Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks – Guide & Reviews 2022

Premium carbon steel woks will help you cook Chinese in style. The main purpose of woks is to focus the Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020 high heat at the central part of the wok so your veggies, meat, and rice or noodles get that rich smoky aroma.

With a carbon steel wok, you cannot go wrong and will be cooking like a pro! Apart from stir-fry dishes, you can also cook soups.  Alternatively, use it as a steamer or as smoker or deep-frying pan for a variety of delicacies.

Many people avoid carbon steel cookware because of the amount of maintenance it needs.  You must season these pans and pots and make sure to only hand-wash them in order to prevent rusting. However, these days, you can get carbon steel woks which do not need too much maintenance.

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Think about the benefits! These high-quality woks are free from plastic, lacquers, and toxic Teflon coating which gives out fumes and leaches chemicals in your food. Hand-hammered woks are made with traditional Chinese carbon steel which won’t give rise to unhealthy fumes nor will they leach chemicals into your cooking.

In fact; these woks preserve nutrition and even enhance absorption of nutrients like iron from the food. Your entire family will benefit from this cookware! Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020

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Benefits of Using the Best Carbon Steel Woks

Here are some of the advantages and benefits of using high-quality carbon steel woks:

Even and uniform heat distribution

The Wok is the traditional cookware in many Asian countries. Its popularity has now spread to other parts of the world.

Woks were designed at a time when fuel sources were very rare and precious. Today, the basic design has remained unchanged and the principle of a wok is to absorb heat quickly, spread it evenly, and cook food quickly in the process.

Healthier cooking Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020

A wok is a great cookware for cooking healthy meals. Since it is used on high heat, it cooks food fast and helps preserve nutrition.

The wok’s wider surface area allows you to use little oil. Stir-frys, steamed dishes, and soups all become healthier when cooked in a wok as compared to other cooking methods.

Good for the environment

Woks work on the principle of bringing the food very close to the heat source. The shape and materials used in high-quality carbon steel woks can help reduce energy consumption.

Unlike non-stick cooking utensils, woks do not have Teflon, PTFE, PFOA, and other chemicals in their composition. Even the handles of traditional woks are made with wood. This reduces the chemical fumes which are not only harmful for humans but also bad for the environment. As energy-usage is reduced, you even end up reducing your carbon footprint.

Long-lasting and durable

The best carbon steel woks are long-lasting. Woks, when used properly and seasoned regularly, can eliminate the need for buying cookware year-after-year. There are woks that have been handed down from one generation to the next! This high-quality cooking utensil is indeed here to stay!

Types of Woks

All woks have the same design: a large circumference that tapers towards to bottom to give a deep and tapered cooking surface to bring food as close as possible to the heat source.

The best carbon steel woks can be classified on the basis of the following features: Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020


You can buy woks in a variety of sizes. For general domestic cooking, a 12 to 14 inch diameter wok (30-35 cm) is a versatile size that can meet most cooking needs. It is always better to cook small batches of food in a large walk than vice-a-versa.

No. of handles

Woks can also be classified on the basis of the number of handles they have. Traditional Chinese woks come with a single handle. These days though, you can also have woks with two loop-handles for easier handling. Two-handle woks are better for steaming and deep-frying as they give more stability. Single-handle woks are easier for stir-frying as the cook can hold the handle in one hand to create constant movement which is so important while stir-frying. These days, single handle woks also come with one wood-covered or metal-covered loop on the opposite side, to ease movement and offer better balance.


Woks are available in round and flat-bottomed shapes. Round-bottom woks are suitable for cooking on gas-stoves as they help the heat distribute more uniformly. You can also regulate the flames more easily so that they reach the exterior of the wok.

Flat-bottomed woks are better suited for electric stove cooking as these help the food come closer to the heat source and also ensures constant contact.

For steaming or deep-frying in a wok on a range, make sure you use a wok ring. This will enhance safety.

Features to Consider when Selecting Top-Rated Carbon Steel Woks Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020

Here are the features to consider when selecting the best carbon steel woks for your kitchen. We have also used these features to shortlist the best carbon steel woks in the market.

Type of cooking stove you own

The type of cooking range or stove will decide many factors about your carbon steel wok. If you own an electric stove, go in for a flat-bottom wok. Alternatively, if you have a gas stove with flames, then a round-bottom wok will be more suitable.


The size of your wok will depend on the purpose you intend to set it to as well as the number of people you wish to feed.

For most households, 14-inch diameter woks are sufficient. These can easily be used to cook for a family of 4-6 people, depending on what you are serving.


The shape of your carbon steel wok will be determined not only by your preferences but also by the gas range or stove you own. (As stated before, when deep frying or steaming, use a wok ring when using the wok on a gas range in order to enhance user safety.)

For gas range, go in for the traditional round-bottom wok. In case you have an electric range, choose a flat bottom wok.

When selecting round-bottom woks with one handle, place them on a flat-surface to ensure they are balanced and do not topple over.

Number of handles Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020

The number of handles is a matter or personal preference. However, if you plan to stir-fry a lot, go for the traditional one-handle wok as this will allow you to move the wok with ease.

Two-handle woks have a better balance as compared to single-handle woks.


Carbon steel woks need a bit of care and maintenance. Before you start using the wok for the first time, you must carefully follow the pre-use-seasoning instructions. Also, in order to keep these woks in top condition, you must regularly wipe or brush the inner surface with a thin layer of oil prior to storing. Never wash the wok in a dishwasher or use harsh detergents for the purpose. Only use warm water for cleaning the wok and dry it thoroughly before storing it. It is important to keep this in mind before you buy. Make sure you have the time to dedicate to the maintenance of your wok.

Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2022

Craft Wok Store’s Authentic Chinese Wok (35.56 cm) 1. Craft Wok Store’s Authentic Chinese Wok (35.56 cm)
Excellent quality materials 4.8
Souped Up Recipes 12.5” Flat-bottom Wok with Lid & Spatula 2. Souped Up Recipes 12.5” Flat-bottom Wok with Lid & Spatula
Thick yet lightweight 4.8
Mammafong Store Flat-Base Heavy-Duty Wok 3. Mammafong Store Flat-Base Heavy-Duty Wok
Easy to season and clean 4.7
Craft Wok Store 15-Gauge Traditional Chinese Wok (16-inch/40.64 cm) 4. Craft Wok Store 15-Gauge Traditional Chinese Wok (16-inch/40.64 cm)
Authentic hand-hammered 4.6
Helen’s Asian Kitchen Easy to Season Flat-Base Wok 5. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Easy to Season Flat-Base Wok
Heat-resistant bamboo handle 4.6
6. SKY LIGHT Healthy Oven-Safe Cooking Wok
Oven safe up to 550F 4.5
Mammafong Hand-Hammered Authentic Professional-Grade 14-Inch Wok 7. Mammafong Hand-Hammered Authentic Professional-Grade 14-Inch Wok
Healthy non-stick, PTFE and PFOA -free 4.5
YOSUKATA Japanese WOK for Perfect Shape & Balance 8. YOSUKATA Japanese WOK for Perfect Shape & Balance
Welded handed (no rivets or screws) 4.5
KYTD Hand-Crafted Wok with Lid – Compatible with All Stoves 9. KYTD Hand-Crafted Wok with Lid – Compatible with All Stoves
Easy pre-seasoning and cleaning 4.4
Homeries 12-Inch Wok for Pan Asian Cooking 10. Homeries 12-Inch Wok for Pan Asian Cooking
Fast and uniform heating 4.3
KYTD Premium Carbon Steel & Iron Wok (12.5-inches) 11. KYTD Premium Carbon Steel & Iron Wok (12.5-inches)
Durable, non-stick, scratch-resistant 4.2
Joyce Chen Multi-Stove Compatible Wok 12. Joyce Chen Multi-Stove Compatible Wok
Removable longer-handle eases cleaning and seasoning 4.1
Bielmeier 12.5-Inches Flat-Bottomed Wok with Lid & Accessories 13. Bielmeier 12.5-Inches Flat-Bottomed Wok with Lid & Accessories
Sturdy and durable 4.0
14. HITECLIFE Stir-Fry Pan with Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship
Shiny, smooth, non-sticky surface 4.0
Mammafong Authentic Pre-Seasoned 14-Inch Flat Bottom Wok 15. Mammafong Authentic Pre-Seasoned 14-Inch Flat Bottom Wok
Non-stick 3.9

1. Craft Wok Store’s Authentic Chinese Wok (35.56 cm)

The Craft Wok Store are a team of professional artisans who are passionate about carbon steel cookware. They order Craft Wok Store’s Authentic Chinese Wok (35.56 cm) their woks and other authentic Chinese cookware products from top-rated manufacturers in China. This traditional wok is 100% authentic hand-hammered by Chinese artisans in Guangzhou. It promises to take all your stir-fry dishes, steamed delicacies, and soups to a whole new level.

Size, shape, and materials

Craft Wok Store’s wok is traditional single-handle, deep, round-bottom wok with small diameter. Its size is 14-inches (about 35 cm) at the circumference, which is perfect for cooking most family-size meals. The carbon-steel used in its construction is 15-gauge which is sturdy and durable. This allows uniform heat distribution and also cooks food faster. Not only is this great for preserving nutrients in the food; the faster cooking also reduces energy consumption.

Moreover, this hand-hammered wok with its non-slippery wooden handle is ideal for stir-frying which needs constant movement.

The 14-inch wok is perfect for serving 4-5 people with ease. The total depth of the wok is about 5 inches and length from handle to end of wooden handle is 22.05 inches.

The weight of the wok is slightly less than 5 lb. There are no plastic parts or lacquers in the wok. All materials used are healthy, chemical-free, and won’t leach into food.

Craft Work Store’s wok is a single-handle wok with a side loop-handle for easy transportation and stability. The wooden handle is hygroscopic and provides a firm grip for grasping the wok with ease when tossing food. The wok also comes with a side helper handle that lets you hold the hot utensil with ease when carrying it around. The side-handle also comes in handy for storage.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

The 14-inch wok from Craft Wok is suitable for use with a gas stove. The manufacturers caution against using it on electric or flat induction stoves. If you must, please use a wok ring to add some stability to the wok.

Care and maintenance

Seasoning the wok is easy and the manufacturers have provided step-by-step instructions for the same. The customer service is also available to help you in case you have questions about the pre-use seasoning. It is best to avoid using metal scrubbers or harsh detergents when cleaning the wok. The wok should be hand-washed and wiped dry immediately. Do not wash it in dishwasher to prevent the wok from damage and rusting.


With proper care and maintenance, there is no reason why you cannot use the wok for years to come. Season it frequently and only hand-wash it with mild soap to enhance its longevity.


  • Excellent quality materials
  • Hand-forged
  • Long-lasting

2. Souped Up Recipes 12.5” Flat-bottom Wok with Lid & Spatula

The flat-bottom carbon-steel wok from Souped Up Recipes can be used on electric, induction, and gas stoves. It Souped Up Recipes 12.5” Flat-bottom Wok with Lid & Spatula comes with a lid and spatula and its size is 12.5 inches.

Size, shape, materials

The 12.5-inch flat bottom wok is made from light-weight and quick-heating carbon steel. There is a gorgeous wooden lid (made from fir wood) that you can use to cover the wok, and a metal spatula that lets you stir your food without worrying about scratches. Wooden handle with Souped Up Recipes logo does not get hot during cooking.

Carbon steel eliminates the drawbacks of cast iron and stainless steel woks and combines the benefits of the two materials to give you a sturdy, long-lasting, quick-heating wok. You can easily use this wok to cook your favorite wok recipes on electric induction coils and gas flame.

The flat-bottom shape ensures stability even on electrical coils and flat-hotplates. You won’t need to use a wok ring to add stability to this wok.

Souped Up Recipes wok has a beautiful hammered texture that adds unique elegance to this wok. It will be highly pleasurable cooking your favorite dishes in this wok.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

Being flat-bottomed, you can easily use this 12.5-inch wok on glass top stove, gas stove, flames, direct heat sources, electric coil, induction coils, hot plates, etc.

Care and Maintenance

This beautiful carbon-steel wok is the presentation of a popular YouTube cooking channel. When you purchase this wok, you get a link to their channel with an explanation of how to season and care for the wok. The link also gives you great recipes you can cook in this wok.

Not much pre-first-use-seasoning is needed. However, you must regularly season it after washing to keep it from rusting. Before using it for the first time, dry fry some green onions to soak up the industrial waxy layer from the wok.


High-quality carbon steel and sturdy fir wood handle and lid ensure that this wok from Souped Up Recipes will last you for years to come. Make sure you follow the care/seasoning instructions well to enhance the wok’s longevity. Use a nylon brush and hot water to clean and deglaze it after cooking.


  • Thick yet lightweight
  • Easy to season and care for
  • Fir handle has slight odor which goes off after a while.

3. Mammafong Store Flat-Base Heavy-Duty Wok

Mammafong heavy-duty carbon steel wok is the preferred wok of the professionals. Gift it to the home chef who Mammafong Store Flat-Base Heavy-Duty Wok loves to cook!

Size, shape, and material

Flat-bottom Mammafong hand-hammered wok has a size of 14-inches which is ideal for most average-sized families. This sturdy and heavy-duty, 100% high-grade carbon steel material is the choice of chefs in professional kitchens. This wok is hand-hammered to a flat depth with 4.5-inch base that easily lets you deep fry or stir-fry meat, vegetables, etc.

The wok’s heavy-gauge (16 gauge) body ensures uniform heat distribution which is the secret to stir-frying all kinds of foods. Perfect smoky, crunchy, and flavorful Chinese dishes each time!

Natural eucalyptus wooden handle is attached to the wok’s body using sturdy rivets which do not come off easily.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

Being flat-bottomed, you can easily use the Mammafong hand-hammered wok on electric, induction, as well as gas stoves or flame-gas. The flat-bottom part of 4.5 inches ensures stability even on coiled gas stoves. You need not use a wok ring to stabilize the wok. The flat-bottom of the Mammafong wok always remains in close contact with the heat.

Care and maintenance

With Mammafong hand-hammered wok, the more you cook, the better it gets. The wok comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil – no harsh lacquers or coatings. As you cook, you build your own layers of seasoning. The wok just keeps getting better and better with age.


You can easily pass this hand-hammered wok to the next generations. Its 16-gauge carbon steel remains sturdy and durable – no dents and warpage, as long as you use it as directed. As you cook, it even gets better and better thanks to your own layers of seasonings that get added on the wok. It is best to hand-wash the wok with a gentle brush. Avoid harsh soaps.


  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to season and clean

4. Craft Wok Store 15-Gauge Traditional Chinese Wok (16-inch/40.64 cm)

All woks from the Craft Wok store are hand-hammered by Chinese artisans from Guangzhou, China. This authentic Craft Wok Store 15-Gauge Traditional Chinese Wok (16-inch/40.64 cm) and heavy-duty carbon steel wok is no different. It is the choice of professional chefs and ideal for the passionate home-cooks as well.

Size, shape, material

Size – The Craft Wok Store’s 15-gauge authentic Chinese wok is 16-inches or about 41 cm in diameter. This large-sized wok is ideal for serving up to 6-8 people.

Shape- The traditional wok has a round bottom. This shape keeps the food very close to the heat source and also allows for more uniform heat distribution. You can easily use it to cook stir-fry dishes, soups, and also use the wok as a steamer or deep-fryer.

Materials – Craft Wok Store 16-inch wok is made with heavy gauge (15-gauge) which retains and distributes heat more evenly for smoky flavor and crunchy texture.

Handles- There are two handles on this wok. The side helper handle lets you easily pick up the wok and it does not get too hot. The main handle is made of wood and is fixed to the wok with sturdy screws that won’t fall off easily. Note that the wok’s handle is unfinished and rough and that can be a bit of a turn off for users. However, you need to understand that this is a hand-hammered wok. It is not made in a factory. Use some sandpaper on the handle if you want it smoother.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

Use this wok on a gas stove. You can use a wok base or wok ring when using it on the electric stove or induction stove because of the round-bottom.

Care and maintenance

Season the wok based on the online videos. Note that without seasoning, this wok won’t function as it is supposed to and it will only be an appliance that leaves you disappointed. Seasoning takes time – about an hour. So set aside time when you do. The results will be worth it.


With proper care and regular seasoning, your wok will function well for years to come. This is the kind of wok that you see in professional restaurants. The stir-frys you churn out will have that great smoky flavor provided you take the time to season it well. This will also enhance its longevity.


  • Authentic hand-hammered
  • Heavy
  • Needs proper seasoning.

5. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Easy to Season Flat-Base Wok

Helen Chen is an Asian Culinary expert and cook book author who wanted to bring convenient, sturdy, and elegant Helen’s Asian Kitchen Easy to Season Flat-Base Wok cookware to your kitchen. With this view point, she brings this 14-inch, 4-pc flat-bottom wok which can be used for stir-frying, braising, steaming, sauteing, and deep frying as well.

Size, shape, and materials

Size- The 14-inch wok is ideal for family of 4-6 people.

Shape- The flat-bottom wok ensures contact with the heat surface.

Material- The wok is constructed from 1.6 mm gauge carbon steel that distributes heat uniformly and quickly. It also develops natural patina over time, so your wok keeps getting better and better with age.

The wok has two wooden handles- a helper handle and a main one. Both handles do not get hot during cooking and that helps you easily carry the wok with ease. You also get 13-inch bamboo spatula with this wok to stir-fry your food. The high-domed lid is great to cover the wok and keep food warm.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

Helen’s Asian Kitchen wok is compatible with gas, electric, and induction cook tops. Its flat-base prevents wobbling and you need not use a wok ring to ensure stability.

Care and maintenance

Helen Chen has eliminated the need for too much maintenance in this elegant and functional carbon steel wok. All you need to do is wash the wok with hot water (do not use soap!) and wipe it dry. Next, apply some oil to the inner surface to maintain its patina and heat it on low heat. Wipe off the oily layer with tissue paper and store away until further use.


Helen’s Asian Kitchen wok is great for passing down to the next generation; that is how long it will last! There is also a lifetime warranty against defects provided by the manufacturer.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

6. SKY LIGHT Healthy Oven-Safe Cooking Wok

Many woks have the issue of uneven heating. This leads to slower cooking times and also reduces the crunchy texture SKY LIGHT Healthy Oven-Safe Cooking Wok of veggies and meats. SKY LIGHT wok avoids these issues thanks to its Nitriding technology. Its main feature is that it can be used in the oven up to 550 F!

Size, shape, and materials

SKY LIGHT wok pan is made of iron and carbon steel. Its iron content ensures that the body absorbs vitamin C better – which is highly beneficial in preventing anemia.

The shape of the wok pan from SKY LIGHT is round with a flat bottom. The overall diameter of this pan-wok is 12.5 inches with a thickness of 2 mm. The superior NITRIDING technology used in constructing this wok helps enhance durability, prevents rusting and corrosion, and also ensures uniform heat distribution.

The wok is free from harmful coatings- so no more PTFE, PTOA, and other toxins leaching into your food. Its durable, scratch-resistant surface can easily withstand metal spatulas. So, you need not worry about damaging this beautiful wok while you cook your favorite foods with the tools you like.

SKY LIGHT wok comes with a detachable handle which you can remove while washing the wok. This makes it convenient for oven use. The wok also has a hanging ring for convenient storage.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

SKY LIGHT flat-bottom wok can be used on gas, induction coil, electric stoves, or other heat sources. Its wide bottom keeps the food in contact with the heat and the NITRIDING technology ensures perfect and uniform heat distribution throughout the food no matter what cooking appliance you use.

SKYLIGHT wok pan is safe for use in oven up to 550 F. Just detach the handle prior to placing it in the oven.

Care and maintenance

The wok needs little pre-seasoning as it does not have any lacquer, paint, or oily layers to remove. Once you start using the pan, season it regularly as you normally do for carbon-steel utensils.

The best part is that you can use a steel or metal scrubber on this scratch-resistant pan safely. This makes care and maintenance pretty straight-forward.


Sturdy, well-made, high-quality wok with scratch-resistant surface is fairly easy to clean. Season it with grapeseed oil from time to time.


  • Oven safe up to 550F
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty

7. Mammafong Hand-Hammered Authentic Professional-Grade 14-Inch Wok

We love Mammafong woks and the world loves them too. The brand has received the seal of approval from Mammafong Hand-Hammered Authentic Professional-Grade 14-Inch Wok professional chefs and also the seal ‘Built to Australian’ Standards.

Size, shape, materials

Each Mammafong wok is crafted with care and passion. Where other woks contain layers of coating filled with toxins like PFOA and PTFE, this 14-inch wok is made with 100% natural carbon steel. Depth of the wok is about 4-inches which keeps food from falling out when you toss it during stir-frying.

The 14-inch round-bottom wok is traditional round in shape and its size can easily cater meals for a party of 5-6 people.

The wok’s carbon steel material heats up quickly and uniformly and the round shape of the wok keeps the food very close to the heat source. This helps in imparting that smoky aroma and crunchy texture which are highlights of all stir-fry foods. The healthy non-stick material also requires less oil while cooking.

Mammafong authentic hand-hammered wok has a handle made from eucalyptus wood which does not get hot – and this makes it easy to toss the food.

Cooking appliance compatibility

Being round-bottomed, it is best to use this wok on gas stoves and direct flame sources. If you plan to use it on electric or induction coils, go in for a wok ring to enhances stability.

Care and maintenance

High-quality carbon steel woks do need a bit of time investment as far as their case and seasoning are concerned. Mammafong woks are no different. While the seasoning process may seem tedious, it is important. Remember: the seasoning you do will enhance your wok’s longevity. It will get better and better as it ages and that will keep it non-stick for years to come.


Mammafong woks are known to last for decades to come. This is why it is the ideal gift for the passionate cook in the family. This wok is here to stay!


  • Authentically hand-hammered by Chinese professionals
  • Healthy non-stick, PTFE and PFOA -free
  • Used by professional chefs
  • Great for gifting
  • Value for money

8. YOSUKATA Japanese WOK for Perfect Shape & Balance

Get the perfect shape and well-balanced wok from YOSUKATA and it also comes pre-seasoned so you can start using YOSUKATA Japanese WOK for Perfect Shape & Balance it right away!

Size, shape, materials

Many woks – especially round-shaped ones, wobble and are unsteady on certain cooking ranges. This can be dangerous for the users.

YOSUKATA wok has eliminated this by taking into account the ‘phi’ value of the wok. Based on these calculations, YOSUKATA wok has ideal weight, perfect thickness, and a bottom-diameter of 5-inches. The depth of this wok is 3.8 inches which is perfect for keeping the food inside when you toss it. Heavy-duty black carbon steel ensures uniform heat distribution to give you the perfect crunchy texture and smoky aromas. Moreover, the flat bottom of the wok keeps food very close to the heat source. This preserves nutrition and retains flavors of ingredients.

The handle, side-helper handle, and the wok itself are all balanced to prevent wobbling and topping when placed on the heat source.

Your YOSUKATA wok’s handle won’t come off easily like other wok handles do, after being used for several months. This is thanks to the special welding process that joins the handle to the wok without the use of rivets and screws. Each handle of YOSUKATA wok has a smooth finish, perfect grip, and uses well-dried wood that does not heat when the wok is in use. There is also a side-handle for easy storage and carrying.

Cooking appliances

Use this stable and wobble-free wok on any cooking range (gas, ceramic, open fire, induction) without worry of it toppling or falling off.

Care and maintenance

YOSUKATA Japanese-Chinese wok comes pre-seasoned so you do not have to worry about going wrong in the seasoning steps. The company uses special high-heat technique to season this wok and make it ready for use.


Superior craftsmanship, high-quality, rust-free carbon steel, and pre-seasoning- these factors keep the YOSUKATA wok long-lasting and durable.


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Welded handed (no rivets or screws)
  • Flat bottom wok retains flavors and nutrition.

9. KYTD Hand-Crafted Wok with Lid – Compatible with All Stoves

KYTD has come up with this beautiful 14-inch wok that can be sued on all kinds of cooking appliances: gas, KYTD Hand-Crafted Wok with Lid – Compatible with All Stoves induction, ceramic, etc.

Size, shape, materials

KYTD hand-crafted wok is made with superior-quality, rust-resistant carbon steel.  Chinese artisans hammer each of these woks nearly 3800 times to give it the desired shape! The unique fish-scale texture on the surface heats food evenly, requires less oil for cooking, and also resists rusting and corrosion.

No toxic materials or chemicals have been used in this authentic hand-hammered wok from China. So, you and your family are complete safe from PTFE or PFOA leaching into your food.

The well-balanced wok from KYTD comes with the following dimensions:  14.2-inch round bottom, 1.4 mm thickness, and 9.2-inch handle. The beautifully engraved handle is removable without tools – a handy feature for cleaning and storage. It does not get hot while cooking, thereby preventing burns. A side helper handle is also riveted to enhance storage, drying, and transport.

There is a glass lid which lets you see the food while cooking. This prevents heat from escaping, ensuring faster results.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

KYTD handcrafted authentic Chinese woks are balanced in beauty, hardness, and shape. They won’t wobble or topple and you can easily use them safely on all cooking appliances without using a wok base or wok ring.

Do not use metal spoons or spatulas with the KYTD wok as its surface could get scratched. Use wooden spatulas only.

Care and maintenance

Pre-seasoning steps are easy – wash, apply oil, then wash again. After using the wok, let it cool completely before washing. Do not use soap. Wash with hot water if there are stubborn stains or stuck in food.


This is a heavy-duty, well-made wok which will surely last for years to come provided you take good care of it. Avoid using metal scrubbers and spatulas to prevent scratches. Season it as instructed. This will enhance your wok’s non-stick surface and also increase its longevity.


  • Value for money
  • Ergonomically designed handle with beautiful engraving
  • Easy pre-seasoning and cleaning
  • Versatile – use for variety of cooking methods
  • Suitable for use on all kinds of stoves

10. Homeries 12-Inch Wok for Pan Asian Cooking

Homeries carbon steel wok is the authentic wok for traditional Pan Asian cooking. Its quick-and-even heating lets Homeries 12-Inch Wok for Pan Asian Cooking you retain the crunchy flavor of vegetables – which is so important in Pan Asian cooking.

Size, shape, materials

Homeries 12-inch diameter wok with a depth of 4-inches is perfect for small families of about 4-6 people. Its honeycomb design and sturdy carbon-steel material combined with cast-iron ensures even and uniform heat distribution. The honeycomb texture also reduces scratches and you can easily use stainless steel spatulas and spoons on the wok. Despite using the wok on higher temperatures, you won’t have any chemicals leaching into the food with this wok.

The wok comes with a wooden lid to keep the food warm and covered. It also has an ergonomically designed, stay-cool, firm-grip handle which lets you hold the wok very firmly while tossing the food around.

Homeries wok’s unique texture, depth, and high-quality materials all let you use very little oil while cooking. This ensures your family’s health.

Cooking appliance compatibility

The non-stick wok ensures maximum efficiency in the kitchen. It is suitable for all types of cooking ranges. Being deep and flat at the bottom, it creates maximum contact of the food with the heat source. Also, its flat-shape keeps the wok stable on coil, induction, ceramic, electromagnetic furnace, etc.

Care and maintenance

Prior to the first use, wash the wok with warm water. Then dry it and add some oil and heat the pan. Prior to every storage, add a fine layer of oil. Do not use soap to clean the wok. Simply wipe it off. As you use very little oil, there won’t be any need for excess scrubbing or washing.


Carbon-steel is 3 times denser than aluminum which keeps the wok extremely sturdy, durable, and scratch-and-rust-resistant. You won’t have to worry about the coating peeling or falling off with this pan. The honeycomb texture also imparts further scratch and peeling resistance to the wok. No deformation has been reported with this wok despite regular use.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast and uniform heating
  • Stable on all stovetops
  • Nonstick and easy to clean

11. KYTD Premium Carbon Steel & Iron Wok (12.5-inches)

Want to cook tasty stir-frys? Looking for a wok that is reliable, durable, long-lasting, and can be used on all types of KYTD Premium Carbon Steel & Iron Wok (12.5-inches) cooking stoves? Then KYTD iron-carbon steel 12.5-inch wok is the solution.

Size, shape, materials

KYTD 12.5-inch wok is made of carbon steel & iron. These premium materials ensure quick heating and uniform heat distribution throughout the food. The 12.5-inch wok is ideal for serving 2-4 people easily.

The combination of iron and carbon steel makes the KYTD wok suitable for braising, steaming, deep-frying, stir-frying, etc. Each hand-hammered wok has a thickness of 1.5 mm- which makes it durable and long-lasting as well. Despite this thickness, the KYTD 12.5-inch wok only weighs 3 lbs. which is lightweight enough to stir-fry and toss the food with ease.

The hand-forged wok comes with a durable and ergonomically designed, stay-cool wooden handle as well as a wooden lid to help you keep your food covered. The handle is sturdy and riveted to the wok’s body. It comes with a hanging ring for easy storage. There is also a side-helper handle that lets you lift the wok easily.

The wok’s inner surface has a fish-scale texture that reduces the probability of scratching. It also ensures more uniform heat distribution. Its unique, well-balanced flat bottom preserves energy by cooking food quickly.

Compatibility with cooking stoves

Safely use this wok on any cooking stove: gas, electric, induction, ceramic, electromagnetic, etc. You need not worry about heat distribution: the wok heats quickly and the iron and carbon-steel spread the heat all throughout the food. This preserves nutrition, retains flavor, and is especially beneficial for stir frying which relies on smoky flavor and crunchiness of foods.

Care and maintenance

Thanks to the unique fish-scale texture, food does not stick to the wok. This makes cleanup easier.


No scratching or discoloration has been reported in the KYTD wok. So, you can rest assured that this utensil will stay in your kitchen for years to come.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable, non-stick, scratch-resistant
  • Value for money

12. Joyce Chen Multi-Stove Compatible Wok

Joyce Chen 14-inch diameter wok is made of carbon-steel. Its stable shape and heavy gauge material ensure firm Joyce Chen Multi-Stove Compatible Wok stability on all kinds of stoves: gas, ceramic, electric, induction, etc.

Size, shape, material

Joyce Chen 14-inch wok features 100% carbon-steel body with 15 mm gauge. This makes the wok very heavy-duty and enhances stability on coiled stoves.

The wok weighs just about 3 lbs. which keeps it comfortable for tossing the stir-fry recipes without discomfort to the users’ hands. The size of the bottom of the pan is about 7-inches across. This wide-area allows greater stability on induction coils as well.

This is a round bottom wok. But you won’t need a wok ring or wok base with it as its heavy duty 15mm gauge keeps it wobble-free for most surfaces.

The wok’s stay-cool handle and the side-helper handle are made using birch wood. This reduces the risk of burns when you transport the wok or when you are tossing food. The longer handle can be removed while seasoning and cleaning.

The best part about the Joyce Chen wok is that it comes with bee’s wax coating and not any lacquer or non-stick stuff that can cause harmful toxins to leach into the food.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

The Joyce Chen wok can be used on ceramic, gas, electric, furnace, and direct flame sources as well. Most people did not need a wok ring/wok base for stability as the 7-inch wide bottom allows the wok to remain stable on coiled stoves. Also, being heavy 15mm gauge, you can rest assured that the wok will be wobble-free.

Care and maintenance

A few people reported rust-formation on the wok. However, one can easily avoid this by following seasoning instructions. Avoid metal scrubbers and soap when washing the wok. Use warm water and dry the wok inverted over low flame. This will reduce rust formation.


The wok does not scratch or warp. It is a good idea to follow the care and seasoning maintenance to maintain the wok’s patina and keep it non-stick.


  • No harmful coatings; uses beeswax
  • Removable longer-handle eases cleaning and seasoning.

13. Bielmeier 12.5-Inches Flat-Bottomed Wok with Lid & Accessories

The Bielmeier wok comes with a sturdy lid and several accessories to aid you in your Pan-Asian cooking: chopsticks, Bielmeier 12.5-Inches Flat-Bottomed Wok with Lid & Accessories spatula, and a loofah pot brush.

Shape, size, materials

This is a 12.5-inch wok with a flat bottom. It is made of 100% carbon steel. The use of carbon steel keeps this wok lightweight – a feature that aids in tossing and stir-frying.

Bielmeier wok is suited for all kinds of cooking dishes including steaming, braising, roasting, stir-frying, etc. The wok’s exact dimensions are: depth of 3.75 inches, 12.5-inch diameter, with a 9-inch long handle.

The carbon steel surface undergoes nitriding to keep it scratch resistant and able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, the fish-scale texture of the surface prevents scratches and also allows even and uniform heat distribution.

The soup-mouth design makes the wok easy to pour liquids from. The lid is also made using a step design to match the wok.

Suitability with cooking ranges

Being flat-bottomed, you can safely use this wok on gas, ceramic, halogen, induction, and direct fire as well. The stable base ensures a wobble-free and safe experience. Also, the heavy gauge construction keeps the wok steady on coiled stoves.

Care and maintenance

Like all other woks, Bielmeier wok needs care and seasoning. This ensures that the wok’s non-stickiness increases with use. Never use harsh detergents. Hot water is the best to remove oil. Wipe the wok dry prior to storage.


The heavy-duty wok will last long thanks to the use of high-grade carbon steel material. Its fish-scale surface also helps in keeping it scratch-free. Make sure you apply a thin layer of oil to the wok and heat it for about 10 minutes prior to storing.


  • Suitable for various stoves
  • Soup mouth design, hammered scale pattern, step-lid for easy handling.
  • Sturdy and durable

14. HITECLIFE Stir-Fry Pan with Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship

HITECLIFE stir-fry wok is made using sturdy and durable high-grade carbon steel. It has undergone nitriding HITECLIFE Stir-Fry Pan with Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship technology and heat-treatment to ensure that it can easily withstand high temperatures.

Size, materials, shape, etc.

You can easily see the high-quality craftsmanship in this pan. HITECLIFE stir-fry wok will take your Pan-Asian dishes to a whole new level.

High-grade, heavy-gauge carbon-steel construction keeps the pan extremely sturdy and durable. It has undergone smelting, polishing, refining, and nitriding processes that render it strong enough to handle anything that comes it way!

The beauty of this pan-wok is the absence of chemicals and toxins. You won’t find any PTFE, PFOA, or other harmful chemicals in its construction. Compared to other iron woks, this pan-wok is nearly 4 times stronger.

Exquisite workmanship is what you get with the HITECLIFE stir-fry wok. It undergoes a special spinning process that makes its surface very shiny, smooth, and completely non-stick. All without the use of harmful coatings!

The pan’s depth is 4-inches and diameter is 13-inches. This size is perfect to serve noodles/rice to a family of 3-4 people.

Its detachable, ergonomically designed handle allows a firm grip for grasping and also prevents scalding and burning.

Fast and even heat distribution along with the round-shape keeps your food closer to the heat source. This ensures that crunchy texture and smoky aroma in all your stir-frys.

Compatibility with cooking appliances

You can use the HITECLIFE stir-fry wok on any stove. It will remain firm, wobble-free, and steady on coil, induction, gas, electric, or ceramic stoves.

Care and maintenance

Ideal for use with any cooking spoon (steel, metal) you can even use metal scourers on this wok. The HITECLIFE stir-fry wok has undergone two-times anti-oxidative, nitriding, smelting, polishing, and other processes that render is virtually indestructible. No scratches or damage has been reported by users despite using this wok daily.


Worry-free and hassle-free! 4 times stronger than other iron woks. You will love this long-lasting kitchen helper that has undergone several processes to make it sturdy, stronger, and lasting-for-the-generations to come.


  • Suitable for use with any stove and any metal spoon/spatula
  • Easy to clean – can use metal scrubs
  • Very strong and durable
  • Shiny, smooth, non-sticky surface
  • Detachable ergonomic handle
  • Comes with a lid
  • Cutting edge craftsmanship and innovative technology not seen in other woks
  • 100% chemical-free

15. Mammafong Authentic Pre-Seasoned 14-Inch Flat Bottom Wok

The ready-to-work Mammafong 14-inch wok comes pre-seasoned so you don’t have to work hard! Get ready to use Mammafong Authentic Pre-Seasoned 14-Inch Flat Bottom Wok the wok straight out of the box!

Shape, size, materials

Mamamfong authentic pre-seasoned wok has a diameter of 14-inches and a depth of 3.8-inches. It has a flat bottom shape which makes it suitable for all kinds of stoves. This size and shape are best suited for serving 4-5 people with ease.

Its triple-treated coating means less rusting and less maintenance as well. The wok’s wooden handle is great for holding the wok easily for tossing the food; it remains cool to the touch.

All Mammafong woks undergo a dual baking process that strengthens the carbon-steel material and enhances its non-stick layer. This means you need lesser oil and have to deal with fewer cleanups.

The wok comes with a stay-cool handle which is secured to the wok with sturdy rivets that don’t come off easily.

Compatibility with stoves

The low-maintenance wok has a flat-bottom-circumference of 4.5-inches. This width enhances stability and steadiness which many woks lack.  The double baked carbon steel is sturdy, durable, scratch-resistant, and since it is made with heavy gauge, it remains firmly planted on any type of stove as well. You can use the wok on halogen, gas, electric, induction, and direct flame as well.

Care and cleaning

Mammafong heavy duty wok is easy to maintain. It comes pre-seasoned, so you can start using it straight out of the packaging box!


The wok undergoes a triple-treatment and double baking process. The triple treatment includes a polishing step that makes the wok very shiny and smooth. As a result, food does not stick to the wok’s surface. There is a second seasoning done that – without the use of chemicals – creates a superior glazed surface. The wok is also sealed using a special blend of oils. As a result of the double baking, the carbon steel becomes very strong and the non-stick coating keeps getting better and better the more you use it.


  • Pre-seasoned and ready-to-use
  • Durable
  • Non-stick
  • Easy to clean

FAQs on Best-Quality Carbon Steel Woks?

Is carbon steel wok better than cast iron wok?

A cast iron wok is heavier than a carbon steel wok. It also has better heat conductivity than carbon steel. Both types of woks are great. The material you choose is entirely a personal choice.

Cast iron woks are more prone to rusting than carbon steel. Both need pre-use-seasoning and both types must be Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020 handwashed without soap and harsh detergents.

For stir-frying, which relies on moving the wok rapidly, you might want lighter woks. As a result, many chefs prefer carbon steel woks over cast iron.

Are carbon steel woks healthy for cooking?

Carbon steel woks are very healthy. Unlike non-stick cookware, this material does not leach into the food. So, you won’t have to worry about chemicals like PTFA, PFOA, etc. getting inside your body. Carbon steel also heats up quickly and evenly. These features are very important in stir-frying as this method of cooking needs high heat and uniform heat distribution.

Since food is cooked quickly and evenly, there is preservation of nutrients. You also need less oil while cooking -which is extremely healthy for everyone. Carbon steel woks also reduces energy and fuel consumption which can be great for the planet’s health.

How to season carbon steel wok when you first buy it?

For the initial seasoning, place the wok on a stove. Add cold water and 2 tbsp of cooking soda. Bring the water to a boil and then continue boiling for 10-15 minutes. Drain the wok and scrub it using a spatula to remove industrial coating layer. You may have to repeat the process again to remove all of the coating. Rinse and dry the wok thoroughly.

Now apply some peanut oil, grapeseed oil, or vegetable oil using a brush or tissue papers. Heat the wok on high heat as you apply the oil. Use a pair of tongs to hold the hot wok safely. Reduce the heat to low and let the wok absorb the oil (about 15 minutes). Repeat the oiling process before you use the wok for the first time.

How to care for and maintain carbon steel woks? Top 15 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020

Never use harsh detergents or soaps for cleaning carbon steel woks. Only use hot water and a soft brush for cleaning the wok. Ensure that it is completely dry before storing. To keep the wok in top condition, apply a thin layer of oil to its inner surface prior to storage.


The best carbon steel woks are healthy, heat uniformly, and are completely free from chemicals. They can also take your stir-fried dishes, vegetables, rice, noodles, etc. to a whole different level and can even be used for steaming and deep-frying foods with little oil.

We recommend the Craft Wok Authentic 14-inch Chinese Wok which is hand-hammered by expert Chinese artisans using high-quality carbon steel and wooden handle. It is easy to maintain and also very sturdy and durable. Do check out other our other top recommendations as well.