Top 12 Best Food Mills – Detailed Reviews & Guide 2022

Preparing soft food for household consumption requires a series of processes like straining, mashing, grinding, and a Top 12 Best Food Mills - Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020 host of others. And a food mill is your go-to kitchen appliance for accomplishing these tasks with minimal effort.

While the food mill isn’t as sophisticated as other kitchen appliances such as the blender, you’ll find this kitchen tool to be quite the workhorse. A typical food mill has three parts, including the bowl, crank, and metal blade. All three play different roles in getting your food item ready for the next phase.

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Advantages of Using a Food Mill

A food mill might appear simple with a somewhat obsolete technology at its core, but there’s a lot you can do with it.

Here are some of the advantages of using the food mill in preparing your soft food:

  • A food mill delivers a more even result
  • It’s less complicated to maintain
  • The food mill can be used to remove seeds from food items such as pomegranates and tomatoes.
  • With a good food mill, you can decide the texture of your soft food.

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Types of Food Mills

Food mills can be categorized based on how they are mounted or their mode of operation. Below are the different Top 12 Best Food Mills - Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020 kinds of food mill:

Bowl Mounted Food Mill

Here, the food mill is built to operate while supported on a bowl. This arrangement ensures the processed food ends up in the supporting bowl. Regardless of the size you seek, there’s a bowl-mounted food mill that fits your specification.

Stand-alone Food Mill

This type of food mill consists of a base that keeps it standing on your kitchen countertop. Unlike the bowl mounted style, the stand-alone food mill is usually larger in capacity.

Table Mounted Food Mill

This manual food mill is equipped with a clamp for securing the device to your countertop or table. Compared to other models, table-mounted units are anything but cheap. Being table mounted, they are much easier to handle, making this type of food mill the ideal choice for processing a large volume of food.

Electric Food Mill

Few kitchen appliances are as efficient as this type of food mill. Being electric-powered makes all the difference here as you work less and get more done as well. However, you might have to shell out more money to take this off the shelf.

Food Mills Vs Food Processor

The food mill might not be as technologically advanced like its sibling the food processor, but it sure does hold its Top 12 Best Food Mills - Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020 own in many ways, including:

  • Total Control

With the use of the food mill, you’re totally in control of how the food is prepared. Using the food processor is synonymous with transferring whatever control you wield to the machine, and the appliance often leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Multifunctional Capabilities

The food mill can be deployed to carry out a lot of tasks that might require several food processing appliances to actualize. Food processors, on the other hand, are limited in their capability.

  • Better Taste

With the food mill, seeds are discarded, giving your sauce or food the original taste you seek. The food processor muddles everything, distorting the taste of the food in the process.

Features of Premium Food Mills

Before you settle for any food mill, there are certain features you need to look out for in the kitchen appliance for optimal performance. All our top food mills listed below possess these attributes including:

Durable Construct

When getting a food mill, you should observe the construction of the kitchen tool. This can affect the durability and performance of the food mill in the long run.

For instance, the position of the grinding plate can influence how food passes through the mill, affecting the texture Top 12 Best Food Mills - Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020 of the output.

Sufficient Capacity

Your choice of food mill has to be capable of keeping up with your demands. This saves you the stress of preparing your food in a bit by bit fashion.

A good example can be sighted when you have to make a gallon of mash potatoes in a single sitting; opting for a food mill with such a capacity reduces your workload. Also, a large-sized food mill keeps wastage at a reduced level as edibles don’t fall off the bowl.

Grinding and Mashing Option

A food mill is a versatile tool that has grinding and mashing capabilities – you need to equip the device with the right discs. You can reduce veggies to a pulp or mash potatoes in a food mill fitted with your preferred options.

Sharp Blades

The food mill’s actions are largely tied to its blade. A sharp blade will do a better job of shredding the food into the desired form compared to a blunt piece. Yet it’s not all down to the state of the blade; its position also counts in the scheme of things.

A sharp blade with ample space separating it from the disk will have little impact on the food added to the mill, regardless of your best effort. The food will continue to be moved around without being ground or mashed. Always opt for a food mill with a sharp blade that’s not so far apart from the disk.

Non-reactive Material

When getting a food mill, confirm the nature of the materials used. With the close contact involved in the functionality of the food mill, every material involved must not react with food. Top 12 Best Food Mills - Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020

Most food mills have metallic parts that are solely stainless steel due to the alloy’s non-reactive nature with food. This way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the food mill.

Ergonomic Handle

When picking a food mill, look out for the nature of its handle. An ergonomic handle makes operating the kitchen tool a pleasant one. Such a handle can affect your grip on the food mill, which might affect the time spent on preparing your meal.

Stable Leg Base

If you’re in the market for a stand-alone food mill, then you shouldn’t ignore the stability of its base. Since the device won’t be clamped to a countertop, you should opt for one that has a sturdy base that is capable of supporting the entire food mill.


To avoid wasting valuable time in the operation of a food mill, you should opt for those that are easier to use. For instance, units with complex setup are best shunned as you’d spend a significant amount of time putting them together.

Easy to Assemble

A food mill that takes a lot to assemble is certainly a kitchen tool you’ll hate to have. It often ends in longer food preparation time, and you could get frustrated if it’s complex and there’s not enough time to spare. With units that are easy to put together, such issues don’t arise.

Low Maintenance

If you don’t want to be stuck with a food mill that appears to add more problems than it solves, avoid units that Top 12 Best Food Mills - Detailed Reviews & Guide 2020 require a lot of maintenance in a short period. Your choice of food mill should be easy to clean without the need for any repair work for a long time after getting the appliance.


The warranty coverage for a food mill could serve as a means of identifying a remarkable product from a lackluster one. Manufacturers tend to offer incredulous warranties on food mills they’re confident about. And if the product fails to meet your expectations, you can always request a refund or replacement.


The cost of food mills differs based on a lot of parameters like the materials used, the construction, accessories, and more. When picking a food mill, you should work with your budget.

But depending on what you are looking for and the size of your budget, a compromise might be unavoidable. Just ensure your choice doesn’t put you under any pressure.


Food mills are available from different brands. Your favorite kitchenware brand might have several food mills in their catalog. While it’s easy to be swayed by the popularity of a brand or your affiliation to specific brands, always put quality above everything else.

Remember that quality could come from a newcomer to the scene, so keep an open mind about the brand of your preferred food mill.

Top 12 Best Food Mills in 2022

Key Features
Key Features
Cuisipro Food Mill 1. Cuisipro Food Mill
●A stainless steel food mill

●4 quarts capacity

●Three discs with distinct openings

●A plastic scraper removes hanging food particles

Granite Ware Deluxe Food Mill 2. Granite Ware Deluxe Food Mill
●A stainless steel food mill

●2 quarts capacity

●Equipped with several discs with variable aperture sizes

Cuisinart Stainless Food Mill 3. Cuisinart Stainless Food Mill
●Stainless steel frame

●Silicon handle and knob

●2.3 quarts capacity

●Discs with tiny gaps of different diameter included

GEFU Stainless Steel Food Mill 4. Stainless Steel Food Mill FLOTTE LOTTE by GEFU
●Comes with two perforated discs

●It’s easy to clean

Cuisipro Food Mill 5. Weston Food Mill
●Sieves and mashes food well

●It’s multifunctional

OXO Food Mill 6. OXO Food Mill
●Suitable for both hot and cold foods

●Easy to store

ExcelSteel Food Mill 7. ExcelSteel Food Mill
●Has very fine holes

●Includes 3 grinding discs

RSVP International Stainless Steel Food Mill 8. RSVP International Stainless Steel Food Mill
●Made from safe materials

●Should be hand washed

Norpro, Silver Food Mill 9. Norpro, Silver Food Mill
●Suited for making all sauces

●Easy to disassemble

Navaris Food Mill 10. Navaris Food Mill
●Easily separates the skin from the seeds

●Comes with a set of 3 discs

Puntula Rotary Food Mill 11. Puntula Rotary Food Mill
●Made of stainless steel

● Come with non-slip handles

LandHope Stainless Steel Food Mill 12. LandHope Stainless Steel Food Mill
●It’s a multifunctional tool 4.1

1. Cuisipro Food Mill

With tools like food mills required for preparing your favorite cuisine, Cuisipro aims to deliver these kitchen Cuisipro Food Mill appliances without compromising quality and aesthetics.

Material and Capacity

This Cuisipro deluxe food mill is made of high-quality stainless steel, so safety concerns shouldn’t arise with this unit. With its 18% chromium content, the stainless steel bowl is resistant to rust and corrosion.

The 10% nickel content gives the alloy its attractive appearance. The stainless steel bowl has a capacity of 4 quarts, making the food mill ideal for preparing soft food for a sizable crowd.


The food mill comes with three disks that have openings of different diameters: 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm. You can easily switch these disks for more control over the texture of the mashed or strained food.

It can be used for pureeing food items. The food mill is also effective at mashing edibles. Unlike many other food mills, this unit from Cuisipro allows you to decide the actual texture of the food by choosing the right disk size.

Durability and Other Features

Due to the use of high-quality stainless steel, this Cuisipro food mill is quite durable. It won’t react with food or deteriorate on frequent use. With the plastic scraper on the inside, there’s no need to push down the strained food using your hands.

The food mill is equipped with an ergonomic non-smooth handle that allows you to operate the device without any inconveniences. Unlike other food mills available, this one is easy to clean. Its stainless steel and food-grade plastic parts suggest you won’t have a problem with cleaning this food mill.

Cuisipro offers a 25-year warranty on this food mill, so you can have it repaired whenever the need arises.

Product Highlights

  • The food mill consists of mostly high-quality stainless steel parts.
  • It’s a manually operated device
  • Plastic scraper keeps the food milling process going smoothly.
  • It comes with three different disks that give you a better grip on the thickness of the food.
  • Cuispro’s 25 years warranty covers this food mill.

2. Granite Ware Deluxe Food Mill

Considered one of the oldest cookware manufacturers in the United States, Granite Ware has a reputation for Granite Ware Deluxe Food Mill producing quality kitchenware. Its 1893 exploits at the World Fair in Chicago will remain evergreen in the mind of many Americans.

Material and Capacity

This food mill from Granite Ware has a stainless steel build, which helps the device survive the effect of food items like tomatoes and applesauce during pureeing, mashing or grinding. With its bowl mounted structure, you can set this food mill atop your preferred pot.

This food mill can deliver 2 quarts of mashed food in one single attempt. While it’s perfect for small household cooking needs, larger gatherings might require something bigger.


With this food mill, you don’t have to remove the skin or seeds of food items as the device handles all these on your behalf. You can puree pomegranates, mash potatoes and grind apples for sauce using this food mill.

Another benefit of using this GraniteWare food mill is that it gives you total control over the thickness of the food. Each disc influences how the food mill handles the food. Considering the close contact with moisture and food, it’s a good thing the discs are made of stainless steel.

Durability and Other Features

With stainless steel forming the bulk of this food mill, the device is impregnable to the effect of moisture and food substances. This ensures the food mill is durable.

In helping you control the thickness of the ground or mashed food, this food mill consists of three discs with varying aperture sizes. This decides the kind of food particle that makes it into the pot.

To ensure the food mill is adequately supported on the pot or bowl, the former is equipped with a pair of end clips.

Keeping this food mill in tiptop condition is as easy as dumping it in the dishwasher, and turning on the machine. The kitchenware is dishwasher-friendly, so you don’t have to spend valuable time scrubbing the food mill with your bare hands.

Product Highlights

  • It’s made of stainless steel.
  • Three discs with distinct perforations are included in the food mill.
  • It’s a manually operated food mill.
  • It can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

3. Cuisinart Stainless Food Mill

Cuisinart is an American brand with a remarkable reputation. The cookware manufacturer is devoted to creating Cuisinart Stainless Food Mill products that go beyond just getting the work done.

Material and Capacity

This kitchen tool from Cuisinart has a stainless steel structure. With the non-reactive alloy constituting a significant fraction of the kitchenware, there’s zero chance of your food being contaminated.

Unlike previously mentioned items, the innovation of Cuisinart is reflected in the choice of a silicon-based handle and knobs. Like stainless steel, silicon doesn’t react with food nor moisture, so it gets the job done without any compromise.

The 2.3 quarts capacity of this food mill is perfect for churning out soft food for a moderate household, but it could slow you down if you have to make food for a large crowd.


There’s a lot you could do with this food mill from Cuisinart. From mashing fruits to grinding edibles to a pulp, this kitchenware is an excellent tool for your kitchen adventures.

Like other food mills considered earlier, this Cuisinart appliance allows you to adjust the size of the processed food. When preparing different sauces and soft food, the thickness isn’t expected to be the same. This explains the inclusion of three discs with openings of varying diameter in this Cuisinart food mill.

Durability and Other Features

Due to its non-reactive nature, stainless steel is often the preferred material for most kitchen tools, and the food mill is no exception. The use of the alloy for this food mill guarantees the durability of the product.

By using the right disc for a certain food item, you’d get an accurate texture for the processed food. To clean this food mill, you can drop it into a dishwasher and let the machine do all the work. This prevents you from spending valuable time washing the food mill manually.

Product Highlights

  • The food mill is made of stainless steel, but it has a silicone handle and knob.
  • It comes with three discs that vary in the size of their apertures.
  • The food mill can be washed using a dishwasher.
  • It’s a bowl-mounted food mill.

4. GEFU Stainless Steel Food Mill

Known for making some of the best kitchen tools, GEFU is a brand that you can trust. From traders to customers to GEFU Stainless Steel Food Mill business partners everybody loves it. Their products are not only effortless to use but also make the preparation easy. You can use them to explore the art of cooking to enjoy homemade and well-made pieces.

Material and Capacity

Stainless Steel Food Mill FLOTTE LOTTE is an indispensable tool for all kinds of preparation. Coming with interchangeable discs and scraper, you can use it to prepare even the most fibrous foods with a sleek. Made of high-grade stainless steel, this kitchen tool has a 2-quart capacity. With its unique built-in vertical plate, you can rest assured that no pieces of food will get stuck.


If you hate the annoying tendency of vegetables and fruits getting stuck within the mills, this is the right mill for you. Coming with a 3mm strainer disc and 2mm grating disc, you can comfortably use it to create baby foods, smooth potatoes, and strain potatoes. Also, it can help you make smooth squash, mashed potatoes, soups, and even much more.

Plus, it has a pulp scrapper to help you remove any accumulated pulp even as you continue working. With its sieving functionality, you’ll get the most from your vegetables and fruits.

Durability and Other Features

Since its entire build is steel you can rest assured that it’s durable. This means your food won’t be affected by corrosion and rust. Featuring a patented mechanic scraper function, this tool is easy to clean and can last a lifetime.

Given that its dishwasher safe, you just need to throw it inside the dishwasher and then wait for the cleaning to take place. The fact that it has removable parts makes it quite easy to use.

Product Highlights

  • It includes two perforated disks
  • All parts are 18/10 stainless steel
  • It’s quite easy to clean with removable parts
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • It’s heavy hence quite stable
  • Using it requires minimal labor

5. Weston Food Mill

Making some of the best kitchen tools, Weston Mills Company will help you take all the hard work from preparing Weston Food Mill food. With their range of kitchen products, you can transform soft foods into purees, artisanal sauces, and soups.

Their high-performance stainless steel discs are meant to grip the food, hold it close and allow you to create that smooth texture. With these tools, you don’t have to seed, peel, or strain.

Material and Capacity

Featuring a 2-quart capacity, Weston Stainless Steel Food Mill should be enough for everything that you want to prepare. Made of stainless steel, you can use it for all your food preparation needs.

It features 3 different grinding discs- one of 3mm, one of 2mm, and one of 8mm. This allows you to prepare fine, medium, and coarse textures. Furthermore, with these discs, you’ll prevent skins and pulp from slipping.


If you are looking for a convenient tool to prepare jellies and fresh jams, this is the right option. With its stainless steel design, it will fit in any kitchen design. This also makes it the best tool for handling both cold and hot foods. More so, with its stainless steel discs, it can comfortably mash the meat. Although its comfortable large handle makes it easy to use you need to put some back on it.

Durability and Other Features

With its stainless steel construction, it will handle heavy use without any wear and tear. What sets it apart is that it’s quite easy to clean. Once you are done with food preparation you just need to toss it inside the dishwasher and it will be clean within minutes.

However, since it’s larger than the others it will occupy the whole dishwasher rack. Overall it’s an affordable choice that provides you with plenty of uses. You can use it to smash and sieve food with great ease.

Product Highlights

  • Approximately 2 quart
  • Three stainless steel milling discs fine, medium, and coarse
  • It sieves and mashes soft foods
  • It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe

6. OXO Food Mill

Having been in the market for over 25 years, this is a company that you can trust. For more than 25 years they’ve OXO Food Mill been making tools that exceed and delight their customers’ expectations. If you are not satisfied with their products, you just need to contact them.

Apart from the food mills, they make coffee makers, container bulk sets, and baking sets. As compared to other companies, they’ve earned a reputation for being the producers of top of the line kitchen accessories.

Material and Capacity

Made of stainless steel, OXO Good Grips Food Mill measures 14.75 x 7.25 x 10.25 and has a capacity of 2.3 quarts. Designed with a rubber handle you’ll enjoy a very comfortable grip. The rubber handle will also ensure your handles are safe. Plus the rubber coating on the legs will provide it with a stable stance so it won’t slip when using the mill.


As a sturdy and simple kitchen utensil, it will help you grind through and demolish any food. Although the design has not changed much, the company has put more effort into modernizing it. So what you have is a tool that looks modern but still works based on the same old principle. If you have a retro-looking kitchen, you don’t have to worry since OXO is evergreen. So it will fit any kitchen.

Durability and Other Features

As a simple and sturdy kitchen utensil, you’ll love it. If you experience any issue with the product you can get in touch with the company for replacement or repair. Unlike others, it’s very easy to set up.

When you are done with food preparation you just need to press the quick-release button. The best part is that it’s a dishwasher safe. To clean it you just need to put all its parts inside a dishwasher.

Product Highlights

  • It prevents staining and suitable for hot foods
  • It comes with 3 non-slip legs
  • Legs folds for easy storage
  • If you experience any issue you just need to contact the company
  • Its dishwasher safe hence very easy to clean

7. ExcelSteel Food Mill

ExcelSteel is a global company that manufactures and supplies kitchen utensils and other accessories. With factories ExcelSteel Food Mill in most countries, its goal is to produce high-quality products. Regardless of what you need, you can rest assured that you’ll get high-quality products. It not only sells strong products but also ensures that customers are satisfied with the products.

Material and Capacity

Made of Sturdy Stainless steel, this is a very strong tool that will ensure the job is done well. Built to withstand the milling and grinding, each of its grinding discs has been constructed with strong material for everyday use and rust resistance. For fine, medium, and coarse texture, it includes 3 stainless steel grinding discs.


If you are looking for a grinding mill to turn your fresh tomatoes into a chunky sauce or fine puree this is the right one. Whether you want to can sauces, grind ingredients, mash foods, and preserve jams, it won’t let you down.

It will also help you create hassle-free applesauce without the need to skin each fruit and vegetable. If you want to expand your horizon and save time while cooking this kitchen tool has it all. By using it, you’ll simplify your life by leaving behind the traditional hard work of using a hand grater or potato masher.

Durability and Other Features

Made of strong stainless steel, this food mill is quite strong and durable. As compared to others, you’ll enjoy the comfort and stability that you need while grinding. If you want to switch the interchangeable discs fast, you just need to use its press release system.

Whether you want to prepare spaghetti sauce for your family or mashed potatoes, you can use it to create a wide variety of homemade foods. You’ll be able to make sauces, can jams, and jellies with a lot of ease.

Product Highlights

  • 3 stainless steel grinding discs
  • It has an easy disc-changing press release system
  • Suitable for making sauces, fresh purees, soups, and much more.

8. RSVP International Stainless Steel Food Mill

RSVP International is a unique company that provides high quality and sustainable cooking and kitchen utensils. RSVP International Stainless Steel Food Mill Their kitchen utensils are durable and offered at affordable prices.

From innovative and fun to timeless classic utensils, their products are made from high-quality materials. Since they believe that every cook deserves high-quality utensils, it’s a company you can rely on. With their utensils, you’ll create good memories that will last a lifetime.

Material and Capacity

Known for producing high quality and durable kitchenware, RSVP International Endurance Food Mill is a kitchen tool that has everything you need in a food mill. Although it may look a bit basic, it’s made from hygienic stainless steel and well-thought design.

To keep the skins out it comes with three blades that give you the option of various consistencies. Also, its wooden handle is consistent and comfortable to hold. As a large-capacity food mill, it has a large bowl and fits well for big batches of food preserves.


Unlike others, this food mill is suitable for all types of cooks. Whether you want to pill the fruits or prepare jellies and sauces on a regular basis, this is the right tool for you. Great for fruits and tomatoes, if you are looking for a mill that will serve you well, this is the right one. To prevent clogging while peeling, you need to remove the wastes periodically. Apart from the fruits and tomatoes, it’s suitable for baby food and mashed potatoes.

Durability and Other Features

Made of superior quality plastic it’s sturdy, tough, and durable. To make it long-lasting all its other parts are made of stainless steel. However, as compared to other models, you cannot put it inside a dishwasher. Its wooden handle makes it more delicate, therefore, suited for hand washing. Since it’s easy to disassemble you can get deeper clean while hand washing.

Product Highlights

  • Made of hygienic and non-reactive materials
  • Measures 8 inches in diameter
  • Can be used to make tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, and strained carrots
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable stainless steel discs
  • Hand washing is recommended

9. Norpro, Silver Food Mill

Founded in 1973, Norpro is a well-established company that manufactures and supplies some of the best Norpro, Silver Food Mill kitchenware. Its vision is to design and manufacture high-quality kitchenware that exceeds customer expectations.

Since they are constantly innovating new products, they produce all the kitchenware that you need. Their products are manufactured with superior craftsmanship and reflect the utmost quality

Material and Capacity

Measuring 3. 75″ x 13. 5″ x 7. 25″ and having a capacity of 2 liters, Norpro, Silver Multi-Purpose Food Mill is the right food mill for mashing and straining vegetables.

Made of stainless steel, whether you are baking sweet or savory, this food mill has you covered. It has a heavy gauge design that adds durability and strength to your work. If you are looking for high-quality cookware, this is the right one.


If you want to make your meal preparation easy, look no further. Coming with simple parts it’s very easy to operate. In fact, if you are using it for the first time you don’t need any instructions. Featuring a 2.2-quart capacity, it’s the right tool for thinner sauces such as apple.

The best part is that you can create your applesauce at whatever texture you want. Since it turns well and easily you’ll be impressed at how quickly it will work through your vegetables and fruits.

Durability and Other Features

Made of durable stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about this tool. Although it’s a pricey model it will make a great addition to your kitchen. It strains so well hence minimizes the chances of skin or seeds passing through the sauce.

Furthermore, it’s a dishwasher safe. Even after dishwashing it several times, you don’t have to worry about any deterioration. Overall, it’s one of the best products in the market.

Product Highlights

  • It’s a masher, strainer, and ricer
  • It measures. 75″ x 13. 5″ x 7. 25″
  • It’s suitable for purees and sauces
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Made of stainless steel

10. Navaris Food Mill

KW-Commerce is an international eCommerce company and one of the largest companies out there which is Navaris Food Mill renowned for offering the best quality products to the customers all over the world.

Material and Capacity

Made of stainless steel, Navaris Stainless Steel Food Mill has a bowl that measures 7.5 x 2.95 inches and comes with a total capacity of 1 liter. To help you yield different consistencies, it includes three grinding discs. This means you can prepare food with fine, medium, and coarse texture.


If you are looking to prepare hot soups, homemade and healthy baby food, sauces, and fruit juice, then look no further. This food mill has you covered. You can effectively use it to mash and sieve foods so as to make anything including mashed potatoes, berries, baby soups, and side dishes full of vitamins.

With this kitchen accessory, you’ll enjoy healthy and delicious meals right there at home. It’s also suitable for making large batches of baby foods right there at home.

Durability and Other Features

As a handy kitchen device, you can expect it to serve you for several years. Easy to use and clean, you just need to place it on top of a bowl or pot and allow the food to pass through it directly to the bowl.

For easy cleaning, it’s dishwasher safe hence you don’t have to worry. Before every use, you need to wash it thoroughly. More so, if you want to get the best results, steam or cool the food before using it.

Product Highlights

  • You can use it to make fresh healthy foods and baby foods
  • It easily separates the seeds and skins from the fruits
  • Comes with a set of 3 discs
  • It’s easy to use and clean

11. Puntula Rotary Food Mill

Pantula is a company that focuses on making the best kitchen gadgets. Since they have an established business Puntula Rotary Food Mill relationship with several companies their aim is to ensure that the products reach as many customers as possible. If you have any issues with their products you can get in touch with them.

Material and Capacity

Made of 201 stainless steel, Pantiula Food Mill is manufactured from high-quality materials. This makes it more durable than plastic material. Apart from its steel construction that can be used for a long time, it’s fitted with a smooth surface that’s dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. Also, with its interchangeable mill discs, it’s suitable for preparing fine, medium, and coarse textures.


Featuring an ergonomic design, you can comfortably use it to puree fruits and vegetables, separate the skins and seeds and effortlessly mash and sieve soft foods.  Its fine discs are suitable for baby food, sauces, and jellies,  medium for vegetable soups and applesauce, and coarse for mashed potatoes and chunky sauces. For easy assemble and disc exchange, it has a spring-loaded lever.

Durability and Other Features

Just like other food mills, it’s made of durable stainless steel. You can, therefore, use it for a long time without any issue. As a multifunctional tool, it’s ideal for pureeing and grinding foods for different occasions. More so, the fact that its dishwasher safe means it’s quite easy to clean and maintain.  It’s therefore the best product for all your kitchen needs.

Product Highlights

  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable mill discs
  • Features non-slip handles
  • Multifunction for festivals

12. LandHope Stainless Steel Food Mill

LandHope is an amazing company that concentrates on manufacturing kitchen utensils and other appliances. Unlike LandHope Stainless Steel Food Mill other companies, their kitchen tools are made of high-quality stainless steel material to ensure durability. These kitchen tools are also available in different designs and patterns. Manufactured from superior steel, all their products are resistant to scratch and rust.

Material and Capacity

LandHope Food Mill kitchen tool is made of high-grade stainless steel. Designed from high-quality materials, it’s not only safe but also easy to clean. If you are looking for something that can last a lifetime, this is the best.

To enable you to interchange the discs efficiently and fast it has an easy press and release. Coming with a 2-quart capacity and 3 size discs, this tool will meet all your milling needs. Whether you are pureeing or straining, it will save you a lot of time.


Fitted with comfortable handle design, it’s not only different from other grinders but is also practical and easy to handle. Whether you are mashing, grating, straining, or ricing you’ll find it very easy to use. It’s also fitted with improved side hooks to allow you to hang it up when not in use. You can also fit it with the hook at the edge of the container while grinding or mashing food.

Durability and Other Features

Given that it’s made of strong stainless steel, this kitchen mill is strong and stable. You can use it for several years without developing any defect. It’s also dishwasher safe hence quite easy to clean. If you encounter any problem along the way, you just need to contact the company and they will solve it within 24 hours. Overall, it’s functional and easy to clean.

Product Highlights

  • Made of high-grade stainless steel
  • It’s a multiuse mill
  • Provides a comfortable handle design
  • Comes with unique side hooks
  • Provides a worry-free shopping


How do food mills work?

A food mill operates by pushing food through a disc with apertures. This explains why they are used to strain and mash food items.

Can you use a food processor as a food mill?

The food processor can do a lot of things that are possible with the food mill. But texture differences and the former’s inability to dislodge seeds or undesired skin ensures it continues to play second fiddle to the food mill.

Does a food mill remove potato skins?

Yes, a food mill can remove potato skin when the kitchen tool is used to process potatoes, which can be easily discarded from the surface of the mill. Without a food mill, peeling hot potato is unavoidable.

Will a food mill remove raspberry seeds?

A food mill is capable of removing seeds from berries like the raspberry, but you need to use a disc with the right perforations.


With a food mill, you can make soft food that is free of seeds and dry fruit skin. Unlike the food processor, a food mill allows you to control the texture of the food. Different food mills abound, which complicates the process of making the right choice. This piece was put together to assist you in getting it right the first time.