Top 15 Best Electric Burners – Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020

Portable and compact electric burners are ideal for placing on small kitchen countertops or even for taking along onTop 15 Best Electric Burners - Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020 camping trips, in student dormitories, small offices as well as a variety of other residential or commercial uses.

Today, the best electric burners come in a wide range of designs and styles and you can select ones with stylish glass tops, ceramic or clean metallic finishes. You can also find models with one or five burners all in a range of diameters and element sizes. High-end models come with advanced controls that constantly monitor and adjust the heat output for precise and consistent temperature control.

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With the best electric burners, you get plenty of cooking flexibility. You can select smaller models that do not take up too much space on the countertop and can be used alongside the main cooking range for warming food. The burners also heat up quickly and uniformly so you can finish your cooking faster and free up time for other things. Versatile electric burners can be used with a variety of cookware so you can easily cook all of your favorite dishes.

These days the sheer choice in electric burners can be overwhelming, so, to simplify matters, we have come up with this guide that can help you shortlist the best electric burners for your kitchen or on the go.

Here, we will present top-rated electric burner reviews and also follow this up with some frequently asked questions on the topic. You will also learn the important factors to consider while selecting high-quality burners along with the different types available in the market.

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Advantages of Selecting High-Quality Electric Burners

The best electric burners have the following advantages:Top 15 Best Electric Burners - Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020

Easy to set up

Electric burners have a distinct advantage over gas powered units which need a pipeline as well as a call to the utility company to establish a gas connection. Alternatively, in case of gas burners, you’d need to install a propane gas cylinder or liquid petroleum gas cylinders which can be dangerous as well as tedious to set up. Compact electric burners have a plug-and-play operation and do not need too much of the hassles which come with the installation of gas-powered burners. You can easily set the burner in any kitchen outlet.

Elegant and stylish

The best electric burners take a step up in style and performance. You can select smooth ceramic-glass top with ribbon burners or go for concealed, easy-to-clean units that can enhance any décor.

Easy clean up

The best electric burners come with porcelain, glass, or ceramic cook tops as well as coated grates that are easy to clean. Some user-friendly burners also have sealed grates that make clean up a breeze. These days, you can also select models with liftable knobs that make it easy to remove stuck in food bits.

Sized to fit

Whether you have a miniscule kitchen or a kitchen fit for a King, high-quality electric burners can easily fit into the available space. Electric countertop burners are available in standard sizes of 15, 30, 36, 45, and 48 inches. Many home owners prefer the 30-inch models which can come with 3 or 4 burners. If you want, you can even go in for 15-inch single or double burner models used alone or in combination with grills, fryers, or ovens. 45 and 48-inch Top 15 Best Electric Burners - Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020behemoths are for the professional chefs who can use the 4 burners along with added accessories like grills and griddles. Small and compact electric burners with single burner units are even portable.

Heat up in seconds!

These days, people want things done quickly and that especially means cooking. With high-quality electric burners, advanced technology can heat the coil to full-power in seconds.  This speeds up cooking times so you can get other stuff done.

Convenient, compact, and portable

Small-sized, light-weight burners consume little space and make travel easier. These easy-to-install and easy-to-clean units are very convenient for students, frequent travelers, for RVs, camping sites, etc.

Versatile for variety of cooking methods and utensils

You can easily fry, roast, sauté, grill, slow-cook, and steam foods using a high-quality electric burner. They can be used with a wide variety of cooking ware, pans, soup pots, griddles, pressure cookers, stainless steel utensils, and even for ceramic and glass ware.

Safe and durable

Electric burners are safe when used correctly; a lot safer than gas powered burners. There is no fire hazard, radiation, chemicals, carbon monoxide, etc which makes electric burners very safe.  High-quality burners made with superior ingredients also resist corrosion and rusting and, as a result, last for a long time.

Eco-friendly and efficientTop 15 Best Electric Burners - Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020

No fire, no radiation, no chemicals, and no wood or gas burning make electric burners safe as well as eco-friendly. Many are even designed to consume very little electricity so you don’t see a rise in your electricity bills.

Main Types of Electric Burners

Electric burners are of the following types:

Conventional coil elements

Coil element electric burners are the most conventional and inexpensive type. They have a good heating speed and the coil elements are quite versatile. For example, you can have raised canning element or contoured elements. In case of conventional coils, the electrical resistance creates heat. The wire encased in metal tubes filled with insulation materials is flattened and shaped such that it comes in maximum contact with the utensil. Heat travels from the coil to the utensil via conduction and radiation.

Concealed coil/ Glass ceramic countertops

In this case, the coils are located under smooth glass ceramic top. The heat radiates to the glass surface where it travels to the utensil through radiation and conduction. The glass ceramic countertops can withstand heat up to 1300 F and do not warp or crack. Advances in this technology have ensured that the heating process is rapid and quick. These burners look elegant and suit various decors. However, they can be expensive.


Halogen burners blast heat from a powerful bulb that warms quickly and reacts rapidly to temperature adjustments. Advanced models even come with push-button controls for a more accurate temperature adjustment.Top 15 Best Electric Burners - Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020

Features of High-Quality Electric Burners

These are the features on which we have selected the top-rated 15 electric burners.

Available space

Whether you select a free-standing unit or a built-in model, it should fit in the available space. Freestanding models may be 20 to 40 inches wide so measure the space available before you shop. The outlet (110 V) where you will plug the burner in should be conveniently located so that you can easily set it up.

Lightweight and compact/easy to transport

If you intend to take the portable electric burner with you on a camping trip or to set up in a student’s dorm, you need a model that is easy to carry, lightweight, and compact.

Suitable for the cookware/utensils you have

A glass top, concealed electric burner can only be used with flat-bottomed utensils or un-warped cookware. Some units need magnetic bases in the cookware. Using irregularly shaped pots, woks, and other items may be prohibited in such burners. So, select a unit that works with the existing cookware (stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, or sturdy glass) instead of investing in both- a cookware set and a new burner.

Adjustable temperature control

An electric burner that is portable often does not have temperature control or other adjustments. So, select a model Top 15 Best Electric Burners - Detailed Guide & Reviews 2020which offers at least 2 separate 4-6 temperature controls. These features will help you cook a wider range of dishes and use the burner for different utensils as well as methods of cooking.

Quick to heat and longer heat retention

High-quality electric burners with a high power-setting are quick to heat and also retain heat longer – ideally it should keep food warm for at least 20 minutes after being switched off.  This is a convenient feature while cooking outdoors in campsites and for busy students or professionals that barely have any time for cooking.

Stable, sturdy, safe, and easy to clean

Look for compact electric burner with anti-skid feet which hold the burner in place while cooking. Also, select a model that is easy to clean and has high-quality materials that won’t rust or corrode over time. There should be no radiation, harmful gases, or odors that can harm pregnant women or other vulnerable people.


Electric burners are used in homes, professional kitchens of restaurants or cafes, dorms, offices, RVs, campsites, student accommodations, and pretty much anywhere where you do not want loud noisy cooking. So, look for a silent unit that does the job without the noise.

Top 15 Best Electric Burners in 2020

What can it press?
Cuisinart 2-Plate Burner with 1300W and 500-W Plates 1. Cuisinart 2-Plate Burner with 1300W and 500-W Plates
Durable and sturdy 4.8
Cadco CSR-3T Single Burner for Canning 2. Cadco CSR-3T Single Burner for Canning
On/off rocker switch 4.8
CUKOR Multi-functional & Lightweight 2-Burner Electric Stove 3. CUKOR Multi-functional & Lightweight 2-Burner Electric Stove
Thermal overheating fuse protection 4.7
Techwood Store Infrared Powerful & Safe Double Burner Stove 4. Techwood Store Infrared Powerful & Safe Double Burner Stove
Safe, sturdy, and built to last 4.6
Duxtop Compact & Easy-to-Carry 10-Power Levels Burner 5. Duxtop Compact & Easy-to-Carry 10-Power Levels Burner
10 temperature ranges from 140 F to 460 F 4.6
Ovente 2-Coil Burner for Fast & Uniform Heating 6. Ovente 2-Coil Burner for Fast & Uniform Heating
Lightweight, compact, and portable 4.5
CUSIMAX Portable Black Hot Plate 7. CUSIMAX Portable Black Hot Plate
Durable and long-lasting 4.5
CUKOR Electric Double Coil Burner 8. CUKOR Electric Double Coil Burner
Weighing less than 4 lb 4.5
DUXTOP ES-3102 Durable and Compact 1-Coil Burner with Handles 9. DUXTOP ES-3102 Durable and Compact 1-Coil Burner with Handles
7.5 inches in diameter 4.4
Maxi-Matic Elegant Hot Plate 10. Maxi-Matic Elegant Hot Plate
Non-skid rubber feet 4.3
Techwood High-Quality & Compact Cooktop 11. Techwood High-Quality & Compact Cooktop
Easy cleanup 4.2
Prime Pacific Trading Company’s Better Chef Double Electric Burner 12. Prime Pacific Trading Company’s Better Chef Double Electric Burner
Safety thermal shutoff 4.1
Elite Gourmet Hot Plate for Versatile Cooking 13. Elite Gourmet Hot Plate for Versatile Cooking
Dual adjustable temperature controls 4.0
IMUSA Single Burner for Indoor/Outdoor Cooking 14. IMUSA Single Burner for Indoor/Outdoor Cooking
Power Indicator Light. Non-slip rubber feet 4.0
Aroma Housewares Single Coil Electric Burner 15. Aroma Housewares Single Coil Electric Burner
Die-cast metal construction 3.9

1. Cuisinart 2-Plate Burner with 1300W and 500-W Plates

The Cuisinart dual plate burner is equipped with a small and large burner plates having 500W and 1300 W Cuisinart 2-Plate Burner with 1300W and 500-W Platesrespectively. Thanks to its compact and portable size, this burner makes a great addition to any kitchen or even ideal for use in campsites, student dorms, offices, etc.

Main features

Cuisinart dual burner heats up quickly even retains the heat for nearly 20 minutes after switching off.  The appliance is easy to set up and does not need any special outlet; simply plug and go in a regular kitchen outlet.  The best part about the Cuisinart is its heat-retention feature. This keeps food warm for a long time – ideal for students and busy professionals.  An ‘ON’ light indicates that the unit is on- making it very safe for people with children or those who tend to forget things. The quiet unit does not make any noise making it perfect for use around babies, elderly patients, or even students, professionals, or for office rooms and dorms.

Types of cookware compatible

Use the Cuisinart dual burner easily with 12-inch cast iron pan, pressure cooker, ceramic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Tech specs

Cuisinart needs 110 V input to deliver 1800 W which is split as 1300 W on the larger plate and 500W on the smaller. The silver-colored unit is quite compact and can easily fit in a small kitchen, a dorm room, a camping vehicle, etc. Its sturdy cast-iron plates burn quickly and retain heat longer as well. Each plate has separate temperature control knobs where you can adjust the temperature in between 6 settings.

Safety, sturdiness, durability, portability features

Small and compact, the unit measures 5.75” (L) x 22.50” (W) x 15.25” (H) making it easy to take anywhere one wants (as long as there is a 110 V AC outlet). The cast-iron plates are anti-rust and anti corrosion. Likewise, the brushed stainless-steel housing keeps the unit easy to clean and shiny for many years.

The unit has an ON indicator light as well as a green ‘ready’ light to show you when the plates are hot. Non-slip rubber feet keep the unit stable even on low-traction or slippery surfaces.


  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly and retains heat well
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money.

2. Cadco CSR-3T Single Burner for Canning

If you are looking for a burner for canning or taking along in an RV or for camp-site cooking, this one it is! The Cadco CSR-3T Single Burner for CanningCadco CSR-3T single burner hot plate is compact, sturdy, and comes with infinite heat control so you can get the cooking done quickly and efficiently.

Main features

Cadco CSR-3T single burner hot plate comes with an 8-inch tubular coil which heats up within minutes. You can control its temperature thanks to the Robertshaw thermostat that easily attains the desired temperatures quickly. A power light indicates whether the unit is on. The coil and the surrounding surfaces are easy to clean and the On/OFF rocker switch make this appliance very reliable and efficient.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

Easily use this hot plate with stainless steel, with your canning equipment, with heavy pressure cookers, aluminum and Teflon coated utensils, sturdy and temper-proof glass ware, and even cast iron utensils. It works great for water-bathing and pressure canning when you make pickles, jams, etc. Avoid using plastic cookware as instructed by the manufacturer. Also, avoid pots that measure more than 10-quarts or those larger than the coil diameter which is 8”. Many people have safely used the Cadco CSR-3T single burner hot plate for distilling continuously over 3 hours.

Tech specs

Cadco CSR-3T single burner hot plate is proudly manufactured in the USA. The material is stainless-steel while the hot-plate is a high-speed, 8” coil with Robertshaw thermostat. The plate works on 120 V and attains 1500W output.

Safety, sturdiness, durability, portability features

Cadco CSR-3T single burner hot plate is easy to clean and housed in sturdy stainless steel housing. It comes with non-slip rubber feet and can be placed on solid surfaces, indoors or outdoors (as long as there is a 120 V outlet) for hours. This reliable unit can be safely used for hours at a time. It conforms to the UL safety and C-UL sanitary standards.


  • Warms quickly
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Value for money

3. CUKOR Multi-functional & Lightweight 2-Burner Electric Stove

CUKOR multi-functional dual burner stove is perfect for different cooking methods like frying, stir-frying, sautéing,CUKOR Multi-functional & Lightweight 2-Burner Electric Stove steaming, pressure-cooking, canning, and roasting. You can even use it for barbecuing. And since it occupies very little space, it is ideal for any living sizes.

Main features

Truly versatile electric stove, the CUKOR is ideal for camp, home, office, or dormitories. It is small, lightweight, and compact, and can be easily carried in RVs, cars, etc. It heats fast and reaches high temperatures within a few seconds. You can be assured of even and uniform heating and there is no noise, radiation, or harmful byproducts released by it.

Tech specs

The surface temperature CUKOR multi-functional dual burner stove can reach up to is 1256 F. It uses infrared radiation to evenly distribute heat.  Dimensions of the unit are 44.5 x 26 x 5 cm (L x W x H). One burner is about 7 inches in diameter while the other measures 5.9 inches.  The energy-efficient stove can save nearly 30% electricity when compared to induction stoves.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

This truly versatile and multi-functional dual burner can be used with all kinds of cookware. Use it with a wok, frying pan, aluminum or stainless steel utensils, ceramic cookware, glass, stove top teapots, and even steak plates. You can also use the burners for Teppanyaki and barbeques.

Safety, sturdiness, durability, ease of use

CUKOR multi-functional dual burner stove has a sturdy stainless steel body built to withstand frequent use. The sturdy burners can also withstand cold overflowing water on them. Once the burners are cool, you can simply clean them with a cloth.  High-quality ceramic glass has high heat-efficiency, is crack-resistant, and therefore is durable and long-lasting.

The burners cycle on and off to maintain temperatures. CUKOR stove is equipped with an over-heating fuse for added protection. All CUKOR multi-functional dual burner stoves undergo BSCI and ETL certification to maintain safety standards.


  • Compact and portable size flatters any room sizes
  • Thermal overheating fuse protection
  • Compatible with all kinds of cookware
  • Durable, sturdy, long-lasting
  • Easy to use and clean
  • ON/OFF light indicator.

4. Techwood Store Infrared Powerful & Safe Double Burner Stove

Versatile and safe is what the Techwood Hot Plate with Infrared Ceramic Burner is all about. Heat up and cook foodTechwood Store Infrared Powerful & Safe Double Burner Stove quickly and safely in all kinds of cookware.

Main features

The versatile Techwood store infrared ceramic stove is compatible with all kinds of cookware. It can be easily carried thanks to its cool handles that remain cook even after cooking recently on the burners. This makes it easy to use at campsites. The stove comes with temperature control knobs so you can get the exact temperature range you are looking for. A power ON indicator light tells you when the unit is on.

Tech specs

This stove is small and compact and measures about 22 inches in length including the handles. The width of the stove is about 8 inches while the height is approximately 4 inches. It does not weigh more than 10 kilos. Stylish cast-iron black handles remain cool throughout so you can carry this stove after cooking. Adjustable thermostats conveniently let you adjust temperatures. Infrared technology leads to even and uniform heating. Powered by 1800W infrared technology it can easily reach high temperatures while reducing heat losses. 1-meter power cord can be connected to 120 V standard outlet.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

Techwood Hot Plate with Infrared Ceramic Burner is versatile and can cook a variety of different foods like warm sauces, make scrambled eggs, heat soups, cook veggies and pastas, rice, etc. Use it with any cookware you have in your house including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, and non-magnetic cookware. You can use it as an extra burner to warm your dishes.

Safety/portability/ durability/ease of use

The brushed stainless steel body of the Techwood Infrared Ceramic Burners keeps things easy to clean as well as long-lasting and durable. Cooking is also easy, safe, and harmless thanks to the infrared technology there are no toxic gases or fumes released. Ergonomically designed stove with handles is also compact and its small size makes it perfect for confined spaces, cramped kitchens, dorm rooms, office spaces, etc.

There is no HF radiation making this a safe choice for pregnant women, children, and also to use around pets. No open flames also keep things safe. Non-slip rubber feet keep this stove stable and wobble-free.


  • Easy to use, to maintain, and carry around
  • Safe, sturdy, and built to last
  • Value for money

5. Duxtop Compact & Easy-to-Carry 10-Power Levels Burner

Duxtop induction cookware is easy to use as well as portable. So you can easily take it along on your trips and use it Duxtop Compact & Easy-to-Carry 10-Power Levels Burnerwith 120 V, 15 A standard electric outlets. Its 10 power levels also make it easy to cook all your favorite dishes.

Main features

Duxtop Induction Cooktop has been around for over a decade. The new version was recently upgraded with powerful features which include 10 power levels from 200 to 1800 W, 10 temperature ranges from 140 F to 460 F, built-in count down timer with increments, ON/OFF settings, easy-to-read LED display and intuitive control panel. The lightweight burner from Duxtop heats rapidly and is compact enough for easy storage and portability. It also comes with a  low/high voltage warning system.

Tech Specs

Duxtop induction cookware comes with a 5-ft long power cord and works on standard 120 V, 15 A settings. It has high and low voltage warning indicator. An auto-pan detection system switches off the cooktop if no pan is detected within 60 seconds. You can choose power levels between 200-1800 W with temperature ranges from 140-460 F. The built-in digital timer comes with 1-minute increments.  Duxtop comes with an electromagnetic coil that creates a powerful electromagnetic field. Dimensions of the burner are 13 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches – ideal for confined spaces and ease of portability.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

The cooktop works with special stainless steel and cast aluminum enameled iron pots having magnetic bottoms as well as cast iron utensils.

Sturdiness/safety/portability features

Lightweight and compact induction burner from Duxtop works with standard electrical outlets and can be easily transported or placed in cramped work areas. The 5-ft long cord eases things. Premium glass surface is easy to clean. The cooktop is also loaded with low and high voltage indicator as well as diagnostic error message system. When used with recommended cookware, this induction cooktop can give you many years of service.


  • Excellent heat output and uniform heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Temperature control and diagnostic error message systems

6. Ovente 2-Coil Burner for Fast & Uniform Heating

Ovente portable 2-coil burners come with multiple functions that fit well with your cooking needs. Its adjustable Ovente 2-Coil Burner for Fast & Uniform Heatingtemperature control lets you set ideal cooking temperature so you can whip up your favorites within no time.

Main features

Ovente portable 2-coil burner is designed to make cooking time stress –free. It heats up quickly and uniformly without leaving cold and hot spots. This is a cooking stove you can count on: it keeps desired heat steady and is especially perfect for those on a tight space. An On/Off indicator light eases operation and its fire-resistant metal housing keeps the burner durable and long-lasting. Adjustable temperature control, On/Off indicator light, and non-slip feet are some other features of the Ovente portable 2-coil burner.

Tech specs

Ovente portable burner comes with two coils having 6 and 5.7 inch diameters. It’s compact, flat, and lightweight design makes it ideal for cooking at campsites, in office kitchens, small apartments, and even in student dormitories. Powered by 120 V, the Ovente burners give an output of 1700W. Its dimensions are 18.4 x 9.7 x 3 inches making it compact for cramped spaces. It is also lightweight and weighs less than 5 lbs.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

Easily use stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and other common kitchen cookware with the sturdy coils of the Ovente so you can cook all your family favorites.

Portability/sturdiness/safety features

This is a fast and hassle-free burner. It is powerful, durable, and space-saving. Being lightweight, it can be easily carried to campsites, student hostels, or even to your office. Ovente’s durable fire-resistant metal housing can last for years. Cleaning the shiny metal surface is also easy: simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Ovente 2-coil burner is equipped with non-slip rubber feet that keep it stable and wobble-free on all surfaces.


  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable temperature control.

7. CUSIMAX Portable Black Hot Plate

The stylish and cute high-quality plate from Cusimax is sure to impress any chef. It is equipped with an adjustableCUSIMAX Portable Black Hot Plate temperature control knob, durable cast-iron housing, and non-skid feet which keep the electric hot plate stable on any surface.

Main features

Cusimax portable hot plate is very powerful at 1500W. It comes with 7 thermostatically controlled heat settings for cooking a variety of dishes with ease including warming sauces, soups, making pastas, etc. Being very lightweight and portable, it can be carried to campsites, dorms, in RVs, etc. Alternatively, use it as an extra cooking appliance in the kitchen.

Thanks to the hot plate’s versatility, it is bound to be an indispensable cooking assistant in your kitchen. Whether you need an extra burner to keep food warm during large get-togethers or are facing an issue with your existing kitchen appliances; this is the hot plate for you!

Tech specs

7 thermostatically controlled heat settings at 1500W, voltage 120 V and frequency of 60 Hz. The dimensions of the Cusimax hot plate are 11.6 x 7.79 inches – compact enough for small and cramped spaces. The heating surface of the hot plate is 7.4 inches in diameter. No noise, no radiation, adjustable temperature control knob, thermal fuse to prevent overheating, are some powerful features of the Cusimax Electric Hot Plate.

Types of cookware it can be used with

The high-quality cast iron hot plate can be easily used with pots and pans in the diameter range of 4-7.4 inches. You can use any cookware such as metal, ceramic, cast-iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc with the Cusimax Electric Hot Plate.

Portability/sturdiness/safety features

The Cusimax Electric Hot Plate is completely safe to use around pregnant women, elderly people, kids, and pets as it does not emit any harmful gases, smoke, or electromagnetic radiations. The small and lightweight hot plate can be carried anywhere with ease and used in small, cramped up spaces without occupying too much space. Durable cast-iron plate is long lasting and the unit comes with an overheating fuse protection that keeps it in service for years to come.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to use.

8. CUKOR Electric Double Coil Burner

Cukor electric burner is the perfect travel companion. It is small in size and yet very efficient. It consumes very little CUKOR Electric Double Coil Burnerspace and hence makes the perfect cooking companion for student accommodations, offices, camping and fishing trips, etc.

Main features

CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate is a smoke-less cooking appliance safe for pregnant ladies and kids. It is very compact and works with all kinds of cookware. As it does not need a countertop, it is the perfect cooking appliance for student accommodations and campsite cooking. It takes about 10 minutes to pre-heat and remains warm for about 20 minutes- keeping food warm longer. Other top features of the CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate are anti-over-flow mechanism, anti-sticking of food, no HF radiation, and compatibility with all kinds of cookware.

Tech specs

CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate provides 1800W (900 W + 900W plates) at 120 V and 60 Hz frequency. Its dimensions are 17.5 x 10.2 inches.  The noise-free cast-iron hot plate won’t emit any electromagnetic radiation and is ideal for use around kids, patients, and pregnant women. Stainless steel body is designed to withstand frequent use. Easy-to-operate knob control makes temperature adjustments easy on the CUKOR electric hot plate. A thermal fuse helps prevent overheating and

Types of cookware it can be used with

The CUKOR Cast-Iron Electric Hot Plate can be used for making soups, frying, slow cooking, barbecues, Teppanyaki, and other family favorites. Use it with steak plate, pressure cookers, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminum cookware. Avoid using pans having diameters more than 7.1 inches.


Weighing less than 4 lb, this portable plate is ideal for office kitchens, student accommodations, and other cramped spaces.  4 anti-slip feet keep the hot-plate firmly planted on the countertop.  Unit is very safe as there is no odor, gas, fire hazard, HF radiation, etc. Corrosion-resistant cast-iron housing keeps the burner long-lasting. A working indicator shows you when the unit is ON. It also cycles on and off to maintain temperatures.


  • Compact, lightweight
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Excellent temperature control.

9. DUXTOP ES-3102 Durable and Compact 1-Coil Burner with Handles

The DUXTOP ES-3102 comes with cool-touch handles so you can easily carry this portable single burner unit DUXTOP ES-3102 Durable and Compact 1-Coil Burner with Handleswherever you want. It heats quickly and provides a powerful output of 1500 W. Its small and compact size makes it ideal for cramped kitchens, student hostel rooms, offices, campsite cooking, and many other uses.

Main features

The DUXTOP ES-3102 cast iron burner comes with an indicator light that tells you when the unit is on and also cycles off and on to attain the desired temperature. The compact hot plate leaves a small footprint and is ideal for cramped student accommodations, offices, camping/utility vehicles, etc.  Anti-slip rubber feet, sturdy cool –touch handles, temperature control knob and heating indicator light are some other top features of the DUXTOP ES-3102 hot plate. It comes with a brushed steel housing and durable cast-iron plate that last long and are designed for frequent use.

Tech specs

DUXTOP ES-3102 comes with a brushed stainless steel body. The cast iron aluminum coil is sturdy and measures 7.5 inches in diameter. The ETL approved ES-3102 works at 120 V and 60 Hz standard electrical outlet to give an output of 1500W. Thermostat adjustable temperature control makes it easy to keep this unit flexible and suitable for a variety of dishes.

Types of cookware compatible with the DUXTOP ES-3102

The DUXTOP ES-3102 is very versatile and works with all Duxtop induction pots and pans. Stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, and ceramic are some cookware types that can be used with the DUXTOP ES-3102.

Portability/sturdiness/durability/safety features

The reason why the DUXTOP ES-3102 is built to last is its sturdy stainless steel housing and durable cast-iron coil. The brushed steel surface is also easy to clean. Lightweight DUXTOP ES-3102 hot plate is easy to carry thanks to its cool touch handles. No foul odors, gases, or HF radiation are emitted by this hot plate, making it safe for use around pregnant ladies.


  • Adjustable heating and temperature control for precision
  • Heats up quickly and uniformly

10. Maxi-Matic Elegant Hot Plate

Want a hot plate that is versatile and elegant? Look no further than the Maxi Matic heavy-duty cast-iron flat plate Maxi-Matic Elegant Hot Platethat has variable temperature control for versatile cooking.

Main features

Maxi Matic Elite Cuisine hot plate heats quickly and provides even heat distribution at 1000 W. You also get four heat settings: warm, low medium, and high which makes it easier to cook most dishes. The easy-to-clean unit is also compact and lightweight, yet sturdy, heavy-duty, durable, and long-lasting. Its small size makes it ideal for use in small and compact kitchens, at campsites, cramped student accommodations, and is also elegant enough to show off to house guests and in office kitchens. The non-stick hot plate heats up quickly and evenly and won’t leave any hot or cold spots in your food. It also makes clean up easier.

Tech specs

Maxi Matic Elite Cuisine hot plate with its 1000 W power enables faster cooking. Cool-touch base makes it easy to carry the unit right after you have cooked on it. Power indicator light along with 4 cooking temperatures of warm, low, medium, and high are suitable for most dishes. Dimensions of the Maxi Matic Elite Cuisine hot plate are 9 x 9 x 3.5 inches.

Types of cookware it is suitable for

Maxi Matic Elite Cuisine hot plate is versatile and suitable for most common cookware varieties: stainless steel, iron, aluminum, glass, and more.

Portability/safety/durability/ sturdiness

Non-skid rubber feet keep the Maxi Matic Elite Cuisine hot plate stable on all kinds of surfaces. It’s cool-touch base also makes it safe to carry it right after cooking. A power indicator light tells you when the plate is hot and on the ON mode. Heavy duty cast iron plate as well as the sturdy metal housing are easy to clean and manufactured for frequent use.


  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Easy cleanup
  • Powerful 1000 W for fast and efficient cooking
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Even heat distribution

11. Techwood High-Quality & Compact Cooktop

Techwood’s high-quality compact and portable cooktop yields 1200W and is perfect for travel, student Techwood High-Quality & Compact Cooktopaccommodations, offices, and cramped kitchens. Its smart design, no cookware restrictions, and cute looks have made this one of the popular single electric burners in the market.

Main features

Customers rave about the Techwood single burner cooktop which has no-slip, anti-skid feet and quick and uniform heating perfect for making everything from breakfast to lunch, to snacks and dinner items. Use this as a side burner apart from your regular cooking range to boil water, fry fish, make eggs, and all your family favorites. Its petite size lets you carry this burner anywhere you want. Whether you need an extra cooking surface or wish to keep it in your RV or vacation home, this little burner is ideal.

Tech specs

High-quality Techwood single electric burner is capable of giving out nearly 1200W of power output. Its dimensions are 9.6 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches. The burner weighs no more than 3 lbs. You can use it with standard electric outlet at 120 V.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

There are no cookware restrictions with the Techwood single electric burner. Cast iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and even magnetic base stainless steel pots all heat up uniformly and evenly on this coil. You can easily use the burner to cook your favorites: boil water for tea or coffee, make eggs, warm sauces and soups, or even pressure cook foods as long as the pot/pan/cooker’s diameter does not exceed the coil diameter too much.


Mini-size and compact Techwood High-Quality Burner is ideal to be used as a side burner or to take along for some campsite cooking.  This compact and elegant cooktop can be used with any cookware and is versatile enough to cook many dishes. Durable stainless steel body is fire resistant and also built for high temperatures and frequent use. Ergonomic design makes transport easy, safe, and convenient. Non-slip feet keep the cooktop firmly planted on any surface. Auto shut off function ensures additional safety.


  • No noise
  • High output
  • Safe (auto shut off), durable, compact, and portable
  • Suitable for all cookware types
  • Adjustable thermostat with indicator light.

12. Prime Pacific Trading Company’s Better Chef Double Electric Burner

Better Chef Double Burner from Prime Pacific Trading Company comes with two burner coils that heat up quickly Prime Pacific Trading Company’s Better Chef Double Electric Burnerand uniformly. The burner also has an indicator light that tells you when the unit is on.  You get adjustable heating control on both burners making cooking times faster and fun.

Main features

Indicator lights and adjustable temperature control make this a versatile burner that can be used for cooking hour-long dishes like soups, meat, etc. Better Chef Double Burner is a lightweight burner that is definitely recommended for travel. It is made with sturdy metal housing unit designed to withstand high heat and frequent use. Its sturdy coils can be paired with any cookware as long as it is not larger than the coil and not too heavy.

Tech specs

Better Chef Double Burner yields 900 W on one side. Its compact size and plug-n-play operation lets you easily use it in motels, hostels, dorm rooms, and campsites as long as you have electrical outlets with 110V or 220V. Dimensions of the Better Chef Double Burner are 18 x 4 x 9.8 inches.

Types of cookware compatible with it

Aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel cookware is compatible with the Better Chef Double Burner. You just need to adjust the temperatures accordingly.


Being extremely lightweight, you can easily carry the Better Chef Double Burner anywhere you want as long as you have the proper electrical outlet. The cooktop does not have auto-shut off feature. So never turn your back on the appliance. When not in use, unplug the cooktop. This is a long-lasting cooktop that is designed to give you years of service.


  • Excellent heating
  • Lightweight and compact

13. Elite Gourmet Hot Plate for Versatile Cooking

Elite Gourmet Heavy-Duty Cast Iron hot plate is versatile, compact, and elegant. It looks great and is sure to impress Elite Gourmet Hot Plate for Versatile Cookingyour house guests at your next party. Alternatively, you can travel with it for that campsite cooking, in student dorms, or even motels.

Main features

Elite Gourmet Heavy-Duty Cast Iron hot plate is made for some heavy-duty cooking. You can use it for warming sauces or even for those long cooking sessions for making soups or cooking meat. It is sturdy enough to withstand frequent use and long cooking durations, attractive for small kitchens, and portable for carrying around in RVs, utility vehicles, etc. Adjustable temperature control with 4 settings makes this hot plate very reliable. Flat heating element is non-stick, easy to clean, and offers even heat distribution.

Tech specs

1000 W power allows faster cooking. The heavy-duty cast-iron plate comes with four temperature settings: warm, low, medium, and high. Easy to clean and cool touch base are some other features that make the Elite Gourmet Heavy-Duty Cast Iron hot plate very popular with professional chefs and regular cooks as well.

Types of cookware it is compatible with

Elite Gourmet Heavy-Duty Cast Iron hot plate works with all types of cookware like stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, and more.

Portability, safety, and sturdiness features

The portable hot plate offers reliable and uniform heating and does not take up too much space. Its cool base and handles ease portability. A power indicator light lets you know when the cook-top is ON – making it very safe to use. As there are no emissions, HF radiation, gas, or odors, this burner is safe to use around pregnant ladies as well.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Heat distribution is quick and uniform
  • Temperature control is excellent

14. IMUSA Single Burner for Indoor/Outdoor Cooking

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or simply need an extra burner to keep food warm during parties, this singleIMUSA Single Burner for Indoor/Outdoor Cooking hot plate from IMUSA USA GAU 80305 is ideal, versatile, safe, and elegant as well.

Main features

With the IMUSA USA GAU 80305 hot plate, you get a temperature control knob that lets you keep temperature between low, medium, and high settings. This powerful 1100W slim, space-saving electric burner is great for campsite cooking, in student dorm rooms, at office, or even in a regular kitchen as an extra burner.

The stainless steel drip tray below the coil is easy to clean. The unit has a slim, space-saving design that is ideal for small spaces. An indicator light lets you know when the unit is ON and working. 1000W heating coils are sturdy, heat up quickly, and offer uniform heat distribution.

Tech specs

Weighing less than 2 lbs, the IMUSA USA GAU-80305 hot plate is about 3.54 x 9.84 x 9.05 inches. Its coil measures 5.5 inches and can easily carry pots and pans measuring up to 7 inches in diameter. Three temperature settings make the IMUSA USA GAU 80305 quite versatile in cooking or warming your favorite foods.

Types of cookware suitable

This incredibly inexpensive compact hot plate can handle all kinds of travel cookware including glass (as long as it is able to withstand that heat), stainless steel, cast-iron, ceramic, and aluminum. Use a rounded or flat pan as required. Just do not use it for more than 60 minutes in a 2-hour period as recommended by the manufacturer.

Portability/compactness/safety features

Slim-space saving design makes the IMUSA USA GAU 80305 very compact and easy to travel with. No smoke, gases, odors, radiations, or fumes are emitted during cooking making this very safe to use around vulnerable people.


  • Easy to use
  • Slim, space-saving, compact – great for travel

15. Aroma Housewares Single Coil Electric Burner

Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate has an improved curved design compared to the earlier Aroma Housewares Single Coil Electric Burnermodels which leads to 15% faster heating. The curvature ensures maximum contact with the pot thereby reducing time spent in heating.

Main features

Whether you are looking to extend your kitchen when entertaining large groups or simply love to cook outdoors during camping; this hot plate from Aroma Housewares is powerful, portable, and flexible. It offers features like durability, efficient heating, and easy clean up which make it ideal for busy individuals.

You get 4-temperature settings which make the Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate extremely versatile. The hot plate cycles On and Off so the red light indicator with also go ON/OFF as temperatures change.

Tech specs

Barely weighing 2 lbs, the Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate has the following dimensions: 9.4 x 3.1 x 8.5 inches.  This makes it suitable for carrying in compact RVs, crowded kitchens already having a large cooking range, and even small motel rooms, student accommodations, or offices. Curved design increases heating efficiency by 15% leading to faster cooking as well as uniform heat distribution.  The diameter of the coil is 5-7/8th inches. This durable cast-iron hot plate heats up to 800W.

Types of cookware to use with it

Easily use the Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate with cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. You can safely heat water, tea, warm soups, make eggs and pancakes, and all other dishes you love.  Just ensure using cookware with base diameter as close to the diameter of the coil. This will ensure an even heat distribution.


A few users complained of smoke while using the Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate. Always monitor the plate when it is ON – never leave it unattended and that is true for just about any cooktop. The Aroma Housewares AHP-303/CHP-303 Single Hot Plate is general safe and its compact size makes it easy to be transported around. Many people have even used it in their trucks/RVs as long as there is a suitable outlet of 110 V.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable

FAQs on Electric Burners

Are electric burners safe?

Electric burners are actually a lot safer than gas-powered burners which typically use propane or LPG which pose fire hazards or even a risk of explosions. Electric burners, when installed properly and used correctly, are very safe. When you choose a high-quality electric burner that comes from a reputed manufacturer, you can rest assured they are safe as they have undergone many stringent safety tests to meet different standards.

How hot do electric burners get?

How hot an electric burner gets mainly depends on the size of the burner. A small, single electric burner coil can easily reach a temperature of over 1000° F (537°C).

Can I leave my electric burner on all night?

It is never a good idea to leave an electric burner (or for that matter, any burner) on all night. While electric burners can run indefinitely and do not usually pose any fire hazards or risk of explosions; there is always a chance that a pet accidentally jumps on it or knocks something on it which can catch fire. Unattended cooking and leaving any burners on is therefore not a good idea at all.

What are some of the pros and cons of gas and electric burners?

Gas burners are highly responsive to setting changes and that is the reason why most people prefer them over electric burners. Gas burners are also more energy-efficient because they burn fuel right where you need it with very little waste. On the downside, gas-based cooking appliances are more polluting as they lead to the formation of by-products like carbon monoxide which can also be potentially dangerous. Electric burners do not produce these byproducts and that is the reason why many people prefer them.


High-quality compact electric burners are safe, produce no harmful radiations, and can be used in RVs, dorms, offices, cramped kitchens and at camping sites as convenient alternatives to gas cooking range. The best electric burners heat up quickly, are easy to clean and compatible with standard cookware.

We recommend the Cuisinart CB Cast-Iron Double Stainless Steel electric burner because of its sturdy stainless steel housing, non-slip rubber feet, quick-heating feature, compatibility with different cookware types, and easy-to-adjust temperature controls. Do check out other top brands in the list as well.

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