Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Kitchen is the core of home and provides a nook for a family to gather, eat, and socialize over meals, snacks, or Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020 - Ultimate Guide coffee. Use of organized kitchen carts is a reliable method of keeping the most vital room tidy since kitchen never seems to contain sufficient storage space or meal-prep surfaces.

When you envisage a dream kitchen, it perhaps contains the ideal kitchen furniture obtainable to store pots and pans, utensils, knives, or appliances effortlessly. Even without a dream kitchen, a tinier kitchen cart can present some extra counter and storage space with a bright new look.

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Notwithstanding how large or tiny a kitchen is, you can swiftly run out of space. Kitchen carts are perfect solutions to append extra legroom and functionality to that space. They are an attractive solution to the busy new moms. Utilize them to store pots, pans, knives, utensils, dishes, and appliances, or for other working space.

Most regular kitchen carts comprise cabinets, drawers, shelves, and many contain towel bars. As a factual statement, there are so diverse designs of kitchen carts that selecting the paramount one will turn into a tough task. This is where the following 15 best product recommendations and buying guide help you pick the right kitchen cart for your house.

Advantages And Uses Of High-Quality Kitchen Carts

High-quality kitchen carts can bring you scores of advantages with its manifold uses. Here’s a quick summary: Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

Kitchen Storage & Meticulous Organization

There are numerous kinds of storage obtainable in kitchen cart styles, armed with drawers, countertops, shelves, and caster wheels. Before you buy it, think what items you have to stock up in it. If you comprise petite appliances, look for kitchen carts with plenty of well-built shelves for mixers, blenders, or choppers in effortless reach. If you have utensils and silverware, get kitchen carts for multipurpose drawers and slots for ladles, knives, spoons, and forks. When you have fine-looking dishes or a multihued mixer ready for display, look for open carts.

Extra Counter Space

If you’re continually bumping into somebody in the kitchen while cooking, you require added counter space and work area a kitchen cart offers. There are numerous sorts of countertops obtainable, from stainless steel, plastic, granite, and wood. Sleek stainless steel is a flexible plane for preparing foodstuff and cooling sizzling utensils; it goes with multiple pre-existing kitchen decors. A granite kitchen countertop is graceful and sturdy, as is a wooden one. A butcher-block cart is another exceptional addition if you need extra space to organize food.

Versatile Construction

Versatility and transportability make kitchen carts attractive while entertaining guests, bringing food from kitchen to dining room or surprising somebody with a birthday surprise. They are handy for augmenting work-space and storage space. These are usually smaller and more compacted than massive kitchen islands. Special features like drop-leaf can affix additional work space while not occupying much room. Several models can be collapsed away if not required.

Mobile Serving Trolley

While primarily designed for usage in kitchen, carts aren’t restricted to this space. If the cart is on castor wheels, use it to carry food, desserts, and beverages smoothly across rooms during parties or brunches saving you time and effort. Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

Useful & Practical Components

Some other suitable attributes to deem while browsing kitchen cart designs are towel racks, chopping boards, drop-leaf along with caster wheels. Bread boards and drop leaves present greater counter space while remaining compacted and look nice like kitchen island. The towel racks are pleasant to have nearby and caster wheels ease moving kitchen carts in/out for open space.

Understand The Construction: What Are The Different Types Of High-Quality Kitchen Carts?

If you’re concerned that your kitchen is too tiny to lodge customary kitchen island, don’t lose hope. It’s entirely feasible to find a kitchen cart of right dimension and style for you. With kitchen carts, now amplify counter space and storage spots in smallest kitchens! Read on to know the types.

Utility Carts

Utility carts are amazingly practical and come in various styles and traits. They can encompass shelves with countertop or a cabinet. They can contain shelves you can utilize to stock up laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, additional dishes or a particular set of pans/pots. Utility carts may encompass locking casters to secure for ongoing task, but transportable if they have to be. They can be utilized as an area to make coffee/tea or to accumulate habitually-used things such cereal/bread.

Microwave Cart

Before utilizing precious counter space for gizmos/appliances you require on a normal basis, consider adding a microwave kitchen cart. Microwave can rest inside hutch or on peak shelf, letting you utilize space to keep hot plates, exhibit ornamental condiment containers, or store a small coffee machine. Microwave carts are state-of-the-art, Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020 varying from chic hutch with glass doors to cabinets with integrated outlet. These can have closed/open shelving, cabinets or wire storage baskets. It might comprise a spice rack, adjustable utility drawers/shelves and lockable casters.

Butcher Block Carts

Butcher block carts include a wood block no less than 2” thick for slicing meat or veggies. It provides a smooth plane for food prep. Choose a butcher block cart with first-rate wooden top for easy cleaning and maintenance without any scratch, scuff, or chip. These can have drop leafs, extra pull-out work surfaces, conceal-away trash can be disposed off easily. Grains defend knives from dulling out.

Drop-Leaf Cart

A drop-leaf is a pivoted tabletop or counter segment that spreads out of or is elevated/lowered in countertop/main body of kitchen cart to extend accessible work area. Drop-leaf is also utilized as serving buffet/breakfast bar. Drop-leaf design is a godsend to tiny spaces or apartments. The drop leaf allows using cart as kitchen table doubling as grand cooking space. Sturdiness of expandable drop-leaf is grand; keep coffee-maker on top, cooking/mixing bowls on shelf, along with dishes/utensils/blender and other kitchen gizmos below.

Granite-Top Carts

Granite-top kitchen cart is heavy, but high-quality built-to-last material is used to construct it. The top is stunning and ideal for making food, just roll it out and begin food prep. A wine rack plus wire basket nearby adds to the effortlessness.

Rolling Cabinet Carts Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

If constructing traditional kitchen islands isn’t within finances, seek a rolling cabinet cart. They look just as pleasant like built-in ones and they’re highly portable. You can move it around to reconfigure the kitchen space; you can easily carry it if you move.

What Kinds Of Materials Generally Comprise A High-Quality Kitchen Cart?

There are numerous dissimilar materials to select. Your preference of material will, partly, establish steadiness of kitchen cart.

Wood is yet the most admired alternative. Choose a class and finish that synchronizes with your kitchen from the collection of kitchen carts that comprises maple, oak or cherry. Or choose a deeper finish such as espresso or dyed finish like white/black.

Wood can provide a pleasing normal feel to space by providing immense resilience; wood kitchen carts look fine despite your kitchen is more customary or modern.

Many favor the prosperous look of natural stone such as granite/marble while some desire a stress-free stainless steel finishing. Butcher block is idyllic for consumers who are seeking added kitchen preparation space whilst a harmonizing wooden top generates a ceremonial, dressier appearance.

The obtainable finishes are abundant. For more modern-day kitchens, stainless steel kitchen cart can add elegance and flair to these modern rooms. Your countertop choice offers a tad more in preference. Stainless steel will look state-of-the-art and is astonishingly lightweight. Plastic is a quite fine value alternative.

FAQs On High-Quality Kitchen Carts Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

  1. Should the kitchen cart harmonize with cabinets/countertops?

Matching a cart to kitchen cabinets/shelves/countertops generates equilibrium and aesthetics. Dissimilar cabinet/countertop shades turn cart into a stunning focal point adding variety while analogous countertops bind everything mutually.

  1. Where must a kitchen cart be positioned?

That’s relies on preferences and kitchen space. An island cart must be 4’L x 2’D, but kitchen should contain space for users to move and work near cart and to other machines. Unless your kitchen is spacious, you mustn’t consider bigger cart. The universal rule is you would need at least 42”-48” of free space around to shun claustrophobia.

  1. What are the maintenance tips for kitchen carts?

Eliminate oil/grease using a damp fresh cloth using mild soap solution with water. Don’t utilize harsh soap, detergents, or abrasive chemicals. Clean spills immediately. Extended spill exposure causes enduring discoloration or harm to finish.

  1. How to keep the finish long-lasting?

If your countertop is spoiled; the finish should be reapplied to avert cracks, de-lamination and/or distorting. The surface should be sealed instantaneously to avoid dampness from penetrating into newly-applied finish.

  1. Can high heat, moisture, and temperature possibly damage the cart?

Though materials are moderately heat-resilient, you must protect counters from sizzling pots, saucepans, and food utensils. Excessive heat may lead to thermal shock thereby cracking the countertops. Monitor and manage humidity levels to preserve a secure and dry kitchen environment.

What Are The Notable Features To Look For While Buying A High- Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020 Quality Kitchen Cart?

Before making a choice, you need to inspect the manifold traits of a kitchen cart by considering its construction, convenience, resilience, and warranty carefully.

Material & Construction

Kitchen carts come in a broad variety of styles and dimensions, choose where it will stay and take measurements; so you won’t end up with a piece that’s too large or too tiny.

Kitchen carts always contain wheels/casters and are tinier in dimension and more compacted than kitchen islands. Some brand names or models have casters that are locked into position. They are moved effortlessly around kitchen or across rooms. Some are stationary models.

Consider its use! Deem the features you desire. If you’re looking to bake or food prep, get one that comprises countless modifiable shelves. If you utilize one predominantly for extra storage, get a cart with hefty drawers/cabinets.

Traditional style is a manifestation of trends and customs from historical epochs like Louis XIV, Queen Anne along with Renaissance. It’s differentiated by medium/dark finishes, elegant curves and intricate detail. Inset panels, leaf with vine motifs are distinctive classical accents.

Modern kitchen carts have polished planes, geometric silhouettes and impartial palettes. Metal or glasses are frequent construction choices. The focal point is on appearance and purpose. Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

Contemporary style has fresh lines and geometric contours and is frequently softened by arched or tempered lines. It has many finishes, hues and materials for texture and visual appeal.

Transitional style combines components of conventional and existing techniques for a more ceremonial yet tranquil look. Lines and shapes are simple but urbane. The stress is on orderly detailing. By using straight lines but traditional detail, a transitional cart blends effortlessly with eclectic or customary furnishings to harmonize your existing décor.

Country furnishings are unassuming versions of ceremonial furnishings like French Provincial, English Country and Colonial. It has milk-painted wood, light wooden finish, gentle colors, straightforward lines and comfy feel. It can contain hand-drawn stenciling, hand-carved insets with flexible curves.

Commercial-grade carts satisfy definite professional principles. It’s perfect for heavy-use places like restaurants.

The apron is an ornamental trim or pane that joins tabletop to legs or major section to cart base. A distressed finishing renders antique look and is obtained by manipulating ultimate coat of paint/varnish to make it look tattered or older.

Embossing is an ornamental method that imprints an elevated design or outline into surface. Inlay is a designing system that utilizes ivory, wood, glass or additional materials embedded into surface. Molding is produced from wood and fixed onto cart.

A backsplash is a defensive surface anticipated to protect wall/space bordering countertop or work surface of kitchen cart. A bun foot is a support looking like a ball with a somewhat flat top. If a kitchen cart has separate cutting board, get one with bun feet to avert the board from shifting around. Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

Casters are little wheels that translate a stationary cart into a portable workstation. Locked casters help positioning and securing it in place. Cutting boards are detachable, integrated or pull-out.

Convenience & Portability

There is never adequate counter space in any kitchen particularly if you reside in apartment/tiny house. Kitchen carts can ease up counter space by generating task-specific locations for meal prep, baking, or housing petite appliances like microwave or blender.

Kitchen carts were initially used as casual convenient tea-carts for easily transporting beverages/refreshments from kitchen to any room. They now comfortably lodge shelves, drawers, wine racks along with cabinet storage for items. Some include serving sections with heating elements to maintain food warmth.

A kitchen cart helps organize accessories with cooking utensils. While purchasing a kitchen cart, choose something complementing the obtainable décor.

Find precisely what you’re seeking speedily and effortlessly, because it’s close by and in your reach. Cutlery trays, refined knife blocks plus utility hooks are practical and precious time-savers. A cutlery tray is a drawer organizer for storing silverware. They may be integrated or detachable.

Drawers are a practical trait for a kitchen cart. Utility drawers serve various purposes while multi-bin drawers comprise dividers that augment holding capability of drawer. Enclosed/concealed storage is functional for hiding things conveniently. Utility hooks augment functionality allowing you to suspend utensils and small pots.

A kitchen island with wine rack permits you store numerous preferred vintages close by if you entertain or for unique occasions. A towel rack/rail for suspending towels is practical during meal preparation. Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2020

Durability & Warranty

Your kitchen cart must look graceful, durable, and unsullied continuously after each usage. You must freshen and clean it frequently with mild soapy water. Dissimilar materials require disparate maintenance intensity. If you have steel structure, for instance, you must resist scratches and scrapes to assure that your cart safeguards its appeal.

Pick a durable kitchen cart that is unproblematic to handle for years if you don’t encompass much time to perform the planned maintenance. Select a material that’s easy to care for within a few hours.

Companies present a limited lifetime warranty on kitchen carts and components, ensuring them against flaws of materials and workmanship. The warranty is restricted to faults or harms happening due to normal residential usage and doesn’t comprise external decay (chemical or regular), scuffs or scratches, abuse, abnormal or abusive treatment, indentations, twists leading to any impact, wide-ranging signs of deterioration, improper fitting/care/preservation, profitable use, natural/ecological causes creating damage, and transport/freight issues.

Top 15 Best High-Quality Kitchen Carts in 2022

1. Liberty White Wood Top Kitchen Cart by Home Styles (Top Pick)
Assembly required. Size: 53. 5W 18D 36H $$$ 4.8
2. Ball & Cast Solano Wire-Brush Rubberwood Kitchen Cart
2 storage drawers with metal gliders $$$ 4.8
3. Boraam Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart
Durable stainless steel counter top $$$ 4.7
4. Giantex Kitchen Trolley Cart
Removable Tray Box and Flexible Swivel Casters $$$ 4.6
5. kealive Kitchen Island on Wheels
Sturdy and Durable $$$ 4.6
6. Nova Microdermabrasion Utility Kitchen Cart
Compact Shape $$ 4.5
7. AmazonBasics Multifunction Rolling Kitchen Cart
Solid wood countertop/chopping surface $$$ 4.5
8. Linon Granite Top Kitchen Island
Slide out wire storage basket and one fixed shelf $$ 4.5
9. Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Cart
Solid beechwood body $$$ 4.4
10. Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Utility Microwave Cart
Movable & Lockable Design $$ 4.3
11. Clevr Rolling Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cart
4 heavy-duty swivel casters $$$ 4.2
12. Dorel Living Kitchen Island
Towel bar & spice rack $$$ 4.1
13. Winsome Wood Mario Kitchen
Solid Beachwood in Natural finish $$ 4.0
14. Dolly Madison White Prep & Serve Cart by Home Styles
Clean and simple $$$ 4.0
15. Baxton Studio Lancashire Wood and Metal Kitchen Cart
Distressed wood top and shelf with ash veneer $$$ 3.9

1. Liberty White Wood Top Kitchen Cart by Home Styles (Top Pick)

Add to your kitchen’s charm with Liberty White Wood-Top Kitchen Cart by Home Styles! Liberty White Wood Top Kitchen Cart by Home Styles (Top Pick)

From Home styles, this wood kitchen cart is surely something you would be keen on to buy for your home. Functional and greatly eye-appealing, this is a contemporary furniture type that performs the job without going low on styling. With wood structure, the quality is first-rate and makes sure to give extra space for your kitchen storage requirements.

Material & Construction

Available in 2 colors, 128lbs Liberty kitchen cart is constructed of hardwood solids plus engineered wood in a white finishing with a natural firm rubber wood top. The top packs a suitable drop-leaf breakfast bar.

Features comprise 2 modifiable shelves in every cabinet door, towel bar, 3 storage drawers, plus spice rack. The versatile cart doesn’t dishearten by presenting brushed nickel hardware and 2 locking casters. With drop leaf, depth is 29”. Size is 53.5”w x 18”d x 36”h. Do not stiffen all screws till every part is appropriately assembled.

Convenience & Portability

The assembly directions are clear and the components well-labeled. Assembly is certainly a two-person job. Spice rack plus paper towel holder are transposable. Prior to you attaching them, think where you’d put cabinet.

This kitchen cart is a lifesaver in a kitchen with almost zero counter space. If your apartment has a formal dining area and breakfast nook, you can append some additional storage and counter space with this cart. It has an elegant look and doesn’t seem out of place with any decor.

It adds convenient storage and ample work space. It stays in the core of kitchen with easy-to-drag wheels within floor protector cups to maintain stationary form. The drawers are profound enough for all kitchen towels and cabinet stocks up cooking, baking, and serving utensils. The additional work space is a welcome addition to the kitchen counter space.

Towel bar and spice rack allow keeping vital things close by. It provides you with convenient storage choices and space.Each cabinet door has 2 modifiable shelves. 3 storage drawers allow safe-keeping all kinds of kitchen accessories. Two of four wheels lock for easy comfortable mobility and balance.

Durability & Warranty

Engineered wood makes this durable for years of constant daily use. Home Styles comprehends that flourishing relationship with consumers starts with vigilant design and manufacture of superior products.

Brand meets this objective and mistakes rarely happen. In those instances, Home Styles presents a limited warranty encompassing the substitution of furniture constituents that may perhaps be mislaid or flawed. Please contact customer service or email the company.

Manufacturers’ warranties might not be relevant in every case, relying on issues like usage of product, where it was bought, or who you bought the product from. Please review warranty documents watchfully, and contact the maker if you have any queries.


  • Made of hardwood solids along with engineered wood
  • Natural rubber wood top
  • Two adjustable shelves in both cabinet door
  • Handy spice rack


  • Drop leaf can’t contain excessive weight

2. Ball & Cast Solano Wire-Brush Rubberwood Kitchen Cart

Keep your kitchens immaculate using Ball & Cast Solano 2-Drawer Wire-Brush Rubberwood Kitchen Cart! Ball & Cast Solano Wire-Brush Rubberwood Kitchen Cart

Keep kitchen organized and running efficiently with fashionable two-drawer Ball & Cast Solano kitchen cart. The versatile cart stores essentials, preps food or serves appetizers/drinks during party.

Material & Construction

90lbs Grey Transitional-style kitchen cart’s constructed of hard-wearing rubberwood with a wire-brush finishing for a delightfully-distressed appearance. It measures 45.25”x20.5”x36.25”.

1.3-inch-chunky stainless-steel top offers outstanding might and a soft easy-to-freshen work surface. It has 2 storage drawers comprising metal gliders for smooth opening/closing; adaptable slatted mid-shelf, permanent shelf underneath for storing bigger items and gorgeous eye-catching brushed chrome hardware.

Rubberwood construction guarantees robustness, while wire-brush finishing proffers an exceptionally weathered look. Its general transitional style makes an eye-catching addition.

Convenience & Portability

Solano kitchen cart comes ready to put together. Step-by-step directions and all essential tools are incorporated, making it simple to assemble.

The kitchen cart offers two pull-out drawers that work nicely for storage of serving utensils, condiments, spices, and other tiny items. It presents a modifiable-height slatted mid shelf and a rigidly-elevated unyielding bottom shelf for storage of appliances, pantry things, and mixing bowls.

A convenient side towel bar keeps a fresh hand towel within uncomplicated reach. 4 smooth-rolling casters ease moving/rolling/dragging the cart around in kitchen or dining/living room during parties. The casters lock into position or can be detached entirely if a predetermined position is favored.

Durability & Warranty

Solano is a pretty sturdy kitchen cart. Two people can assemble it in 20 minutes. High-quality heavy wood isn’t flimsy and can endure years of heavy cooking, storage, and meal prep. Stainless steel top is very well-built. You get 10-year limited warranty.


  • Practical storage space
  • Locking smooth casters
  • 2 storage drawers having metal gliders
  • Stainless steel top


  • Can’t endure detergents with chlorine compounds for cleaning steel surfaces

3. Boraam Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart

Manage your kitchen perfectly with Boraam Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart! Boraam Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart

Boraam Industries has years of experience in furniture production. Designed in the USA, Boraam’s extensive variety of home furniture is created resourcefully and mostly in Vietnam and China. The manufacturing ideal is to ensure on-time delivery of premium range furniture.

Material & Construction

The kitchen cart measures 20.5”x44”x36” and weighs 64lbs. Manufactured from solid hardwoods and designed for everyday use, the product is perfect for customers looking for a premium look.

This cart has a set-to-assemble construction and has a sturdy stainless steel countertop. The cart features two storage drawers by metal gliders, a changeable middle storage shelf along with locking casters. It has the chrome finish highlights at the top, as the 3-step procedure of the wire-brush finish matches with any style kitchen. Sonoma gives the finest functionality and appearance that anybody can appreciate.

Convenience & Portability

Boraam Collection is manufactured for style, yet sustains comfort in mind. With design featuring soft, modern lines, it’s ergonomically-intended for enjoyable entertaining with family and friends. Outfitted with 4 wheels for fast and easy movement of cart, it’s suggested for residential use only.

Boraam is passionate regarding premium furniture that is hard-working, comfy, and moveable. The updated standard styling of their furniture is new, modern and suitable for any setting.

Durability & Warranty

This wire-brush kitchen cart is the long-lasting addition to any home. With its straightforward and elegant design, this is not only stunning; it is extremely sturdy and functional. This is a truly durable kitchen cart that can withstand daily cooking for a large family.


  • Durable stainless steel countertop
  • Two storage drawers with metal gliders
  • Adjustable middle storage shelf
  • Convenient locking casters


  • Quality could have been improved

4. Giantex Kitchen Trolley Cart

Store an array of useful kitchen items with Giantex Rolling Utility Kitchen Cart! Giantex Kitchen Trolley Cart

Giantex rolling kitchen cart offers grand storage options and smooth lockable easy-pulling wheels give immense transport options.

Material & Construction

86lbs White Giantex cart comes in 2 colors. The frame is finest PB and MDF; consequently, Giantex is sturdy and resilient. Two drawers and two cabinets offer sufficient storage space to organize items. The rubber wood top presents further counter space to make delicious food. Materials are rubber wood, MDF, pinewood, PB and PP iron wheels. It measures 48.5″x18.5″x36.5″.

2 convenient handles make it comfy for pushing or you may utilize it as towel racks. 4 rolling casters give uncomplicated movement and 2 are lockable for cart stability. It’s perfect for kitchen, café, hotel, hallway, restaurant, and dining room, for organized and neat storage.

Convenience & Portability

Two drawers, two cabinets with two towel racks offer ample storage for kitchen to make it look organized and uncluttered. Towel racks can act as push handles for effortless control.

Each cabinet has flexible shelf, with three elevations to select from, and shelves are attuned as required to stock up items of different sizes.

4 swiveling flexible caster wheels underneath may be rotated 360 degrees, making it simple to move/roll/pull/drag anywhere. Two wheels haves brakes and you can lock them.

This multipurpose kitchen cart is grand for apartments, kitchens, entryways, or someplace you require extra storage. Assembly instruction is exhaustive and detailed. Parts are numbered and every step is listed.

Durability & Warranty

Giantex has well-built construction and offers long-term use. Made of first-rate MDF and PB materials, surface is layered with black protective paint; kitchen cart is durable and steady. Rubber wood top is adequately tough to store kitchen items.

Simple and standard design can be flawlessly pooled with home decor. Total weight capacity is 220lbs. Weight capacities of table-top, drawer, and each shelf are 110lbs, 11lbs, and 22lbs respectively. You get 1 + 1 year of warranty.


  • Easy-clean rubber wood-top
  • 4 flexible/smooth swivel wheels
  • Smooth lockable wheels


  • Tiny wood screws aren’t prepared of hard metal, heads may rupture if cinched too tight

5. kealive Kitchen Island on Wheels

Be ready for awesome meal preparations with kealive Rolling Kitchen Island! kealive Kitchen Island on Wheels

Kealive kitchen cart is a genuinely-striking attraction that adds modern style during renovating or initial decorating. Make a bold statement with kealive!

Material & Construction

White kealive Rubber Wood and MDF kitchen cart with magnet door augments aesthetics at home. Drawer, open adjustable shelf plus enclosed cabinets keep clutter away. Place ingredients on countertop and organize recipes using mixing bowl. Store dinnerware on shelves! It measures 21.1Lx9.1Wx40.9H.

Convenience & Portability

Endowed with 4 heavy-duty casters, rolling kitchen cart with abundant storage may be swiveled liberally anyplace and locked into position. 2 lockable casters beneath towel side make it stable. Metal sliding track alongside smooth-sliding drawer is simple to slide in/out.

Open and fixed slotted shelves permit demonstrating vintages and dinnerware. Adjustable shelf moves up/down within 2.4” elevation.

The handle brings convenience while moving. First-rate rubber wood smooth surface is expedient to wipe up.

Durability & Warranty

kealive is a robust and durable kitchen cart. It’s made from sustainable firm wood with food-secure finishing. Solid countertop might support 300lbs weight. Painted in lucid lacquer finishing, water-resistant surface is beneficial to extended usage period.

Kitchen cart is easy to assemble with incorporated boards and casters. Well-built rolling cart has 1-year and added 12-month warranty, complimentary lifetime consumer service ready in 24hrs.

This kitchen cart adds attractiveness to space and presents good storage. Solid wood maintains durability and is safe for handling food items.

4 heavy-duty casters having 2 lockable wheels let you roll the rack freely. Casters maintain safety and become stationary while required.


  • Wood-top kitchen cabinet on wheels
  • Wine shelf, rack drawer
  • 1-year + additional 12-month guarantee for complimentary lifetime service


  • Instructions are printed really tiny

6. Nova Microdermabrasion Utility Kitchen Cart

Turn your kitchen into a dream space with Nova Microdermabrasion Rolling Kitchen Cart! Nova Microdermabrasion Utility Kitchen Cart

Keep the kitchen area hygienic and organized with Nova rolling kitchen cart/trolley. Owning this will help when you necessitate extra storage space within your kitchen and it keeps everything uncluttered. Save room within your kitchen now with Nova rolling kitchen cart and begin making meals in style!

Material & Construction

18.5lbs Pine Wood Nova is thoughtfully-structured. Appreciate its 3-tier structure encompassing 2 storage drawers, cutting board, 2 baskets, dual open shelves plus 6 bottles wine rack; it has the ideal amount of space you require to store fruit/veggies or kitchen utensils, stainless steel rack may be utilized to contain hand towels. The detachable metal baskets allow straightforward cleaning, loading, and unpacking. It measures 26.5”(L)x14.75”(W)x29.5”(H).

This versatile kitchen cart has a rolling, transportable frame. The wood design fits with any home/kitchen décor. With oodles of storage choices, this cart is the ideal kitchen accessory for newbie and professional cooks.

Convenience & Portability

With its slighter size, this compact cart presents ample countertop space/storage without occupying excess space making it ideal for tinier houses/apartments lacking space.

4 smooth-rolling easy-to-pull 360-degree spinner wheels have an integrated safety latch to keep cart in place throughout food preparation. Rolling kitchen cart is ready to be assembled with all provided directives and hardware.

Two chrome-plated pull-out baskets allow storing fruits/vegetables. 2 slatted shelves present room to store bowls, pans, cups, or flat-bottomed items.

The wine rack underneath permits simple storage of champagne/wine/beer. It might display six bottles of beverage in a secure and convenient manner.

Strong pine wood and honey-colored finished tabletop is easy to freshen. Top hefty area is used as cutting board or placing microwave. Two expedient drawers store most frequently-used utensils close by.

An ergonomic comfy stainless steel handle brings comfort during pushing or utilize it as towel rack. With 4 integral swivel 360-degree wheels, this is conveniently rolled around. Two wheels make the cart settle firmly in place averting superfluous movement.

Durability & Warranty

Nova wood kitchen cart is prepared of real wood and first-rate materials to support kitchen accessories, offering a stylish look for every kitchen. It’s not just constrained to kitchen, use it everywhere conveniently! Sturdy wood construction has tiled top staying good for years. It has limited warranty.


  • Wood countertop smart/compact design
  • Include two drawers, two baskets, two slatted shelves and a wine rack
  • Stainless steel handles on drawers
  • Four 360-degree spinner wheels


  • No instruction on how to lock wheels into place

7. AmazonBasics Multifunction Rolling Kitchen Cart

Exude the style of a top chef with AmazonBasics Multifunctional Rolling Kitchen Cart! AmazonBasics Multifunction Rolling Kitchen Cart

Stay organized and take pleasure in extra storage space with AmazonBasics Classic Kitchen Cart with cabinet. This expedient cart is used to situate pieces like utensils, dry food items, cookware, grill and bar supplies, and more.

Whether you require additional counter space or are seeking a mobile surface for open-air entertaining, this AmazonBasics rolling cart offers functionality and a gorgeous, contemporary look. Keep essentials nearby and within your arm’s reach with this energetic storage solution.

Material & Construction

33lbs AmazonBasics Natural and White multifunctional kitchen island storage cart has two open-slatted shelves plus a pull-out drawer. It measures 35.4”x18”x36.5”.

It has resilient heavy-duty wood composite structure, solid wood countertop/chopping plane, stainless steel fixtures plus hardware. It can be utilized as additional storage and counter space or as a prep-station for cooking, baking, or grilling.

Made of prominent durable materials in a compacted design, the AmazonBasics kitchen cart is constructed to last very long. This rolling supply cart presents serviceability and a stylish look that accommodates adequately with your appliances and home decor.

Convenience & Portability

Rolling kitchen storage cart has unyielding wood counter top plus composite wood structure, open shelves, big pullout drawer, and cabinet with detachable shelf.

It’s obtainable in a diversity of finishes. Get all-in-one expediency with AmazonBasics cart. Easily roll AmazonBasics cart amid work areas to keep additional kitchen supplies and utensils at fingertips.

Chop up ingredients on cart’s two-toned countertop, and put away extra cooking necessities in pullout drawer, ample storage cabinet (with detachable shelf), or on numerous open shelves. With 4 pivoting caster wheels, you’ll benefit from a smooth array of comfy motion and unproblematic mobility.

Durability & Warranty

AmazonBasics kitchen cart is multifunctional and has the ideal size for any space. Slightly tinier than some massive kitchen islands, this is perfectly durable for daily cooking and meal prep along with cooking food for holidays, parties, and big dinners. It’s well-built and holds any microwave, blender, or toaster oven truly well.

You get warranty coverage from solitary-use failures counting splits, stains, perforations, fluid spills and gouges beginning on first day. Mechanical failure coverage commences the day after company’s warranty expiration, normally 1 year from date of purchase. This plan would not cover every harm or catastrophes.


  • Multi-functional versatile rolling cart
  • Composite wood structure
  • 4 pivoting caster wheels
  • 1-year warranty coverage


  • Lack of ability to put handle on left side if required

8. Linon Granite Top Kitchen Island

Revamp your kitchen space with Linon Kitchen Island! Linon Granite Top Kitchen Island

Linon Kitchen Island is backed with spacious pull-out storage drawer with chrome-finished hardware. The natural finish of the island is featuring a stylish and durable granite-top to go perfectly with your style.

Material & Construction

The kitchen island’s made with Pine, MDF, and Granite. The total dimensions are 33.75″H x 22.75″W x 15.75″D and it weighs 46lbs. It features a contemporary storage with display; this well-organized kitchen island enlarges your kitchen workspace in a packed-in silhouette.

The kitchen island is outfitted with a fixed shelf, featuring pull-out drawer with slide-out basket over top. Outfitted with 2 locking caster wheels, you can effortlessly keep cooking within reach, forming this kitchen cart ideal for prepping large meals.

Convenience & Portability

Store your 4 preferred champagne selections in the bottle wine rack by ease, and afterwards by means of granite top as a cutting board, just clean it off to make it the ideal display tabletop. The kitchen island can contain compact microwave ovens.

This natural finished kitchen workplace is small in size to store tidily in your kitchen, yet large enough to offer extra workspace if needed. The granite island features heavy-duty rubber casters for trouble-free mobility and safety; with 2 of the 4 heavy-duty casters with lock functionality.

Durability & Warranty

Benefit from the durability of the stylish granite top as you prep meals plus entertain guests. The weight limit is 275lbs with microwave safety. The heavy-duty locking rubber casters give trouble-free mobility and safety. Do not use this item with no casters, without casters there is a possibility this item can scratch or scrape your floor.


  • Chrome finish hardware
  • Slide-out wire basket
  • 4 bottle wine storage rack
  • Large pull-out storage drawer


  • Slight odor

9. Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Cart

Pour more aesthetic appeal to your kitchen space with Winsome Wood Single-Drawer Kitchen cart! Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Cart

Winsome presents to you compact rolling storage cart that gives multi-use workspace for kitchens, outfitted with durable beechwood body and handles within natural finish; with the expediency of black lockable casters to make this a complete kitchen cart.

Material & Construction

This solid beechwood kitchen cart comes with a handy food preparation surface along with an all-in-one storage cart. It measures 26.9″x18.2″x 34.3″ and weighs 54lbs. The top of the pull-out drawer has dimensions as 19.3″x13.1″x3.8″. The doors open towards a cabinet with a removable shelf.

Casters offer the cart with smooth mobility and pull-out drawer, open cabinet at the back with two removable slatted shelves with towel holder supply it with ample storage. Assembly required prior to use.

Convenience & Portability

The kitchen cart has a roomy top counter that gives a large work area with a towel rail on the side for trouble-free access. Just below sits a wide drawer intended for utensils and tools, even as two lower doors open to shown storage space by a shelf.

Balanced on lockable casters, the solid composite wood cart goes anywhere it’s needed, and then slides away while not in use. The straightforward, clean style suits any furnishings and outfitted with large handles that are trouble-free to grasp and pull; regardless of how busy, cramped, or preoccupied the chef is.

Durability & Warranty

The kitchen cart is solidly constructed of solid beechwood in natural finish. Ideal for small kitchens where every space has to dish up double duty, this single-drawer storage cart packs a bunch of multi-task potential into its solid dimensions.


  • Two locking casters
  • Towel holder
  • Outfitted with drawer and cabinet
  • Solid or composite wood


  • Door hinges are not properly aligned

10. Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Utility Microwave Cart

Fascinate with the multifaceted features of Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Utility Microwave Cart! Mr IRONSTONE 3-Tier Utility Microwave Cart

Mr IRONSTONE rolling cart makes a stylish atmosphere and adds more working room to your kitchen. 3 tiers assist keep cookware, microwave, and tableware along with kitchen accessories at hand. With 4 free-rolling casters let trouble-free mobility as you require.

Material & Construction

The kitchen cart measures 23.6”x15.8 x28.7” and weighs 22.1lbs. With solid and sturdy construction as of the portable wheel, the desk is manufactured by a high-quality P2 MDF light beige board along with the white metal frame.

The classic 3-tier structure with ideal size 23.7″L* 15.75″W * 28.74″H is intended for your counter space, the strong top shelf can hold a microwave oven plus other kitchen appliances. The 2nd or 3rd tiers can store toaster, dishes, spice, along with any other things you want. little hooks make it suitable to hang some cooking tools.

Outfitted with 4 flexible wheels and 2 of which are lockable, permit the cart table to go anywhere you go. You can smoothly wheel it to the living room, office or bedroom like a kitchen appliance cart, small rolling bookshelf, coffee stand or small baker’s rack. Locks will keep it completely still when needed.

Convenience & Portability

The cart comes outfitted with four wheels, which let for smooth maneuverability, making it trouble-free to roll the cart amid locations. Two of the wheels lock into position, making sure the cart stays put, right where you desire it.

The rolling stand is the perfect solution for storing all you require for a home office. The tabletop could hold a printer completely and 2 shelves are massive for books or magazines or additional accessories storage.

Durability & Warranty

The white metal frame gives large weight capacity, featuring the top shelf even holding up to 55lbs with 2nd/3rd shelf max to 15lbs, which confirms the stability and sturdiness. Elegant appearance with simple construction makes an attractive selection and modern look.


  • Elegant P2 MDF material with smooth surface
  • Frame utilizes heavy-duty powder-coated metal materials
  • Modern, simple profile fits all diverse indoor environments


  • Construction quality could have been better

11. Clevr Rolling Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cart

Transfer food across rooms with easy-rolling Clevr Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cart! Clevr Rolling Bamboo Wood Kitchen Cart

Clevr rolling bamboo wooden kitchen cart and cabinet w/towel rack is an affordable elegance with finest features; brand is fervent about bringing nice addition to your home.

Material & Construction

44lbs Clevr Rolling bamboo kitchen cart is constructed out of finest-quality, ecologically-sourced, kiln-dried varnished bamboo. It has expedient drawers for regularly-utilized utensils close by and additional handy kitchen storage.

It’s operational with additional shelf space storing wonderful wine, towels, cooking oil, spices, or any practical kitchen tools. The cart even surrounds expedient rack for hand towels/aprons. The cart has 4 non-marring casters, two can lock. Cart is ideal for food prepping, cooking, and serving!

Hierarchical design presents hefty storage space and augments kitchen space utilization. Two suitable convenience drawers store normally-utilized utensils. It measures 29”(L) x 21.5”(W) x 35”(H).

Convenience & Portability

It has convenient easy drawers for additional kitchen storage. It has additional shelf space for any practical kitchen accessories.

Besides storage, it’s also ideal for meal prepping, serving and additional kitchen needs. There are 4 durable swivel casters, 2 are lockable. You may swivel/roll/wheel it and bring to a halt anytime everyplace you like.

Durability & Warranty

110lbs compact Clevr cart has sturdy, resilient, and flexible wheels for easier mobility and doesn’t damage the floor or cart body year after year; two casters are lockable for steadiness when parked. 2″ chunky legs give added resilience within kitchen/pantry. It has limited warranty coverage.


  • Elegant bamboo rolling cart
  • High-quality innate kiln-dried, varnished bamboo
  • 4 durable caster wheels


  • Construction is a tad flimsy
  • Assemble with essentially just pictures
  • Bamboo slat shelves don’t carry much weight

12. Dorel Living Kitchen Island

Make your kitchen smarter with Dorel Living Kitchen Island! Dorel Living Kitchen Island

Dorel Living kitchen cart is the ideal kitchen accessory giving a handy workplace and available storage that is effortlessly maneuverable with locking casters. Attenuate more counter and storage space and stay stylish altogether.

Material & Construction

Kitchen cart measures 19”x32”x35.5” and weighs 52lbs. Accessible in natural color or a soft white color finish, this cart is certain to compliment any accessible decor, giving a clean and functional style piece to your living space.

Whether you wish to chop vegetables or keep everything off your kitchen accessories accessible, the kitchen cart will come in handy. It features a solid wood top giving suitable additional workspace within kitchen/dining area. Drawer and cupboard with gorgeous silver handles facilitate storing your kitchen needs. Also, integrated towel bar and spice rack provide effortless access to utensils with other accessories.

Convenience & Portability

The small-space kitchen cart is suitable for prep work and permits storing all you need to prepare; move it around any place you will need to be. This kitchen island provides you the storage you’ve wanted with 1 drawer, 1 cupboard, with towel rack.

Intelligently crafted for apartment living and smaller kitchens having limited storage space, the compact functional design of this cart makes it an all-around addition to any home. The kitchen island is equipped with four caster wheels and two can lock. Effortlessly roll this cart for additional counter or table space and lock it into place with no concern it will roll away.

Durability & Warranty

The island’s manufactured with a solid wood-top, the stylish design provides a subtle yet roomy storage option for your kitchen to ensure long-term durability.


  • Outfitted with drawer and cupboard for sufficient storage options
  • Towel bar and spice rack
  • Elegant white finish
  • Strong casters for mobility


  • A tad heavy

13. Winsome Wood Mario Kitchen

Expand your kitchen workspace with compact Winsome Wood Mario Kitchen! Winsome Wood Mario Kitchen

Mario Utility Cart from the Winsome brand is a practical addition to your kitchen, manufactured withnatural wood finish giving all the elegance you seek for that blend with your kitchen décor.

Material & Construction

The cart is manufactured of solid and composite wood in a natural color finish; it can be used as a working table and for storage. The top is outfitted with a wide and smooth surface that lets you use it as a working table even as sides include storage spaces.

The total size is 33.1″W x 20.4″D x 31.9″H with a tabletop dimension of 27″W x 20.4″D. It has pull-out cutting board, two shelves underneath with 11.4″top-shelf clearance and 12.7″ bottom shelf clearance has. The item weight is 37lbs. The dishware and glasses store on the two slatted shelves with no trouble and entire cart is mobile with incorporated casters. The cart’s assembly is required.

Convenience & Portability

The kitchen cart provides storage for dishware, knives and functions as a workable surface. Make use of pull-out cutting board to organize your meals and keep your towels and knives close within the attached holders. Dishware and glasses effortlessly store on top of the two slatted shelves and the whole cart is mobile by the included casters.

Durability & Warranty

The materials applied to make the cart are strong and hard-wearing as well. The furniture comes unassembled though it is trouble-free to assemble.


  • Solid and composite wood into a natural finish
  • Knife block along with cart handle doubles as a towel rack
  • Two locking casters
  • Open airy design


  • Manufacturing could have been improved

14. Dolly Madison White Prep & Serve Cart by Home Styles

Indulge the expediency of Dolly Madison White Prep & Serve Cart! Dolly Madison White Prep & Serve Cart by Home Styles

The brand name, Home Styles furniture brings the finest quality kitchen cart that blends with quality and convenience, the neat design and functionalities that will surely redefine kitchen usability.

Material & Construction

Dolly Madison Prep with Serve Cart measures 17.7”x31”x36” and weighs 76lbs. The kitchen cart features a white finish and is manufactured of solid engineered woods, thick hardwood top in a natural finish, and featuring white finish w/clear protective lacquer, also has stainless steel accents, outfitted with brushed steel hardware.

Also, the kitchen cart’s backed with two trouble-free open drawers on glides, two kinds of wood handle on sides, two doors with storage region inside, along with 4 industrial-quality rubber casters that have 2 locking.

Convenience & Portability

The prep and serve cart of compact design is perfect for small spaces requiring a bit more storage space and work surface. The style is clean along with simple lines and white body with natural finished top manages well with loads of decorating schemes.

The cart features two utility drawers on metal sliding mutually with a two-door cabinet. Intended for extra expediency, there is a heavy-duty towel bar on each end. The locking casters offer mobility.

Durability & Warranty

The kitchen cart is manufactured with sustainable hardwood by a clear coat finish helping to reduce wear from regular use by amplifying durability.


  • Sustainable hardwood
  • Two utility drawers on metal sliding together with two-door cabinet
  • White body and natural finished top
  • 4 rubbers casters for added mobility


  • Assembly is slightly time-consuming

15. Baxton Studio Lancashire Wood and Metal Kitchen Cart

Stay neat and tidy with Baxton Studio Lancashire Wood and Metal Kitchen Cart! Baxton Studio Lancashire Wood and Metal Kitchen Cart

The brand name Baxton Studio brings you the Stark, rustic styling and kind surface space combined in Lancashire range. This vintage industrial design is attained using antique bronze metal finishing with distressed ash veneer. Strong construction ensures its durability.

Material & Construction

The kitchen cart measures 47.6”x17”x31.4” and weighs 55.7lbs. It comes in brown Lancashire Wood finish and metal plus ample surface space. This has triple-decker tables with industrial design outfitted with antique bronze metal finishing along with distressed ash veneer. Outfitted metal wheels make this Baxton Studio kitchen cart extremely mobile.

Convenience & Portability

Keep parties rolling in style with Lancashire Kitchen Cart! Featuring a three-tiered design, this cart lets you carry it all by use of two large, open shelves and lower shelf with three wire baskets that are ideal for toting bottles. The two side-handles with rolling casters ease it to keep this piece within the kitchen or move it around a party with ease.

Durability & Warranty

The Baxton’s furniture is protected with high polyurethane foam to make the body contouring comfort and durability for which Baxton Studio is well-known. All frames are manufactured of high-quality wood or steel on selected models, providing strong frame construction that surpasses industry standards. Baxton Studio is dedicated to constantly providing stylish and exclusive furniture for the best value to assist you to create a happy living space with ease and self-confidence.


  • Elegant vintage industrial rustic design
  • Distressed wood top, shelf with ash veneer
  • Framed in long-lasting rustic iron metal in bronze
  • Metal wheels offer mobility expediency


  • Wheels are slightly trickier to move