide indirectly while talking about the features of each product. Hopefully, it will give you a clearer picture of what to look for in a milkshake maker and a more confident and positive frame of mind.

Good luck on your venture and here’s to you getting the best milkshake maker in the market!