Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers – Guide & Reviews 2022

The almost fanatic obsession for airtight containers in most people might surprise you, but this guide will give you Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020 every reason to either feel the same or to be more understanding toward them at the very least. The pain of watching your siblings lick at the last bit of food that you have been thinking of the entire day is not as much as finding the food in the fridge and yet not being able to eat it.

Uncovered food, if left on the counters, serve as a buffet for germs and bacteria along with any pets that you have. Any item left for more than an hour outside should never be eaten anyway. Therefore, the airtight containers have been introduced to securely store your food and keep it fresh and healthy until you wish to eat it. They are versatile and highly functional, and with the decluttered surroundings make life more clean and tidy for you!

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Why Use Airtight Food Containers

Airtight containers help you preserve food that is otherwise recklessly wasted or thrown away. These containers come with loads of benefits outlined below for you to know why you must start using them.

Stops Wastage

Food wastage can be mitigated using airtight containers. They keep the food fresh for long and stop the build-up of microorganisms that multiply rapidly and turn the food nasty and stale. You can then either consume the food Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020 yourself or even distribute it to the needy.

Prevents Rancidity

Rancidity is caused when the food is left in the open for long, causing it to rot and smell. It is because of the oxidization that triggers the degeneration of food particles, turning it into a nasty smelly gooey mush. The airtight containers stop the air from coming into contact with the food and thus prevent the process of oxidization.

Keeps You Organized

Keeping your pantry sorted and organized helps you a great deal in both cooking and maintaining cleanliness. You won’t be dumping all your grocery items together, which makes it challenging to find things later. A torn shopping bag or a pack of lentils or flour can create a mess that wastes your food in addition to handling you the laborious cleaning up task.

Keeps Food Fresh For Long

The sealed container stops the inflow of oxygen that causes food to lose taste and get stale. Cooked food especially degenerates faster. Therefore, using airtight containers prevents the oxidization of food and keep it edible and fresh for a longer time. Items with oil and fats in them are more vulnerable due to their faster oxidization propensity.

Preserves Taste and Stops Contamination

All of us have sometimes found our pasta tasting like a melon, or the fruit salad giving off the smell of a roasted chicken. Such things happen when the food absorbs the smell and taste of the surroundings or gets contaminated. To preserve the flavor and save the food from contaminants, we must seal them properly in the airtight containers. Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020


Traveling and picnics would have been difficult and tasteless if there were no airtight storage containers. Whether you are hiking, going on a road trip, planning a picnic with friends or family, managing food and ensuring they remain fresh and delicious would have been impossible.

The temperature cadences and weather ruins food. Those who are concerned with hygiene or follow a particular diet would be devastated as eating in a restaurant along the way would not appeal to them. Also, when or where you might find a restaurant or a shop to buy something to eat is not predictable when on a road trip.

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Types of Airtight Food Containers

With the world busy in updating and experimenting with things to modify them, why should the airtight containers lag?  You will be surprised to come across the different types of airtight food containers that you will find in the market. Here is a peek into a few of them:

Round Containers

You can store anything in the round containers as they tend to be more spacious. They can handle cooked food, raw, or even liquids. However, since the round shape makes it difficult for you to stack them up upon each other, they might take more space of your cupboards or counter.

Canisters Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020

These versatile containers have clamp-type lids and are as good as any airtight container. The canisters resemble with the round containers.

Square Containers

Since the square containers are stackable, they save a lot of space. These are perfect for all kinds of food except for the sticky ones as they get stuck in the corners causing trouble for your while cleaning. The square containers can even be used as lunch boxes.

How To Select The Best Airtight Food Container

You might wonder what specifics might the airtight containers have since they all serve the same purpose. However, you will be speechless knowing that even airtight containers have certain aspects that can facilitate you more, and that must be present in any food container you wish to buy.


The type of material used for carving out these highly functional storage containers determines how well the food is preserved along with the portability. Here is a list of materials you can choose your container to be made from:

Acrylic – these are the best alternative to glass containers that tend to be brittle and fragile. The transparent containers are lightweight and do not hold the fear of breaking.

Plastic – Tupperware is more widely used. They are made of BPA-free material to keep the food from getting Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020 contaminated by toxins and chemicals. As high temperatures can trigger a chemical reaction, the manufacturers have made sure that no such reaction spoils the stored food.

Glass – Glass containers are among the top-of-the-range materials employed for the manufacture of the airtight containers. It preserves the taste of the food for long. However, they aren’t portable.

Stainless Steel – stainless steel containers prove to be the most durable of all materials. A slight hitch to using the stainless steel material is its high cost and inability to microwave.


The size and capacity of the container matter as they will determine the type of food items you will able to store. A container used for carrying lunch differs in size and design compared to a one being used only for storing. You, therefore, need an airtight container that matches your storage needs.

Freezer Safe

Freezer safe containers are perfect in case you plan to cook and stack food to be used for days. The material you choose should be refrigerator friendly. It will help in keeping the food fresher for long without getting soggy or smelly.


If you are someone already acquainted with the airtight containers world, you will know that glass and plastic tend to leave color marks that become stubborn over time and are hard to clean. If you are someone who finds it hard to put up with the stains and constant purchase of new containers, you must go for stainless steel containers.

Microwave Safe Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020

Containers that are chosen for meal preparation and storage need to be made of materials that are microwave safe. Small containers that are primarily made for storing dry items like coffee or dry fruits are not safe to use in a microwave. Similarly, plastics are not microwave-safe. Therefore, check at the back of the container that usually has a microwave-safe logo or check out the manufacturer’s website.


The airtight containers are made leak proof so that you can store liquid items as well. In case you have a variety of things that might consist of liquid items too, do make sure that it is leak-proof. Soups, chutneys, and jams need to be stored in a box that doesn’t spills or leaks.


BPA is a chemical used in the manufacturing of plastics for decades. The harmful chemical can enter into your body through the food you eat out of the container and cause harm to your body. Such plastics are not preferred for long-term storage as the toxin absorbs into the food molecules. Therefore, do check out whether the material is BPA-friendly or not.


Which containers are better glass or plastic?

Even though glass containers do have an edge over the plastic containers, your preference and use determine which material will work best for you. Glass is safe to microwave and compared to plastic it is a healthier option. However, in terms of portability, the plastic containers are better. Both have their own list of purposes and use.

How do the airtight containers stop rancidity?
Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers - Guide & Reviews 2020

Foods get rancid when they get in contact with moisture or air. The airtight containers are sealed and prevent the air from mixes in with the food to start the process of oxidization that keeps the food fresh for long.

Do airtight containers dry in a dishwasher?

All except the plastic ones dry up. The plastic ones due to their thinness do not dry out and can only be wiped dry with a towel or a tissue.

Are all types of containers stackable?

Most of the containers come in a stackable set. Despite the size of the various boxes, they can be piled on to one another and save space on the shelves maintaining cleanliness and creating a spacious look.

How to use new airtight containers?

The containers that come right out of the factory are not sterilized, and so you must wash it with water and dish soap before use. Either dry it or leave it for drying in the open before you put back the lid on it. Do not use the container unless it is washed and dried.

Below is the list of the best airtight food containers that we have sifted out for you. Preserve the food to not only save the money you spend on the meals but to lessen food wastage. These are some of the best sets that are safe to use and come with features that keep food items fresh and delicious for long.

Top 15 Best Airtight Food Containers in 2022

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers 1. Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers
Made of BPA-free plastic 4.8
NEW OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set 2. NEW OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set
Airtight silicone seal 4.8
Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set 3. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set
High impact resistant lid 4.7
28 pc Airtight Food Storage Containers by Shazo 4. 28 pc Airtight Food Storage Containers by Shazo
No leakages 4.6
Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 14 PC 5. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 14 PC
Four-sided locking lids 4.6
Airtight Food Storage Containers by Wildone Store 6. Airtight Food Storage Containers by Wildone Store
Microwave(Less then 212F), freezer & dishwasher safe 4.5
DWËLLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers 7. DWËLLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers
100% BPA-Free 4.5
Vtopmart 4 Pieces of food storage containers 8. Vtopmart 4 Pieces of food storage containers
High-Grade Plastic 4.5
Large Airtight Food Storage Containers by Full-star 9. Large Airtight Food Storage Containers by Full-star
Easy to clean and maintain 4.4
Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 8 PC Set 10. Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 8 PC Set
Push-pull button lid 4.3
Large Cereal Storage Containers by Wildone 11. Large Cereal Storage Containers by Wildone
2 measuring cups (0.25 L/8.5oz) 4.2
Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 12 Pieces 12. Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 12 Pieces
Stackable Design 4.1
Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 14-Piece Plastic Lids 13. Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 14-Piece Plastic Lids
Dishwasher and freezer safe
Airtight Food Storage Containers – MCIRCO 7 Pcs 14. Airtight Food Storage Containers – MCIRCO 7 Pcs
Measuring spoons included 4.0
Buways Airtight Food Storage Containers Set – 7-Piece 15. Buways Airtight Food Storage Containers Set – 7-Piece
Reusable labels 3.9

1. Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers

Having a food storage container set that adds style to your kitchen or pantry along with helping you store any food Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers item is a blessing. The transparent glass-like containers especially have a distinct grandeur that sets them apart from the rest. The Rubbermaid brilliance food storage containers will be a graceful and beautiful addition to your kitchen racks. You get to stock up your inventory in a stylish manner and preserve the taste and freshness of the food for long with it.


Containers that, instead of decluttering your inventory or kitchen cabinets, spread out things even more in a haphazard way are impractical and pointless. The Rubbermaid Brilliance has, therefore, come out with its stunning set of 10 containers that are designed to not only to stack up things neatly on a shelf but to keep them edible and fresh. It has a space-saving stackable design that allows you to pile one box over the other neatly, giving a spacious look to your cabinet.


The crystal clear see-through containers have secure latches on them that keep the air out. Also, traveling is made easier with them as you don’t have to fret over leakages or spills. The Tritan lids come in the way of smell or odor absorption by the food that ruins its taste and turns it stale. The built-in vents in the container allow steam to escape that can turn the contents moist and soggy if it remains inside. The leak-proof airtight containers by Rubbermaid Brilliance do not have a stain issue due to its transparent design.

Additional Features

The space-saving boxes are portable as they are made out of plastic that does not crack or break due to accidental falls. You can take it to parties or use it while traveling in addition to storing any food item, whether dry or liquid. The stackable boxes are microwave-safe, and you can heat its content with the lid on them. You have the liberty to either manually wash the boxes or leave it to the dishwasher. They can also be stored in a freezer. Made of BPA-free material, you have nothing to worry about them.


  • Beautiful design
  • Stackable
  • Versatile and portable
  • Microwave/dishwasher/ freezer safe
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Splatter-resistant latches

2. NEW OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set

Are you looking for a functional set of containers that ease up your kitchen life? The New OXO container set of 5 NEW OXO Good Grips 5-Piece POP Container Set does exactly that for you. A messy kitchen with cooked meals covered in a blanket of flies is everyone’s nightmare. If you have bundles of airtight containers that fail to bring organization in your kitchen or malfunction, you definitely need to replace them. The OXO set brings convenience added to the preservation of food items.


New OXO Good Grip POP container set comprises five pieces of nifty boxes. It has one 2.1 Qt container, one 1.5 Qt containers, two 0.9 Qt containers, and one 0.3 Qt container. Line these up with all your dry items and preserve their freshness for longer. You will be baffled by the efficiency of these handy boxes that can even be used for liquids or refrigerated items. They have a very convenient design and size to fit under the cabinets or in your refrigerators.


Dejunk your inventory and kitchen with these versatile containers that have secure lids. The push-button seal activates the silicone seal inside that holds back air and keeps the content inside secure. To carry the container, it is best to use the button instead of the lid. The button doubles up as a handle that can be used to pop open the boxes. The airtight boxes provide instant organization and make your kitchen presentable.

Additional Features

You don’t have to worry about any toxic particles releasing and mixing with the food even if it is stored for long. The containers are fashioned out of BPA-free material that ensures your safety. Cleaning the boxes is a cinch as these are dishwasher safe. The space-efficient boxes are stackable. They can be placed on top of one another. They won’t take much space of your countertops and give a spacious look.


  • Five versatile containers
  • Space-efficient
  • Airtight silicone seal
  • BPA-free material
  • Lid doubles up as an opener

3. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set

No one can say no to a container set that wraps up the mess around the kitchen and creates a spacious and well- Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set organized look. The Chef’s Path airtight food storage canisters set comprises seven elegant and large boxes that are excellent for storing any nosh you want. The set has a lasting life and a design that will make these boxes in an instant hit in your homes.


The versatile containers not only serve different purposes but come in a space-saving design. The large boxes can store in dry foods such as beans, rice, cereals, sugar, nuts, etc. They work perfectly for liquid items as well as cooked items that need to be refrigerated. Made of durable plastic, the boxes are built to last longer. Unlike other boxes that you will come across, these are varied in shape with seven different boxes to help you store food.


You will love the durability of these containers that are travel-friendly due to their sturdy construction. The containers are capped by lids that are reinforced with strength by the use of high impact resistant and durable ABD plastic. Even if the containers fall, you don’t have to worry about its content spilling all over the floor as the lid is fall resistant.

Additional Features

The space-saving design of the boxes makes it easy for you to pile them up neatly on top of another. they fit easily into a freezer, refrigerator, or a cabinet. The bundle of the boxes comes with included items consisting of a chalkboard marker and chalkboard. Made of BPA-free material, the food-storage canisters are safe to use.


  • Made of BPA-free material
  • High impact resistant lid
  • Stackable design
  • Travel-friendly

4. 28 pc Airtight Food Storage Containers by Shazo

Why buy separate sets of the same or different brands that come in one size only? Shazo offers you a set of 28 pieces 28 pc Airtight Food Storage Containers by Shazo that have all the sizes required to store food. The various capacities of these boxes eliminate the need to search for new sets. Your kitchen needs to remain decluttered and mess-free so that you can cook and enjoy fresh food with fewer chances of spills and wastage.


The innovative 28 piece food storage containers come in different sizes to accommodate all your pantry items. The spacious boxes are designed to be versatile. You can use them in your kitchen or even as a toolbox in your garage. The 28 pieces set by Shazo is large enough for storing pantry items or any other item.  They are thus useful in dejunking any area of the house you plan to keep organized.


The functional food storage canisters have interchangeable lids. You don’t have to runthrough the entire cabinet to search for a lid. You can use any cover on any of the containers—they all the same size. The containers have graduation marks on them that help you in measuring the quantity of items you pour in them. You won’t have to go for any old or ancient measuring method or separately purchase a measuring cup.

Additional Features

The containers are made out of 100% BPA-free material that is not harmful to health. The plastic doesn’t impose any health issues. The slim airtight material doesn’t allow the flow of air that might oxidate the contents inside. They are safe to use and only preserve the life of an item.


  • 28 pieces of boxes
  • No leakages
  • Gradation marks to help with measuring
  • Made of 100% BPA free material

5. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 14 PC

Finding all that you need in one place is probably everyone’s dream. The Chef’s Path airtight food storage containers Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 14 PC help you keep all your things in one place by their superior storage mechanism. These provide you with the right value for the money you pay along with helping you wrap up things that otherwise scatter around your place and create a messy look. The Chef’s path food-storage canisters help you with keeping your surrounding impeccable.


Chef’s Path has found a way for you to keep your kitchen counters or workstations clean by introducing the versatile and durable set of containers. They are made to enlarge any area of your house by helping you assemble and organize things. The user-friendly boxes are easy to clean. You can use a piece of damp cloth to wipe out its surfaces.


The multi-purpose airtight containers have many uses. Not only they wind up things in your kitchen, but you can also use them for storing any other items apart from food. It has four-sided locking lids that prevent leakages. They are thus safe for locking in liquid items. The leak-free canisters make it suitable for liquids such as soups, curries, etc. Enjoy your favorite foods to the last bit with a garden to kitchen freshness.

Additional Features

The food storage containers are easy to use and keep clean. Use a damp cloth and then dry it out before you use them next. The set also makes for a lovely gift for your friends or family members. These handy and versatile boxes would an instant love. Another reason to purchase these boxes is the money-back guarantee that the set comes with.


  • 14 set containers
  • Four-sided locking lids
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

6. Airtight Food Storage Containers by Wildone Store

A neatly organized kitchen actually invites you to play around with your culinary skills. You are attracted to the neat Airtight Food Storage Containers by Wildone Store stacks of food items that are beautifully placed on the kitchen counters in eye-catching storage canisters. The Wildone Store airtight food storage containers are beautifully made and keep your surroundings well ordered and well maintained. The boxes have a lot to offer.


These storage containers are made of high-end materials. The use of high-quality materials adds life to the boxes, making them resilient. The durable plastic containers keep the food fresh for long without causing harm to you and your family. It has four small containers and two medium-sized containers along with a measuring cup that helps in pouring food out of these boxes to your eating bowls or pans.


Wildone Store has introduced these handy containers that can store anything! The all-purpose boxes can be used in kitchen, workshops, or garages to keep your belongings securely. Primarily used in kitchens the boxes are stackable and fit easily into refrigerators or freezers. They can be used as bakeware too. The four-sided locking mechanism prevents air from seeping in or liquid material to leak out of the boxes.

Additional Features

The see-through containers are stackable and help with the eas identification of its content. You can use the included markers and chalkboard labels to name the contents and know with a glance what each box holds. It saves you from the extra effort and wasting time. The boxes can be maintained easily and cleaned in no time at all. The BPA- free plastic does not cause any harm to the users as the person is saved from any chemical particles that usually plastics release.


  • Made out of top-end material
  • Four-sided locking system
  • See-through material
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Multi-purpose

7. DWËLLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers

Style up your pantry with chic looking containers. The DWELLA kitchen containers are stylish looking boxes that DWËLLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers wrap up your kitchen and preserve food. The same size containers are incredibly functional and ensure that not even a little amount of air seeps in turning the food soggy and moist. Redo your kitchen with these useful boxes that not give an elegant look to your place but help you with storing things, making them last longer.


The six small-sized containers all sport the same dimensions with a 1-litre capacity. These are perfect for storing any food item you want. The small servings that these boxes can hold make them travel-friendly. The elegant black lid sits atop the transparent body that allows you to see its content. You don’t have to open up each box to know what’s inside that saves you from wasting time and effort.


Enjoy fresher food with airtight food canisters that a have amazing lock mechanism. It features a ring that you push down and up to close or open the container. No more struggling or fighting with flimsy lids to open the boxes. The tightly sealed box guarantees fresher food whenever you pour them out of for use.

Additional Features

The stackable boxes keep the kitchen counters and cabinets well maintained. They are stackable and thus can be put together on top of one another without falling. The 100% BPA-free material leaves behind no traces of chemicals or any other contaminants that might spoil your food or harm you.


  • 1-litre capacity
  • Highly functional lock mechanism
  • Ring lid helps in opening or closing the canisters
  • A stylish addition to your kitchen

8. Vtopmart 4 Pieces of food storage containers

Many of us top up our pantry with a month’s stock. It means we need huge boxes to hold the essential items and Vtopmart 4 Pieces of food storage containers preserve them for that long. The Vtopmart 4 pieces of storage containers are spacious and have the capacity to hold a large quantity of items that remain as fresh as new. They are best for storing dry items that should not come into contact with air or water or else they might turn mushy and stale.


The durable containers have a stackable design that allows you to place them neatly on your kitchen or pantry shelves. They can be placed on top of one another, saving you space and giving your surroundings an elegant look. The convenient and useful containers help you with a better organization and keep your grocery fresh and safe, helping you save a lot of money.


Each of the containers measures 7.5 x7.5 x 9.1 inches. They have a side-lock system that prevents air contact along with stopping leakages. You can be assured of the freshness your food will maintain for the entire month. The secure lock and sealing rid of the worry of your food going stale. It is best for storing dry items such as oats, flour, or sugar. Each of the containers come with a measuring cup so you can pour out a measured amount from the box into the dish you plan to cook.

Additional Features

Style up your pantry with the functional airtight food storage containers by Vtopmart. The sturdy boxes are made of BPA-free material that is secure to use. The set comes with chalkboard labels that match with these stylish containers. They are dishwasher friendly except for the lids that need to be washed with hands.


  • Made of BPA-free material
  • Durable
  • Side-lock mechanism
  • Dishwasher safe

9. Large Airtight Food Storage Containers by Full-star

Modern kitchens require equally stylish things that are useful and bring convenience. Full-star has come up with Large Airtight Food Storage Containers by Full-starthese exceptional food storage containers that will give a smart and elegant look to your kitchen or pantry. The 14 pieces set rids of the need to buy more containers that come flimsy lids or thinner material that neither serve their purpose nor give a neat look to the surroundings.


The versatile containers by full-star are made out top-quality materials that, along with their functionality, add more life to them. From dry items to refrigerated food, you can store all that you want, and the containers won’t disappoint you. These perfect storage boxes comprise two 131.8 ounce containers, two 76 ounce containers, two 77.7 ounce containers, two 43.9 Ounce containers, and six 20.3 Ounces.


The space-saving containers are stacked on top of one another to create a more spacious look. Full-star containers are made see-through for you to be able to know the contents of the box without rummaging through the pantry. No cheap plastic or materials are used to make these handy boxes that add to the life of the containers along with saving you from any contaminants. The locking mechanism of the boxes prevents spills and leaks, making them suitable for storing liquids as well.

Additional Features

Enjoy fresher food that keeps you protected with a strengthened immune system. They are very easy to clean so you can maintain a cleaner and more hygienic routine. The set comes with fourteen measuring spoons that help in pouring measured and proportioned amount of items for cooking.


  • Fourteen pieces
  • An impressive lid locking mechanism
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fourteen measuring spoons included

10. Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 8 PC Set

Who wouldn’t want to have large and convenient storage canisters that help in uncluttering the kitchen? Added to Kitsure Airtight Food Storage Container Set – 8 PC Set that is the benefit of being able to store items and save yourself from frequent trips to the market. The Kitsure airtight food storage container comes with eight pieces that are all very useful in guarding your food and ensuring you live a healthy life.


The Kitsure boxes are made out of food-grade plastic that is free from any chemical traces and does not cause health issues. The BPA-free plastic has thicker walls that make the boxes a durable and long-lasting choice. The four optional sizes help in storing a variety of foods. They can even fit into a refrigerator and your cabinets. You don’t have to worry about leakages or broken seals. The boxes have superior lids and a very effective locking mechanism.


The stackable design of the boxes makes it easy for you to arrange them on your countertops or cabinets. You can know which item is in which box through the transparent walls that even alert you to the presence of bugs. The elegant design of the containers makes them a stylish addition to your kitchen that will dejunk your surroundings and redo the looks of your kitchen.

Additional Features

The boxes are made to be very functional and practical. The wider mouth of the containers helps you in reaching the contents quickly with your hands. You can even get to the bottom without pushing your way through the box or breaking anything. The pull-push button lid is simple to operate and tightly secures the content of the container. The boxes are easy to clean and maintain.


  • Top-end material used for construction
  • Push-pull button lid
  • Stackable
  • See-through boxes
  • Eight pieces

11. Large Cereal Storage Containers by Wildone

Why make rounds to the market every week for grocery when you can buy whatever you want and store them in Large Cereal Storage Containers by Wildone airtight food containers? The large cereal containers by Wildone are made particularly to store in dry foods in large quantities. The boxes can be lined on top of one another in a shelf or a counter. You won’t have to go searching for anyone item in another corner of the kitchen.


Made of high-quality materials, you can be assured of your health safety by using the storage food containers by Wildone. They are made out of high-quality BPA-free plastic that is safe for use and does not comprise of any toxic chemical that might contaminate your food. The durable plastic containers do not damage or break.


The boxes have a four-sided locking mechanism that prevents air from entering. The secure locks make the boxes for storing in liquids as well. The containers are all-purpose and can be used to store anything. They are refrigerator safe and can even be used as bakeware. You can pile them up on top of one another. It will create a spacious look along with stably resting on the shelves.

Additional Features

The see-through transparent containers allow you to know the contents and keep track of them. You will know from a glance when you need to head for groceries. The water and airtight sealing keep the contents safe and fresh for longer. It is effortless to clean and maintain the boxes.


  • Transparent walls
  • High capacity
  • Thick walks that are durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Refrigerator safe

12. Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 12 Pieces

A neat and tidy pantry somehow keeps the entire house organized and gleaming. These are the most used spaces of Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 12 Pieces the home and hence have more chances of having things cluttered and disarranged. However, the airtight containers allow you to clean up your kitchen and pantry without anything littering the floors or counters. Enjoy cooking in a more well-kept and maintained kitchen by using the Vtopmart airtight food storage containers that have 12 pieces in the set.


The efficient plastic storage containers come with a stackable design. These containers can be placed in a pantry or a cabinet without any difficulty. These are even refrigerator friendly. You can store either dry food such as sugar, flour, or pasta, or refrigerated food. The boxes would function excellently for both. Liquids are safe to be kept in these containers without any chance of spills or accidents.


The perfect airtight storage boxes keep your food fresh and healthy. You can use them any time you want and get the same taste as when you buy them new. Any cooked food that you store has all its flavors preserved and the vegetables as crispy and fresh as from the farm. The transparent walls make it easy for you to see the content inside so that you can keep track of the food and know exactly when to purchase more.

Additional Features

The canisters are made out of BPA-free material that makes them safe to use. Whether you use it as bakeware or keep it in a refrigerator that plastic will not contaminate the food. The set comes along with 24 reusable labels that help you mark each container. You do not have to confuse yourself over which box has the sugar.


  • BPA-free material used for construction
  • See-through walls
  • Reusable labels
  • Liquid safe
  • Efficient locking mechanism

13. Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 14-Piece Plastic Lids

Rubbermaid Brilliance has earned itself a name through its manufacturing of solid and reliable materials. From Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage 14-Piece Plastic Lids transporting food items to consuming them later, you do not need to worry about the freshness or safety of the food. The 14 piece container set has boxes of all size that store a variety of food in them. Rubbermaid gives you every reason to purchase these smart and functional boxes.


The containers have a modular shape that can be piled up on top of one another to save space on your countertops and cabinets. They are stable and do not topple. The airtight containers keep your food fresher and tasty for longer.


Made of BPA-free material, the containers are safe to use and do not leave behind any chemical traces. You can keep track of food quantity by the transparent, see-through glass. You will know when to go for shopping and restock your pantry. The built-in latches are splatter-resistant and do not melt or be damaged with microwave heating.

Additional Features

The containers are portable and multi-purpose. You can take them with you while you travel. They are able to store in a variety of materials. The crystal clear plastic container is leak-resistant, and the lids do not allow anything to seep out. You can store liquids and solid materials. They can be placed in a refrigerator or a microwave.


  • Come in a variety of shapes
  • Microwave/refrigerator safe
  • 14 pieces set
  • Portable
  • All-purpose

14. Airtight Food Storage Containers – MCIRCO 7 Pcs

The MCIRCO 7 pieces set help you in keeping your kitchen organized and well-kept. As the kitchen and pantry are Airtight Food Storage Containers – MCIRCO 7 Pcs the most used area of your house, it must be decluttered and clean for you to be able to cook stress-free. Half of the kitchen gets organized if you have all your essentials placed in their proper place. MCIRCO ensures top-end performance that is visible in the high-quality product that the company has introduced.


MCIRCO food storage canisters can be placed inside a refrigerator or a cabinet as they have a stackable design. The boxes won’t topple or fall off a shelf. The boxes give you enough space to utilize your counters and kitchen shelves for other things. A well-organized pantry gives an elegant look and creates a good impression in front of guests.


The efficient lock and airtight mechanism make sure that air is kept out of the box so that the food remains fresh. The seal of the containers keep the air out and prevent leaks and spills. The set comprises 1 tall container, 2 medium containers, 2 small containers, and 2 mini containers allowing you to store a variety of food.

Additional Features

The boxes are made out of BPA-free material that is safe to use. The thick-walled containers are versatile and durable. MICRCO has used a slim and see-through design to help you with monitoring both the quantity and freshness of the food items. The package included measuring spoons and labels so that you can pour out things in correct proportion and amounts while cooking.


  • BPA-free material
  • Measuring spoons included
  • Thick-walled
  • Stackable design
  • All-purpose

15. Buways Airtight Food Storage Containers Set – 7-Piece

Useful accessories as airtight food storage containers make your work simple and more entertaining. AN organized Buways Airtight Food Storage Containers Set – 7-Piece place is more joyous and fun to work in. Therefore, airtight food storage containers are essential. They help you keep your surroundings dejunked. Buways store has introduced these amazing 7 pieces set to help you with your cooking and kitchen management. The features below will give you every reason to purchase these handy boxes that make work easy for you.


The canisters have a space-saving design that gives you more space in the kitchen to put other stuff or even decorate. You can place them up on top of one another, and they won’t fall or take more space. The boxes are known to give off a spacious look despite their high capacity interiors.


The various sizes help you in using the boxes on different occasions. You can store either item such as flour, coffee, sugar, or rice or even liquids such as soup, juice, or oil. Since you can keep them in the refrigerator, they are even perfect for cooked items. The superior sealing mechanism doesn’t allow air to seep in or liquids to spill out. The durable boxes despite the fall neither crack nor spill out the contents.

Additional Features

The boxes are made out of BPA-free material that makes them safe to use. They can be placed in a refrigerator or stored outside and yet won’t release any harmful chemicals that might contaminate the food. The package includes spoons to help you pour out a measured amount of item. The reusable labels can be placed on each container that erases any confusion between flour or sugar.


  • Reusable labels
  • Measuring spoons included
  • Made out of BPA-free material
  • Versatile
  • Come in various designs

Caring For The Airtight Food Storage Containers

You can not go without cleaning the airtight containers despite only storing dry items in it. You have to keep them clean so that with time no odor or bacteria grows in the containers that can affect the food as well as your health.

Different containers have a different method of keeping them clean. Some just require wiping using a damp cloth, while others might need a gentle scrubbing. No matter the quality of the containers, you will have to clean them to remove stains or odors from time to tome as the plastic material retains stains.

We have outlined some of the methods you can employ to keep your airtight food storage canisters clean.

Using A Spray

Spraying the container is more a preventive top than cleaning one. Airtight containers have multiple benefits, chief among them, of course, is storing food. Cooked foods leave behind colors on the walls of the container. To help you with avoiding these stains, you can spray the container with oil that stops such food stains. The oil barrier would then not allows colors to get stubbornly attached to the walls.

Removing Odors

Food sometimes leaves behind smells. These smells might be absorbed by another food item that we store in next. Instead of throwing away the box, you can clean it out to remove all the bad smells. We will start with a homemade remedy. Make a solution with 900ml of water and add four to five teaspoons of baking soda. Depending on the size of the container, you can either spray it on the surface or immerse the box in the entire solution, soaking it until the smell leaves.

Next, wash the container using soap and water. If you feel the smell is still there, wrap the container in a newspaper, close the lid, and leave it for a few days. The paper will absorb the smell, and the container would smell brand new.

Preventing Stains

Removing stains require emptying the container first. All chunks of residual material should be wiped off. Fill the canister with distilled white vinegar to the point where the stain is covered. People also use hand sanitizers, but it can cost you a lot more.

Leave the container with the filled vinegar for over an hour. Since the vinegar has disinfecting properties, it will kill microorganisms that are left in the residue food particles. After an hour, drain the vinegar and gently clean the box with dishwashing soap and water. Do not close the lid until all the water inside has dried. The left moisture makes the vessel smell, therefore, leave it in an open and lighted area.

Avoid Dishwashers

As much as dishwashers make washing simple and easy. However, when we talk about airtight containers, dishwashers are a big no-no! It is best if they are scrubbed using dishwashing soap or a paste of soda and water with hands. In case, due to some reason if you need to wash them in a dishwasher, place them on the top rack. The plastic containers distort and lose their shape if washed in a dishwasher.

Placing Odor Absorbers

You can use materials that double down as odor absorbers in addition to keeping the containers safe. You can also leave the containers under the sun for an hour to naturally rid the containers of repugnant smells.

Later you can use vinegar or baking soda and cover the container with a newspaper. Such remedies remove the bad smell and make the containers brand new. However, a better way is to opt for glass or stainless steel containers as they do not stain and are a much safer option.

Wrapping Up

The above top picks for airtight food storage containers are some of the best you will come across in the markets. The airtight storage canisters provide a simple solution to your kitchen nightmares. The indispensable kitchen item used should be bought carefully keeping in mind the above guidelines so that you get yourself a highly functional set of containers that keep your home organized.