Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers – Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2022

From heating up leftover food for your “Netflix and Chill” night, to preparing extravagant Thanksgiving meals for Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers in 2020 your family and friends, your kitchen plays a vital role in your daily life, and happens to be one of the most important rooms in your home. Even after putting together a solid plan for designing their dream kitchen, one place where many individuals tend to get stuck is often with the choice of their kitchen chandelier.

In almost all modern kitchens, the chandelier has managed to become the most prioritized lighting fixture. Whether it is for your dining area, kitchen island, cooking area, or counters; whether you are going after a simple and elegant theme, something more modern, something rustic and industrial, or even vintage, there are a lot of kitchen chandelier models out there for you to choose from. But, with so much details going on, the process could get overwhelming. So, in this guide, you will get all the information you need to choose the right chandelier for your kitchen, followed by a list of some of the best options available on the market.

Advantages of Kitchen Chandeliers

In general, kitchens are designed and built with only their functionality in mind. For instance, building sufficient cabinets for storage purposes, investing in reliable appliances, easy to clean countertops, etc. So, if there is one element that allows you to be creative and add a unique touch to the space with its design, it is your kitchen chandelier. Following are some of the advantages of kitchen chandeliers:

Sense of Luxury Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers - Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2020

A chandelier is your kitchen can instantly make the space look more upscale by adding a sense of luxury. When you choose a model that looks like it could be a conversation starter or has that wow factor, it becomes the center of attention of your kitchen, giving it a balanced look and feel. With kitchen being a practical space, adding a chandelier would be a perfect way to bring in visual elegance, sophistication, and style to the room. Regardless of the type of material you choose to use for your kitchen cabinets and other elements, a chandelier will accentuate the overall look of the cooking and dining space.

Wide Choices

Kitchen chandeliers are available in wide varieties to match any design, material, or color preference as well as complement any interior design. If you are more into the Victorian era, you can choose from glass, brass, or even steel chandeliers; or, if contemporary is the theme followed throughout your house, you have options like aluminum, plastic, and fabric too. You literally have infinite number of options you can choose from.


Having a small kitchen space can be cumbersome in many ways. But, hanging up a chandelier in such space would be a great space-saving solution, as it doesn’t make the available space look cramped, but still makes it visually appealing. Even if you don’t have enough space for a full-size kitchen chandelier, adding a mini above your sink or dining table will do wonders.

Types of Kitchen Chandeliers

Here are some of the top kitchen chandelier types you should know about to create your dream kitchen: Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers - Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2020

Contemporary Chandeliers

These kitchen chandeliers often tend to be minimalist in design, but add a whimsical look to the room. Perfect for both open concept kitchens and otherwise, contemporary models are usually clean, carry more of a geometric pattern, and clearly make a statement.

Pendant Chandeliers

Kitchen chandeliers of this type are more associated with luxury, and these are the type you will find being used in most fancy hotels, banquet halls, etc. So yes, if you are looking to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen and/or dining space, go with a pendant chandelier.

Sputnik Chandeliers

How about something spunky? Sputnik kitchen chandeliers are an excellent choice to add a combination of bold and beautiful to your kitchen. The spunky personality of these chandeliers will automatically reflect in your kitchen, thereby making it look and feel high-spirited as well. You can choose from different finishes, such as gold, brass, etc., to add it as a contrast piece to your colorful dining table or even the colored wall.

Minimalist Chandeliers

If you want to keep the décor of your kitchen simple and clean, you can always go with minimalist kitchen chandeliers. These chandeliers come in a basic and simple design, and look more orderly.

Candle Chandeliers Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers - Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2020

Yes, candle chandeliers are a thing, and they are quite popular as well. The gracefulness of candles never goes out of style, and now you can install an electric candle chandelier in your kitchen or dining area, and have yourself transported to a completely different era every time you are in the room.

Exposed Bulb Chandeliers

Add a rustic yet modern charm to your kitchen with an exposed bulb chandelier. These chandeliers add an industrial chic to your cooking space, and will look amazing in kitchens with both metal and wood finishes.

Choosing Kitchen Chandeliers

Following are some aspects you should look at when choosing your kitchen chandelier. The list that follows consists of models that tick all or most of the key requirements and you can  easily choose one that best suits your taste and needs:


Choosing the best kitchen chandelier depends hugely on the space available within your kitchen. When it comes to size, the key factor is proportion, because choosing a chandelier that is either too small or too big will bring forth unwanted attention towards the lighting fixture. What you need is a model that complements your space well and blends in with the rest of the elements. Therefore, you should start by measuring your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, you could go with a mini or small kitchen chandelier, the sizes of which usually fall Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers - Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2020 between 9 and 12 inches in diameter. For an average-sized kitchen and dining space, a medium chandelier would be perfect, and this will be around 28 inches in diameter. And if you have a large kitchen, in a vast open concept, or separated in sections, you can use either a single large kitchen chandelier, or go for multiple small or medium ones.

For Dining Tables

Choosing a chandelier for your kitchen cum dining space, to be hung up over your dining area or table has to be done with proper care. The chandelier you choose should not be hung too low, hindering someone, but should still be low enough to deliver a personal touch. A good rule of thumb would be to maintain around 34 inches gap between the table and the bottom of the kitchen chandelier. Also, the length and width of the chandelier should be less than that of and in proper proportions with the table or dining space.

Type of Bulb

For kitchen chandeliers, you get to choose from a wide variety of bulbs as well. While traditional models are often compatible with flame-shaped bulbs, which are known for their ability to add vintage aesthetic to a chandelier, more modern models are designed to be compatible with different bulb types. Some of your options are: LED, which are known for their long life and energy saving capability; incandescent, which are inexpensive and emit much softer light; and fluorescent, which are known to last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs and consume around 90% less energy than them as well.


  1. Can I have a chandelier in the kitchen?

Of course! Hanging up a chandelier is a great way to balance the aesthetics of your kitchen, and it will also become the center of attention of the entire space, allowing you to stay minimalistic in other details, if you prefer the same. Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers - Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2020

  1. Should I buy a kitchen chandelier that faces downwards or upwards?

Since we are talking about kitchen chandeliers here, a downward facing one would be the apt choice, because it will be able to light up your workspace, like the island or cooking area, sufficiently. If it were for a different room in your house, say the bedroom or living room, having an upward facing one wouldn’t be an issue.

  1. At what height should the kitchen chandelier be hung?

A general rule of thumb when it comes to hanging up chandeliers over an island or countertop is to have anywhere between 30- and 36-inches gap between the surface and the chandelier.

  1. Will a kitchen chandelier be able to light up the entire kitchen?

Chandeliers, in general, are widely designed and used for decorative purposes. Therefore, you cannot expect it to deliver the same level of brightness as from your primary light source. It is best to use your kitchen chandelier as a secondary/supplementary light source, to light up a specific area, or to create an ambience.

Top 15 Best Kitchen Chandeliers in 2022

What can it press?
Briarwood Collection Whitewashed Four-Light Farmhouse Chandelier 1. Briarwood Collection Whitewashed Four-Light Farmhouse Chandelier
Rustic farmhouse-inspired design 4.8
SHIENTIA Store 8-light Farmhouse Wood Kitchen Island 2. SHIENTIA Store 8-light Farmhouse Wood Kitchen Island
UL certified fixture 4.8
Artika CAR36-ON Chandelier 3. Artika CAR36-ON Chandelier
Tilt installation support. 4.7
VINLUZ Kitchen Island Chandelier 4. VINLUZ Kitchen Island Chandelier
Contemporary oil-rubbed bronze design 4.6
Beionxii Kitchen Island Lighting 5. Beionxii Kitchen Island Lighting
1-year warranty 4.6
Westinghouse Lighting 6345000 Iron Hill Chandelier 6. Westinghouse Lighting 6345000 Iron Hill Chandelier
Interior metallic bronze light assembly finish 4.5
Westinghouse Lighting 6328300 Stella Mira 7. Westinghouse Lighting 6328300 Stella Mira
Adjustable stem 4.5
LOG BARN Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier 8. LOG BARN Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier
Dimmable switch control 4.5
Globe Electric Store Nate 60471 9. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker
Both level and sloping ceiling fitment support 4.4
Kira Home Store Sienna 18” Drum Chandelier 10. Kira Home Store Sienna 18” Drum Chandelier
UL safety certified 4.3
LALUZ Store Farmhouse Chandelier 11. LALUZ Store Farmhouse Chandelier
2-year warranty 4.2
Liylan Vintage 4-light Chandelier 12. Liylan Vintage 4-light Chandelier
Fully adjustable hanging chain and wire cable setup 4.1
Hardware House 544452 Bristol Chandelier 13. Hardware House 544452 Bristol Chandelier
15-year limited brand warranty 4.0
Smalody Store Lika Chandelier 14. Smalody Store Lika Chandelier
Quick and simple installation 4.0
DINGLILIGHTING Store Chandelier 15. DINGLILIGHTING Store Chandelier
Multiple fitment application 3.9

1. Briarwood Collection Whitewashed Four-Light Farmhouse Chandelier

Briarwood Collection of fans is from Progress Lighting, a company with more than a century of experience in the Briarwood Collection Whitewashed Four-Light Farmhouse Chandelier space and is known to manufacture energy-efficient products. Their lighting solutions are made available for both residential and commercial use, and are known to be easy to install, deliver amazing performance, and increase the aesthetic appeal of a space. Similar to other products in the collection, this Whitewashed Four-Light Chandelier also features a classic design widely found on the gates and doors of farmhouses.


The Briarwood Collection from Progress Lighting is known for its farmhouse-inspired design, which means this product also carries the same theme. This four-light chandelier comes in a classic design pattern commonly found on the gates and doors of barns and farmhouses, so what you can expect is more of a rustic-looking chandelier. The open-caged design of the chandelier consists of a faux-wood frame finished with coastal whitewash, which again is accented by a graphic plate. The overall finish of the lighting fixture is amazing, and this makes it suitable for both classic and modern style kitchens.

Light and Other Features

The Whitewashed Four-Light Farmhouse Chandelier comes with metal light bases that can hold incandescent light bulbs. The glow you get from this lighting fixture carries a comforting tone, which get exuded via the X-brace design. This X-brace design is again inspired by farmhouse and barn doors. The chandelier measures 12-inch in height and 20-inch in width, and weighs just over 14 lbs. The product comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Rustic farmhouse-inspired design.
  • Quality finish.
  • Exudes comforting light glow.
  • One year limited warranty.

2. SHIENTIA Store 8-light Farmhouse Wood Kitchen Island

SHIENTIA is a brand focused mainly on lighting solutions, especially the ones coming under the chandelier SHIENTIA Store 8-light Farmhouse Wood Kitchen Island category. The brand is known for its rustic and antique chandelier design, which should be a perfect fit for the kitchen. This kitchen island chandelier has all the elements you need, not only for lighting the kitchen space, but also to add a bit of wooden flair and farmhouse feel. Let us discuss more on its styling and features below.


This 8-light kitchen chandelier is based on farmhouse candle-wood styling and the design is cool and attractive at the same time. The design truly resonates with the American lodge wood theme, and if you are someone looking for that style, then this should be your perfect fit. The chain fixture is made of metal, the light housings in glass, and others in wood, a combination that is both attractive and solid. The metal hangers are given a matte black coating, which perfectly matches the overall design and styling of the fixture. The real wood on the chandelier base gives it the hardcore farmhouse cabin feel. It is also available in round clear and line wood finish, along with the square finish we are discussing here. The design of this lighting makes it a perfect choice not only for your kitchen, but also for other spaces like bar, living room, foyer, etc.

Light and Other Features

The 8-light assembly meets all the safety standards and norms set by the UL, and the fact that they are tested multiple times to meet the quality standards ensures that you get the best product on the whole. E26 60W LED bulb (max) fixture should be purchased separately for fitment. The chain can be adjusted between 2.4 and 25.19 inches. The chimney light housing used here is given a rustic candle wood-like coating, which syncs with the chandelier design aesthetically. All the hardware fixtures necessary to install the unit and instruction manual come as standard. The unit weighs around 16.1 pounds and can be used only in indoor living spaces.


  • Farmhouse candle-wood design and matte black finish.
  • Durable and strong metal and wood construction.
  • Real wood square base.
  • UL certified fixture.
  • Adjustable chain.

3. Artika CAR36-ON Chandelier

Artika is a Canadian brand focused mainly on selling innovative and premium quality lighting, bathroom, and sinks Artika CAR36-ON Chandelier to their customers spread across 20 different countries across the world. The company owns more than 50 patents in the lighting technology, so the quality of their products is guaranteed. The CAR36-ON is one of the well-designed modern chandeliers that has a rustic feel to it. This is one of the customer choice products in its category, and because of its versatile design, it is a perfect product to install in your kitchen and other living spaces.


The gold and black combination of this modern chandelier gives it a rustic contemporary look. A black rectangular frame surrounds the gold-finished hanger and light assembly. The frame is constructed using premium quality steel, making it durable and rigid. The light bulbs and assembly all follow a vintage-contemporary design language. The adjustable hanging rods allow the user to customize the chandelier as per their kitchen/dining space. This styling complements any modern or contemporary classic interior design theme followed in your kitchen.

Light and Other Features

The 8-light assembly uses ST58 Edison incandescent bulbs, 10 of which are included with the product, so there is no need for you to go in search of the same. Instruction manual, fixtures, etc. come with the product, which makes the installation process easy. Any compatible dimmer switch can be installed to make use of the dimming light function of the chandelier to create a soothing atmosphere while dining. The brand is offering a 1-year limited warranty on this chandelier. You even have the option of tilting the chandelier to a certain angle as the unit comes with tilt support as standard. Such a versatile, user-friendly, and feature-rich country rustic styling-based chandelier is quite hard to find.


  • Premium gold and black metal build.
  • Modern and rustic contemporary rectangular design.
  • 10 ST58 builds come with the box.
  • Dimming switch compatible.
  • Tilt installation support.
  • Simple installation with an adjustable rod.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

4. VINLUZ Kitchen Island Chandelier

Vinluz has been in the lighting business for more than 15 years and is known for their wide range of chandeliers, wall VINLUZ Kitchen Island Chandelier lighting, ceiling lights, and pendant lighting. Buying a chandelier from a company that specializes in lights alone is going to offer you endless possibilities in terms of design and feature benefits.


This is a 5-light kitchen island chandelier from Vinluz and it follows a contemporary design. The main difference here compared to the models we have discussed above is the downlight fitment, whereas most of the others had an uplight fitment styling. This is a pendant lighting and follows a linear design construction.  Oil rubbed bronze finish, with a clear glass light illumination shade, overall makes the design look simple yet contemporary. The styling will blend in with your kitchen and dining’s interior design aesthetically. Apart from the oil rubbed bronze finish, the chandelier is also available in different finishes suitable for different interior designs, which they include chrome, black, and brushed nickel.

Light and Other Features

The 5-light assembly uses E26 base bulbs, which do not come as standard with the product, so should be purchased separately. The maximum wattage supported by this unit on a single bulb assembly is 60W. If you are looking to achieve a dimming functionality, then you need to install a dimmable bulb and switch assembly, which is compatible with this chandelier. One of the unique customer service aspects of this brand is the free replacement service of its glass shade. The stem of this chandelier is fully adjustable and can be fitted according to your preference. All the hardware components and installation manual come with the product, so installation should be a breeze.


  • UL safety certified components.
  • Contemporary styling.
  • Free glass shade replacement service.
  • Stem adjustable and light dimming function compatible.
  • Contemporary oil-rubbed bronze design.

5. Beionxii Kitchen Island Lighting

Beionxii is another light centric product manufacturing brand and most of their products are bestsellers on Beionxii Kitchen Island Lighting eCommerce platforms. The brand is offering products across a lot of categories, such as vanity, outdoor, indoor, island, and chandeliers of different types. This particular 6-light model is designed for kitchen island in particular, but can be used even in the dining room, living room, and other indoor spaces, if it suits your indoor design.


When it comes to kitchen chandeliers, people often prefer contemporary styling and durable design construction; both of these characteristics are guaranteed with this particular model, as it follows a farmhouse themed rustic styling. The rectangular wood grain finish is given a faux paint treatment, which accentuates the appeal of the design. This rectangular wood finish surrounds the linear glass assembly, which follows uplight positioning. The stem is height adjustable and can be positioned on a flat or sloped ceiling.

Light and Other features

The entire assembly hardware, instruction manual, and sloped or flat ceiling assembly kit come as standard, so installation should not be an issue. The unit is E26 40W base bulb compatible and the user can even use CFL/LED/Incandescent bulbs in this model. The bulbs have to be purchased separately. The unit is also hardwired to connect with a power source directly, so you don’t have to tackle a lot of cables and wires during installation. Just like most of the top brand products, even this one is UL safety certified and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. The brand is also offering a full refund/replacement in case of product quality concerns.


  • Elegant rustic farmhouse design.
  • Adjustable ceiling height.
  • Sloped and flat ceiling installation support.
  • UL safety certified.
  • 1-year warranty and full refund/replacement for quality issues.

6. Westinghouse Lighting 6345000 Iron Hill Chandelier

Westinghouse is an authentic American brand; they have been operating since 1946 and their whole lineup of lights, Westinghouse Lighting 6345000 Iron Hill Chandelier fixtures, fans, and other accessories make them one of the most trusted and reliable brands in this segment. You can find products for all your needs, whether it is for home, industry or any other purpose for that matter; they have designs and products for every need, making them a go-to brand specifically for home fittings.


This particular kitchen chandelier model from Westinghouse Lighting uses vintage design and style characteristics throughout. The styling is industrial and the oil rubbed bronze finish makes it a perfect choice for kitchens that have a vintage theme. This model comes under the semi-flush or chandelier convertible category. The bronze exterior is complemented well with a metallic bronze finish inside the light assembly. This not only gives an antique look, but also ensures proper light distribution within the space. Interior design also causes warm glow, which is great for kitchen and dining room spaces.

Light and Other features

The 4 vintage light housing assembly can be fitted with the brand’s very own vintage themed timeless bulbs that are 60W and have a medium base, which is compatible with this model. These 4 bulbs have to be purchased separately and are not sold with the product. Since this is a convertible, it allows you to use it either as a chandelier in the kitchen, dining, etc. or as a semi-flush in places like a foyer, bedroom, etc. The brand offers a 5-year limited warranty on this product.


  • Premium quality fit and finish.
  • Convertible vintage design.
  • Stunning oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Interior metallic bronze light assembly finish.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

7. Westinghouse Lighting 6328300 Stella Mira

Moving on to the next popular 6-light indoor chandelier fitting, this is from the same Westinghouse Lighting brand Westinghouse Lighting 6328300 Stella Mira and is one of the bestselling and highly rated models in its category. The Stella Mira is a circular metal orbit chandelier design, which is unique and targeted towards customers who are looking for such a design to be installed in their kitchen.


This 6-light kitchen chandelier, in its brushed nickel finish, is quite contemporary and modern. The circular finish surrounding the light assembly makes the unit look apart. Apart from this, the unit is also available in different color choices, like oil rubbed bronze, washed copper, antique brass, and barn wood, all of which are amazing to look at. The styling is contemporary, and so is the finish, which is great for dining room, foyers, kitchen, etc. The E12 Candelabra bulb assembly is also neatly integrated and the overall design looks amazing from every angle.

Light and Other features

Any candelabra based light bulbs can be installed on this chandelier. Westinghouse branded filament LED bulb or timeless light bulbs should be a perfect addition to this lighting unit. A filament LED unit should be the apt choice, as it delivers rustic output in a modern design. These bulbs are eco-friendly, energy-saving, and last longer than other bulbs. The brand is also offering other complementary models that can be fitted across the home to match the interiors. The height of the chandelier can be adjusted as per the requirement. A 5-year manufacturer warranty is provided by the brand. The unit weighs just 9.9 pounds, but the circular orb design makes the unit look larger.


  • Circular metal orb design.
  • Contemporary and modern brushed nickel finish.
  • Adjustable stem.
  • Multiple supporting products available.
  • Filament Candelabra LED bulbs deliver best-in-class performance.
  • 5-year brand warranty.

8. LOG BARN Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier

Log Barn, just like most of the companies we have reviewed so far, is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of LOG BARN Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier lighting products, such as for kitchen island, bathroom sets, vanity units, pendant design, and outdoor units. This chandelier we are discussing follows a unique design theme that is loved by customers who are looking for something out of the ordinary.


In terms of design, this one can be classified under the farmhouse design, but the mason jar glass housing for the lighting makes it unique and distinguishing. The linear chandelier design with a downlight fixture might look simple, but it delivers the best illumination to the center of your kitchen and other areas where you might have it installed. The metal body construction is given a wood rustic faux finish and deep gray paint, which is responsible for its stunning look.

Light and other features

A simple E26 base type bulb, like a T14 variety, which has a maximum wattage of 40W can be installed, but the bulbs should be purchased separately. The 3-light linear chandelier assembly and 8.8-pound lightweight characteristics make it an easy to install unit altogether. Out of the box, you have all the hardware components and electrical cords, which can be put together simply by looking at the instruction manual. The 59-inch chain hanger allows you to customize the length of this chandelier between 20.5 and 79.5 inches. The 3 clear mason jars provide enough illumination, and the ability to install a dimmer switch further allows you to control the temperature of the lighting. This unit can also be fitted on sloped ceilings.


  • Deep gray metal finish.
  • Rustic faux wood like contemporary styling.
  • Mason jar clear glass downlight setup.
  • The light bulb is customizable and so is the chandelier height.
  • Dimmable switch control.

9. Globe Electric Store Nate 60471

Globe Electric was started way back in 1932 in Canada, and since then, they have grown a lot exponentially, both in Globe Electric Store Nate 60471 terms of their product lineup and customer outreach across different parts of the world. All kinds of lighting fixtures, accessories, and solutions are provided by this brand. Nate 60471 is one of the bestselling 5 light chandelier light fixtures from this brand and here we shall discuss the same in detail.


The Nate 60471 follows an ancient industrial themed rustic design and should be a perfect companion for kitchen, dining, and other indoor spaces that require an industrial type product fitment. The oil-rubbed bronze finish gives it the vintage finish, making it one of the best age-old styled chandeliers available in the market. The 5-light assembly is enclosed by a clear glass downlight assembly. The metal material construction gives it durability and longevity.

Light and other features

A medium base E26 bulb that has a max wattage of 60W is compatible with this chandelier and should be purchased separately. A dimmer switch can also be fitted to adjust the light mood within the room. The clear shade glass housing of this chandelier helps attain ambient lighting throughout the space where it is fitted. This model is also sold with 3 different rods of sizes 11”, 15”, and 18”. This allows you to vary the hanging height between 30 and 60 inches, as per your interest and kitchen space. The option of installing the chandelier on a sloped and vaulted surface is also provided. Out of the box, all the hardware components and instruction manual required to install the unit come as standard. There is no warranty on this product, which is one of its drawbacks.


  • Oil rubbed bronze vintage finish.
  • Adjustable hanging rod.
  • Both level and sloping ceiling fitment support.
  • Dimmable light switch control compatible.
  • Quick installation.

10. Kira Home Store Sienna 18” Drum Chandelier

Kira Home Store is known for their vast experience in the lighting and home decor business, which spans around 14 Kira Home Store Sienna 18” Drum Chandelier years to be exact. All kinds of high quality and innovative ceiling lights, lamps, wall scones, bulbs, stools, and accessories are offered by the brand. New products are launched now and then, which not only keeps the customers guessing, but also ensures a smooth flow of latest developments and innovative light product launches.


This drum chandelier styled light fixture from Kira Home Store is one of the bestselling models in its category. The chandelier hangs from a metal rod that ends in a metal drum design, which is surrounded by a glass diffuser, delivering smooth and ambient lighting experience. The drum and diffuser setup hangs from wired support, which ensures the stability of the chandelier. Apart from this, there is a wide range of color and design combinations on offer, some of them are flush mount, semi-flush mount, oiled bronze finish, etc. The product we are discussing here comes in a brushed nickel shade. Such a transitional styling is unique and modern, making it an ideal choice for a similar themed interior kitchen or dining space. The white inner shade is surrounded by a lattice intricate finish, which is modern and lifts the overall look of the chandelier.

Light and Other features

The 3-light 18” drum assembly can be fitted using an incandescent or CFL bulb, which has a max of 60W power output. These bulbs are not provided with the product as standard. The light coming out of these bulbs through the warm diffuser glass assembly should be pleasant. The chandelier is suitable only for dry fitment, so can be installed also in foyers, dining rooms, lobby, etc. to match modern interiors. The 3 X 12” and 2 X6” hanging down rods lets you adjust the height of this chandelier. Kira Home Store is offering a one-year warranty on this product along with excellent customer support. All the components of this chandelier are UL safety certified, so protection of all the electrical and hardware components is guaranteed.


  • Modern, sleek, and sophisticated transitional design.
  • Metal drum and glass diffuser assembly.
  • Height adjustable down rods.
  • UL safety certified.
  • 1-year brand warranty.
  • Wide range of color and finish options to choose from.

11. LALUZ Store Farmhouse Chandelier

If you are searching for an antique or vintage themed chandelier, or any other light fixture for that matter, this is the LALUZ Store Farmhouse Chandelier brand you need to pay close attention to. The quality of their vintage and rustic themed chandeliers and light units is immaculate. The sheer design and innovative styling differentiate this brand from others.


This rustic farmhouse chandelier from Laluz Store uses a circular lighting construction. The metal construction makes the unit rigid and the wooden wagon wheel style painted circular metal frame makes the chandelier look attractive. The hanging chain and other metal components, apart from the wheel design, are given an oil black finish, which compliments the overall rustic appeal of the chandelier exceptionally well. If you are looking for a round chandelier farmhouse design to be installed in your kitchen, dining, or other indoor spaces, this one should be among your list of top favorites. An open pendant uplight fixture design is implemented in this particular chandelier, which is unlike other enclosed light housings that we have reviewed in most of the products above. The rustic charm of this round wagon wheel style should be a perfect choice for your indoor spaces.

Light and Other features

E26 base bulbs are compatible with this kitchen chandelier, and like most of the units, the maximum wattage rating supported is 60W. The bulbs are not included, so you can purchase any compatible CFL/LED/Incandescent bulbs for installation. A compatible dimmer switch can also be installed to change the light temperature. Installing this chandelier is also user-friendly and it supports all kinds of ceilings, like sloped, vaulted, flat, and slanted. All the necessary components and instruction manual come with the box and the process is quite simple. The electrical cords are marked, making the installation process less time-consuming. The metal chain is adjustable for installing the unit at the desired height. Fixtures are UL listed and the brand also offers a two-year satisfaction guarantee on this chandelier.


  • Rustic wagon wheel themed circular chandelier design.
  • Vintage open uplight lighting.
  • Dimmable switch compatibility.
  • Multiple ceiling installation support.
  • Adjustable hanging chain.
  • 2-year warranty.

12. Liylan Vintage 4-light Chandelier

Liylan is not a popular brand concerning lighting, but all the products sold by this brand are manufactured by a Liylan Vintage 4-light Chandelier company called Gaoerdun. This partnership is offering quite a few products, and one of the top-selling of the lot is this 4-light vintage chandelier. Considered to be one of the quality 4-light chandelier units in the market, we shall discuss a bit more on this further.


The design is quite vintage, with the metal used in its construction being given a farmhouse oil rubbed bronze finish, which gives it an industrial fit and finish. The pendant downlight fixture that is enclosed in a clear glass shade gives it a great look. This pendant light in its industrial design is suitable for most home kitchen interior spaces. The antique design blends in smoothly with the overall styling of the light. The linear 4-light assembly is surrounded by a rectangular metal cage finish, and the light is hanged to the wall via a couple of strong metal chains. Such a design is suitable for home, pubs, cafes, and other vintage indoor spaces. The downlight fixture also makes bulb changes easy.

Light and Other features

All the electrical connections are hard-wired, so they meet all the safety standards listed by lighting organizations. Any E26 base LED bulb should be compatible with this model, and the 4X60W LED bulbs have to be purchased separately. The chain hanger assembly is fully adjustable, thereby allowing you to install it according to your requirements. Liylan is offering a complete 1-year warranty against any faults found in the workmanship and materials used in this chandelier construction. All the components required for installation with marking and setup manual are provided with the product, thereby reducing the time taken to set up the unit.


  • Vintage farmhouse style oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • Pendant lighting with metal cage surround.
  • 1-year company warranty against defects.
  • Fully adjustable hanging chain and wire cable setup.
  • Wide range of fitment applications.

13. Hardware House 544452 Bristol Chandelier

Hardware House is one of the reputed American brands operating since 1971 and has been known for providing Hardware House 544452 Bristol Chandelier high-quality products spread across a wide range of categories. All the home decor and hardware products can be obtained from the brand and their lineup should certainly blow your mind. The Bristol 544452 5-light chandelier from Hardware House is one of the top-selling models in its category.


The 544452 model of the chandelier from Hardware Houses uses a classic and contemporary design language. The satin nickel finish on the metal components, including the chain and light fixtures, gives it a sophisticated look. The light housing is a beautiful alabaster glass assembly, which enhances the overall look and appeal of this model. Alabaster glass assembly is upturned falling in line with the uplight light fixture construction. The chandelier, on the whole, follows an art decorative style theme, which is great for indoor applications. Such a classic design-based kitchen chandelier should be perfect in any other part of your home as well, right from foyers, dining room, entryways, libraries, and so on. This wide range of fitment application is mainly because of its compact 24X15 inches dimensions, which fits in well with most spaces.

Light and Other features

A19 or E26 incandescent bulbs with a medium base are compatible with this chandelier, with a maximum output of 60W. The alabaster glass casing surrounding this bulb gives a stunning soft illumination, which is one-of-a-kind. Only the hardware components and instruction manual come with the box, so bulbs have to be purchased separately. Dimmable functionality is also supported, and by installing a third-party dim switch, you can control the light temperature as per your liking. If any of your interior spaces require a calming and soothing dim lighting experience, then this chandelier should be the right choice. The chain hanger has a length of 3 feet, which is more than adequate. The brand is providing a mind-blowing 15-year limited warranty on this unit, which shows the commitment and assistance that the brand is dedicated to serving its customers.


  • Classic and contemporary styling.
  • Satin Nickel metal finish.
  • Upturned alabaster glass housing.
  • Multiple fitment application.
  • Dimmable light function compatible.
  • 15-year limited brand warranty.

14. Smalody Store Lika Chandelier

Smalody Store is one of those modern and funky product manufacturing brands known for their unique and Smalody Store Lika Chandelier differentiating product lineup. Some of you might not be familiar with this brand, but they are well-known in the eCommerce space for selling high-quality unique design products. As a matter of fact, in the spherical design segment of chandeliers, this is one of the top-selling models.


This farmhouse-inspired industrial chandelier model follows a spherical design. Such a unique and distinctive styling certainly adds to the overall look and ambiance in the space where it gets fitted. This 15.7” spherical chandelier, in its black finish, looks apart from other models. It is also available in bronze and oil rubbed bronze finishes, which also look amazing. The black shade, in particular, looks aesthetically appealing, and is also chick and exquisite. The option of altering the opening angle gives you two distinctive design options, which is quite hard to find in chandeliers that mostly have a single design on them. Such an industrial theme design can be fitted in your kitchen, dining room, foyer, etc. and should blend in perfectly.

Light and Other features

The four-pendant light assembly is open, falling in line with the rustic farmhouse theme. Any E12 60W bulb can be used, which has to be purchased separately. Just like all the chandeliers, even this one comes with an adjustable chain hanger assembly. The power supply is given via a copper cable, which is durable and flexible. This fixture can be fitted both on flat and sloped ceiling surfaces. All the necessary components, like connectors, ground wire, and the hard-wired chandelier assembly come with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, thereby allowing you to set up the unit within 15-20 minutes. The company also offers a 1-year warranty along with message-based customer support for quick and efficient resolution.


  • Rustic farmhouse industrial styling.
  • Black spherical metal design.
  • Pendant uplight fixture with open bulb assembly.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Flat and sloped ceiling fitment support.
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

15. DINGLILIGHTING Store Chandelier

DINGLILIGHTING is one of the popular brands on several eCommerce platforms and the quality of products on DINGLILIGHTING Store Chandelier offer is great. Lamps and light fixtures across all kinds of categories, such as ceiling, floor, outdoor, track, pendant, and many more, are offered in the best of quality. This 3-light globe design-based chandelier is one of the attractive and neatly integrated models.


A rustic farmhouse styling is carried throughout the construction of this vintage chandelier. Globe design type fixture from the brand has 4 distinctive outer rings that are bonded together using the exquisite craftsmanship of the company. The open uplight/downlight fixture is enclosed by this globe metal body structure. The designers at this company have thought about replicating an atom through this chandelier, and they have done a pretty amazing work too. This simple and elegant design almost reduces the installation time in half, which is amazing. Apart from the gold globe design we are reviewing, this chandelier is also available in black globe design. The materials used in its construction are of high quality and heavy duty, so quality is assured.

Light and Other features

3-light open uplight/downlight assembly in this kitchen chandelier uses E12 candelabra base assembly, so purchase appropriate bulbs for illumination, as they are not sold with the product. The three 60W light bulbs offer excellent illumination. The chain hanging assembly and corded wire are fully adjustable and the height of the chandelier can be set up according to your requirements. The package comes as a flat unit, which is great for future storage too. Just move the slides to bring the product to the ‘globe’ structure and install it within minutes. It can be fitted on sloped, flat, and vaulted ceiling surfaces without any issue whatsoever. The brand is offering a 60-day full refund for quality issues. 2-year product assurance is also offered. It is really hard to find a value for money chandelier, and surprisingly, this is one of those models.


  • Farmhouse vintage styling.
  • Premium pendant uplight/downlight lighting.
  • The hanger chain is fully adjustable.
  • Flat foldable for easy storage.
  • Multiple fitment application.
  • 60-day refund policy.
  • Brand assurance for 2 years.


Kitchen chandeliers are ideal to create a statement in your kitchen, even if the entire space is small and compact. The ambient lighting from these units also makes them suitable for kitchen cum dining spaces, and with many models giving you the ability to adjust their light intensity, there couldn’t be a more suitable lighting option.