Top 15 Best Griddles in 2022 – Complete Guide

Like to prepare pancakes? How about eggs, sandwiches, or bacon? Whether you use your griddle to dish out a Top 15 Best Griddles in 2020 scrumptious meal or are ready for a weekend family cookout, it can be a perfect kitchen companion.

Traditionally, backyard grilling has been a mainstay of any culture for a long time. It’s hard to spot a home that doesn’t have a grill placed outside! However, with this new movement of griddle in the fast-escalating outdoor cooking industry, traditional grills are forsaken for griddles.

Quick, constant heating with a griddle gets you scrumptious breakfast in no time. The large, flat cooking space can be a time saver during hectic meal prep. If you don’t want to get the kitchen counter dirty but want to create a delectable, evenly-cooked meal, a griddle is just what you require.

There are plenty of good griddles on the market today, but wading through the models and brands can be overwhelming. Go through the 15 following honest, impartial product recommendations for an informed purchase. We have also written a complete guide about best raclette grills.

What Are The Differences And Similarities Between Griddles, Grills, And Griddlers?

Countertop grills, griddlers, and griddles are referred to interchangeably, but these are quite different cooking surfaces designed for diverse kinds of cooking.

Griddle: It’s simple to spot a griddle by its smooth, horizontal surface, perfect for making breakfast, includingTop 15 Best Griddles in 2018 - Complete Guide bacon, pancakes, quesadillas, sandwiches, sausages, fries, French toast, and eggs. A griddle is better than a frying pan due to its huge size. Most stovetop/electric griddles are rectangular, giving more cooking space than a regular round pan.

A griddle is a flat frying pan, while a grill definitely has ridges to replicate the outdoor barbecue’s cooking surface. Griddle is a flat-topped one solid metal sheet cooking surface without grates like grills.  Griddle cooking was once just available commercially. Nowadays, outdoor griddles have become a canvas to gastronomic creators ubiquitously.

Grill: A grill has typically raised ridges, which leave striking “grill marks” on everything you cook. Grill is a traditional charcoal cooking device with grates on top which are analogous/latticed bars upon which food is put, permitting flames to sear the food. Indoor grills are grand for hamburgers, fries, steaks, sandwiches, and veggies. The grill ridges separate the cooking food from oil to lessen the fat content. Most grills comprise a lower-level area that gathers fat throughout the cooking process.

Griddler: Griddler is a simple-to-cook option for consuming grilled meals without firing up an outsized open-air grill. Griddler has interchangeable plates to use it as a grill or a griddle. If you don’t own a grill or weather doesn’t assist for outdoor cooking, Griddler is the first-rate substitute. It sits on a counter, providing separate cooking options – a full grill-top, Panini press, sandwich press, contact grill, full griddle option and half-grill/half-griddle setting. Griddler relies on electricity and is the ultimate kitchen appliance working by flipping the reversible cooking plates and fine-tuning the hinge. We have also written a complete guide about best grill and panini presses.

Top Benefits Of Griddles: Why Must You Buy One?

Versatile Multi-Zone Cooking: You can turn one or multiple burners/griddle zones off during cooking, similar toTop 15 Best Griddles in 2018 - Complete Guide grilling. This is ideal while cooking numerous ingredients to form a full meal. Once your vegetables are completely cooked, you might turn off one side and slide the veggies to that zone to keep them warm. The same idea applies for pancakes and sausages.

Quicker Breakfast Cooking: If you adore cooking breakfast for your family, a griddle will be your preferred kitchen appliance. It lets you cook eggs, bacon, bread, sandwiches, and pancakes side-by-side on it. The nonstick surface won’t make food stick and you consume it hot and delicious just like high-end restaurant quality meal. Preparation, cooking, and cleaning complete in 20 minutes. Outdoor griddle is the top way to get a job done.

Easy To Clean: Cooking huge meals is a real joy, but cleanup wears the warmth off.  Electric griddles are so easy to clean up you won’t bother cooking more habitually. The non-stick surface prevents sticking and griddles may be submerged as they have detachable heat controls. Wiping just requires a moist sponge for any spills, drips, or splatters.

Healthier Meals: Griddles require no extra oil due to their nonstick surfaces. The elimination of grease denotes healthy, non-oily foods. If you’re cooking chicken and griddle has a drip tray, using it will permit the drippings from food to be directed away from it.

Easy & Appealing Designs: Griddles are not complex to utilize which make them a perfect choice for new cooks too. Heat up is speedy. Just turn it on and get ready to cook in moments. Griddles have heat settings from low to high, so you turn the dial and decide on the heat. The designs range from stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, nonstick and come in a range of styles with smooth and ridged surfaces alongside.

Energy-Saving Appliance: People don’t want to strain their energy bills doubly. Electric griddles are energy-saving, and convenient, but there are many styles available too like stove-top cast iron versions with zero power required.

Safety Tips

Just as with any electric appliance, safety should be considered. These safety tips help learners and seasoned cooks utilize their griddles but stay safe.

  • After cooking, let the griddle cool down prior to removing heat controls which can be too searing to touch after Top 15 Best Griddles in 2018 - Complete Guideuse.
  • Griddles must be used on a dry, heat-resistant, horizontal surface (a countertop, island or a strong table) and never on a soft surface where it might tip over.
  • Power cords come short to avoid accidentally pulling a griddle off your kitchen counter. Be sure the griddle cord isn’t hanging or tangled at edge.
  • Watch your drip tray and keep it in place as you start cooking. Hot drips can lead to nasty burns, permanent scarring.
  • To protect the griddle’s nonstick coating, utilize plastic or wooden spoons. Metal objects can graze and spoil nonstick griddle or cause food to stick.
  • Plug the power cord in the griddle and then the electric outlet. Never plug it in using wet hands.
  • Check heating charts in the user manual if the griddle has variable heat settings. Allow the griddle to preheat for 5-10 minutes.
  • Once the griddle is preheated, place your food and begin cooking. Never leave it unattended.
  • After you remove the cooked meal, turn off and unplug. Let the griddle cool down and unplug the cord from the unit. Be gentle, don’t pull on the cord, avoid shocks.
  • The griddle surface is just for food. Don’t place pots, pans, bowls, or casserole.
  • Don’t use any random power cord other than the one included.
  • Don’t use any damaged power cord.
  • Electric griddles are not safe for children. Always ensure children are supervised when you are using the griddle.

What Are The Essential Features You Must Inspect While Buying Griddles?

When buying an electric griddle, inspect the features to consider to get the most for your investment and also to know more in general about griddles.

Material & Construction

Griddles come in a range of sizes, as huge as 35″x9″ and as minute as 9″x13″. Larger griddles are meant for making massive batches of foods like pancakes or steak. Smaller griddles are used to prepare meals for small families.

Before settling on a size, consider how much space you have, what foods you cook often, and how many persons you feed. Little griddles cook food just as efficiently as large ones, but if you’re having a party, a small griddle makes you cook in batches.

Griddles are made of different materials. Aluminum conducts heat thoroughly, so it’s always at a right temperature. Top 15 Best Griddles in 2018 - Complete GuideIt cooks quick and is best for searing. Stainless steel are used in commercial-grade kitchens. It’s strong and easy to maintain. However, sticking of food and staining can occur.

Cast iron griddles heat unhurriedly, but once heated, they hold the heat for long, works well for steak and meat. They are resilient and last for years if cared correctly. Griddles with a nonstick coating are very popular. Ceramic is the most resilient kind of nonstick coating.


An electric griddle with detachable cooking plates allows easy cleanup, as you remove the plates and rinse them separately without getting heating elements wet/damaged. Some griddles include a warming tray. You can place eggs/pancakes/steak on it to keep them lukewarm as you cook.

A drip tray reduces grease and promotes quicker cleanup. Some griddles contain a trough on the front or entirely around it. Any drippings drain through the trough into the drip tray. Griddles may contain little holes for the oil to pass. These designs keep the cooking surface grease-free. Some griddles have a tilt capability that puts the cooking surface at an angle so grease can drain easier while cooking meat.

Heat controls are the biggest benefits. Single-heat control griddles have solitary control to set temperature for cooking surface. Griddles with dual-heat control permit programming of diverse temperature settings for various areas of cooking surface.

Many griddles have three basic heat settings: low, medium, and high. The temperatures aren’t specific, but for basic cooking, these temperature choices work. Griddles with an adaptable temperature dial permit you to make particular temperature adjustments during cooking. Temperatures range between 190°-500°F, depending on the unit.

Ease Of Use

Griddles are easier to clean. If quick, simple cleanup appeals to you, look for a griddle with all of the subsequent features. Once heat controls are taken out, you must be able to immerse it in water. However, observe the instructions to see if full submersion is doable. Simply take out the griddle plates after cooking and rinse them in soapy water or dishwasher, based on the company instructions.

Of all cooking surfaces, nonstick is the easiest to clean. But, a nonstick surface is delicate than others and breaks down eventually. Consider buying a model with manifold pan inserts to switch out and change your cooking techniques. Some griddles comprise transposable pan styles: a flat pan for griddling, a ridged one for grilling, with waffle iron.

Griddles are handy to power, due to their dimensions and trouble-free mechanics. The truth that they are powered by electricity denotes that you don’t need to fret about gas or coal on hand. Simply plug it in, and you’re ready to cook.

Top 15 Best Griddles in 2022 – Chart

1. Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials (Top Pick)
Adjustable temperature controls $$ 4.8
2. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle
warm to 400 degrees F $$ 4.8
3. Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel
Adjustable top cover with 6 presets $$$ 4.7
4. Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill
310- 450F variable temperature control $$$ 4.6
5. Oster ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Griddle
4 times longer $$ 4.6
6. Secura 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle
cooking plate measuring 15.5”x11.5” $$ 4.5
7. DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill
Removable, dishwasher safe die-cast plates $$ 4.5
8. Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle
cooking surface (19″ x 12.5″) $$ 4.5
9. MaxiMatic Elite Cuisine Countertop Non-Stick Electric Indoor Grill,
Removable adjustable thermostat $$ 4.4
10. Hamilton Beach 38518 Durathon Ceramic Griddle
PTFE & PFOA free
$$ 4.3
11. Hamilton Beach Reversible Durathon Ceramic Griddle
200 sq. in. cooking surface $$ 4.2
12. Gourmia GEG1800 Digital Grill and Griddle Combo
LCD control panel $$ 4.1
13. Vremi 20 inch Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove
measures 19.75 x 10 inches $$ 4.0
14. Magicook Electric Reversible Grill Griddle
5 five different temperature chosen $$ 4.0
15. Emeril Lagasse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle

safe to 500°F

$$ 3.9

1. Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials (Top Pick)

Rustle up delectable food using Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials!Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Black Dials (Top Pick)

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler is compact in size but large in features, it presents 5-in-1 functionality to turn you into a gourmet chef.

Material & Construction

Silver Cuisinart Griddler with black dials is really five appliances in one. Hinged, floating cover to adjust food thickness, detachable and reversible cooking plates turn it into a contact grill, Panini press, full-grill & griddle, or half-grill/half-griddle. It looks sleek with any decor.

Brushed stainless-steel housing with well-built Panini-style cast-metal handle, base and cover has rock-solid construction with stainless steel self-regulating cover. Cooking surface (square inches) is 100 closed/200 open. Dimensions are 17″x13″x10″ and it weighs 5.07lbs. There’s a 3-year warranty.

Base has two temperature controls, function selector and indicator lights for rapid reference and precise, no-estimation operation. It includes gourmet recipes and a cleaning scraper instrument.


5-in-1 1500W GR-4N handles everything from pancakes, sausages, bacon, steaks, burgers, Panini. Adjust temperature from 200°F-425°F, for Panini, regulate temperature from “warm” to “sear”.

The selector knob lets you select the grill/griddle function and each function has changeable temperature controls. Red/green indicator lights indicate when the unit has reached the preferred temperature.

Use it in the closed position to cook anything from poultry, hamburgers, succulent steaks. Double the grilling surface by using the plates in a full open position. Use griddle plates similarly for full griddle. It’s ideal for cooking pancakes, eggs, bacon and more.

Use one grill and one griddle plate to cook simultaneously. The well-built Panini-style handle with hinged hovering cover helps you cook the ideal Panini. You can drain oil for healthy cooking.

Ease Of Use

GR-4N is easy to use and clean up is trouble-free with nonstick, detachable dishwasher-safe plates, drip tray and scraper. Dual temperature settings and indicator lights make this unit easy to use.

Washable cleaning/scraping tool removes leftover food from the cooking surface. The cooking plates may be rinsed in the dishwasher. The housing base, cover, and control knobs are wiped clean with a spongy, dry cloth. For harsh stains, moisten cloth.

Product conforms with North American Electrical Standards and has quick corded access. Please watch the product video and the user manual prior to use.


  • 5-in-1 nonstick countertop unit
  • Removable and reversible cooking plates
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Indicator lights indicate ‘Power On’ & ‘Ready to Cook’


  • No adjustable top cover
  • No dual temperature control

2. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

Go for the compact and trendy Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle! Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

A huge griddle is grand for a party, but if you’re cooking for a small family, compact Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle has lots of space for some fried eggs, burgers, or little hash browns for breakfast.

Material & Construction

Made of cast aluminum that defies warping and dispenses heat consistently, Presto Liddle Griddle measures 14-3/4″x10″x2-1/2″ and weighs 3.3lbs. (heat-resistant leg-handle components can be unscrewed for compact storage), and is covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The actual cooking surface is 11″x9″ due to the drip trough. Ideal for small families or a single user, this compact griddle is coated with a faintly-textured, sturdy nonstick finish, it requires little grease, thus, producing healthy meals.


Master heat control preserves even temperatures. 1000W griddle plugs into any 120V, 60Hz outlet. Presto Liddle Griddle allows you to set the temperature and automatically upholds temperatures varying from warm to 400 degrees F.

Pancakes and eggs can be cooked easily on its non-stick surface, this is true for even grilled cheese, quesadillas, chicken, and burgers. The griddle contains a built-in channel to catch fat and oil drippings, just decant it out after cooking.

Ease Of Use

Built-in channel holds oil drippings and boosts convenience; it’s fully-submersible in tepid, soapy water when heat controls are removed. It just wipes down easily after use.

Product has good corded access and is built to North American Electrical Standards.


  • Compact nonstick fully-submersible electric griddle, easy cleanup
  • Cast aluminum that opposes warping, distributes heat regularly
  • Temperature ranges from warm to 400 degrees F
  • Leg/handle pieces are removable


  • Need to monitor temperature carefully
  • No drip tray provided

3. Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel

Cook delectable food using Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel! Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart GR-300WS Elite Grill has varied functions emanating from one impressive unit! This versatile electrical device offers a complete 240 square inches of cooking surface to provide for big parties.

With reversible plates, changeable temperature settings, finer searing capacity, and a completely-adjustable cover, cooking is flawlessly customized and defined every time.

Material & Construction

GR-300WS has dimensions of 14.7″x16.2″x8.1″ and weighs 16.84lbs., it boasts six remarkable cooking functions in smooth brushed stainless steel that shimmers on any countertop.

This stylish unit can undertake any task, with the capacity to grill, griddle, half-grill/griddle, Panini press, for succulent top-melt sandwiches, poultry, and appetizers. Along with detachable, reversible nonstick plates, there’s an included drip tray with cleaning/scraping tool.


1800W 60Hz GR-300WS prepares 1″ steaks to perfection, burgers, chops, poultry, and pancakes with scrumptious results. The temperature control permits to time how long to cook without burning or guessing.

The SearBlast function offers a grill sear that beats top steakhouses, can sear 500˚F for almost 2 minutes at a time. 6-position adjustable height doesn’t squish the food. Upon flipping the grill grate, you get a griddle that cooks eggs, pancakes, and fish filets. You can preheat for cooking at 350˚F.

There are separate temperature controls for top and bottom ranging from 200 Warm, 450 High, 500 Sear mode. Lid locks closed, there is a larger cooking area. Improved drip tray goes along griddle back, it’s angled openly so oil flows back.

Ease Of Use

The electronic display permits setting a timer with dual-zone temperature control, you can griddle eggs on one plate and grill bacon on the other, crosswise a generous cooking surface. The top cover is adjustable, cooking is perfectly easy.

The dishwasher-safe nonstick grill plates are conveniently detachable for simple clean up after even the juiciest, cheesy burgers or sticky sauce/gravy. The product is corded safely and is harmless.


  • Six cooking options in one
  • Dual zone temperature control
  • Sears at 500˚F for nearly 2 minutes at a time
  • Electronic LCD display & blue LED indicator lights
  • 60-minute countdown timer


  • Need to lock the top plate every time you open it

4. Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

Select a perfect kitchen companion by buying Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill! Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

Breville products are an epitome of brilliance. Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill began with the plain actuality that searing meat needs unremitting high heat. Breville Smart Grill’s Element IQ technology closes the discrepancy between indoor and outdoor cooking at an unparalleled new level.

Material & Construction

Outdoor grilling has found a way to your countertop. BGR820XL encourages the fine art of indoor grilling re-envisaged with aptitude, quick response and trouble-free cleaning. There’s better heat control with BGR820XL. It measures 15″x6.5″x16″ and weighs 22lbs. with 1-year warranty coverage.

Removable PFOA-free non-stick plates, adjustable height control with lower settings diminishes any weight on delicate foods and also prevents toppings from being squished.

Adjustable plate tilt fine-tunes the base angle to drain grease and makes completely flat omelets, burgers, and grilled sandwiches.


Timer Control Dial lets you set the timer for your favored cooking time, and 1800W Smart Grill alerts you as the meal is done. Temperature Control Dial offers three temperature settings: low, Panini, and sear, ranging from temperatures of 320F-450F. You can flip the temperature conversion button.

Element IQ auto-adjustment detects temperature drop when cold ingredients are added to pre-heated surface and mechanically injects extra heat to compensate for heat-loss.

In Panini mode, use top/bottom plates to press Paninis. The plate height is adjustable, allowing you to press both large sandwiches and small sliders. There are interchangeable ribbed plates and flat plates.

In barbecue mode, open the plates 180 degrees so the unit lies horizontal, and then grill and sear meat and veggies. Grill plates have included heating elements, the heat is transferred straight to the plate. 110-120V BGR820XL  requires lesser time to heat up and lesser heat loss occurs, which reduces cooking time, augments searing temperatures, and yields juicy meals.

Ease Of Use

BGR820XL has numerous features for big sandwiches, tiny sliders, top melts, or anything; the plates are detachable for easy cleaning and are interchangeable depending on the requirements.

The plates are nonstick manufactured from cast aluminum covered with titanium-infused Quantanium, for oil-free easy cooking and trouble-free cleanup. The stainless steel housing with die-cast arms cooks easily as a barbecue and cleans fast like any kitchen utensil.


  • Removable, dishwasher-safe plates with Element IQ technology
  • Opens simply to ‘BBQ Mode’
  • 6 adjustable height options
  • Integrated, removable drip tray


  • Warranty period could have been better

5. Oster ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Griddle

Redefine the joy of cooking with Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Griddle, Black! Oster ECO DuraCeramic Reversible Grill and Griddle

Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO DuraCeramic reversible grill and griddle is a great kitchen appliance that heats up to 20% faster to conserve energy and time.

Material & Construction

Black-colored brushed stainless steel paneled Oster CKSTGR3007-ECO has exclusive, patented, scratch-resistant, DuraCeramic non-stick ceramic coating which lasts 4 times longer than standard non-stick surface; it doesn’t flake or peel. It measures 22″x5.5″x15.2″ and weighs 7lbs.

It’s two appliances in one, grill/griddle dual-side reversible plate with an adaptable temperature control knob with cool-touch handles, it has fully-removable dishwasher-safe cooking plate allowing easy cleanup.

The secure and natural ceramic coating is PFOA- & PTFE-free, so you griddle pancakes, bacon, and more without being anxious about health.


It’s a huge reversible grill/griddle, with a trouble-free flip it changes from a griddle to a grill for ideal breakfasts, lunches, brunches, and dinners.

Removable drip tray collects oil/grease for healthy cooking. Detachable temperature control and fully submersible/dishwasher-safe base, cooking plate, and drip tray are provided. Removable temperature control precisely sets cooking temperature to attain preferred results while cooking a range of foods. This product is rated at 1500W.

It sears meat to perfection. There’s an aluminum bottom with an embedded heating element at the center. The heat is constant and spreads to the edges and goes up to 450, the meat gets caramelized and seared. It’s equally a stove-top, food/buffet warmer, grill, fat trapper.

Ease Of Use

Oster griddle has a large 10″x18″ cooking surface for you to expediently prepare meals and a warming tray to help keep meals at perfect temperature until you’re prepared to serve. The Dura Ceramic finish cooks 20% faster and it easily wipes clean while the rest is dishwasher-safe.


  • Dura Ceramic non-stick coating that lasts 4x longer
  • 20% faster cooking
  • Scratch-proof


  • A bit slow to attain the desired temperature
  • Drip pan could be more effective and convenient

6. Secura 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle

Become a gourmet chef with Secura GR-1503XL 1700W Electric Reversible 2-in-1 Grill Griddle w/Glass Lid! Secura 1700W Electric Reversible 2 in 1 Grill Griddle

Secura GR-1503XL 1700W electric reversible 2-in-1 grill griddle w/glass lid is a low-tech, space-conserving low-profile combo that cooks at a high temperature to seal juices in and create the seared-on grill marks with a lid that lessens spatter and permits side-ventilation.

Material & Construction

Secura portable electric griddle has a reversible, non-stick cooking plate measuring 15.5″x11.5″, about 180 square inches of cooking space. The weight is 13.6lbs.

Its super-huge cooking surface saves you effort and cooking time permitting quick movement of food as you griddle or BBQ.


2-in-1 space-saving Secura GR-1503XL has detachable heavy-duty tri-ply cooking plate with the embedded heating element between grill and griddle plate.

Removable glass lid averts splatter and maintains heat (moisture vents on sides keep food crunchy) while you barbecue. It contains cool-touch handles and housing, heating indicator light, with removable modifiable thermostat control.

Grease channels help vacate excess oils to accumulate in the drip tray which is detachable and disassembles effortlessly for cleaning.

It heats up rapidly and consistently and makes perfect meals once temperature settings on dial are matched to your recipe. It’s 120V, 60Hz. with 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Ease Of Use

Secura GR-1503XL is safely-corded, only for use with North American Electrical Standards. It’s convenient to use as it has 2 sides to griddle, large grease pan, and disassembles easily.

Cleanup is easier as it comes apart easily, you can use tepid water and mild detergent, the nonstick grill/griddle, glass lid, and plastic handles are easily rinsed. The plastic ‘base’ is lightweight yet well-built – but wipes clean easily.


  • Grill/griddle combo
  • Removable glass lid avoids splatter
  • Large cooking area, grease pan


  • Tends to smoke a little

7. DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill

Refine your culinary skills with DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill andDeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill Open Barbecue, Stainless Steel!

For homeowners seeking to maximize kitchen counter space, DeLonghi CGH1020D Livenza all-day grill with FlexPress System is the ideal appliance. This includes interchangeable high-performance grill/griddle plates to help bring out the flavors in delicious meals.

Material & Construction

Stainless steel CGH1020D Livenza measures 18″x14″x7.5″, and weighs 20lbs. All-day grill and open barbecue makes perfect pancakes, Panini, juicy steaks, and waffles.

It contains hanging self-adjustable hinge, cool-touch handles, safety interlock, oil-drip cup, and a large cooking surface (14.5″x9″).

CGH1020D Livenza has large LCD display for easy viewing, dedicated app to help the cook, die-cast and dishwasher-safe plates, rubber-soft grip, and quick-release buttons.


With its exclusive FlexPress System, prepare meal in many ways such as contact grill/press, grill broiler, full-grill/griddle, half-grill/half-griddle, Panini press or waffle maker, eliminating the necessity for extra appliances.

Livenza includes entrenched heating elements, which avert hotspots for a consistent cooking process, with an included drip tray for healthy grilling. The hanging self-adjustable hinge eases cooking with cool-touch handles without usage of too much pressure.

The extra-wide cooking surface enables cooking multiple dishes for entertaining. The dedicated app offers many cooking tips/recipes. The floating hinge makes hefty sandwiches without crushing them. You can float the grill above to broil. Temperature control is done by 2 knobs, you save time by cooking foods at diverse temperatures on every plate.

Ease Of Use

Large LED Control with vivid and easy-to-read display allows unit to be monitored from far-off. Digital Cookbook App has recommended settings and recipes to ease cooking. The non-stick detachable grill, griddle, and die-cast plates are dishwasher-safe.


  • 5 cooking functions
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe die-cast plates
  • Digital control LED panel
  • Large cooking surface
  • Hanging self-adjustable hinge doesn’t crush/squish food


  • While setting the time, the unit is turned off

8. Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

Fine dining at home is back in fashion with Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle!Zojirushi Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

Zojirushi offers new-generation products that epitomize ease and style in the area of cooking mainly to advance customers’ quality of life through ground-breaking technology.

Tabletop cooking with Zojirushi EA-DCC10 gourmet sizzler electric griddle is interactive and everybody can join in the cooking process to enjoy with family and friends.

Material & Construction

Stainless Brown-colored Zojirushi EA-DCC10 is an electric griddle with a huge cooking surface (19″x12.5″) weighing 12lbs. The extra-large cooking surface is suitable for making breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Hard-wearing ceramic cooking surface including titanium-fortified nonstick coating and fully submersible bodyguard and cooking plate makes it easy to keep clean.


The unit has variable heat settings from Keep Warm (176°F) to 425°F, the device is rated at 120V/1,350W. Instruction manuals are in English and French.

Convenient lid allows for mess-free and speedy cooking. The accessories include a fitting stainless steel spatula.

Ease Of Use

Convenient lid for prompt cooking and steaming averts oil splatter. The unit’s easy-to-clean ceramic cooking surface with in-built titanium-enhanced nonstick coating enhances your ease.

Fully submersible bodyguard and cooking plate easily comes apart for fast cleaning. Designed with security in mind, low-profile design with cooking plate placed inside the bodyguard to shield against scalding; Zojirushi EA-DCC10 is cETLus listed.


  • Clean up is easy & fast
  • Even cooking, no hot (or cold) spots
  • Great lid
  • Non-stick with no signs of wear


  • Runs quite hot

9. MaxiMatic Elite Cuisine Countertop Non-Stick Electric Indoor Grill

Cook any dish with the most acclaimed MaxiMatic EGL-3450GD Elite Cuisine 13-Inch Countertop Non-StickMaxiMatic Elite Cuisine Countertop Non-Stick Electric Indoor Grill, Electric Indoor Grill!

MaxiMatic EGL from Elite Cuisine is a perfect appliance for grilling straight on the dining table or on a kitchen space. The high-quality nonstick coating surface is made-up with suitable grooves to catch and remove any unnecessary grease or drippings within the drip pan underneath.

Material & Construction

MaxiMatic EGL-3450GD comes in the black colored finish with product dimensions of 17.6″x12.5″x3.5″ and weighs 4.5 lbs. It has griddle surface of 13″x9″ with high-quality non-stick coating and has the cooking area of total 125-sq inch. Additionally, it features dishwasher-safe drip tray for convenient use.


MaxiMatic EGL-3450GD has removable flexible thermostat control settings of 195°F-445°F. Make low-fat and healthy food with the convenient dial providing you the vital control to regulate the cooking temperature settings you want. The light indicator will turn on and off as to alert you while the grill is hot and ready to serve.

Ease Of Use

Make flawlessly grilled meats and seafood with perfect veggies anytime with this appliance. Through a high roasting temperature that lets in flavor and a regulating temperature knob to modify grilling, you get the perfect result every time.

Detachable cable allows extreme convenience while cleaning and portability feature as well. The removable drip pan is perfect for soaking excess fats and it can be cleaned effortlessly, as it is dishwasher safe and fully immiscible for better cleaning.


  • Features large cooking area
  • Includes cool-touch safety handles and base
  • Provides low-fat and healthy cooking
  • Adjustable thermostat features


  • Cleaning is a bit tougher

10. Hamilton Beach 38518 Durathon Ceramic Griddle

Effortlessly enliven food preparation with Hamilton Beach 38518 Durathon Ceramic Griddle!Hamilton Beach 38518 Durathon Ceramic Griddle,

Accommodate your life with the finest-quality electric griddle with the brand name Hamilton Beach, prepare satisfying and hassle-proof cooking that eliminates the requirement to clean several pots and pans. It sets perfectly on your countertop while you being more creative on your dish making.

Material & Construction

Hamilton Beach 38518 griddle has attractive black color and the dimensions of 4.2″x14.2″x25.8″ and weighs about 6lbs. It features hard-wearing Durathon ceramic nonstick coating; which are 4 times much sturdier than traditional nonstick that won’t peel or crack off.

It features ample room for a cooking surface with 200 sq. Manufactured with Durathon ceramic, it gives ultimate cooking experience and performance for the long run.


The ceramic griddle appliance has the heat-regulating features for a greater variety of cooking settings, and the handles stay cool to the touch with bare hands throughout the cooking process. Heat regulation is consistent, goes from ‘minimum’ to 400 degree F.

Ease Of Use

Griddles are normally known for quick breakfast preparation as you create perfect pancakes, French toast as well as fried eggs, however, they are handy enough to use at any time. The easy portability features make life a lot simpler while you could cook anywhere at your contentment. The griddle is extremely easy to clean as it’s fully submersible without wasting your precious time. Cord is easy to access and is removable.


  • Large 200 square inch of cooking surface
  • Heat adjustability
  • Ceramic nonstick cooking area
  • Cool-touch handles


  • Some users reported uneven heating for certain dishes

11. Hamilton Beach Reversible Durathon Ceramic Griddle

Elegantly prepare stirring dishes with Hamilton Beach 38519 Beach Reversible Durathon Ceramic Griddle!Hamilton Beach Reversible Durathon Ceramic Griddle

The finest quality of Hamilton Beach ceramic griddle known for its pure quality. With a nonstick ceramic top with four times durability than a conventional griddle, prepare anything you like and the appliance delivers you the desired flavor that you wanted; bring home right away!

Material & Construction

Hamilton Beach 38519 griddle comes in black color finish and has a dimension of 10.7″x3.5″x26.5″ with product weighing about 5.7lbs. It comes with exclusive reversible construction that lets you utilize cord on both sides.

Includes 4 times stronger Durathon ceramic nonstick coating that will not peel off like any other conventional griddle. It has 200 sq. in. of accommodating cooking area. It features a removable drip tray that is dishwasher-safe that catches the excess amount of grease and drips off easily, letting your countertop free of any mess.


The appliance has the flexibility of heat adjustability for a superior range of cooking features. You can prepare your meal with large 200 square inches of cooking surface.

It has adjustable temperature settings with 200-400 degrees and handy power of 1200W. The appliance is ideal for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Griddles are intended for breakfast purposes, and preparing pancakes and fried eggs have never been so easier.

Ease Of Use

Place your griddle anywhere you prefer to cook without using any extension cord. By a unique reversible construction, you can easily take advantage of power cord reversible design attachment features; effortlessly lift off griddle for straightforward cord reversal and clean-up and make life a lot convenient.


  • Unique reversible design
  • Features 4 times stronger Durathon ceramic nonstick-coated cooking surface
  • Flexible temperature control
  • Drip tray for convenient mess cleanup


  • Non-stick coating could have been better

12. Gourmia GEG1800 Digital Grill and Griddle Combo

Engage in the time of fresh home cooking with Gourmia GEG1800 Digital Grill and Griddle Combo!Gourmia GEG1800 Digital Grill and Griddle Combo

Avoid the clutter and stress with the Gourmia grill and griddle combo specially manufactured for all your grilling fun, with unique digital cooker functionalities, a large vented grill segment besides its flat griddle surface for more convenient cooking ever.

Material & Construction

Gourmia GEG1800 has the dimensions of 11″x20.5″x3″ and weighs about 7.95lbs. It has all-in-one electric Hibachi Table arrangements grill and griddle providing for a perfect companion from breakfast to dinner.

Take pleasure in cooking plenty of food right away with handy wide grilling room with two variable grilling textures that’s ribbed with holes and flat for more range in your grilling usability. It features obliging LCD touch display as well. The product has ETL certification so you can be positive that you’re getting safety with high-quality build.


The product has obliging temperature adjustability from temperature ranges from 167 F-482F. With a power of 120v ~ 60hz of 1120W and obtain ideal results at all meal. Includes a trouble-free LCD control panel with 5 temperature settings to make food that is prepared to excellence.

Ease Of Use

The combo grill and griddle comes with perfectly-sized placed grill regions along with flat griddle section, start preparing any meal with an absolute delight. The multitasking well-corded appliance lets you craft main courses with ideal side dishes at the precisely same time. The appliance is easily disassembled to be carefully washed. Every electronics are entirely removable, thus you can wash off the grill with expediency.


  • Combo grill and griddle features
  • Wide grilling area
  • LCD touch controls
  • Easy to clean


  • Manual instructions could have been clear to understand

13. Vremi 20 inch Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove

Make alluring dishes with Vremi 20″ Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove Top!Vremi 20 inch Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove

Vremi universal griddle for stoves is known for retaining flavor thus you can take pleasure in perfect dishes right away with chef-quality recipes for sure.

Material & Construction

The 20″ cast iron griddle has dimensions 18″x12″x2″, weighing 6.75 lbs. With large flat surface as well as hardwearing cast iron griddle, cookware is perfect for pancakes by reversible grill pans outfitted over two burners intended for indoor gas assortment stove top kitchen cooking along with BBQ grilling flavor.

Portable griddle pan designed for vegetable and frying recipes comes with  sturdily fitted side-grip lifter handles thus you can steadily and handily transfer pre-seasoned meals from cooktop barbecues to oven.


It comes with 20″ of pre-seasoned power and reversible 2-side nonstick griddle and grill including nonstick surface coating and grease slope on both surfaces to decrease fat in food for nutritious and delicious meals.

Ease Of Use

The appliance is effortless to use with integrated side grip handles for safe portability, along with a greased slope for reducing excess fats, prepare meal evenly with professional quality food for all. For safe use, try to avoid abrasive cleaners or cleaning in the dishwasher.

For the purpose of pre-season, try to heat in the oven using a brush with cooking oil; you can cover up with tin foil and reheat inside the oven, and for the finest results, wipe dry while it’s cooled down.


  • Comes with two-sided griddle grill
  • Pre-seasoned and heats evenly
  • Traps fat by grease slope
  • Removable with included handle


  • Bit heavy

14. Magicook Electric Reversible Grill Griddle

Make perfect dishes in a hurry with Magicook Electric Reversible Grill Griddle!Magicook Electric Reversible Grill Griddle

Prepare food for the family with this expedient smokeless grill from the brand name Magicook. Get the fun outdoors along with treating your guests to the best home readied meal with hassle-free procedures.

Material & Construction

Magicook reversible grill griddle has the dimensions 19.7″x13.8″x2.8″, with product weight of 6.77 lbs.  The product is outfitted with a changeable thermostat for perfect and safe meal preparation. It has non-stick surface along with a safe to a dishwasher drip pan.


The product is equipped with 5 five different temperature settings. With product Voltage rating of 120V and with the power of 1700 W, you cook your meal exactly to your likings. The grill has a detachable thermostat, which can be regulated to preferred temperature.

Prepare food both indoors or outdoors with this suitable smokeless grill. It has 2-in-1 plate by two faces, with grilling, and another face for griddling; it is effortless to draw grease away even as cooking with helpful grooves.

Ease Of Use

It has lead-free cast iron surface area, is sturdy and trouble-free to clean, which can heat up speedily and consistently. Take this product outdoors or camping and delight your guests to a home meal.

It has a convenient cable length of 65cm for adequate adjustability for cooking. Drain holes along with drip tray arrangements make it easy to gather the used oil. The convenient nonstick drip pan stores drippings as you grill.


  • Flexible cooking controls
  • Removable drip tray
  • Drain holes feature
  • Portable design


  • Some users reported about the uneven heating

15. Emeril Lagasse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle

Delightful treat of great cooking with Emeril Lagasse 62929 Dishwasher safe Nonstick Hard Anodized DoubleEmeril Lagasse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle Burner Griddle!

The best home appliance by Emeril Lagasse is the perfect companion for both home and restaurants; comes with durability, reliability, with the finest performance for sure. Stay cool while making your luscious dishes right in your home with restaurant quality taste to indulge your guest.

Material & Construction

Emeril Lagasse 62929 comes in gray color finish with features of double burner griddle with the dimensions of 21.9″x3.1″x13.8″; item weighs 4.06 lbs.

It has the convenient design being dishwasher-safe. Intended for breakfast, attempt preparing pancakes in one area even as you’re making sausage or bacon on the opposite end of the pan as it provides you double the room for preparing the complete meal.


The product has tempered glass lids to help monitor cooking and it is oven safe to about 350°F and cookware safe to 450°F. Featuring heavy-gauge aluminum for faster and uniform heat distribution and hard quality anodized double burner makes this appliance complete. It has obliging riveted stainless steel handles from stovetop to oven.

Ease Of Use

The triple-layer nonstick coating is trouble-free to clean and is easy for cooking. Sturdy hard-anodized aluminum along with nonstick coating is dishwasher friendly. These pans will set off from stovetop to oven without making any mess. Additionally; there’s no reason to worry regarding frequent clean-up as these pans are durable, with a coating of scratch-resistant nonstick materials denoting that even the toughest foods stains will wipe off easily.


  • Comes with triple-layer nonstick coating
  • Features heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Handy dishwasher-safe manufacturing
  • Solid stainless steel handles


  • Handle design could have been better