Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs – Full Guide & Reviews for 2022

Metal is a popular choice for dining chairs. The material is great for manufacturing highly modern and streamlined Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs - Full Guide & Reviews for 2020 furniture pieces that display a shiny texture. Metal chairs are highly durable and stylish that bring aesthetic into your contemporary style home and kitchen. They help you maintain a supportive posture, which is great for your back.

Metal dining chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use because they are highly resilient to everyday wear and tear. Also, they are easy to clean, so maintaining them is less hasslesome in households with kids or in commercial space where they are heavily used. These chairs are great options whether you want to set them in your restaurant or inside your home or backyard for a BBQ party.

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Types of Dining Chairs

Whether made of metal or other materials, dining chairs could be of different types. Knowing about various styles will help you to envision the perfect matches for your dining table and the decor of the place where you will put them.

Each of the types will create a distinctive look no matter wherever you put them.

Arm Chairs

Featuring a formal style, arm chairs bring a regal vibe into an interior. As the name suggests, these chairs have arms that are made of the same materials used in the legs and back. They could have upholsteries on the seat and backrest. Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs - Full Guide & Reviews for 2020

Due to their heavy structure and a substantial presence, they look more suitable if placed at the head of a table in a large dining room.

Side Chairs

Similar to arm chairs but without the arms. Due to being less heavy and visually lighter than arm chairs, you can place them in a small kitchen or dining room. In a formal setting, they would have been placed beside arm chairs.

Parsons Chairs

A sleeker and taller version of side chairs. They have a solid backrest, helping you to uphold an upright posture. Due to having clean lines and a sleek profile, they kind of blend with most decoration settings.

Bar Stools

These are tall chairs that may have a footrest to support the feet. They are kind of narrow and used in front of the kitchen counter. Most of them don’t have a backrest and some have a half-backrest.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Metal Dining Chairs

If you want to purchase the perfect metal dining chairs, be heedful to these factors. They will help you to determine whether a metal chair is high quality or not.

Design and Finish

To enhance the beauty of your kitchen or dining room, the design of the chairs and dining table should be matching Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs - Full Guide & Reviews for 2020 or complementing each other. The big plus point of metal chairs, in terms of looks and design, is that they are versatile enough to be used almost everywhere in a house. All you have to do is find a set that has the perfect design to enhance that particular room’s decor scheme.

Whether you are looking for a classic, modern, vintage, or rustic look, ensure that the finish doesn’t fade after a few months. Selecting chairs with premium finish also allows you to use them for both indoor and outdoor events. We recommend going for models that feature premium finishes preferably those that are rust, water, and scratch resistant.

Metal dining chairs are highly durable because they are made of metal. They are unlikely to break down even if you smash them with something. They are suitable for rough use and for houses with children or where parties are thrown often. However, the finish has to be top-class; otherwise, they could become rusty, corroded, and the exterior gets tarnished.


Dining chairs are something where you will sit at least three times a day for having your meals. So, they should be comfortable with an ergonomic design and supportive features.

If the chairs are not bar stools, choose something that has adequate back support. It would be better if they have armrests and It will be great to have upholstery but most metal chairs are not padded. In that case, check out if the seat area matches the curvature of your body.

Construction materials are another element that determines the comfort factor. Of course, metal dining chairs are made of various metal types but the quality varies from one type to another. Crafting from solid metals, such as aluminum, iron, and stainless steel, makes the chairs durable and hard-wearing but does not add to the weight. Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs - Full Guide & Reviews for 2020

Many metal dining chairs have a wooden seat. The wood material should be highly durable, possibly hardwood.

Dimensions are another factor that influences comfort. The height and size should accommodate your body shape and weight. For example, tall people won’t find a low chair comfortable.

FAQs about Metal Dining Chairs

Q 1: What should be the optimum seat height of a metal dining chair?

A: It should be between 46 cm and 51 cm from the floor level to the top of the seat and between 26 cm and 30 cm from the seat top to the top of the dining table. Chairs with that height offer plenty of legroom if paired up with a standard-height table. Using a cushion will eat up some of the height, so keep that in mind.

Q 2: How to clean a brushed metal chair?

A: You will need to buff the surface and lemon oil or stainless steel polish is the best cleaning agent. Don’t use the polish directly on the chair. Pour it on a microfiber towel or a lint-free cloth piece and start polishing the surface in the direction of the metal’s grain. Buff the surface by using a dry cloth until the surface is completely dry. To clean aluminum chairs, lukewarm water and a sponge is enough.

Don’t use a strong soap or dishwashing cleaning agent, or something that contains chloride to clean these chairs. Chloride is harmful for metal surfaces.

Q 3: What is the ideal depth of a metal chair?

A: As most metal chairs don’t have a padded seat or upholstery, they should have the perfect seat death to ensure the best comfort. When you sit on a chair, the seat depth is measured from the back most part of your buttocks to the Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs - Full Guide & Reviews for 2020 back of your lower leg. For this reason, chairs that are mass produced for public places and educational institutions have between 38 to 43 cm in depth. However, dining chairs are slightly different so they have a deeper seat for more relaxation and support.

Q 4: How to measure the footprint of a dining chair?

A: Footprint measurement is necessary if you live in a small house with a tiny kitchen or dining room. It gives an idea about how much floor space the chairs are going to occupy. Also, you can calculate how many chairs can fit around the dining table. Basically, measuring the width and height of the seat area will give you an idea about the footprint of the chair.

If you don’t have the time to check out hundreds of products to find the best metal dining chairs, check our reviews. Here are 15 dining chairs (or sets) for you to choose from:

Top 15 Best Metal Dining Chairs in 2022

DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair 1. DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair
Sleek profile, contemporary design 4.8
COSTWAY 18 Inch Dining Chair Set of 4 2. COSTWAY 18 Inch Dining Chair Set of 4
High detachable backrest 4.8
JUMMICO Metal Dining Chair 3. JUMMICO Metal Dining Chair
Weight capacity  300 lbs 4.7
Poly and Bark Trattoria Dining Metal Side Chair 4. Poly and Bark Trattoria Dining Metal Side Chair
Commercial-grade metal frame 4.6
Flash Furniture 4 Pk. Silver Metal 5. Flash Furniture 4 Pk. Silver Metal
Lightweight and sturdy 4.6
VIPEK 30 Inches Bar Stools 6. VIPEK 30 Inches Bar Stools
Anti-scratch rubber caps 4.5
Yaheetech Metal Dining Chairs 7. Yaheetech Metal Dining Chairs
Wooden top 4.5
Furniwell Metal Dining Chairs with Wood Seat 8. Furniwell Metal Dining Chairs with Wood Seat
Quick assembly 4.5
FDW Metal Chair Dining Chairs 9. FDW Metal Chair Dining Chairs
Anti-scratch foot caps 4.4
Furmax Metal Chairs 10. Furmax Metal Chairs
Stylish vintage design 4.3
BTEXPERT Industrial Kitchen Classic Trattoria Chair 11. BTEXPERT Industrial Kitchen Classic Trattoria Chair
Powder-coated frames 4.2
Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Chair 12. Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Chair
Generous seating space 4.1
KaiMeng Metal Dining 4 Chairs Set 13. KaiMeng Metal Dining 4 Chairs Set
330 lbs weight capacity 4.0
Walker Edison Metal Dining Room Kitchen Chair 14. Walker Edison Metal Dining Room Kitchen Chair
Beautiful rustic black finish 4.0
Merax Metal Dining Chairs 15. Merax Metal Dining Chairs
Detachable backrest 3.9

1. DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair

The DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair is sold at around $150 as a set of two. In addition to being worth their price, the DHP Fusion Metal Dining Chair chairs feature a gorgeous design that will appeal to the taste of antique design fans. They will be the perfect solution for your modern home or small cafe.

Design and Finish

The bistro-style chairs look so good with a streamlined structure and clean lines that they will draw compliments from every onlooker. The antique metal finish and distressed wooden seat add more charm to the overall look. Set them up at your dining room and your guests will surely be delighted.

Durability is never an issue with these chairs. The steel frame and wood seat provide not only firm support but also service for years to come. They also meet ANSI/BIFMA standards, but you should not use them outdoors because they are not built to withstand rain and sun.

One problem of metal chairs is their weight creating scratches on the floor. Not with these chairs, though. The plastic caps on the legs prevent floor damage.

The dimensions of the chairs are 17.5″L x 21″ W x 32.5″ H, but they take little storage space due to the stackable design.


Designed for both residential and commercial use, these chairs can blend into any contemporary setting. Perfect for everyday households, restaurants, and cafes, they not only look good but also make sure that you have a great time while sitting on it.

With a 14.5 by 14 inches of seat dimensions, it offers ample space to accommodate your body shape and distribute your weight evenly. The backrest ensures a relaxed sitting posture.

Two stretchers in a crossed position provide extra support to the legs. For this reason, each chair can carry up to 225 lbs.

The wooden seat definitely offers more comfort than a metal surface. However, it has some natural ridges. Due to not using any polishing, these dirt gets inside the ridges, which are hard to clean.

You can set these two chairs around a small dining table, perfect for a couple. They feel comfy to sit on, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed meal.


  • Sleek profile, contemporary design
  • Wooden seat
  • Stretchers for extra support
  • Stackable
  • Reasonable price


  • The wooden top has natural ridges
  • Cleaning the groovy wooden seat is difficult
  • Not suitable for outdoors

2. COSTWAY 18 Inch Dining Chair Set of 4

Modern and classy, this Costway metal dining chair set can complement the decor of a modern dining room or COSTWAY 18 Inch Dining Chair Set of 4 kitchen. Offering a perfect blend of contemporary and vintage elements, these chairs can blend into most settings. The price is too not out of reach as you get a set of four pieces at slightly over $150.

Design and Finish

Made of heavy metal, these chairs from Costway feature the Tolix style. With clean lines and a sleek profile, they are undoubtedly modern and their metal construction has created a unique appeal that is impossible to overlook.

With a simple but classic appearance, this functional seating arrangement will be a great addition to any kitchen, dining room, cafe, restaurant, or bistro.

Due to using heavy-duty steel and an elm wood seat, these chairs offer improved durability and can last for years to come. The metal is powder-coated for better endurance and the matte wood top has a natural stain. However, it can chip away if you don’t treat it with polyurethane lacquer.

The non-marking caps on the feet of the chairs prevent sliding, protect the floor from scratches, and allow moving the chairs without creating any screeching noises. Due to a stackable design, you can pile them up on one another, which will fit into small storage.

Assembly does not warrant much time or labor. An instruction manual is there, along with complete hardware. Just follow the steps, put the screws into the right holes, and tighten.


The use of an elm wood seat not only makes the chairs look good but also increases comfort. You will get the full backrest support, thanks to the ergonomic design and a full backrest. You will not feel any discomfort even if you sit for a long period.

An X bracket under the seat further increases the support and stability of the chairs. The reinforced steel frame and this bracket make the framework strong enough to carry up to 300 lbs.

The high backrest can reduce the fatigue of long sitting hours. You can also detach it to create versatile seating options according to your needs.


  • Have an em wood seat
  • Non-marking rubber foot caps
  • High detachable backrest
  • Can accommodate up to 300 lbs
  • Stackable design


  • Non-polished wood seat
  • Rough edges on the seat

3. JUMMICO Metal Dining Chair

Looking for something unique and classic for your kitchen or dining room? Jummico brings this set of four chairs JUMMICO Metal Dining Chair just for you. Their beautiful appearance and robust profile will surely steal your heart. The price is budget-friendly as you can get this set at less than $120.

Design and Finish

Crafted from solid metal, you can rely on these chairs for offering long-lasting performance without getting worn out. The frames are coated with a black varnish that looks classy and complements both contemporary and traditional home decor.

Because of this coating, you can set the chairs outdoors too. Bring them without any fear if you have a dining arrangement in the patio or backyard. The coating can withstand light scratches and little water splashes. However, store them inside when there is rain or scorching heat.

Like any high-quality metal dining chairs, this set is also equipped with non-slip rubber feet. It protects wooden and other soft floors from scratches of hard metal. The rubber caps also prevent the chairs from sliding, preventing unexpected falling incidents.

Storing is never a problem with these chairs since you can stack them on one another. So, even if you have small storage, you can buy extra chairs for occasional parties and hosting guests. These chairs are kind of heavy, so carrying them from one place to another could be a hassle.


These chairs could be your additional seating anywhere. Have you thrown a backyard bbq party? Invited your parents over dinner? These chairs can fit everywhere, indoors and outdoors alike.

The combination of a 0.78-inch thick wood seat and full back support provides the best comfort you can expect from a metal chair. The backrest is slightly reclined outwards, which allows you to sit in a relaxed posture. You can also detach the backrest if that’s how you want to be seated.

Anyone can sit on these chairs as their maximum capacity is 300 lbs. Thanks to the X brace under the seat, which adds to the strength and stability of the structure.


  • Thick elm wood seat
  • Ergonomic design
  • Detachable backrest
  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Rubber feet guard


  • Heavy

4. Poly and Bark Trattoria Dining Metal Side Chair

Who wouldn’t like to have furniture that never goes out of style? If you are one of them, you will definitely like these Poly and Bark Trattoria Dining Metal Side Chair dining metal chairs from Poly & Bark. These modern furniture pieces have superior quality and appealing aesthetics. At around $100, you’ll get a set of four chairs, which is certainly a steal of a deal.

Design and Finish

Crafted from commercial-grade electric-plated metal, you can expect many years of service from these chairs. They are highly durable in addition to looking beautiful in any modern and traditional household. They’re so durable and hard-wearing that you can use them in commercial settings, such as restaurants, cafes, and bistros.

An attractive bronze color finish and an elm wood seat show a premium look. Despite being commercial-grade tested, the company recommends using these chairs for indoor areas only.  The metal frame is powder-coated, but it won’t survive outside weather elements and rain. However, they can survive food and drink spills, and you can clean them with only water. Rubbing alcohol can be used too for tough stains.

Your floor is completely safe from scratches as these chairs have non-marking rubber caps on the feet. You can keep them stored by piling up on one another. The chairs require assembly, which is simple as you just need to attach the back to the base with four bolts.


These good-looking chairs can be an excellent addition to your dining room or backyard patio. These are comfortable enough for metal chairs, thanks to the rounded back support and economic wooden seat.

With 20.52 x 17.5 x 33.5 inches of dimensions, they can accommodate any average-sized person. The maximum weight capacity is 275 lbs, which is pretty impressive if you consider the price point. An X bracket underneath the seat provides added support and stability. The height is also perfect for dining tables that we usually have in our kitchen.

Featuring a slightly lean-back design, the backrest is really comfortable. If you prefer to sit up straight, you can spend long hours on the chairs without feeling any discomfort.


  • Commercial-grade metal frame
  • Wooden seat
  • Nice bronze finish
  • Require minimal assembly


  • Not suitable for outdoors

5. Flash Furniture 4 Pk. Silver Metal

These excellent chairs can completely transform the ambiance of a place. The design is versatile enough to complete Flash Furniture 4 Pk. Silver Metal various types of decorations. Sold as a pack of 4, the price is quite reasonable for furniture pieces that are likely to provide service for years.

Design and Finish

A steel frame with aluminum slats on the seat and back makes this chair lightweight without compromising the durability. With clean lines and simple profile, the chairs look highly contemporary and can grace the interior of any dining room, restaurant, or cafe.

Due to having a silver polish, these pieces will look good with a glass-top table and a place having light or neutral color scheme.

They can also be placed outside since steel and aluminum don’t wear out easily under weather elements. However, to increase longevity, take proper care during bad weather and use protective covers when the weather is wet. There are protective caps under the legs, so you don’t need to worry about the chairs scratching wood floors.

A plus point of the chairs is that they don’t require assembly. Just take them out of the box and they will be ready for use. Storing is a breeze too since you can stack them on one another and every single pile can hold up to 22 chairs.


These chairs are not suitable for sitting for hours since the seat is made of four aluminum slats. There are a curved slat-style backrest and integrated arms for providing some comfort, though.

You can best enjoy these chairs by adding some cushions. Because of 14-inch seat depth and textured slats, the cushions won’t slide away. But you can still keep them tied on since the seat reclines backward. Choose them in bright shades if you want to make the neutral silver palette a bit colorful.

The framework is highly durable and it can carry more than 300 lbs. Two rails between the front and back legs add extra stability to the structure.


  • Feature a nice silver finish
  • Backrest and armrests
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Reasonable price


  • Uncomfortable without cushions

6. VIPEK 30 Inches Bar Stools

Compared to some other similar products, these bar stools are slightly expensive as you have to spend more than VIPEK 30 Inches Bar Stools $100 for a set of 2. These are the perfect choice if you want a combination of dining chairs and bar stools. Built to withstand daily wear and tear, these extremely functional tools are not only comfortable but also bring a style to your dining space.

Design and Finish

With long legs and a short backrest, these tools have a strong build. A streamlined profile and clutter-free appearance give them industrial-style attributes. A matte black polish on the metal frame and the elm wood top have added more beauty and elegance.

Powder-coated, cold-rolled metal frames can handle normal wear and tear. But they cannot withstand the outdoor weather. Keep them under protective coverings when used outdoors. If you are going to leave them out in the open, use patio umbrellas to prevent untimely rusting and wear.

Anti-scratch foot mats keep floors and other surfaces protected from the hard pointed end of the legs. These foot pads also reduce screeching sound at the time of moving the stools.

You need to assemble the stools, and the task requires hex keys for tightening the screws. Vipek does not send the hex keys so you have to have something in your toolbox to do this job.

To save space, you can stack them when not in use by detaching the backrest. These space-saving stools would be great choices for vintage and contemporary decor alike.


Having 30-inch seat height and 16.93-inch high back, these stools are suitable for 41 to 43 inches high dining tables. Sitting on them feels comfortable because of the elm wood top. The metal backrest further enhances the comfort factor. Also, the linking bars between the legs offer a resting point for your feet. This is great for people whose feet won’t touch the floor when sitting on the stool.

A single barstool can carry up to 330 lbs of weight, which is highly impressive. It means almost any adult person can sit on them. Underneath the seat is a steady X brace support that further enhances the structure’s strength.


  • Cold-rolled steel frames
  • Wooden top
  • Stackable design
  • Weight capacity is 330 lbs
  • Anti-scratch rubber caps


  • No hex keys in the package
  • Not suitable for outdoors

7. Yaheetech Metal Dining Chairs

The metal dining chairs from Yaheetech can create a classic environment no matter wherever you put them. Whether Yaheetech Metal Dining Chairs it’s a restaurant, patio, dining room, or somewhere else, these chairs look like they belong to that place. The less than $150 price point for a set of 4 feels like big savings.

Design and Finish

These chairs are made of metal frames and a natural fir wood top. The surface is polished in a glossy gunmetal color to make them resistant to water and rust. However, they are not suitable for outdoor elements, so don’t leave them out in the open for days or when it’s raining.

Some people avoid metal chairs because they scrape wood, vinyl, and porcelain floors. Well, these chairs have scratch-proof pads on the legs to prevent such unwanted incidents. Also, these rubber pads reduce noise during moving and prevent chairs from sliding.

With proper instructions and necessary tools and hardware included in the package, you can easily assemble the chairs. It’s possible to stack them to save storage space for unused time.


For a metal dining chair to be comfortable, it has to provide solid support, and there is no lack of support in these Yaheetech chairs. With 14.4 x 14.2 inches of dimensions, the wooden top provides enough seating space.

The X brace underneath the seat increases the load-bearing capacity, so the chairs can carry 330 lbs without a hiccup. The inclined backrest cradles the curves of your back and you can detach it to create versatile seating options.

Because of not being polyurethane sealed, the wooden seat has a texture. It’s not rough to the point of chipping away, but it definitely does not feel smooth. You can sand a bit to even out the rough texture.


  • Wooden top
  • Solid metal structure
  • Takes less space in storage
  • Weight capacity is 330 lbs


  • The wooden seat has a rough texture

8. Furniwell Metal Dining Chairs with Wood Seat

These Tolix style chairs from Furniwell look good in a vintage- and country-style setting. However, they will also look Furniwell Metal Dining Chairs with Wood Seat good in any contemporary household. With a compact and space-saving design, they come at a reasonable price. You have to spend around $150 for a set of 4 pieces.

Design and Finish

With distressed white frames and a dark walnut top, these chairs have a pretty classy look — something like a mixture of a country and traditional vibes. Putting them in a dining room or a restaurant means uplifting the ambiance of those places.

You can use them for outdoor areas too, but the coating is not strong enough to give protection from bad weather. Don’t forget to store them inside when not in use and when the weather is bad.

Like other metal chairs and stools, these pieces also have non-marking foot caps to prevent sliding and scoring hardwood floors.

Assembling these chairs doesn’t require more than 10 minutes. Pile them on one another when not in use for saving storage space.


The chairs have an elm wood top, which is more comfortable than a plain metal surface to sit on. With a high backrest, you can stay relaxed when taking a meal or having a conversation.

A pair of rails crossing each other underneath the seat adds more strength to the frame, allowing the chair chairs to carry more than 250 lbs.

The wood top is not the smoothest of surfaces. It’s just painted brown, not stained. Just sandpaper it a little to make it look and feel better.


  • Vintage classy look
  • Elm wood seat
  • High backrest
  • Quick assembly


  • The wood top is not stained

9. FDW Metal Chair Dining Chairs

These metal dining chairs from FDW sound like a great budget-friendly deal because four pieces are available at less FDW Metal Chair Dining Chairs than $100. These will clearly stand out from other furniture pieces because of their clean lines and modern design. They can bring a classy look to any interior settings.

Design and Finish

Made of iron, these industrial-style chairs will stand out visually from other furniture in a commercial setting or everyday household. They create a sense of authenticity and minimal style, which is craved after by many people these days.

A high-quality paint layer is used on the frame to protect these pieces from wear and tear. However, they are still unsuitable for outdoor use. Even light rain can fade the black coating and cause rusting.

The chairs are easy to clean as a piece of damp cloth is fine for whipping off all the food crumbs and drinks spills. Anti-slip plastic mats on the legs protect hardwood floors and prevent sliding away, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed mood.

When not in use, you can just detach the backrest and store them by stacking on one another. They will take only a corner of your storage.


With a detachable backrest design, you can use these pieces as dining chairs and bar stools. Even if you sit on them for an extended period besides taking a meal, the ergonomic backrest will keep your backside rested and free of aching.

A crossbar is fitted underneath the seat to increase the durability and stability of the chairs. They are capable of holding up to 300 lbs, which is impressive for such budget-friendly furniture pieces.

The only problem is these chairs don’t have a wood top. The seat has a downward slope, but that does not make the experience much comfortable. It’s fine if you use them only during the dinnertime. But adding cushions is necessary for extended use.


  • High-quality paint coating
  • Strong metal structure
  • Anti-scratch foot caps
  • Detachable backrest
  • Reasonable price


  • No wood top
  • Unsuitable for outdoors

10. Furmax Metal Chairs

Less than $100 for a set of four pieces of metal chairs ⁠— sounds like a good deal. The Furmax metal chairs make a Furmax Metal Chairs place more inviting, along with enhancing its aesthetic factor. Being made of metal, these pieces are highly sturdy, but they are surprisingly lightweight too.

Design and Finish

A distressed white paint coating has attributed a touch of aged authenticity to these chairs. Place them anywhere you want, and they will create a classic look. The problem is the black distressed streaks are literally created with black marker ink. You can wipe them off with rubbing alcohol and sanding with 320 to 400 grit sandpaper. So, be careful when cleaning the chairs.

However, this design snag does not mar its beauty. They will still look great in any environment. Also, they don’t scrape your precious hardwood floors, thanks to the anti-scratch plastic foot caps.

These chairs are stackable, so whether you have four or eight pieces, they will take the space of just one chair in the storage.


With no wood top, these chairs are not suitable for sitting for long hours. With 14” L x 14” W dimensions, the seating area is also on the smaller side. You can use cushions, though, for better comfort. The backrest supports the curves of your backside, making you more relaxed.

A single chair can hold up to 330 lbs. The credit for this impressive weight capacity goes to the metal framework and the metal crossing under the seat.


  • Stylish vintage design
  • Can complement any decor setting
  • Stackable for convenient storage
  • Impressive weight capacity


  • Distressed streaks are made with marker
  • Smaller seating area

11. BTEXPERT Industrial Kitchen Classic Trattoria Chair

With beautiful looks and modern design, these BTEXPERT chairs can blend into any setting whether you put them BTEXPERT Industrial Kitchen Classic Trattoria Chair in an office, kitchen, or backyard for a party. They can take the everyday abuse and normal wear and tear like a champion. The price is quite reasonable since you will get four pieces at less than $150.

Design and Finish

These chairs are made of highly durable materials, 100% stainless steel. Due to being heavy-gauge industrial-grade metal, the frames can withstand light scratches and normal wear and tear.

The wooden seat and rounded open backrest add a touch of elegance to the whole appearance. By pairing up with a wood-topped dining table, create an artistic corner in your kitchen or breakfast nook. However, they are not big enough to be used with a large dining room table. They are more like kitchen chairs for having breakfasts and quick meals.

The powder-coated metal frame resists everyday wear and tear. Non-mar foot caps prevent the chair from sliding away and grazing hardwood floors.

These chairs need to be assembled, which can be done within 10 minutes. It’s nothing but joining two pieces together and attaching some bolts. When stored, the space-saving stackable design saves plenty of storage space.


With a 17-inch high backrest and 14 x 14 inches seat dimensions, the chair feels comfortable for sitting for hours.  Although the wood top is a bit smaller than other similar models, its weight capacity is impressive 330 lbs.

If you want more comfort, use cushions and tie them up to the seat to prevent sliding away. Any adult person can use this chair since it’s highly durable and strong due to the metal frame and X brace under the seat.


  • Classic industrial style
  • Wooden top
  • Powder-coated frames
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Rubber foot caps for preventing scratching


  • Not suitable for large dining tables
  • The seat is slightly on the smaller side

12. Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Chair

Whether you need some chairs for casual dining or some extra seating for parties or family gatherings, these Modway Promenade Industrial Modern Chair Modway industrial chairs could be a good option. They exhibit the charm of a classic bistro style but breathe a contemporary vibe at the same time. However, more than $50 for a single piece seems a little expensive.

Design and Finish

These industrial pieces feature a mix-n-match style with a heavy-duty steel frame and a gunmetal polish. They look right on the money when placed in any eclectic setting. Pair them up with a wood-top or glass-top dining table and see how your breakfast nook or dining space looks refreshed with farmhouse charm.

Despite having a metal structure, the chairs don’t weigh much — a single piece is around 14 lbs. These French-inspired bistro pieces are good for outdoor use too, but don’t expose them to bad weather elements. Despite having a powder coating, signs of rust will appear if you leave them out in the open for days.

Always keep them indoor or under an awning when not in use. They will take a little space in storage because of the stackable design. Dragging them on the floor is safe too because the rubber foot caps don’t abrade the hardwood, softwood, and vinyl flooring.

Assembly of the chairs is nothing complicated, involving just tightening some screws. However, the coating can be scraped off during the process. Also, the exposed bolts stick out like a sore thumb.


With 14.5 L x 14.5 W inches of seat dimensions, the chair provides ample seating space for any adult. You would be pleased to know that it can carry up to 331 lbs, thanks to the stout steel frame and an X brace under the seat for more support and strength.

Sitting on this chair feels comfortable for a short period, but use cushions if you are going to spend hours on it. Although the high back provides ample support and helps to relax.


  • Classic bistro style
  • Solid structure
  • Weight capacity is 331 lbs
  • Generous seating space


  • Leaving outdoors cause rusting
  • No wooden top

13. KaiMeng Metal Dining 4 Chairs Set

These KaiMeng metal dining chairs feature a simple but stylish design. At slightly more than $100, you will get a set KaiMeng Metal Dining 4 Chairs Set of four pieces, so the price is quite reasonable. They will bring grace and style into any household or commercial places without putting any pressure onto your wallet.

Design and Finish

The use of premium materials guarantees a long life of these chairs. The combination of gunmetal polished metal frames and a natural-textured wooden top looks beautiful and classy. You can rely on their durability since the sheet metal framework is sturdy and rigid.

The glossy varnish not only looks good but also makes cleaning easier. There is no need to use any special cleaning agent for whipping off food crumbs and drink spills. You can use them outdoors too, but don’t leave them for days under the sun and rain. The metal frame coating is not enough to fight rust in moisture and wet environments.

Many people don’t want to use metal chairs because they ruin wood, vinyl, and other soft-surface floors. This won’t happen in this case, as these chairs have rubber caps on each leg to prevent sliding away and scoring the floors.

KaiMeng delivers these chairs in two pieces, so you need to assemble them. It does not take more than 15 minutes to join the parts and attach the screws. When not in use, you can just stack them on one another and stash into a small corner.


The wooden seat definitely makes sitting on these chairs more comfortable than sitting on a bare metal surface. However, this is not real wood, just engineered wood (MFG). It will have a shorter lifespan than real wood. You may also need to sandpaper the surface to level out the ridges.

However, the seat size (14 W x 17.7 H inches of dimensions) is large enough to accommodate any adult person. The 330 lbs weight capacity is also quite impressive. Cross-brace rails underneath the seat add more balance and strength to the framework.


  • Feature a vintage, minimal style
  • Strong metal frames
  • Large enough for all adults
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Reasonable price


  • The seat is engineered wood

14. Walker Edison Metal Dining Room Kitchen Chair

Walker Edison offers these excellent versatile chairs that suit everywhere, from your forever home to a small Walker Edison Metal Dining Room Kitchen Chair breakfast nook. Make lasting memories around the dinner table with these chairs without compromising with the aesthetic. They look great with a rustic black finish. The price is a bit on the higher side since you need to spend over $60 on a single piece.

Design and Finish

With a sleek profile, rustic varnish, and powder-coated frame, the chair creates a farmhouse industrial look. People who have a thing for retro style and lease a minimal life will definitely love this chair.

The powder-coated frames work very well when kept indoors. There is no need to worry about scratches or spills of drinks and food. You can wipe it clean with a damp sponge. However, don’t leave it out in the open like in the backyard or terrace. Scorching sun can fade its polish and moisture or rain can cause rusting.

Otherwise, this beautiful chair will be a charming addition to any residential and commercial space. It does not scratch your precious hardwood floor due to having rubber foot guards.

The chair has a space-saving stackable design. Even if you have multiple pieces, all of them will take the space of just one unit in the storage. Assembly is an easy task too, involving attaching some screws with an Allen wrench. However, the bolts on the left side of the backrest don’t line up straight. Fixing it needs plenty of greases and a little muscle strength.


The chair has dimensions of 14 x 15 x 33 inches, which means it’s not a large piece. Plus, the seat is only 14×14 inches — a bit on the smaller side.

With 250 lbs of weight capacity, the chair is definitely unsuitable for tall and obese people. The metal seat works for short seating time like having a meal. Use cushions for an extended seating period.


  • Sturdy metal structure
  • Complements most settings
  • Beautiful rustic black finish
  • A solid chair for the money
  • Easy assembly


  • No wooden top
  • Less impressive weight capacity
  • The seat is on the smaller side

15. Merax Metal Dining Chairs

These sturdy and stylish metal chairs from Merax will bring a rejuvenated look into your kitchen, patio, restaurant, Merax Metal Dining Chairs or bistro. They are also durable enough to survive frequent parties and events. Set a loft-inspired foundation right inside your humble household by setting these chairs up with a beautiful dining table.

Design and Finish

Metal chairs are suitable for a variety of occasions and events. They also look natural in any kind of setting. You don’t need to worry about rust and scratch as long as the chairs stay indoors. A high-quality paint coating on the metal frames creates a protective layer to save them from regular wear and tear.

However, don’t leave them outside in bad weather. Rain and the scorching sun will be too harsh for the paint coating. So, always keep them indoors or under protective coverings when not in use.

Like other chairs on this list, these pieces also have anti-mar rubber guards on the legs to avert unwanted sliding accidents. These caps also safeguard the wood and vinyl floors.

You need to assemble the chairs, but the task involves nothing more than attaching four screws. The detachable backrest allows you to transform the chairs into stools.  For storing, you can pile them on one another for saving space.


Being on the smaller side, these chairs won’t be suitable for obese people and those taller than 6 feet. Although they can accommodate up to 300 lbs, thanks to the all-metal structure and crossed rails under the seat, the 14 L x 14 W seat dimensions are unlikely to be comfortable for everyone.

The ergonomic backrest further cradles your backside to spare you from back pain from sitting for long hours. You can increase the comfort quotient by adding a cushion to the metal top.


  • Weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Nice, stylish design
  • Detachable backrest
  • Take less storage space


  • No wooden seat
  • The seat is on the smaller side


Dining chairs are integral to the furniture setup of the kitchen, dining room, restaurants, or any commercial place. So, it makes sense that you would want to make an informed buying decision. Each product in this guide has been chosen carefully to meet the needs and decor scheme of modern households and business places. These are crafted carefully and have contemporary, beautiful design, making your interiors look snazzy. Pick the chairs from the above list that meets your particular needs. All of them can provide the heightened comfort and polished style that you expect from dining chairs.